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  1. When I clicked "Create New Topic" this seemed like such a great idea but now that I'm actually typing, I'm not too sure. Eh, whatever. What's the worst that could happen? It's been almost 10 years (its probably been less but I stopped counting) since I last posted here on Serenes Forest and I'm sure none of you reading this when I was acting and those of you that were probably have no recollection as to who I am. Basically, I remember being the 63rd (64th?) member to this site and experiencing it had around 60 of us active at a giving time. It was close knit and I made quite a few friends. I see some of them still post here and one in particular is an admin. (I'm looking at you, Nightmare) I spoke to one of those friends very recently for the first time in years and it took me back. And I remembered my time here...and I remembered being an idiot who instigated flame wars (or worse) with my childish attitude and attention whoring antics. (And I realize this probably falls into the vein of attention whoring, too. In which case I fully intend to avoid returning to this thread after I post it so as not to give that impression.) Anyway, I made this place less enjoyable to a lot of people and I wanted to apologize for that now that I'm 10 years older and reflecting on it all after having spoke to someone I met here recently. So to those of you who have stayed after 10 years: I'm sorry. I'm sure you're asking yourself at this point "who are you? why do I care?" and my answer is "nobody you need to worry about." and "you don't need to." This is cathartic for me and I'm feeling nostalgic. But I also wanted to thank you. Because when I was 10 years younger, my favorite thing to do was type script-style fanfics on the fanfic board. I can't remember who exactly but someone called me out for doing that and told me my fics were garbage because I used script style. They were right, of course. Regardless, it made me want to write A REALLY GOOD script. And now I live in New York City writing plays for the Off-Broadway scene. As stupid as it sounds, I don't think I'd be doing this if that person hadn't berated me about my (admittedly) awful fics. So thanks for giving me that drive, I suppose. So uh. That's all I wanted to say. Cheers.
  2. the guns are indeed ablaze.

  3. Hey Gatrie. I know you may not get this but I wanted to say Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who were you again?

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