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Did my first PvP battle today. Got gangbanged by a bunch of flying chickens. Is this common?

Sadly, yes. PVP With hacking is god annoying to battle with or battling castles with some pretty broken builds like the 100% Miracle build.

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High movement and offenses are king. So is getting the first hit in.

But in reality, Fire Emblem is meant to be a more single-player experience, not a multiplayer one.

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Thats just simply put the absolute best strategy in PVP

Lets put it this way, if both players had simmilarly powered character, the player that will win is entirely decided by which one still had a Falcon Knight. So your main goal is to kill Falcon Knight, and the most effective way to kill Falcon Knight is Kinshi Knight

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My friend challenged me that I couldn't one-shot his Saizo (he's new to the series). Neither of us are going to be using proc' skills, and crit's don't count. My current plan is +2 STR/Life or Death/Aggressor/Quick Draw/-faire and to just hit him like a freight train. I've currently got a Charlotte!Velouria!Kana. My biggest regret secondary class is Ninja. I can't decide whether I need to marry for General, Berserker, or Falcon/Kinshi Knight. Suggestions?

EDIT: I should probably note I'm +STR/-DEF

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