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This thread serves as a resource topic for spriters, novices and experienced ones alike. Offer spriting advice and tricks of the trade here.

Sprite Resources:
Portrait Sheets: FE1 / FE2 / FE3 / FE4 / FE5 / GBAFE
GBA Era Sheets (FE6/7/8): Chibi / Battle / Item / Tilesets
Map Sprite Sheets: FE6 / FE7 / FE8
GBA Hackboxes:
GBA Screen Dimensions: 240x160px

See also:
http://www.feplanet.net/sprites - Has a sprite repository for most of the Fire Emblem series. Includes animated gifs of battlesprites.
http://www.spriters-resource.com/ - Has sprites from many games, including the Fire Emblem series. If something hasn't been posted above, there's a high likelyhood you may find it here.
Blazer’s Ultimate Hacking Tutorial - Has useful details if you plan on integrating your works into a hack.
SerenesForest Sprite Works Section - Old, but has some GBA resources, notably battle and statscreen elements.

Tools/Applications: (free unless otherwise stated)
Usenti - Similar to MSPaint, but tailored specifically for GBA graphic editing.
Gimp - Image editor comparable to Photoshop.
Paint.net - Free image editor application. Figurative lovechild of Gimp and MSPaint.
Pixen - Pixel editor for Mac OS X. Small cost involved (~$10).
GraphicsGale - Freeware pixel editor with animation and layer support.
gifmaker.me - Upload frames through the webpage, get an animated gif. Only does fixed framerate.

Rendera - Open-source spin-off of MSPaint (with a few upgrades) for Windows and Linux.

Tiled - Map editor. Some say it's the best around.
Mappy - Map editor. Some say it's the best around.

Color Ramp Creator – Webpage that automatically generates a color ramp based on user input.

User-Created Free-Use Content: (remember to completely read and follow the user's readme/stipulations when present. Terms-of-use here may not always be up-to-date.)
SF Animation Directory : Collection of user-submitted battle sprite animations (and fixes) in hack-ready form.

SweetBasil's Mug Recolor Compilation: FE6/7/8's mugs recolored to a single hair and skin palette (clothing remains untouched). May be useful for splicers.
SF Open Source Gallery : Collection of user-submitted content, mainly mugs in GBA hackbox form.
Nickt's Mug Collection : Many(approx. 138) hack-boxed mugs in FE6/7 coloring. Slightly old by several months as of Jun-2015 (although dropbox link may be updated by Nickt). Free-use and no credit necessary.
Aura Wolf's Map Pack : Many FE GBA maps, both in mappy and tiled form. Give credit to Aura Wolf if used.
Primefusion's Map Pack : Many FE GBA maps mostly in mappy form, but some are in tiled form. Give credit to Primefusion if used.
Skitty's Map Collection : Open-source collection of GBA maps in PNG form. Give credit to Skitty if used.
Feaw's Tileset Palettes & Add-ons : Give credit to Feaw if used.

The Beginner's Corner:
If you're new here, first off: welcome to the spriting section of Serenes Forest~ Below are some commonly asked questions by beginners, as well as some good tutorials to develop foundations in spriting and mapping. These can serve as a starting point for you, but it's by no means the only way to do things. Be sure to explore, experiment, and discover what works best for you!

How do I host/post my images?
As an attachment: Not recommended, but most easily performed. Image will appear as a thumbnail at the bottom of the post you made the attachment in. People will have to click it to view it full-size.
Imgur : Free, account optional, web-based.
Photobucket: Free, account required, web-based. Photobucket has an image size limit (5.0MB?) and recently attaches links to the image in your Photobucket library regardless of how you embed the image, however, the library makes it relatively easy to view things.
puush / Gyazo: Free, account required, install application onto your computer, then you can upload screenshots/sections with a few clicks/taps. Puush is meant as a temporary hosting solution and will delete images that haven't been seen after a certain time period (although you can try your luck).

Tutorial ‘How To’ and Demos:
Mug Splicing:
- Maklo’s Basic Splicing Tutorial (embedded in first post)

Mug Customing:
- Asvel’s Custom Mug Tutorial (text+image walkthrough)
- Aeorys' Mouth Frames Tutorial (text+image walkthrough, partially incomplete)
- Aeorys’ Hair Demo (image series)
- Pi’s Youtube Channel (sprite session timelapses, and a video demo on fur)

- Primefusion’s Mapping Tutorial, Part I, Part II
- Matt Snow’s Mountain Tutorial

- Lord Glenn’s Custom Icon Tutorial
- Yeti's (old) Custom Battle Sprite Walkthrough, v1 and v2
- Eliwan's Battlesprite motion blur advice

Application Specific:
- (MSPaint) Mako’s Recoloring Method using the Eraser
- (Usenti) Jubby’s How to Format for Blinking/Talking frames in Usenti

General Advice Posts / Foundational Resources:
Astel on Map Design Goals
PixelJoint's Coloring "I don't get it" thread - Has some insightful perspectives on how professional pixelartists treat color and the personal methods they use to create and use palettes.
PixelJoint cure's Pixel Art Tutorial - A good introduction to pixel art in general. Explains a few of the more common words and techniques used by pixel artists.

Kernels of Advice:
- Don't mix FE7 and FE8 colors.

Why do people criticize my art? (borrowed from Pixeljoint's FAQ, but also relevant here)
We are a small community made up of mostly hobby spriters seeking to improve and help their fellow artists improve. As such, users will often point out flaws in your art and hopefully give you advice on how to improve it. We refer to this as C&C, or comments and critique, and it's not just accepted but strongly encouraged. If you come from other art communities where the focus is not on improvement, you may find such comments hurtful or offensive, but please understand they are never meant as an insult, or to be taken personally. In fact, it should be taken as a great compliment that someone took the time to critically analyze your art and offer suggestions for improvement. That said, on rare occassions users may make rude and unconstructive posts only meant to cause trouble, if you are certain it is not the C&C mentioned above, please do not respond to the violator (instead report it to a mod and let them assess the issue).

Help! No one is responding to my posts!
Sometimes (unfortunately) there is no one willing or able to offer C+C based on your post. Don't take it personally, sometimes it takes time for others to see that you are committed to your work and not just coming and going in passing. Someone with a history of ignoring feedback and/or someone who is new and seems noncommittal will most likely not get the same level of attention as someone who responds promptly to feedback, regularly generates new content, and shows they are making an effort to improve. Take pride in your work and continue on.

That all said, good luck in your spriting ventures!

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I know that the eye frames tutorial is down for sure but there are probably other things that are either down or need an update

although I wouldn't be of much help since I don't sprite

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I am willing to help go thru links. But if you're willing to keep this updated I will leave the honor to you Lenh. ;)

...especially as you are way better organized than I am! XD

Edit: is the battle sprite sheet from my photobucket coming up as wrong red for anyone else? Viewing on my phone atm, not linked to the account and its giving a scaled down version... Not the actual size at all. :\

May need a different host for that image.

Edited by TheErrantShepherd
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I have a half-finished mouth frames tutorial, and I'm psure I have all of the map sprites somewhere. Maj being down is a huge inconvenience. :E

I'd also like to recommend Paint.net as an image editor, mostly because I'm horribly biased for it since I've used it basically since I've started spriting. It's free, and is basically like MS Paint and GIMP's lovechild.

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@Brendor: Yeah, seph's vid is down. For now all I'm doing is deprecating dead links, asking the authors to update is something I'm probably not going to do. Yeti's battlesprites tutorials come to mind.

@Errant: aw, I was hoping you'd take the torch ^^; Going through the links was easy enough, thanks for the offer though.

@Aeo: Thanks! I'm in the process of putting those two up.

@Smirks: I have those ones (thanks though!), and think I'll use the one below. There is another compilation sheet somewhere where they had every unit labeled (and all frames)? It would be sweet if someone had that one available.


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Ah, those are the ones, thanks!

Still working on things, although I'd like to think the resource section is done (certainly open to anything else).

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(Since Nickt's mug collection is really popular and a bit of creative commons stuff has popped up) Added a new section on free-use content that's well-known ,right before the Beginner's Corner:

User-Created Free-Use Content: (remember to read and follow the user's readme/stipulations when present. Terms-of-use here may not always be up-to-date.)

SF Animation Directory : Collection of user-submitted battle sprite animations (and fixes) in hack-ready form.

Nickt's Mug Collection : Many(approx. 138) hack-boxed mugs in FE6/7 coloring. Free-use and no credit necessary.

Aura Wolf's Map Pack : Many FE GBA maps, both in mappy and tiled form. Give credit to Aura Wolf if used.

ErrantShepherd's Sprite Gallery: Many custom battlesprite bases. Declared opensource June 1st, 2015. Give credit to ErrantShepherd if used.

If anyone has (or knows of) collections they'd like to share to the public, feel free and I'll modify the list. For now I'd like to keep it at collections with a dedicated thread and/or zip pack and not single images.

(Single-image submission is more organizational hassle than I or this thread wants to handle, and I would like to see what Ghast comes up with on the SF Open Source Gallery.)

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Can you put a clarification next to my mugs that they're slightly old by several months, please?

I'd gladly update the collection with the latest edits, but my hard-drive failed and I've yet to recover the data off it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be fine.

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(Thanks Aura!)

Sure thing, Nickt~ Updated it with that note although I'm not certain if I understand it? (The image file data for each mug is showing what looks like accurate dates, although I can understand it if you're talking about keeping your Dropbox file up-to-date with your actual collection.)

Blows about your hard drive, hope you can get your important stuff recovered.

Edited by Lenh
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(Thanks Aura!)

Sure thing, Nickt~ Updated it with that note although I'm not certain if I understand it? (The image file data for each mug is showing what looks like accurate dates, although I can understand it if you're talking about keeping your Dropbox file up-to-date with your actual collection.)

Blows about your hard drive, hope you can get your important stuff recovered.

I'm assuming that it's showing the dates for whatever date you unzipped it.

When you view properties it shows some being modified from 2013 and 2014, plus there are a couple which I've all but dropped from my recent collections if I can recall correctly.

Also the current collection on my HDD was all half-bodies in anticipation of FE7x.

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I posted this up on FEU a while back, so I guess I should post it here too. (Will I remember to note in this post if I do an edit? Probably not, but maybe I won't forget.)

So, after a grueling several hours, I've managed to make a compilation of all of the icons that I've made over the years that are free for anyone to use. Since most of them are old (probably averaging from around 2008-2009, but there are ones that are even older on here), I'm not even going to care if people want to tweak them to their needs.

I'm going to link this solely as a Dropbox link as, should I make something else that's free to use, I will simply update the file and append in an edit to this post (unless it locks you out after a certain length of time) noting what's been added. (I also very rarely do stuff with my Dropbox, so the link should always be valid.)

Link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5gtxv38gu3pg1i/FreeForUseIcons2015.png?dl=054

(Background color legend:

Green = adaptation of existing FE weapons/icons (mostly FE9/10 stuff)

Yellow = icons made for Arch for Elibean Nights (that are completely new and not versions of things like the Rusty Coin) that he has allowed to be free to use

Blue = icons that I've done over the years either for myself or defunct projects (some of which may have been appropriated by Arch or other projects since)


I'll also tease that I have an enormous project that I'm ever so slowly chipping away at that is going to be an entire package of free-to-use icons. I'm just not nearly close enough to show it yet. ;)

EDIT (5/23/15) - I've updated the sheet with a new icon that I forgot when initially compiling the sheet, my take on FE6's Eckesachs.

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I suppose I should finally just decide to stop hoarding and being a smug ass and release my tileset palettes/tileset add-ons, since I have literally not made any maps in 2-3 years, and the project I used to be ambitious about is dead, and I have little by little given people access to my stuff, I see no reason to not just open-source the whole dealio, since making a palette isn't exactly that hard for me. Most of these tilesets aren't hack-insertable, but nothing stops you from just using the palettes to edit an existing ones (or adding some new tiles if you're savvy enough) and having some nifty new palettes for your hack's maps! Note that this isn't possible for all palettes since some have been edited beyond that point.
Please give credit if used.

First some that I made specifically for certain hacks;

Purple castle for Dream of Five.

Castle Pherae for Elibean Nights.

I believe I made this for Skitty, but I don't recall ever seeing him use it.

Plains edit for... Dream of Five, and I believe Skitty and Ecut also used it.

I do believe I also made this for Skitty. Snowy Bern/ruins palette.

Another plains edit for Skitty.

Some of my older (and some derpy) palettes;

Fort with floors made of chocolate I guess?

Blue castle with blue water.

Some green castle with terrible looking grass.

Chocolate castle! (or as it's intended to be, a castle in an arid area)

Palettes I made for my ancient and extinct project;

Snowy castle (also used in Dream of Five and Requiem).

Green castle.

Royal pink/red castle.

Night version.

Just a fix of one of the existing palettes in FE7.

Now with slightly darker water.

And also with snow! (best used in mild snowy regions).

Slightly more snowy I guess.

Even more snow!

Red rock mountain range.

With murky green water.

And strawberry juice red water.

Rainy/tropical/humid region. Make of it whatever you want.

Slightly different mountains.

Arid region (goes well with the chocolate arid castle tileset).

And it's plains equalevent.

And the village edition.

A more edited castle version (which probably smells heavily like olive oil).

A swampy swamp tileset.

Only made this for a map contest entry, but it's just a minor edit of the previous, so yep.

Deeper inside the swampy swamp (or jungly jungle).

A port on the Western Islands (they'd better have one).

Dark ruins.

Heaven part 1.

Heaven part 2.

And some bonus content;

Six versions of sunset overworld palettes;






Darkling Ruins using my heaven palette.

New (old by now) project of adding countless new tiles and a better arrangement. With green castle palette.

Reminiscent of Arcadia's temple.

Aaand I think that's about it. Likely forgot a thing or two, but they probably aren't noteworthy anyways.

Edited by Feaw
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Uh, Lenh

The FE2 portrait link leads to a 404 error

Edited by PixelmanFE
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Thanks for the heads up, PixelmanFE. I've gone and updated the link for now, might see about just making a sheet and linking to that later.

(Also going to add Nickt's recent splicing tutorial to the list)

Edited by Lenh
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