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[FE8] Terror Of The Forest


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So, uh, it's been a while since I wanted to make a hack about my OCs (Despite them having nothing to do with Fire Emblem). After spending months figuring out how to make the story work, I settled with some kind of spin-off acting as a prequel to my actual story. A spin-off following the adventures of Sylvester, a bandit. I don't wanna change the game that much, just put in my own scenario and characters, with maybe a few twists if I have time.

The complete hack should have the following :

- At least 15 playable chapters

- About 30 playable characters, excluding the Orson replacement.

- The main lord will be a brigand, with Gonzalez's stats.

- Difficult but fun maps, even with Fog Of War.

- Not a single mounted unit, be it on your side or on the enemy's side. (I think I'm gonna be loved for that one)

- Nice and funny characters, with a sweet mix of ugly ones (Just as brigands are in FE) and beautiful waifu/husbando material.

- Custom supports, made easier to unlock (Approximately doubling the speed to unlock them)

So, uh, I don't really know what to say, so let's start with a presentation of the characters (I'll add them as soon as I finish the chapter in which they are recruited)


Sylvester, Terror Of The Forest.

Class : Brigand Lord (Autoproclamed)

The main character, obviously. Fun fact = He started as a joke because me and some friends thought Migal (A minor boss from FE7) looked like Rambo, and slowly became his own character. I'll give him a personal weapon, but don't really know what effects it should have, as I don't have any cavalry...


Zweite, Serene Right-Hand man

Class : Sniper

The Jagen of the game. Actually, I'll try to make him more useful by giving him either Seth or FE7's Marcus stats/growth. I think making him a sniper is a good idea, as it prevents him from "stealing the exp" by killing the red units during the enemy phase. 

Both of them will automatically join you at the beginning of the first chapter. More characters are coming, with probably Between 30 and 40 of them. 

I am really motivated (From time to time...) but if you feel like helping me out, it'd be really nice of you ! Here's the link to the project's brand-new discord server : https://discord.gg/2FxRYu

I am searching help for debugging, balancing stats (I suck at these), writing supports, and many other things ! Thanks for your attention !

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Oh, alright.

I... um... I really need you guys to help me out. I've coded the next two chapters, and they work just fine, but it's so frustrating to know that my first cutscene can crash the game (For a reason I don't understand. It is written the same way as every other introduction cutscene I've done).

So, uh, to have a chance of getting someone's attention, I... I guess I'll show off more maps and characters ?

Here are the maps, up until chapter 5 (The one where you'd recruit Natasha and Joshua in the base game) :

Chapter 1 :

iZeN5n9.png xZtdYWD.png

(For some reasons I couldn't screenshot both sides at the same time, so here's the enemy placement and the player placement. Additionally, there are two recruitable characters : One spawning on the stairs near Sylvester's cell on turn 2 and an NPC in the bottom-right cell.)

This chapter plays very differently from the others, as your goal isn't to fight your way through, but rather to managing to get past all the knights and generals, who are clearly overpowered for all of your units, including Zweite. The boss isn't as strong as most of the others generals (Being only lv.1) but should be a pretty intense fight. You'd probably need the assistance of either Zweite or a mage...


Chapter 2 :


Oddly enough, I could screenshot both armies at the same time. Also, oops, I accidentally revealed the previous recruitable characters' classes. My bad. So, this chapter is also kinda odd but fairly simple. I wanted to try something original, and simply wanted a straight line to the boss, and what better excuse for it than a fight in a train ? (Also if someone has any idea on how to make this map prettier, I'm all hears). As I wanted to focus attention on the boss, there are no recruitable characters in this chapter.


Chapter 3


This was supposed to take place in a town right in the middle of the desert but... There is no village tileset that fitted better than the Western Isles from FE6. Also, remember when I said there were no recruitable characters in the previous chapter ? Well to make up for that, there are no less than four characters that can join your army here. Two of them have a pretty hilarious recruitment conversation, too. Nothing to add, this is your basic village chapter.


I won't post screenshots of the following maps, but here you have all the characters you can recruit before chapter 5x (Where we'll be introduced to our Ephraim replacement, yay !), in no particular order :



Tbo6qpL.png Y35nRMJ.png VtUnPkT.png bNwOQR8.png oAF52C9.png 5TJCDqp.png YRyReNw.png 2Ii7vhE.png 

GHfDXB0.png GizLzHS.png SVRDRXZ.png


(Yes, I like Forde, Vaida and Merlinus' clothes)

(Also, yes, some of them are based on other fictional characters, including this blatant Batta recolor)

(Also also, if you have any idea how I could improve these characters' designs, I'd be pleased to hear that !)

Finally, here's my new and improved first cutscene that... still doesn't work.



Thanks for reading ! Please, please, pleaaase tell me what you think ! It's depressing to see all the views on this page and not a single reply (Excluding the one telling me she moved my topic to another sub-forum)...

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Chapter 1 is a MASSIVE map for such an early chapter. it looks like it'd take at least 15-20 turns to complete, which sounds painful.

Sniper Jeigan is kind of useless as a Jeigan to be honest

The splices are nice and clean but you're not really being very adventurous with them

Post some gameplay videos and/or ask for hacking help if your game is bored!

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Thanks for your reply !

By chapter 1, you mean the actual chapter 1 or the first map ? (In other words, the mansion or the prison ?)
Because if you're talking about the prison, I actually wanted to make it smaller, but as the goal is to get past the guards without getting in range, it implied making HUGE hallways and rooms. I'm not to happy with it design-wise too.
If you're talking about the mansion, I think I'll delete most of the exterior, then. It would probably make more sense, actually.

About the Jagen, well, I wanted to test it, and he's actually quite good ! Most of the ennemies rush toward him because he can only attack from distance, leaving the main character alone most of the time. But he one-shot almost everything he needs, so it counterbalance that. I wasn't sure at first, but he turns up pretty useful !

As for the splice, thanks ! I have to say, most of the best splices are for characters I have yet to introduce. And, well, I prefer a good-looking not-so-adventurous splice than a 100% original with tons of parts from lots of characters that end up looking like a complete mess. But I think I'll polish their designs with time (I'll most likely work on the main character, because having a recolor as your MC is kinda cheap)

I've already tried making a gameplay video, but I can't find any good free device (The only one I found was laggy, almost 1FPS...) But as soon as I find one, I'll make a playthrough of a few chapters and a trailer ! Also, I'll make a public demo once my problem with the first cutscene is fixed. 

Thanks again for your reply ! It really, really mean a lot to me !

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8 hours ago, RNG Memes said:

I think your map skills are outstanding, I would use that to my advantage, and is that map with all of the chairs a train? omg so creative <3

Woah, really ? Those are probably the worst I've done for now... I'm really glad you like it though ?

By the way, what do you mean by "I would use that to my advantage" ? Do you want me to make a few maps for you ? I'm ok with this, you just need to give me the basic idea of the map then !

(Also yes, this is a train ! Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it !)

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11 hours ago, BrightFlame said:

Looks really promising and innovative. Keep it up. Are you a one man team?


Thanks ! You really think so ? I always see hacks changing a lot of things gameplay-wise, and I'm afraid having only a few funny characters might not be enough... But I'm really happy some people are still interested in it ! 

Also, yeah, I'm a one man team... But if you are willing to offer a little help, by beta-testing a few chapters, giving me advice on how to use FEBuilder, fiwing some bugs, writing supports or anything else, I'll gladly accept it !

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Seems like a cool concept. As a fellow novice mapper I'd be interested in collaborating/giving feedback on mapping and level design. And if you need a beta tester then I'd be happy to help in my free time

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18 hours ago, BrightFlame said:

Why don't you make a discord and put the server link in the OP?

That's a good idea ! But I don't use discord this much, this I hadn't thought about it 'till now. Here it is (I'll edit the OP later) : https://discord.gg/2FxRYu

3 hours ago, AppleJuice said:

Seems like a cool concept. As a fellow novice mapper I'd be interested in collaborating/giving feedback on mapping and level design. And if you need a beta tester then I'd be happy to help in my free time

Well, yeah, we can share map making ideas/critiques if you want ! That'd be a great way of improving our skills ! And I'm happy to know someone would like to test my game ! I just want to finish the six first chapters before releasing a demo.... Ugh, that's long...

Also, I got a few problems. First off, there's a cutscene that stays blocked after the camera switch to the boss. The game doesn't freeze, it just... loops. Unless I skip the custscene, once again.

Here's the event editor, if someone can do something about it :


Second, there's a character, a female myrmidon, that seems really buggy. Like, everything is fine as long as she doesn't attack anyone. She deals normal damages according to her stats, but always play the ranged animation (From the runesword) and the enemy's HP bar doesn't go down during combat, instead, it just get as it should be AFTER the animation ended.

Apart from that, everything seems more-or-less good to go. If anyone can please try to figure out what cause these two bugs, I'd really, really, really appreciate it ! 

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