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Favorite OSTs

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here's a playlist of all the osts if you're curious

Basically what the title says; what are some of your favorite soundtracks from Fates? What songs did you find the most memorable, or what songs played during certain chapters that you loved? Was there anything you'd go out of your way to listen to outside of the game? Or anything that was played so often you got sick of it?

My personal thoughts: (just from what I've heard so far)

  • Light on a Window is probably my favorite support track. I really love the use of violins!
  • There was also an extra track of Sakura and Elise's duet that they talked about playing in their supports. It was adorable and sweet.
  • Road Taken in both forms is great!
  • and of course Path of the Hero-King has got to be on here
  • As cheesy as it is, I started to get really sick of Rejoice in Love. I wish there was separation between the S-support tracks like in Awakening; hearing the same song for every possible pairing got tiring.
  • did there have to be that many renditions of lost in thoughts. i saw someone say it's nintendo's let it go

Honestly there are so many good tracks in this game this doesn't even begin to describe every one I liked. Let me know what you think!

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My personal favorite tracks in rank are:

  • A Dark Fall. I'm not sure why. It could be how all the instruments combine together. The track itself fits CQ quite well, as well as the name. It gives off a sense of grim determination but at the cost of something dear.
  • Misery in Hand. As a boss battle theme, I absolutely adore it. It gives off the same feelings as A Dark Fall to me: grim resolution, perhaps reluctance almost, and a feeling of sacrifice.
  • Contest of Pride. The perfect blend of East and West, in my opinion. Again, it gives me feelings of determination but not with any negative connotations attached to it. Just two opposing forces clashing against each other for supremacy, no holds bared.
  • Road Taken. I think everyone I've seen likes this track. It is dubbed the "New Conquest" and I have to agree. While Conquest does hold a special place in my heart, Road Taken gives me a sense of nostalgia for some reason. The ablaze version sounds like it would fit quite well as the final boss theme and I think that says something when a track that is used for random battles can achieve that.
  • Dark Song. Rena Strober's vocals were wonderful for this version. While I was iffy about the lyrics and translations at first, I do like how they allow for emphasis to be put on certain words. The English version sounds, to me, to be more forceful, which would fit the tone of the cut scene, as Azura is trying to exorcise something and return Garon to his previous state of mind. Funnily enough, while I prefer the English version of the Nohr dance, I do prefer the Japanese version of the Hoshido dance.

Those are my favorites. I do prefer the Nohr soundtrack a bit more than the Hoshido soundtrack but it also has some good songs in it.

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Well, I do like some of the ones already listed, such as Road Taken, Dark Fall, and Misery at Hand. However, I also like the sorrowful tracks, such as Thorn In You, and the tracks relating to Valla or the Rainbow Sage, such as Past Below and Knowledge, and their reversed versions. The former ones (sorrowful tracks) because they've got a lot of emotional weight to them and the latter (Valla tracks) because they give a sense of discovering hidden, grand truths.

I also like all the vocalized tracks, including the one at the end of Heirs of Fates.

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My favorites are:

- Alight and Dark Fall: they fits respectively Hoshido and Nohr too well, with one being calm and peaceful, while the other is very intense and frenetic, giving the atmosphere of a war.

- Road Taken: this was the first track I listened of the game and I fell in love with it from the first moment. It's just so relaxing.

- You of the light: this tracks gives me the feeling that, as long as there is hope, one must keep fightning, which is exaclty what the Hoshidan siblings do in Conquest: they will keep fightining Corrin and the nohrian army until their hope stops to shine.

- Pray to the dark: such an amazing theme, It's my favorite support theme in the game and I love it to the point that It made some supports even better than what they really are.

- Resolve(Dark): my favorite preparation theme of the series, It's so good that, sometimes, I didn't start a chapter just because I want to keep listening such a great track.

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- Resolve(Dark): my favorite preparation theme of the series, It's so good that, sometimes, I didn't start a chapter just because I want to keep listening such a great track.

I actually liked that one, too. I think I spent more time in the preparation screen in Conquest than the prep screen for any other branch partially due to the track.

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Pray to the Dark has to be my absolute favorite track from the game. It sounds a bit somber, but it's so comforting to listen to. I had to set it as the background music to my castle simply because to me, it sounds like home. There's something weirdly nostalgic about it - almost all the Nohrian tracks make me feel this way and I have no idea why. I do admit that feeling makes me like the Nohrian music more than the Hoshidan.

Guest of Shade is desperate yet hopeful at the same time and I love the sense of urgency it has.

Sound of Hammers is my favorite shop theme - it's such an amazing and beautiful piece, but unfortunately I barely ever get to hear it in the game because I never remember to use the Smithy.

Alight is just beautiful. It's my favorite map theme along with Dusk Falls, Dark Wastes, Justice RIP and Past Below.

I like all vocalized tracks - both the Japanese and the English versions. I didn't mind hearing the song so often.

Condemnation is a really cool boss theme.

There are too many good tracks to mention here! Overall I really like Fates's soundtrack, although to me the Revelation soundtrack doesn't sound as interesting as Birthright and Conquest's.

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Pretty much the majority of the battle and map themes for me. When it comes to RPG's, those always stand out the most. I think Alight and Condemnation are probably my favorites along with You of the Light.

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My favorite song in the game is Premonition. A rendition of the theme song, I know, but it's my favorite of them. It is relaxing, beautiful, and tragic all at once.

Some of my other favorites not already mentioned here include Vacant Cradle, Warmth is Gone, The Water Maiden, Watery Music Box, and the end credits song. As you can see, I really like slow and calm songs haha. I am in love with this game's entire soundtrack, though.

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If 'the whole thing' is not an acceptable answer, here are my specific favourites:

'You of the Dark' - The fast tempo and layers to this song make it my favourite boss theme in Fates by a long shot, the moment I heard this song it was 'my new favourite thing', which I will admit happened with probably a quarter of Fates' soundtrack because I loved so much of it. Also I am Nohrian scum.

'Alight (Storm)' - Given that I am a poor Aussie and didn't get Fates until May because stupid release dates, I spend the longest time rewatching the Fates trailers over and over again because doing anything else with regards to the game would likely mean spoilers. One of my favourite things about one of the trailers was the music, but after I finally got the game I kinda forgot about the song, especially given that I played Conquest first. Fast forward two weeks and I'm nearly finished playing Birthright... and this song plays. It took me a while to realise what it was I was listening to, but when it finally clicked I legit paused a battle so I could just sit and listen to the song. I have only ever done that in-game with one other song ('Hollow Bastion' from Kingdom Hearts if anyone's curious).

'Justice RIP' and 'Justice RIP (Storm)' - I had this song stuck in my head for days after I first heard it. Speaking of which, I played Conquest before Birthright, so the track for me is more of a sad thing, as when it plays in Conquest is during the invasion of Hoshido and feels almost like a prelude to 'A Dark Fall', which does its job of setting up the mood of despair that late in Conquest might have lacked properly if not for some musical intervention.

'No Justice' and 'No Justice (Fire)'- BAGPIPES. The bagpipes really make the Fire version of this song stand out to me. I most associate this song with Chapter 13 of Conquest (or any level that takes place on that map, really), and it does a good job of setting the mood for the level.

'Thorn in You' and 'Thorn in You (Roar)' - I am a sucker for sad songs. 'Don't speak her name!' from Awakening was one of my favourite tracks from that game due to the emotional impact it held, and the fact that it was an almost peaceful but definitely sad song being used as a map/battle theme. Fates takes this one step further by having a normal and battle version of the song, and if I'm being honest I think that 'Thorn in You (Roar)' has more emotional impact to me. I think it's something about the grandeur of the song (and the percussion), but yeah. Sad songs like this are my favourite thing ever.

'Past Below (Flow)' - Just how different 'Past Below' is to the rest of the soundtrack up to the point that you first hear it is most of why I really like this song, the normal version is calm, whereas the Flow version adds a touch of chaos to the mix which really sums up my first impression Valla rather well (a combination of 'ooooh pretty' and 'what the actual hell is going on here').

'Desire Below (Flow)' - Speaking of chaotic songs, this from the Hidden Truths DLC also fits the bill. It's catchy and the changes in tempo make it quite an interesting song to listen to.

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Coming Demise - I'm usually not impressed with ominous themes like this, but for some reason I found it instantly memorable. Perhaps because it doesn't try too hard to get in your face?

Dark Wastes, Dark Wastes (Fire) - I think it's a piece that doesn't have any sections that drag on, plus that string solo (violin?) always hits me in the heart.

Glory/Ruin, Glory/Ruin (Deeds) - Sounds like space, if you could hear things in space! Joking aside, I think it's an intense track that really gets my blood pumping and my imagination flowing.

Misery in Hand - I find the boss themes in Fates to be less interesting than the ones in Awakening, but this one really stands out to me.

Resolve (Dark) - Really catchy. Which is good because it encourages you to focus on planning in Conquest.

Spreading Shadow - Also really catchy. Somewhat hilarious, but sometimes villains need something like that


Woleb Tsap, Woleb Tsap (Flow) - Soothing. My castle music.

You of the Light - What's with Hoshido getting awesome boss themes? Whatever, I'll take it.

Desire Below, Desire Below Flow - This one really captures your attention, especially with that rolling piano.

Anyway, most of the soundtrack is a joy to listen to, and I'd like to add more to this list, but these are the ones I would not want to part with. Also the credits song from Revelation.

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Thorn in You (Roar) is probably my favorite, followed by the various ending boss themes. I really liked the integration of Lost in Thoughts with those, they all had individual flavors but that same binding similarity.

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Dusk Comes is by a mile my favourite battle theme, though No Justice, A Dark Fall, Far Away, and Thorn In You (Roar) are also worth mentioning.

I like quite a few of the preparation themes: Resolve (Dark), Burgeoning Power and Destiny, Help Us! are the top ones there.

Paradise (Dark) is one of the few cutscene themes that I really enjoy. I'm a fan of the Light Song, too.

I don't really like any of the Revelation-exclusive battles themes.

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