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Cavalry Team C skills


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I'm making a new cavalry team after not messing with it for awhile, and would like some help, specifically on the C skill selection. I'm planning on using Galeforce Eliwood, Pirate Veronica and a choice between Petrine, Reinhardt, L!Leif and B!Veronica, I'd appreciate some help with that as well. But, the C slot is rather open here as I'm not sure if Hone/Fortify Cav are the best option as most of my options like to do things on their own. So, I was thinking Def Smoke for Eliwood, and maybe Rouse skills for the others, or Savage Blow for B!Veronica if we choose her. Thoughts?

If someone wants to ask, the team would be for general use as I just want to use my teams for whatever and enjoy having fun rather than be AR focused with everything or something.

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Give them Goad/Ward, buffs are useless because of lulls now. It was already a handicap to have to position your units in formation to make them work.

For others, a role specific C skill like def smoke on a Galeforce unit would be good like you said.

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The main questions thread might be a better place for this.

Hone/Fortify/Ward Cav, Savage Blow, and most Smoke skills are available at 4*, so there's little cost to trying out different ones and seeing what works. Alternatively, pay attention to how you play in whatever modes you're using them in and see what feels like it would be most relevant. If you're not worried about competitiveness, there's no need for something rare like most Rouse skills.

Personally, my go-to for units that like to go off on their own has generally been Savage Blow, although of course if your units aren't helping each other there's little need to think of them as a "cavalry team" rather than as individuals in the first place.

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