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  1. *achoo* There's a lot of dust here, does no-one around here do any cleaning? I caught wind that my links no longer work, so I decided to come here and fix them. And they are now fixed. And now, my work here is done! *woosh*
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a week late!!!

  4. Happy birthday man :D

  5. Happy birthday Nintenlord! :)

  6. Happy 25th birthday!

  7. What Cam said isn't supposed to help you with your problem. Anyway, are the coordinates correct? Meaning, are the coordinates in supposed to be in hex? Are the coordinates the coordinates of the gate, not something else?
  8. That one maybe or maybe not, but you can just replace it with simple yes/no answer with normal events, unless you want to do something really odd, such as refusing to name tactician as Vergil for example.
  9. You can do that in events, too, we have JUMP.
  10. It's not a pointer, so it's not pointing to anything.
  11. ...Sigh. I assume that, when he said that he wants to find the hidden items, he means to find their LOCATION. Not some goddamn ASM routine.
  12. So you used the original method, but just changed the conditions asm routine? Because if it's so, then this: is wrong if Brood_Star wants to know the position of the hidden items.
  13. Was there a problem with original method used in the desert chapter?
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