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Collecting well-wishes for Billy Kametz and his family & friends.

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You may have seen a similar post making the rounds if you use Reddit, but I wanted to collect as many kind words from his fans as possible to make a collage or video out of. He's always put his all into all of his roles and has so many fans as a result, I just wanted to do something for him. If you have anything to say to them, please do so!

(Original reddit post.)

P.S. I got the all clear from @eclipse to make this post.

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Well, my only real experience with Billy Kametz’s work were his roles as Ferdinand von Aegir in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Nenji Ogata in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, both of which he did spectacularly in and really pulled the characters together. But he was a human being first and foremost, who passed way too young. May he rest in peace and his friends and family make it through this challenging time.

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On 6/11/2022 at 7:43 PM, TheChoZenOne said:

Bro I am so sad.... Playing Three Hopes and hearing his voice is gonna hit so different..... I'll share a story of how his character impacted me:


When I first played Three Houses, I remember falling in love with all the students, even the ones I didn't recruit. Their voce acting and personality was so filled with life, I was so surprised how much I enjoyed their character. Before the game, Ferdinanad was a character I was sure I wouldn't care for, but he was actually the first student I ever talked to ironically when getting to meet all the students. His character gave me a taste of just how charming the cast can be. He was a really cool and funny guy!! Later throughout the game, I didn't get to recruit everybody, including Ferdinand, this will lead to me getting to the timeskip and meeting him on the battlefield. Seeing him again and battling him was so tragic to me, and after his death, it was honestly the most surprisingly saddest moment for me regarding a character death.... I didn't expect to feel the most sad from Ferdinand of all characters compared to all the other students I had to fight. Billy Kametz knocked it out of the park with Ferdinand.  He will always be an iconic FE character and remembered forever. After all, how do you forget a character that announces his name proudly: The great Ferdinand von Aegir!




Little did I know, I will be heartbroken from the person behind the voice's passing as well.... Great guy!! Great voice!! Thank you for being apart of the Fire Emblem franchise, one of my favorite series ever!! ❤️

Here are my thoughts from another post I commented on for his passing. R.I.P. Billy ❤️🙏

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