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camerupt should be banned from ubers/me just messing around on showdown


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Didnt even take a point of damage and killed half his team before he quite.


also this matchup was totally intentional i didnt just hit ubers instead of PU by mistake.


best idea ive ever had


another one that ended in a stall war

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Heh. Another uber noob. Then again, I figured that out before the battle even began, because Dream Eater.

Also, BOOM HEADSHOT on that Haxorus.

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apparently i dont understand shell smash barbacle. also cm wars between mushrana's can take a while.


another example of awesome mushrana. but with misplays by me


mushy needs to be tested at this point.


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Mega camerupt:

Projected 140/150 base special attack. Check

Good move pool for coverage. Check

Nice dual stab. Check

Both stab get boosted by sheer force. Check

Seems like a recipe for best non ubers special wall breaker. Of course ubers still has kyogre for anything special so I can't count ubers. #hailkingkyogre

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why does nobody let me finish sweeping them with camerupt?


also on a semi-related note i might need some help testing a new stall team in a bit. if you can help or just feel like beating me shoot me a pm.

replay of said stall team for that like 3 people who care.


i dont even have a comment for how stupid this team was. Focus Punch Delibird.


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