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  1. 1. Which starter is your favorite?

    • Rowlet -> Dartrix ->Decidueye
    • Litten -> Torracat ->Incineroar
    • Popplio -> Brionne ->Primarina
    • Still can't decide -> unsure ->make up your mind
  2. 2. Sun or Moon

    • Sun
    • Moon
    • Undecided
  3. 3. Who's your favorite Island Gaurdian?

    • Tapu Koko (Electric/Fairy)
    • Tapu Lele (Psychic/Fairy)
    • Tapu Bulu (Grass/Fairy)
    • Tapu Fini (Water/Fairy)

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...And they pulled an ORAS. Literally all they did was flash the logos and a couple in-development models, along with some concept art.
They really couldn't have said less on the matter.

Update 4/12: May CoroCoro disappoints; shows whited-out versions of the games' covers (seen below), and little else. Confirmation that Magearna is steel/fairy.


Update 5/10: First actual gameplay trailer has dropped. See below:

Starters and legendaries revealed! Also, we've got a release date: November 18
Images of the game covers were also revealed:


Update 6/2: New trailer revealed. The user Vashiane concisely summarized the main points of the video:

New Info

  • The Sun legendary's name and typing has been revealed. Its name is Solgaleo, and its typing is Psychic/Steel. We also finally see its signature ability and signature move - the ability is called Full Metal Body and seems to prevent its stats from being lowered, and its signature move is called Sunsteel Strike.
  • The Moon legendary's name and typing has been revealed. Its name is Lunala, and its typing is Psychic/Ghost. (!!!) We also learn the name of its signature ability and see its signature move - the ability is called Shadow Shield and its signature move is called Moongeist Beam, and said move appears to be a Ghost-type move.
  • The battle interface has gotten an update.
  • Alola has been confirmed to be split up into several islands that have to be traversed by water.
  • The default trainer appearances are confirmed to be the black-haired, pale-skinned boy and the black-haired, pale-skinned girl.
  • Kukui is officially labeled to us as a Professor, and is most likely the professor for the region.
  • A new character was introduced to us as Lillie, Professor Kukui's "mysterious" assistant.
  • The dark-skinned, green-haired boy from the first trailer has a name: Hau, described as "your new friend in Alola".
  • Pokedexes have gotten a major update. There's now a Rotom inside the Pokedex that speaks to you. It's called a "whole new way for Pokemon and people to communicate".

Update 6/11: CoroCoro leaked, and alongside it two new Pokemon were revealed. Nekkoala is a normal type koala pokemon with the new ability "definite sleep", which prevents it from being afflicted by any status that isn't sleep. The second is Iwanko, the rock-type Poi Dog. It can have either Keen Eye or Vital Spirit for it's abilities.
Scans here:


Iwanko (1)

Iwanko (2)


The issue also hints that the starters and Iwanko all hide a secret (but unfortunately not Nekkoala). ...Synchro Evolution?

Update 6/11 Part 2: Zygarde's 10% and 100% forms were confirmed. They have been spotted using several new moves, and it appears that it changes between the two based upon HP.

10% form:

100% form:

Update 6/14:
- Three new Pokemon, Yungoos, Grubbin, andPikipek, were shown.
- Battle Royale mode introduced; it's 4-plyaer FFA
- Trainer customization confirmed to be returning in some extent
-The legendaries have mysterious new forms: Solgaleo's got "Radaint Sun" while Lunaala's got "Full Moon".

Yungoos and Pikipek info:



Trailer detailing most of the info above


Update 7/1: A new trailer dropped, detailing seven new Pokemon:

The website also updated with the CoroCoro pokemon: Komala and Rockruff.

Update 7/12: Two new pokemon were leaked in CoroCoro and briefly shown off in a new Japanese trailer for the games:

From serebii: "The bear is called Kiteruguma and is Normal/Fighting with the abilities Fluffy and Klutz, while the ghost is Mimikkyu and is Ghost/Fairy. It has the ability called Disguise."
"People in Alola are scared of Kiteruguma to the point of having warning signs about it. It is really strong and can break anytthing in two. It likes to hug its trainers but is strong. Raising one puts your life in danger.
Mimikkyu hates sunlight, preferring dark places. It is rumoured that the cloth covering its body is a strategy to avoid the sun. Don't try to remove the cloth it is said that those that do become afflicted with an illness"
We have no idea what Fluffy/Disguise do in terms of abilities.

Update 8/1: New trailer with a bunch of new info.
Trailer here:

Forum user Vashiane has summarized all of it.
EDIT: However, another user (Nym) has pointed out some incorrect info concerning stake-out: "It allows the user to 'deal twice the normal damage if the opponent just switched into battle'.
So it's the exact opposite of Pursuit but it's an ability instead of an attack."
Alright, here's a quick run-down on all the information from the new video!

Alright, here's a quick run-down on all the information from the new video!

Alola Forms

Certain Pokemon from previous generations have adapted to the Alola climate in new and surprising ways, gaining new appearances, new typing, and new abilities.
So far there's been 5 new Alola forms announced.

Alolian Exeggutor


Alolian Vulpix & Alolian Ninetails


Alolian Sandshrew & Alolian Sandslash


It's also worth a note that every Alola form we've seen here has a brand-new typing! Well, sort-of. Exeggutor shares a typing with Mega Sceptile, but as Sceptile isn't normally a Grass/Dragon, it's up to personal preference whether to consider it as new. However, Ice/Fairy and Ice/Steel are without a doubt completely new typings.

New Region Pokemon

We've also seen some new Alola Pokemon, including evolutions and pre-evolutions to Pokemon we've seen before. Counting the various forms of Oricorio as separate Pokemon (and not the different Minior cores as at the moment they seem to be only vary aesthetically) we have a total of 9 new Pokemon shown.



Oricorio is a bird Pokemon with typing variations depending on what island it's found on (unfortunately, matching a variation to a specific island is tricky due to the nondescript locations shown, however, it's possible that they're listed in the order of the islands you can visit). It's also unknown (but very likely) that each variation will have a different stat distribution. It has a new unique move Revelation Dance that changes its typing depending on the variation that uses it (ie. Baile = Fire RD; Pom-Pom = Electric RD; Pa'u = Psychic RD; Sensu = Ghost RD) It also has a brand-new ability, Dancer, which allows it to copy the stat-boosting Dance moves that its opponent uses for free.



So far, it appears that the Minior cores are not variations like Oricorio, and are simply aesthetic differences similar to Gen VI's Flabebe. Shields Down is also a brand new ability that functions similarly to Darmantian's Zen Mode. At half HP, Minior strips away its armor to take on a more offensive stance.



As shown, this is the second (and seemingly final) evolution of Yungoos. It also has a brand-new ability Stakeout, though what it does is currently unknown.

Fomantis & Lurantis


This is a Pokemon of interest as well due to it having a never-before-seen move, Solar Blade, which appears to be a Physical Grass-type move. There's also a possibility of Fomantis and Lurantis being exclusive to Pokemon Moon due to it being nocturnal, but this isn't yet confirmed, though still worth noting.



Mudbray is the pre-evolution of Mudsdale. (Also I'm not certain if the move it uses in the trailer is something new, or simply a new animation for Earthquake. Also worth noting just in case.

Ride Pokemon

The trailer also shows off a new mechanic called Ride Pokemon, which is mentioned to be a service. It appears that this new mechanic will allow the player to traverse obscure or perilous areas with ease, and the Ride Pokemon can offer transportation over land, sea, and air. This also raises the question about the purpose of HM moves such as Surf or Fly - it may be likely that instead, you'll simply be able to summon a Ride Pokemon to take you wherever you need to go. Currently, the Pokemon available for this service are Tauros, Mudsdale, Stoutland (as seen from a previously revealed image below), Sharpedo, and Charizard.


The Island Challenge

The Island Challenge is a quest your trainer can embark on to strengthen themselves, by travelling to the four islands and completing various trials in order to be able to challenge the Island Challenge Champion named Woo. Each Trial has a captain, that seemingly gives you the trial and then allows you to battle them to prove your worthiness for the next island's trial. Like Oricorio, it's difficult to place the island each Trial and its captain will be found on, however, we do have clues.

Trial Captain Mallow


Mallow specializes in Grass-type Pokemon and her island's Trial is found in a location known as Lush Jungle, and her trial may consist of finding four rare ingredients for her (or this could be a personal quest).

Trial Captain Lana


Lana specializes in Water-type Pokemon and her trial may consist of finding the source of disturbances in the local waters (or this could be a personal quest for her.)

Trial Captain Sophocles


Sophocles specializes in Electric-type Pokemon, and while his introduction reveals very little, his trial may take place inside or around what looks to be his laboratory.

Trial Captain Kiawe


Kiawe specializes in Fire-type Pokemon and his trial is specifically stated to be "quite different" than the others you have faced before, and explicitly is a test of observations of various dances. Kiawe is also interesting as it's a bit easier to pinpoint where he might be, as there's only one island that has a volcano (and seemingly, lava).


At the end of each trial, there will be a battle with a Token Pokemon, a special Pokemon with a powerful aura that boosts its stats and gives it the ability to call ally Pokemon to its aid in battle, resulting in multiple Pokemon against your one. Currently, two Pokemon we know will be Token Pokemon are Gumshoos, with an aura that boosts its defense and is likely fought at the end of Kiawe's trial, and Lurantis, which is likely fought at the end of Mallow's trial.

When each trial is cleared, you can fight the Kahunas, elite trainers of each island that will serve as the final test. The Kahuna for the first island (Melemele Island) is confirmed to be Hala, the old man who gives you your starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game. He calls the battle against him a "grand trial", before officially showing off his battle animation and introducing himself as Island Kahuna Hala.


Z-Moves are a brand-new mechanic, appearing to stem from the bracelet the player character wears. Z-Moves are an extremely powerful attack with 18 variations, one for each Pokemon type. The power that creates this attack is known as Z-Power, and is summoned by a unique dance done by the trainer. 4 of the 18 Z-Moves were shown in the trailer.

Electric-type Z-Move: Gigavolt Havoc

Grass-type Z-Move: Bloom Doom

Fire-type Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive

Water-type Z-Move: Hydro Vortex
It appears to function for dual-type Pokemon based off the first type listed. I.E. a Flying/Psychic type will having a Flying Z-Move, while a Psychic/Flying type will have a Psychic Z-Move. (Also worth noting, is that the Z-moves shown also correspond with the specialties of the Trial Captains).

And I do believe that is absolutely everything! Sorry about this taking so long, there was a lot to record here. I'll post my own opinions in a separate post.

Update 8/12: New info was revealed in the latest trailer, most of which was leaked ahead of time.

Alolan variants for Meowth, Marowak, and Raichu were confirmed, as well as the new 'mons Wishiwashi, Pyukumuku, and Morelull. The month's CoroCoro issue also revealed a pre-evolution for Bewear: Nuikoguma (subject to change in localization). A line of Ghost/Ground Sandcastle Pokemon- Sunabaa and Shirodesuna -were also shown in CoroCoro and not touched upon in the trailers.

Artwork for new Pokemon

Sunaabaa - Shirdesuna, Nuikoguma


Alolan Meowth:


Alolan Marowak:


Alolan Raichu









The new villainous team, Team Skull, was also revealed: http://www.pokemon-sunmoon.com/en-us/team-skull/.

Update 08/18: At the Gamescom stream, a new pokemon was revealed: Turtonator. It is fire/dragon, with shell armor for its ability.


Update 08/19: Hot off the heels of the Gamescom stream, a new trailer was dropped showcasing the three 'mons previously revealed in Famitsu and a new one entirely- Crabrawler (fighting type). Sandygast and Palossand (our ghostly sand castles) have a new ability: Water Compaction. It raises their defense by two stages when hit with a water type move. Also, Stufful looks just as odd as it's evolved form- Bewear.

New Pokemon










Update 9/1: During the Nintendo Direct today, two new announcements were made for Sun and Moon.
First is Alolan Ratatta; it gains the dark typing.
Secondly, there will be a Munchlax distribution at launch. It's holding Snorlium Z, which gives Snorlax a completely unique Z-move: Pulverizing Pancake.


Uptade 9/6 A new trailer was released, with a few new pokemon and loads of info on new characters.

Vashiane has once again kindly and conclusively typed up a summary on the matter:
"A new day, a new summary post. Let's just knock this out real quick, shall we?

*Just note that for this post to lay out The Facts so no theorycrafting from me in this post.

New Pokemon/Alolan Forms

We have a total of 3 (4?) new Pokemon shown off in this video. In this section I'm only going to mention 3 because frankly, the fourth deserves its own section.

Type: Null


This is a... very interesting Pokemon. Its category and its design clearly point to it being synthetic (it is literally known as the Synthetic Pokemon), and the helmet that Type: Null wears is said to hinder its agility but also that it was designed with the intent to rival legendary Pokemon in strength, meaning that it's likely to be a slow, but very hard-hitting.
It's also stated that Type: Null was created to "to complete a certain mission", and that mission required it to be able to be just as strong as legendaries. Interesting indeed.



Precious smol.
Known as the Scaly Pokemon, it has a lot of pride in its tiny little body about its personal training regime, which it uses to hone its fighting skills and become stronger. It never turns it back on its opponent, so trainer of Alola believe that Jangmo-o is a very valiant and brave Pokemon (although really it's just more strategically sound for it to keep facing forward). They also tend to gather in groups in canyons and caves and help each other train (possibly a hoard encounter?).
Also interesting to note that while Bulletproof isn't a new ability, its only been seen as a hidden ability for a Gen 6 starter. Bulletproof renders bullet and bomb moves utterly ineffective, and some cannon moves.

Alolan Raticate


He Big.
Since these Raricates tend to live in urban areas, their diets are richer in calories and the end result is... [/gestures vaguely in AR's direction] That.
They're also appreciated by Alolan chefs because of their very advanced taste buds, so chefs will use Raticates to shop for ingredients and taste test new recipes. Raticatouille, anyone?

Time Differences

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set 12 hours apart, which will affect how various events in the game play out. This is... interesting, especially considering how Pokemon tends to function on the DS' internal clock. Will Pokemon Moon be twelve hours ahead? Or behind? As of yet, there's not enough information to draw on how things would change.

The Aether Foundation

The Aether Foundation is a organization that cares for injured Pokemon and operates from an artificial island called Aether Paraside. (Located on that odd island in the middle of the four main islands?) It's also stated that they conduct various research projects here.
Anyway, let's meet them!



Lusamine is the Aether Foundation's President, seemingly in charge of the entire organization. She appears to be quite caring, stating that she'll gladly share her love to all Pokemon in need of it, even Pokemon from other regions. (Although the word choice of being worthy of her love is interesting. What if something wasn't?)



Slim Shady.
Faba is known as a Branch Chief, an odd title as we're not certain what "branch" means. Do they have another location? Maybe smaller locations? It's currently up for speculation. We can't glean much about him (other than that he loves his sunglasses), but he does tell us where Aether Paradise is, which I've already mentioned above.



Wicke is also as mystery, as she's mentioned to be an assistant Branch Chief, probably an assistant to Faba. She's said to be very caring and kind, making her well-loved by other Aether employees. She specifically mentions keeping Pokemon that are targeted by Team Skull here, and Pokemon that simply need extra protection. The first few Pokemon that come to mind are Pyukumuku, Bounsweet, Wimpod, and Wishiwashi (bless their tiny selves, they're trying), so it's possible that we'll meet a few in Aether Paradise.

The Aether organization also has employees under its service, essentially grunts, but it is interesting to note that it's mentioned that their uniform changes depending on which branch they work under. A little detail, but one to pay attention to in case it comes up.



Gladion is a Team Skull Enforcer, seemingly helping Guzma keep Team Skull's goals in order. He's also quite mysterious, but it's mentioned that his preferred Pokemon partner is Type: Null. This is definitely a fact to keep in mind for later, not to mention the possible questions that raise from his appearance.

Zygarde Cells and Cores

Another short section because there isn't much to mention that we didn't already know. Although, there IS one interesting bit, and that's exactly who is giving you the quest to search for the cells and cores: it's Dexio and Sina, Professor Sycamore's assistants. It's nice to see them again!

Pokemon Sna - uh, Poke Finder


This is a very interesting feature, as it appears to be an interactive camera feature that allows you to share your photos with other players in some kind of online album where people can rate the quality of the photos they see. It's also been shown that your Rotom Pokedex can interact with both you and this feature, which is a nice touch!

Ultra Beasts


Ultra Beasts are a new and extremely mysterious addition. They are deeply feared due to their strange powers and capability to pose a threat to both humans and Pokemon. There are multiple of these Ultra Beasts, and they're all referenced to be a code name. The Aether Foundation is also using its research branch to try and learn more about these creatures.

UB-01, the Ultra Beast introduced in this trailer, is described as being comprised of a glass-like substances, yet it can and does freely change shapes often. It is unknown whether the creature has any sense of willpower or capacity for emotions, it is observed to have some kind of survival instinct, and its movement often mimic a young girl's.

And that, I do believe, is everything. Sorry about the wait for this, typing this up took longer than it normally does."

Update 9/14: We have a new short trailer, detailing two new ultra beasts: UB02-Absorption and UB02-Beauty.

Absorption is exclusive to Sun and Beauty is exclusive to Moon.

On the topic of exclusives, the most recent issue of CoroCoro has shown off Rockruff's evolutions... well, technically evolution.
It evolves into Lugarugan (try saying that ten times fast without mixing "Gurren Lagan" in), but it's appearance and probably movepool depends on which version.

In Sun, it evolves into it's Midday form:


Pretty straightforward. It learns a new move "Accel Rock" - a rock type priority move (and all the Talonflames were paralyzed in fear).

The wild looking one is it's Midnight form, which it evolves into in Moon:


We've got a werewolf in Alola, folks. It learns the not-so-new move counter.

Of note is that typing, abilities, and stats were not detailed. However, there will be a new trailer at 9:00 a.m. on September 20th- they may reveal that info there.
That's it for this update. We're really starting to get an image of the version differences. And Moon master race!

Update 9/20: A new trailer dropped, detailing Lycanroc (as it is now called) and two new version exclusives: Passimian (Sun) and Oranguru (Moon). Passimian has the new ability receiver, wherein it inherites the ability of the most recently fainted ally pokemon. Oranguru, on the other hand, has the new move Instruct: an allied Pokemon will repeat the move that it just used. So, a better helping hand with shades of Parental Bond.


Update 10/4 (message acknowledged): A new trailer was released, revealing the middle evolutions of the starter pokemon, as well as various other new features. The ever wonderful Vashiane has once again summarized all the info for us:

We all know why I'm here and we're here so let's just speed on along.

New Pokemon

Only 3 new Pokemon revealed and they're all evolutions so there isn't much to really talk about here - other than that they're all pretty cute, in my opinion!

Dartrix, evolution of Rowlet


Dartrix is known as the Blade Quill Pokemon, and is extremely sensitive to other presences around them and can strike at those presences without even seeing the threat for itself. It's known for being snobby and a stalwart perfectionist, sometimes making a bigger mess in attempt to gloss over its mistakes. It can become so distressed by these mistakes or by being dirty it may not be able to battle, or simply quit battling out of personal despair. Dartrix may be troublesome to deal with, but with love, care, and affection it will grow into something powerful.

I can't believe I'm finally a Pokemon.

Torracat, evolution of Litten


Torracat, the Fire Cat Pokemon, has a mane that serves as an additional sensory organ, allowing it to detect what's going on around it even in pitch darkness. It can also use this mane to find hidden enemies. Torracat's "bell" is actually a flame sac that reacts to Torracat's emotions. When the Pokemon gets emotional, the organ heats up and produces flames, a high, clear sound rings out, leading to the assumption that the sac is a bell. Torracat is an avid fighter that can bend iron bars with a single blow, but it often acts like a spoiled child in front of Pokemon or Trainers it trusts.

Brionne, evolution of Popplio


Brionne, the Pop Star Pokemon, learns how to dance by imitating others that live with it in its colony, and sometimes even from humans. It's a hard-working Pokemon and practices until it can memorize and execute its dances flawlessly, using those dances to distract and confuse opponents. It's common to find colonies of Brionne dancing together in the moonlight. It is a very positive and happy Pokemon, and will hide if it's feeling sad unless it's with a Pokemon or trainer it completely trusts.

Festival Plaza



The Festival Plaza is a feature that allows for interaction with other players (like the Mii Plaza I'm sure), and there you can complete requests given to you by other players for Festival Coins, which you can use to buy special clothes, dyes, and items. (Including what looks like special tourist items from each region?)

Seems like it'll be a nice, fun way to use the Streetpass function! (Considering I still don't know what the purpose of the XY Streetpass is, I quite like this...)

Poke Pelago


Poke Pelago appears to be a resort-like area specifically for the Pokemon you've deposited the PC. Run by a person named Mohn, the island to engage in all kinds of activities. You can attract wild Pokemon with Pokebeans to join your game from an island called Isle Abeens (cute), Isle Aphun allows Pokemon to scavenge and mine for rare stones and items, and Isle Evelup allows your PC Pokemon to gain experience and train through activity and drinks (like the smoothies from Pokemon XY). A very cute way to let your PC Pokemon do more than take up space. I think this is a great feature and I'd love to see it in other games. (Like idk... remade Sinnoh maybe...)

Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution's back!

... I don't know what to say here, there aren't any new Mega Evolutions revealed so it's just. Well. Yay if you wanted it?

Sun/Moon Special Demo


The demo for Sun/Moon will be released on the eShop on October 18th, 2016, and feature a special event Pokemon that can be carried over to the full game when it releases - Ash-Greninja, with the new ability Battle Bond. There's... also not much else to say about this, it's just -- here it is, enjoy, if you want it.

And this is just about everything! Hopefully this is a good summary despite me being extra me today.


Update 10/14: A new trailer dropped, following up on recent CoroCoro leaks. Vashiane has once again provided an excellent summary:

New Pokemon

Every Pokemon shown is either an evolution or an Alolan variation, and including Alolan Muk and Alolan Grimer this gives us a total of 8 new Pokemon. Amazing!



Silvally is Type: Null's evolution, and has the new and unique ability RKS System (Well that's not subtle at all!) with a unique move called Multi Attack that corresponds to this ability. RKS System allows Silvally to change its typing depending on the hold item its carrying and the typing of Multi Attack will match the typing that Silvally currently has. These hold items are called Memories, and have the same functionality as the Plates from previous games (except that they may only work with Silvally this time around; if not, then they may be replacing Plates). It's stated that Type: Null evolves after it finds a partner it can trust by deliberately destroying its restrictive helmet.

... That's a little scary, actually. It can just... break out at any time then, couldn't it? Brr.

Hakamo-o & Kommo-o


Hakamo-o and Kommo-o are the second and third evolution of Jangmo-o, gaining the secondary Fighting type as it does. Hakamo-o is known to dance before it battles to showcase its strength, making its scales clang together to make loud sounds. It often loses these scales in a fight, but since they grow back extremely quickly and it's a point of pride amongst Hakamo-o to lose a lot of scales in battle, they aren't too fussed. Kommo-o however is a Pokemon of mythical importance to the people of Alola, as it's claimed that Kommo-o is crucial to driving out a darkness from this world (Ultra Beasts?) and battles to gain the power needed to defeat these dark forces. It can learn a unique move, Clanging Scales, that involves Kommo-o scraping the scales from its body to attack with the loud, disorienting clanging those scales make, at the cost of lowered defense.

Steenee & Tsareena


Steenee and Tsareena are the second and third evolutions of Bounsweet. As the calyx (the "pigtails") on Steenee's head are much harder, it doesn't have to worry about being stabbed or hurt by other Pokemon and now loves to play with them instead of fleeing. It's said to be difficult to live with as it tends to have very little regard for its surroundings, twirling around without abandon. When it evolves into Tsareena, the Pokemon becomes much more mature. Tsareena will punish any Pokemon or person using it for evil deeds, even if that person is its beloved Trainer. They're very protective and proud Pokemon, disliking inferior strategies when battling and using its strength and the help of other Steenees and Tsareenas to protect Bounsweets. (How sweet!) Tsareena has both a new exclusive move, Trop Kick, and a brand-new ability Queenly Majesty. Trop Kick lowers the opponents' Attack, while Queenly Majesty prevents Pokemon from using priority moves.



Ribombee is the evolution of Cutiefly. Ribombee collect flower pollen and nectar and create a ball of foodstuff called Pollen Puffs. Not only do these Pollen Puffs nourish the Ribombee, they can also be used in battle and cause dizziness and paralysis in their opponent, or can relief symptoms like tiredness. These beneficial Pollen Puffs are often sold at high prices in Alolan markets. Ribombee are also good indicators of the weather, as they hate being rained on and will usually retreat if bad weather's coming.

Alolan Grimer & Alolan Muk


And last, but not least, the Alolan forms of Grimer and Muk (aside: am I the only one who ends up thinking Grimer is the evolution? I constantly make this mistake). Their new form grants them the Dark type. Alolan Grimer were imported from other regions when the population of Alola rose and garbage disposal started becoming an issue. Since their primary diet is now garbage and sometimes other manufactured objects, its form changed, and crystallized toxins (its "teeth") began to form. It's stated that coming into direct contact with either of these Pokemon is dangerous.

New Trainers



Olivia is the Kahuna of Akala Island, the second island you'll visit on your journey. She's said to be quite young, but shows extraordinary skill, but she's humble and simply insists that she's a normal girl. She also says in the trailer that all of her Pokemon are Rock-type Pokemon, and the first Pokemon she has in her team of three is Nosepass.



Ilima's existence disproves something we initially believed - that there was only four trial captains, one for each island. With Ilima's introduction, we now know this isn't the case. Ilima specializes in Normal-type Pokemon, and they're a graduate from the Trainer school and very popular to the students of that school. It seems like Ilima's trial will be held on Melemele Island, as that's the island containing the Trainer School and the cave where their trial takes place is that first cave behind the ceremonial plaza.


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I'm happy. I was seriously expecting another Pokemon Z/X2/Y2 or some Pokken news and was not particularly hyped. But Gen 7 is the best news they could have given me. I'm so excited! :D

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I think the coolest thing to come out of it was the fact that we can transfer from the gen 1 games to Sun and Moon

I agree with this being a really awesome thing.

I hope they reveal a little more in the next few days, keep your eyes on serebii they'll be the first to know :P:

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[spoiler=Some pictures]



The last two are important, since it shows a brand new Pokémon

Are you sure that's not just a Fletchling?

Actually it looks like a fletchling/something else hybrid...

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God that scenery looks amazing though I'm kind of in awe over that building. Wonder if it's a gym or a hotel like the one in Lumiose?

It's so colorful and modern~

and are those ambulances? Or portable Pokemon healing stations? Maybe they'll be set up on certain routes. Or they could be portable stores with rare items.

Actually there's a heavy emphasis on cars. I wonder if we can actually drive them for a bit?

I'm just

I'm gushing I know but I'm EXCITED.

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It's so colorful and modern~

and are those ambulances? Or portable Pokemon healing stations? Maybe they'll be set up on certain routes. Or they could be portable stores with rare items.

Actually there's a heavy emphasis on cars. I wonder if we can actually drive them for a bit?

Need For Speed, Pokemon edition :P:

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Grand Theft Auto: Sun Andreas

Oh my god, you went there. I guess if we need to go to the moon we can just take the Mako. :P:

ANYWAYS, it would be cool if they went with some vehicle stuff, an expansion on the bikes.

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Tbh I'm curious how the Gen 1 stuff will transfer mechanics wise.

Gen 1/2 were vastly different from Gen 3+, no abilities, Special atk/def was one (only in gen I, they were different but shared IV in II), IV's went up to 15 not 31, natures didn't exist, etc. So yeah that's a puzzle

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It's interesting with a whole new generation when a lot of us were expecting Pokémon Z. Time to start some baseless speculation about potential new types and what the starters secondary types will be!

I am awaiting GameXplain's 30 minute discussion video they will probably make for this

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