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Games Generally Considered Good, You Don't Like


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Minecraft. I know it's sort of a meme game at this point, but I know a lot of people that are genuinely obsessed with it. I've just never really found the point to it whatsoever and it just feels like such an empty game honestly. It might be better with friends but idk. also totally not cause I like Terraria more

Also Stardew Valley. I came from playing Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Rune Factory games but for some reason this game also just has the same empty feeling as Minecraft, none of the characters feel "real" enough to me and I never feel like I'm progressing.

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1 hour ago, The Roger The Paladin said:

Yeah, I never quite got the appeal of playing a character who in all essence was a colossal douchebag with father issues as he goes around violently killing mythological entities. I mean if I wanted the violence, I kind of already had Mortal Kombat.

Kratos absolutely sucks, but it was the lack of... interesting gameplay? That really got to me. I guess is how I'd describe it. Like originally, they were trying to emulate big action games like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, but God of War 2 is the closest they ever got.

I was always on the fence with 1's style over substance approach, since I had some nostalgia for it. 3 absolutely turned me off of the franchise by making all but one of the weapons you got palette swaps of the Blades of Chaos, and now locking magic to specific weapons. Then one of the core mechanics of 2, the Golden Fleece, which was basically your parry, was specific to the Blades of Chaos and only the Blades of Chaos... Playing the game just felt like shit.

Then the reboot came out, and it was a modern, floaty "Pressing a button leashes you to the enemy and you glide towards them so spacing is entirely out of your hands" action game, and I just lost interest very quickly.

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Tales of series except for the Graces branch - I blame Phantasia and Symphonia, the most, but I feel like the game's that don't have really good combat have... SLOW and EASY combat where you can win the game by mashing basic attacks, not because they are strong, but because you can lock almost anything into hitstun and knockdowns, including for some bizarre reason many bosses, since especially early games don't give them enough I-frames after a knockdown to handle the beat down and they simply never get a chance to  hit back.

Borderlands - Takes the bad part of diablo Without the fun part (which borderline isn't enough in diablo itself tbh) , really doesn't give you the option to power through with underused equipment and min loot grind, and the story and humor …. it's can be good as a skit, but as a full setting it start to grate sooner rather than later.

Guacamole - I found this game annoying, got my 100% in like a weekend, and consider it a downward trend in indie games that presents it's inspirational games in a bad light.

Battleblock Theater - This game made me consider when the design choice of a double jump is apprioate or not approaite for a 2d platformer.

Binding of a Issac - I assumed it was my desire to play the game as if it were Smash TV rather than a rogue like that holds it back for me, but I've since played other indie games attempting the Rogue + Smash TV  cross that DID click with me, so I'm assuming something else about the game was annoying me the whole time. Can't put my finger on it.

Skies of Arcadia - This game made me go from loving RPGs to love-hate. My explanation is that I felt that since I played so many, I should find a way to speed up blind plays of RPGs... my main target was "healing" taking a few fights and going to an inn to explore longer was the obvious time-consumer. So I decided to come up with a formula of how many on-level consumables would be needed for a dungeon before the next town... Well let's just say that the formula worked TOO well. Of course in Skies of Aracdia itself the formula is a little redundant since the healer is so broken, but I went on to use it when I played a bunch of Square Enix's SNES and PS1 content for the first time, many modern RPGs like SMT 4.  Persona 5, etc. I have a hard time thinking all but the most unique RPGs in terms of their unique combat mechanics anymore, because the differences between buff wars / job systems / timing systems etc, all fade to secondary importance if you have a strong grasp of resource management and the power of your sustain. After Skies, my preferences for RPGs would go toward a split between older games with extremely limited inventories and CRPGs which were less susceptible.

Final Fantasy 5 - I could rant about the job system and the job-system expies that spawned from it... but I'll rest and say compared to playing FF4 it's just such a slog and lacks excitement.

Final Fantasy 6 - World of Balance - all about attack all with no resource cast mostly autocrossbow alone, but Sabin and Cyan also - World of Ruin - Since you have higher levels at this point Everyone has more MP than they can spend in between a single dungeon's encounters so you just switch your attack all the time to attack all magic. So yeah, my main beef with FF6 is that it's combat is more samey- than average for an RPG. IT also has a weird thing where both boss and regular enemies have an attack list with 4~ options, 3 of which do pretty much nothing, and the 4th being Spike Damage which is a little frustrating, but the ONLY punchy thing about the combat... The game does attempt some "puzzle" fights to its credit, and it tries to give every charather screen time with the pseudo chapter system of giving you different groups to work with before all uniting. But I also don't really get a feel for the story. It felt "by the numbers" to me... in short..

Secret of Mana - Final Fantasy Adventure is one of my favorite games on the GB... so the famous SoM is kind of a huge let down in comparsion to me. The main problems for me being dungeon design, and Pausing whenever spells get involved, either you or the enemy. Especially annoying that the ARPG aspect of avoiding enemy attacks is downplayed during eg, bosses that use these a lot since they're undodgeable, unlike "normal" attacks.
Earthbound - I think the order and scaling that you learn PSY abilities is real messed up. Your first attack.... only have MP to use twice, your first heal,  something like triple your at the time max HP. Charather varietyis also dumb with Jeff being the Beatstick and everyone else being Healers with more or less benefits. 

….. I have a love hate relationship with  Square ENix where their series go from good to bad, to good but has bad influence on rest of RPG landscape (the most common)




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