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Fates' soundtrack opinions (Day #22 - Obisian Ruler)


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Alight & Alight(Storm)

I am one of the few people who prefers the map version to the Storm version, but don't get me wrong: Alight(Storm) is fantastic and I listen to it with high pleasure, but the map version is so calm, peaceful and beatiful that I dare to call it the Hoshido theme, since these three elements are what makes Hoshido...well, Hoshido.

And also because It helps me to sleep.

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I'm starting to see myself repeating the same opinion over and over again most of the time.

That's the problem with music. It's more a matter of personal feelings and reaction to what you're hearing than "objective" appreciation. I think a very few of us here know about technical aspects of music, and if we can have a good ear to discern each song, it's more difficult for us to represent a tab and judge it like we could comment a poem for example. There's no math or backstory or attitude behind it, unlike characters.


Alight: The (Storm) version is much better IMO, probably because I prefer orchestral music with intensity over traditionnal medieval Japanese music. Both versions are great after 1:46 though.

The rock version is awesome too:

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Guys, I'm back! Huge thanks to RoyLking for taking over while I was gone. I will take over now.

EDIT: my opinions on songs

Petals in the wind - Eh

Spreading Shadow - It's okay

The water Maiden - Fits Azura very well

Glory/ruin - One of my favourites. I like the calm version better

Past Light - Also one of my favourites. I could listen to this for hours

Vanity Judge - Nice theme.

Paradise - Like the dark version better, but both are very nice

Alight - YES.

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Past light:

It's far from being one of the best map themes

I agree, if only because Past Light is the best full-stop, and this is in full acknowledgment of the likes of No Justice, A Dark Fall, and, fuck it, End of All.

I also find it no less fitting that the one time in Conquest this plays, it's during the debut of one of the best characters in the game.

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Day #13 - Oblivescence

This theme plays in certain valla cutscenes

My opinion: I like this theme, even if it is just for how mysterious it is.

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I won't have Oblivescense for this song! Is that how I use that?

This is actually my favorite ambient song in the game. It's just really calming yet eerie at the same time. I use this song for my castle music pretty damn often.

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To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It works well as an ambient song, but I can't say that I like it.

That said, it reminds me of the Farplane from FFX/X-2.

So, with that in mind, I guess I do appreciate the eerie, almost ethereal tone that it takes.

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Day #14 - Prelude to Disaster

This theme plays in cutscenes were something ''disastrous'' happens. Most notably in Chapter 6.

My opinion - It fits very well in the cutscenes its played at and it's a nice track overall

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- #3 Quiet Burn-Bit forgettable, probably the weakest arena theme I've heard in the series, doesn't mean its bad.

- #4 Justice RIP- I love this theme the same as i love Dark Wastes. It's a shame this plays at Conquest Chapter 17 which gave me PTSD every time I see a bunch of Ninjas on the map.

- #5 Petals in the wind- This plays in almost every A support conversation. It's this games "Ssh...Easy Now Girl,I Won't Hurt You". Nice tune but that's all it is.

- #6 Spreading Shadow- The bandit theme IMO, really sets the mood for preparing for an invasion.

- #7 The Water Maiden- Despite Valla being the most dull area in the series, I cannot deny it's soundtrack is amazing. Gives the sense of going into the unknown, gave me memories of when i first visited the Palace of Twilight in Twilight Princess.

- #8 Glory/Ruin- AMAZING, The high strings at the beginning give me the "Oh Shit my army is being seperated, My level 13 Soleil cannot taken on a berserker on her own, hat should I do?" Then the pianos kick in and I go "OK, calm down, you don't need to kill the Merchant Posse, just kill Slime Garon and you're good". Overall it gives the sense of divide and conquer like no other chapter theme does.

- #9 Past Light- Really love the oriental vibe this theme gives, but it's not a very exciting battle theme. Feels like more of a lullaby than a battle cry if anything else.

- #10 Vanity Judge- The Invaders theme IMO, shame there are only 5 chapters from the top of my head that play it. Really gives the sense of despair and fear.

- #11 Paradise (Light) and Paradise (Dark)- I like Light more because of how soothing and makes me feel I'm getting to know a pace I'm not familiar with. Dark is a bit dull I think and the high notes get annoying, which is a shame because I really like Celtic style instruments

- #12 Alight- What is this? Okami? But seriously this soundtrack is almost god tier, shame it only plays in like 4 chapters. I listened to this day after day while waiting till the game came out in Europe.

- #13 Oblivescence- It is just me or all the effort in Revelations was put into it's soundtrack. I love themes for distorted worlds as they make me feel as if I am in a different world from the game I was playing moments ago. This was not the greatest but it does the job really well.

- #14 Prelude to disaster- Bland invasion theme, this shouldn't have been played in the CG cutscene before facing the eldest brother in the two paths. They should have had their own theme.

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#1 Abundant solace - A simple little piece but it feels right for your default base theme. It's quite relaxing when your just lying down doing nothing.

#2 Puppet's feast - In comparison to the Japanese twang you get from Hoshido and the Celtic vibes from Nohr it sounds frantically exotic. It definitely gives off the vibe that your fighting something different.

#3 Quiet Burn - Sounds very awakening. It's alright.

#4 Justice RIP - Along with Alright is one of my favourite themes from Hoshido. A lovely melody that's energetic and sounds rather despairish. Love it.

#5 Petals in the wind - The sign of a heartwarming convo. It's a decent whimsical piece.

#6 Spreading Shadow - To quote Felicia "WE'VE GOT TROUBLE!". It's alright.

#7 The Water Maiden - I guess this can be considered Azura's theme. Mystical piano pieces are quite nice. Wouldn't mind playing it on me piano.

#8 Glory/Ruin - The highlight of Ch 27 for me. The sinister vibe, the creepy sound effects, the middle section in particular with that frantic piano, it's very well done and makes me feel the tension in the air.

#9 Past Light - Decent Hoshido theme but it's no Justice RIP or Alight.

#10 Vanity Judge - Shit hitting the fan theme. A bit simple for my taste.

#11 Paradise (Light) and Paradise (Dark) - I like both of these themes but out of the 2 the Dark one wins by a mile. The Light version pretty much sums up the feeling of Hoshido with it's asian twang, although for a song labelled paradise i'm not sure It sounds like paradise to me. Dark on the other hand I bloody love, in fact it's probably one of my favourite songs from the entire OST. It's really gives me a medieval scottish vibe and I can picture this playing over a field in that environment, with the wind blowing through your hair, castles in the distance, it really hits the right notes for me and it was one of the first pieces I heard while waiting for the game before release. Along with the sunset I had outside my window, it gave me goosebumps, and when it does that it's doing something right. One of my favourites to put on when chilling in a quiet part of my local park, particular while climbing up a tree to look over the city.

#12 Alight - Along with Justice RIP one of my favourite themes from Hoshido, possibly better than Justice as this theme really feels good near end game with it's feelings of Hope and Determination. It feels so good, especially when it intensifies during combat.

#13 Oblivescence - Lovely little atmospheric piece this one. Suits the Valla atmosphere.

#14 Prelude to disaster - I like this one, especially with scenes like Ryoma's cutscene. It sets the tension and tell's you shit is going down mate.

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Real life things have occupied me from answering these until now.

#3 Quiet Burn

It's a fitting song for the Arena I suppose. I'm not a big fan of it, otherwise.

#4 Justice RIP

One of my favorite songs in the game! Its Storm version is wonderfully bombastic and pumps me up!

#5 Petals in the Wind

I like this one, but don't love it. Calming and cute, I like putting it on in my castle once in a while and hearing it in supports but that's about it.

#6 Spreading Shadow

I don't really like this one at all to be quite honest. It may fit some bad events that happen, but it is so generic-sounding and not sinister-sounding like what I like to hear in "bad things" songs.

#7 The Water Maiden

Another one of my favorites; it is beautiful and calming. It is the song I usually have playing in my castle.

#8 Glory/Ruin

An interesting song, considering it rarely plays. I like it the most in that aspect, and not so much otherwise. The beginning of it kind of turns me off, but it builds up to be much better - a song quite worhty of being the final boss theme even though it's the second to last.

#9 Past Light

I like this one a lot; a good Hoshidan battle theme. I honestly don't know what else to say.

#10 Vanity Judge

Another decent dark song, I guess. I like the Roar version so much more than the "calm" one.

#11 Paradise (Light) and Paradise (Dark)

I'm indifferent to the Light version because to be quite honest, it doesn't really sound like music to me. Not that it really needs to be in a soundtrack, but, I don't know. I absolutely love the Dark version, though. It's another common song I put on in my castle; very soothing compared to other Nohr songs.

#12 Alight

Probably my second favorite Hoshido battle song (after Justice RIP). Sounds very epic, which is fitting for the final Birthright chapters.

#13 Oblivescence

I love that this song(?) exists simply for its ambience, though it's not one of my favorites.

#14 Prelude to Disaster

I don't really like it at all except for in the decision scene in chapter 6. It is really only fitting there.

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Day #15 - A brother's vow

This is the song that play's in the conquest ending theme.

My opinion: This song is so beautiful and a bit emotional to be honest. It's really good

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Oblivescence: Suits Revelations' generally ambient atmosphere nicely.

Prelude to Disaster: One of the best non-battle Fates songs, IMO, especially at the part where you have to make the choice between the kingdoms.

A Brother's Vow: No opinion, since I didn't play Conquest.

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I don't even remember this song.

Fine, I suppose. Well, it's beautifully orchestrated and all, sounds very good, just not my thing.

Honestly, this is my opinion for like 50% of any OST, besides maybe Kirby music. It sounds amazing, but it's not to my tastes.

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