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drawing requests (anyone still want these??)

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a long time ago i was bored and i made a drawing request topic here. i thought like, nobody would reply but lots of people did. i was struggling to make them cause im not great but it was kinda fun. but people made new better topics that kinda killed the point of my topic, and i had to leave for a while and stuff and yeah that was over

but idk like one person came to me and said they still want theirs. should this still be a thing?? lemme know if you want a doodle


edit: pls tell me where the character is from so i dont have to ask later. its faster c:

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omg pls i followed this topic and i got no notifs how does that even work

(sometimes people tell me names i dont know so i'll edit OP) i dont know who merric is ene

Oh, sorry, I meant Merric from FE Shadow Dragon. Apologies.

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April omgggggggggg.

Please make a doodle of Yuuka Kazami, if you want to.

im not even good at music and she wants me to compose the music score for her whole game fml

hoshi have u even listened to ur music

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