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My introduction


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Online name: Randomguy11

Real name:Private


Favourite FE Game: Fe 8

Favourite Game (other than FE): Total war

Favourite FE Character: Gilliam

Least Favourite game:none


Online friends:none

Favourite music:none

Favourite artist/band:

Favourite song:none



Hobbies: computers, war games.

Good Point:

Bad Point:

Anything else?:[/b]


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lol, welcome to SF! That introduction template is a bit outdated, you could've just told us something about yourself! But that's our fault for being lazy and keeping it up :P:.

Sacred Stones is a pretty underrated title in our fandom, personally I think it improved on FE7's gameplay in almost every way. Cool to see a fan repping it!

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1. Read the Code of Conduct.

2. Read the Code of Conduct again.

3. Explore~! Those that stay here for too long usually find a home somewhere. But do keep the Code of Conduct in mind!

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