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Raigh as a druid looks better with his shaman palette than his normal druid palette

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Please tell me what you think. Personally, I think it looks better, is more consistent with Raigh's portrait looks and the overall feel of the GBA druids (Canas, Knoll, Ewan and the generic enemy druids all have that weird... symbol? golden)

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I personally like more the vainilla version. I don't want to read too much into it, but the sof blue colours contrasts subtly with the design of the outfit.

What I mean with this is, that the Druid outfit looks menacing, imposing. It's something that hides a self-cointained, un-heard figure with dark powers.

The blue however, is a callback. It tells you, "Hey, he looks menacing, but he's with you. His intentions are good... or at least aligned with yours". The soft shades makes him look in control, calm. Actually, that's the word that comes to my head with those colours. Calm.

And I like it because it's subtle.

The Bright Purple (while it's my favourite colour :P) It's a little bit too muchj. It draws attention to it, and now it looks more like a show off than anything else.

But again, that's reading too muich on a palette swap :P

I have too much free time

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It doesn't really fit what a druid is imo. He stands out way too much.

...Anyone else think its weird that the character in those robes is a 13 year old? That doesn't look like a 13 year old. Limited sprites made things weird.

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I'm gonna side with the OP here. Shaman-palette-Druid-Raigh looks way more distinct and interesting. The vanilla version doesn't offer nearly the contrast between the body (blue) and the fringe (sky blue), and it seems too similar to those of Canas and Knoll. Your version is rockin' those Barney colors.

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