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In concepts for now because no release or screen shots yet.


Thank you :)

But it's a thing, full steam ahead. Renamed from FE6: Anniversary because that ship has sailed lol.

What else is important...
Current Progress: Chapter 1 -> Int1

That's all for now, I'll try to post an update every week. But we all know how good I am at consistency so... :x


[spoiler=2016 SCREENS]

[spoiler=June 2016]




[spoiler=July 2016]



[spoiler=August 2016]


[spoiler=September 2016]


[spoiler=December 2016]



Somewhat of a request, but most of FE6's
villages/house conversations have never been recorded/documented
anywhere, specifically anything past Ch10B(Ch10A does not have any
recordings though). So, if anyone either has village/house conversations
from the rest of the game on file or feels like grabbing some from the
game and documenting, that would be a huge help. Obviously, this isn't
important right now due to the planned first release being only up to
Ch8x, but it should help speed along the process to the second, third,
final releases.

If you do decide to submit anything, a pastebin link would be nice,
specifying what villager is speaking(loosely, balding villager man is
good enough for example), and what house it is(possibly numbering the
houses on an image of the map and referencing them).

Thank you in advance! Be sure to check and see what anyone has posted before going on a search of your own.

Chapters 10/11A

Chapters 13/14

Chapter 15

Chapter 17A

Chapter 21

[spoiler=Modified members of the cast]
Geese/Gonzales - Relegated to Routes A and B respectively of the Western Isles
Garret - Removed due to redundancy MAYBE I'LL BRING HIM BACK probably not
Niime/Joder - Relegated to Routes A and B respectively for Ilia and Sacae
Karel - Removed due to not really contributing anything to the cast/story

Lycia Arc: Release | Notes


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I legit thought this was another of those bad and n00b-ish FE6 "remakes", but I was pleasantly surprised! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of these sexy portraits.

please make the tileset colours prettier pleas

fe6 and fe7 have some really garish colours

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Yeah, I mean its cooler than vanilla, but that's something you don't want to meet with in a dark corner. xD

All I know is that I'd never criticise her look if I was to meet her IRL.

She went from adorkable to real thug.

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