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Serenes Legend (Feedback)


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....You're a girl?????

Not really :P

Well,you sure are updating quickly.Keep it up.

Once I get going, I get going. And though I am being a tad bit descriptive, I know I can do better. But hell, I just want to get to the good parts. ^^

Ok, seems like I finished chapter one. Woot, that took some doing, but I finally got a chapter done. Chapter two is coming and here is a small preview of it. Unlike the first chapter, which spoke of just the eclipse and Kyuubi's find, this one will speak about different characters and their plans:

--Ameryll's eyes widened in fear, and so did her posse's, when out of the bushes erupted a huge being. Ameryll gulped hard when she noticed that the dark thing was actually staring at them with its fiery red eyes. Suddenly, the beast rose up to the sky and was off flying, leaving a stunned and more than scared Yvian posse.

Ameryll knew Yvia, and perhaps the whole continent was in for a shock.

--"The war is off?" Harvey could not believe what he had heard coming out from Ether's mouth.

"More like a stalemate at the moment," Ether said. "General Zero and General Wist of Vanezia, curse his name, have come to an agreement. You can say it is because of that damn thing up there." And Ether pointed at the darkened moon with the ring around it with his silver sword.

--"What is this new spell about?" Princess Kilvas shouted at Guy Cecil, her top dark druid who had the duty of developing new weapons and magic tomes for her realm.

Shrinking a bit due to the princess' demanding tone, Guy simply said with pride and respect. "One that will allow you, us, anyone who uses it, to disappear entirely, your highness."

Kilvas stared at him for a long moment, as if she did not believe him. Inside of her head, the princess of Vanezia was digesting the news of this spell, and the possibilities that would come with it would Guy Cecil develop it fully. With that sort of spell, her armies would be able to march unnoticed to any other realm. She smiled at Cecil then, imploring him to continue on with his work.

"Whatever you should need, will be given, and quick. All you need to do is ask." And with that, the young crow princess flew towards the door, leaving a very happy Cecil in the dungeon.

Ask anything, previews, or any doubts you might have. You shall implore for, and I shall give. ^^

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Awesome,I showed up!Although I had hoped to have left the army already,it's ok XD.Also,you didn't seem to mention mah magic :(

But I mentioned the fact that Broah excels in magic, and so...lol

Dont worry, I shall, for this thing is barely starting. Hell, just wait until most of the clique unites, and the many battles that are to come. I havent even mentioned Serene yet, but I will.

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Chapter 2 is cool too :)

I'm teh leader of evel gangeh!

Too bad you get pwned by me. Jk lol

Anyway, Until I finish setting up the academy, I will leave the story on standby. No, I am not quitting, but I wanna finish the academy first. Besides, lads, I made 24 updates like in a day and a half, so that is pretty good.

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Why many thanks to you, good sire, you just made my night :P. I'll try not to disappoint you. ^^

Edit--I've had it with backstabbers. I wont ever write about forum members again. I'm gonna stick to my formula but I wont include any of you in my writing any more. For those of you who are my friends still, dont take this as an insult, but that is the way it has to be. I've been stabbed in the back several times now by peeps who said they were my friends.

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