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The History of TLS

Not Changed by VASM :(

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900 Years before the War of Dawn*, Bionicles and Zunumna both lived on one continent, however they were engaged in an eternal war. After 100 years of battle they had finally found a truce, it was in this truce that this story begins.

(15 Years Ago, The Toa Base)

Corporal Ishnall: The Zunumna forces are retreating, we may have found peace atlast.

Toa Lord Tahu: Thank Nui* we may have found a new peace, a lasting one.

Toa Lord Brahman: We can't be so idealistic, let's get ready for the next wave.

Corporal Ishnall: Screw, he was right our fronts are being attacked.

Toa Lord Tahu: Then why aren't we deploying troops?

Corporal Ishnall: Their not Zunumna, their diffrent, shadow like.

Toa Lord Brahman: It doesn't matter either way our tactics are the same.

Toa Lord Tahu: So standard kill the pricks tactics.

Toa Lord Brahman: Yes.

Toa Lord Tahu: ^_^

???: It may not be so simple[/british accent]

Toa Lord Tahu: Who are you, how did you get passed our Sentry

???: Physical things like walls and guards are of little consequence to one such as me.

Toa Lord Tahu: One such as you?

???: My name is Holareth *Impales Tahu and Brahman with Dark Energy*

Corporal Ishnall: NOOOOOO!!!!!


And so began the rule of the dark lord Holareth, both the Toa and the Zunumna both fell to his power and the world was covered in darkness.

Until 15 Years later...


*The events of FE9/10

**The Toa God

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NOTE: This is pretty much uncanon to every single back story on serenes save Gatrie.

Chapter 1

(Present Day, A small village in Crimea)

*A kid in green is sitting in a tree half asleep*

???: Who am I, Where do I come from, Why the hell am I here, I don't have any family, I'm an outcast, a nut job charity case oh screw it...I'm just-

???: Sothe, SOTHE!!!

Sothe: Damnit Princess I'm trying to sleep....

Princess: :angry: ROCKSLIDE *A huge Rock falls on Sothe*

Sothe: OW! Was that necessary?

Princess: No just fun.

Sothe: Why do you have to be a mage?

Princess: Because Magic is cool.

Sothe: Anyway, why did you knock me out of my tree?

Princess: Lucario wanted me to get you, he said something about a monster.

Sothe: Great, why do I have to be the only Swordsman in this village.

Princess: You bitch alot...

Sothe: <_<

Princess: Sorry...

???: SOTHE!!!

Sothe: What is it Luke...

Lucario: There's a monster outside of town and the elders need oyu to handle it.

Sothe: Duty Calls...


(The Mountains Near the Village)

Sothe: So where is the monster?

Lucario: He's right there, down on the other side of the mountain.

Sothe: What the hell is that thing?


Sothe: *Runs Over* Hey dude are you all...

Lucario: What the hell is this thing...he seems...Skeletal

Sothe: Whatever he is he's bleeding, we have to get him back to town.

Lucario: damn I hate blood.

To Be Continued...

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Chapter 2

(Sothe's House)

???: Uhh...where the hell am I?

Sothe: Hey dude, good to see you alive, I didn't think Princess would be able to heal you, what with you being a skeleton freak.

???: Your a real smart ass ya know.

Sothe: Thanks it's what I strive for in my life, what's your name anyway freak.

???: Ishnall, Toa Lord Ishnall

Sothe: You had some sexy weapons with you, where'd an old freak like you get weapons like that?

Ishnall: Their Toa Weapons...very powerful

Sothe: Heh, no use having a good weapon if you have no skill.

Ishnall: *Pulls out his sword and swings at Sothe*

Sothe: *Rolls across the floor and pulls out his Killing Edge*

Lucario: What the hell is going on in here?

Sothe: Crazy old basterd tried to kill me.

Ishnall: Your good kid, I'd like to train you.

Sothe: You, train me? :lol:

Ishnall: I'll make you a deal, we battle in single combat, if you win you get my "Sexy Weapons" and if I win, you have to be my aprentice.

Sothe: Pssh, throwing away sexy weapons like that, it's distasteful.

Ishnall: On with it then.

Sothe: This is retarded, your wounded

Ishnall: My move then *Cuts at Sothe*

Sothe: Well if we must we must *Runs at Ishnall with his sword extended*

Ishnall: SHAAA *Block and Parries Sothe into a walll*

Sothe: I'm about to black out....

To Be Continued...

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Chapter 3

(The Mountains Near Sothe's House~Two Day Later)

Sothe: Jesus why did I agree to be this guy's apprentice.

Princess: Because you were over-confident and thought you could beat an old man.

Sothe: <_<

Lucario: :lol:

Sothe: *Draws sword*

Princess: LAWL

???: Alright, only sothe can come past this point.

Sothe: Wish me luck guys...


Sothe: Hello, I cam alone like you asked...

???: Good...


Ishnall: Let's do this.

Sothe: I'm ready *Pulls out a Killing Edge*

Ishnall: That sword...leave it behind you.

Sothe: No, I payed good money and there's still like 16 uses left!

Ishnall: ...

Sothe: Fine...*Draws an Iron Sword*

Ishnall: Better, now let us go *Dashes at Sothe with Blades out*

Sothe: OHMIGOD *Rolls out of the way barely avoiding death*

Ishnall: Maybe your not so hopeless.

Sothe: I'm full of surprises *Locks Sword with Ishnall*

Ishnall: Come on boy, show me your moves!!!

Sothe: *Knocks away Ishnall's sword and roundhouse kicks him in the face*

Ishnall: SHAAAA *Falls over*

Sothe: Wow, your not so great now are you.

Ishnall: ...

Sothe: You...let me win didn't you....

Ishnall: Yeah.

Sothe: DAMNIT!!!


Sothe: Princess what is it.

Princess: Some bandits are attacking the town, they have Lucario.

To be Continued...

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Chapter 4

(Bandit Hold Outside Town)

Sothe: Alright assholes, give me Lucario and noone gets hurt...much.

Princess: That was smart...

*A handaxe comes flying at Princess*

Sothe: Shit! *Kicks Princess out of the way and catchs axe*

Princess: OW, you jerk.

Sothe: Sorry :(

Princess: :lol:

???: Your name is Sothe right, the shrimp keeps screaming for you, is he your bitch or something?

Sothe: Let Lucario go.

???: Oh don't be so heroic, the bitch is fine.

Sothe: Well in that case theres no reason for me to talk to you.

Ishnall: Let him go Sothe.

Sothe: What, old man?

???: Ah, hoping to catch a birdie and I snared an eagle.

Ishnall: What are you doing here O'Connell

???: My father wanted me to find some basterd named Sothe

Ishnall: Leave...

???: Sorry, Ishnall you saved my life but this is my mission...I won't retreat.

Sothe: Saved your life?

???: Shut up ya cocky asshole, your next.

Ishnall: Mathew...do you know what his name is?

Sothe: My name?

Mathew: Sothe, what the hell else would it be, this is how I found him.

Ishnall: His name is Sothe Holareth.

Mathew: What...your shitting me right?

Sothe: How the hell did you know my name, not even I know my name damnit!!!

Mathew: Shut up, Ishnall if your shitting me I'll....

Ishnall: Go ask your father, he'll tell you himself.

Mathew: This is the last time Ishnall, next time we meet, there will be blood.

Mathew: Sothe, your bitch is in the basement. *Teleports out*

Sothe: What the fuck was that!

Sothe: Who the hell was he!!!

Sothe: And how the shit tacos did you know my name!!!!!!!!!!!

Ishnall: Come back to my house, we have much to talk about. *Walks Away*

Princess: Wow Sothe, that was epic!!!

Sothe: That's not the word I'd use...

Princess: You go talk to Ishnall, I'll get Lucario.


(Ishnall's House)

Ishnall: Welcome Sothe, you must have many questions.

Sothe: Uhh...Damn fucking straight.

Ishnall: You go first...

Sothe: Who the shit was that man?

Ishnall: His name was Mathew O'Connell Holareth, he's my former student and your brother.

Sothe: :blink:


Ishnall: ...

Sothe: My Brother....

Sothe: Wait...

Sothe: How the hell did you know my name?

Ishnall: How the hell did you not know your own name.

Sothe: My earliest memory is waking up and not knowing where I was...All I could think of was my name, I knew nothing else...

Ishnall: I knew your name because I knew your father.

Sothe: My father?

Ishnall: It's a long story...

Sothe: I have time...

To be Continued...

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Chapter 5

(Outside Ishnall's House)

Princess: What do you thinks going on in there?

Lucario: I don't know, maybe they're just playing Mortal Kombat.

Princess: ...

Lucario: I dunno, it could happen.

Princess: Who was that man anyway.

Lucario: What man?

Princess: The one who almost killed me.

Lucario: I dunno but Ishnall seemed to know him...

Princess: Maybe he was...

*Sothe walks out of the door*

Princess: Sothe are you okay?

Sothe: Yeah, I'm gunna go home, I have alot to think about...



Holareth: Why the hell is Ishnall still alive?

Matt: Sorry father but his pupil revealed a little something to me....

Holareth: His...Pupil?

Matt: The little prick you sent me to kill, his name was Sothe.

Holareth: I told you that...

Matt: His name was Sothe Holareth.

Holareth: ...

Matt: Was he my brother.

Holareth: ...Yes...

Matt: Why the hell didn't you tell me?

Holareth: It wasn't important.

Matt: It would have been nice to know.

Holareth: Would it have effected you assignment?

Matt: No.

Holareth: Then go, kill him.

Matt: Yes sir.

To Be Continued...

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