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Ugly Sonic cameo in the new Rescue Rangers movie


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I'm actually kind of glad to see that design put to good use. Here are the scenes if anyone's interested.

It's also not the first time Sonic has made a cameo in a Disney movie. He also showed up in Wreck-it Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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Oh geez. Now my Sonic 3: Into the Sonic-Verse pitch is reaching further into Joke-but-not-really-a-joke territory. I guess Hollywood was antsier than me to cast him in something. Wait a minute, this IS a Disney movie, not Paramount. I'm surprised they signed off on this. 

I've also seen this floating around:

Scrooge McDuck. Now that is a Smash character. Make it happen, Sakurai.

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I haven't seen this movie (yet), but apparently he shows up again at the end, and he's important to the plot.

I also find it funny that he's a whole separate entity from the Sonic we know. Makes me wonder how many other blue hedgehogs exist.

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