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The History of TLS

Not Changed by VASM :(

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Chapter 6

(Sothe's House)

Sothe: Princes, how long have I known you?

Princess: I don't know, 10 Years?

Lucario: wow you guys are old.

Sothe: ...

Princess: What did Ishnall say in there Sothe?

Sothe: He said he knew my father...

Princess: What!

Sothe: He said that he knew my father and that the douche who tried to kill you is my brother.

Princess: Sothe...

Sothe: Princess, I was only 4 when this village took me in, you and Zero have been like family...

Princess: What is it Sothe?

Sothe: I'm going to leave this place, Ishnall and I discussed, it we're leaveing tonight.

Lucario: NO, your my best friend, you can't leave this place.

Sothe: Sorry Luke...I have to.

Lucario: But...

Sothe: Come on, you'll just have to follow Zero around all day.

Lucario: But he's not as cool as you.

Princess: <_<

Lucario: No offense...

Sothe: I'm going to pack, don't tell anyone else about this, I don't want the whole damn town to know about it.

Princess: Okay Sothe...

Lucario: :(


(That Night~Outside Ishnall's House)

Sothe: *Knocking on door*

???: Sothe?

Sothe: *Draws Sword*

Princess: Sothe it's me.

Sothe: Don't do that...Why are you here?

Princess: Just seeing you off...

Sothe: Fine, why isn't he answering.

Princess: Maybe he fell asleep?

Sothe: That dick *Opens door*

Princess: ZOMG


Sothe: ISHNALL!!!

Ishnall: Sothe...It was....Holareth...he came....

Sothe: Basterd...

Ishnall: Here...


Ishnall: The Sword of Sexyness is yours now...You are a Toa Lord....now.....

Sothe: Ishnall...ISHNALL *Runs off*

Princess: Sothe....

Sothe: I want to be alone for a minute...


(The Next Morning~The Village Outskirts)

Zero: Don't worry Sothe, I'll see to your mentor.

Sothe: I wish I could stay for the funeral but if they killed Ishnall, logic dictates they'll come for me next.

Zero: So where you headed?

Sothe: Ishnall said something about training O'Connell in Daein, so Daein is where I'm headed first.

Zero: Good luck then.

???: Wait!!!

Sothe: Lucario?

Lucario: I'm coming with you.

Sothe: This is my journey, I can't have you...

???: Then I suppose that means I'm not coming either.

Sothe: Princess?

Princess: I'm coming to.

Sothe: What am I going to do with you two...

Lucario: Enjoy our compony that's what.

Sothe: Fine let's go....

Lucario: I knew you couldn't leave us.

Sothe: Jesus, I have to listen to this the whole way to Daein....

*Sothe and Lucario walk away*

Princess: Bye Zero, I'll be back I promise.

Zero: You betetr be.


(On the Road to Melior)

Sothe: We should stop at the capitol first and get supplies...

Princess: Sounds great TLS.

Sothe: TLS?

Princess: Toa Lord Sothe.

TLS: Huh...I guess it works.

Lucario: TLS...can I just call you sothe?

TLS: Call me whatever you want, I don't really care.

Princess: Don't be so modest, you have a title now don't you?

TLS: Your right, I'll have to remember that when we get to the capitol, it could help us when we're bargaining with those damn traders.

Lucario: A title won't help with them, they'd haggle with the King himself.

Princess: XD

To Be Continued...

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