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Bootleg Fire Emblem: The Reincarnation of Light and Dark - translation patch


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Anyone remember the old Fire Emblem bootleg?


Well I decided to go and make a translation patch for it.


This patch is only a menu patch and does not translate the story. In case of issues, please post in the thread... and don't forget to read the readme. It probably mentions the untranslated item you've spotted.
The rom is called Super SLG (Unl) [C].gbc, so it mightn't work if it's called something different for you. Don't rule things out though. And before anyone asks, no. I won't link the rom. Bootleg roms are still roms. Now go and watch Leaf and friends have a rather strange journey.

Here's some (Chinese) gameplay for those who don't know what this is.

EDIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/otbmtda9msdf2n4/Bootleg Emblem Translation.zip?dl=0

I am an idiot.

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update: okay actually it doesn't seem to be on the internet anywhere

never mind rip

update again: i think I found it but I'm not sure if I actually have an emulator downloaded that it'll work on so I guess I should do that

so are you still working on the patch because the post makes it sound like it's done but there doesn't appear to be a download link

update third time: THANKS I'M GONNA PLAY IT

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21 minutes ago, Darrman said:
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That's the one.



Is there a list of FE character and classes that appear? I noticed Fighter, Armor Knight, Cavalier, Pegasus Knight, and Mage. Fighter seems to use original sprites, while the others came from FE2.

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On 2/13/2019 at 5:37 AM, Galap said:

I know it's a necropost, but what emulator can play this? VBA and KIGB seem not to...

VBA 1.8.0 beta 3 runs the game and patch without issue. I never tested it on other emulators and it's been a long time since I've looked at this. Considering it is a Chinese bootleg, I wouldn't be surprised if compatibility was spotty.

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