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Hyrule Warriors is glitchy


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tumblr_nb05bvcjhy1ril1i2o5_1280__large_z I rest my case, there's a ton of better ones out there

To people who don't know yet, there's a new glitch going around with a bugfix Tecmo Koei released which allows all characters to use all weapons if they're played by CPUs I believe. It's got a huge variety of ridiculous combinations, the above one is Darunia with Midna's Shackle.

I hate suggesting people visit GameFaqs, but there's a thread there with a priceless lot of these, including but not limited to:


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I wish Samurai Warriors had a glitch like that. I would love to see somebody else using Kotaro's gauntlets. They are somehow always the only weapon which cannot be used by custom characters, probably because they involve stretching limbs.

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