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Berwick Saga Menu Guide

Shrouded In Myth

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Berwick Saga is really good and I wish more people can play it. Unfortunately there is no English translation patch so I decided to make a Menu Guide so that people intimidated by the Japanese menus can enjoy the gameplay. It is no substitute to an English translation patch, but hopefully this will make more people play the game, which will hopefully rally up enough interest for the community to work on an English translation patch.

I will a make a Newcomer's Guide to Berwick Saga video to help newcomers with the unique mechanics of the game. Until then you are free to check out my rough draft. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kVveYYAlXMgOmnfGPmJKIWaniI-vb2zHkSw75wdLXEQ/edit?usp=sharing

Imgur link to the edited screenshots http://imgur.com/a/clk4Q

Special Thanks to Othin and General Banzai. Without their efforts to construct the Berwick Saga page on the site, I would have not been able to enjoy this game.

Getting Started


You'll be introduced to this screen on start-up. It is pretty self-explanatory.

Once you select New Game and choose a save file to save into you'll be asked to name the file. Alphanumerical symbols are available for you to use.


This screen uses the name Bag menu, but the character input menu is the same for both the file name and bag name.

Confirm your file name and then you can begin.

On Map Menus

Selecting any tile will bring up the Command Menu


(Translations not exact)

Conditions will bring up the Current Mission's Victory and Lose Conditions

Missions will bring up a sub-menu.


Each option will bring up the list of their respective namesake.

Armies will bring up a sub-menu listing the armies and its members. The order will always go Blue, Red, Green, Yellow.

Options is the same on the Config menu on the Start Up Screen.



Recommended menu options are Attack Range Display On and Skill Range On.

Suspend, Load, and End Turn are self-explanatory.

Unit Menu

When selecting a unit, a menu like this will appear.


The order generally goes like this.

When selecting the Item option a sub-menu will appear.


Each option will bring up the unit's inventory.







Terrain Data


Press Triangle on any terrain hex to get info on it.

Unit Stat Screen

Page 1


Page 2


Weapon Stats


Shield Stats


Combat Forecast


A sword next to the might means the enemy can counter. Press square to reverse animation option for one battle.


Critical rate is displayed next to Hit in a red border. If there is no Critical rate, it will not display.

Battle Preparations


Press R1/L1 to change minimum deployment. Press Square to Trade. Press Triangle to check unit's stats. Select two units to have them switch positions.

Outside of Battle


Press square inside the office to bring up a menu. Missions option is the same as the on-field one.




The missions option is the same as the one on field.

Equipment Menu - you can list your items here by Newest, Weapon Type, Owner, Price, and Remaining Durability


Unit Menu


Use Item


You can combine arrows and thrown weapons!

Go to the right of the office to go to the storage room.


Here you can store and retrieve bags and items.

Go to the left of the office to head to Reese's room.


Here you can check for Lynette's letters and decorate the room with furniture.

City Menu


Press square on this screen to bring up a menu.


Missions sub-menu is the same as the one on the field.

Kingfisher's Pavilion

Probably the most annoying thing to deal with when you don't know the language due to the randomized results. There are rules as to how food is generated so I made images that can make looking up the foods much less of a chore.




Hiring Mercenaries

Select the mercenary you want to hire for this menu to show up.


Tips and Tricks

Generally when buying things the selection defaults to Cancel.

Press Start on the map to set up a flag.

Ward can be sent to reserves during deployment by moving him outside the deployment frame.

You can change the cone of fire for ballistae in the Battle Preparations by pressing R2/L2

You can trade a bag by pressing Square on the bag then selecting the second option

Soft Reset by pressing Start and Select.

You can combine arrows and thrown weapons by pressing Square then the first option.

Move on a page-by-page basis in the Item list by pressing left or right.

During Fog of War you can check if your unit is hidden by pressing select. Units with a leaf are not seen by the enemy.

When receiving an item with a full inventory you can pass along the item to an adjacent ally by pressing R1/L1

Press R2 on the unit's stat screen to check their stats without food bonuses.

Please tell me anything I have missed or anything that is not clear. Screenshots and alternate wordings would be appreciated if there is a problem with the guide.

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really good job on this. It would be good to show the unedited Japanese pics beside the edited English ones so that people can still tell which actions correspond to which even when not all options are present, rather than thinking "the fourth option is Heal" when it could be third if they can't attack, for example.

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