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Skill Request Thread!


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(sorry if I am resurrecting a dead thread here but does anyone have a camilla with astra)

Nevermind I just learned you need to hack to get astra on camilla......... so does anyone have astra on keaton


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made a mistake, and accidentally asked for something that could only be in the game after it was hacked
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I'm playing Birthright.I need these skills, can someone help me get them:

Sakura: Replicate , Live to Serve
Hinoka: Bow Breaker
Anna: Lucky 7,Pavise
Takumi: Replicate

If anyone has a mycastle with heart seals, I need about 5 or 6 heart seals in order to grind Oboro to get Galeforce and then to seal her back to Spear Master. I have about 100,000 gold due to grinding on Challenges . Thanks

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On 3/15/2022 at 12:27 PM, Magenta Fantasies said:

Since this topic has been revived, does anyone have Kaden with Replicate? I’ve been searching for over a year now on here, Reddit, GameFAQs and elsewhere without any luck.

Hello, anyone?



I’m still searching for Kaden with Replicate and still haven’t had any luck anywhere. With the Nintendo 3DS Wi-fi service ending next month, I thought I’d make a last-ditch effort to see if anyone has him.

I’m going to miss not having Wi-fi for Fates. 😢

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On 1/13/2023 at 1:19 PM, TwistedTimes24 said:

I'm trying A magic build for Corrin but I'm having A hard time finding castles with the right skills, if anyone has skills like Savage Blow, Tomefaire, Malefic Aura or even Magic +2 for Corrin please let me know.

If you're still looking I have malefic Aura... I also have other skills which may be useful to you.

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