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  1. I will say, it's unusual to see FE4 Thread not have a new post in roughly two days. Those were fun and simpler times
  2. Living in the northeast my whole life up until now I got sick of the weather. It's extreme cold for 6 months, followed by two, maybe three weeks of pleasant spring weather then 3 months of extreme humidity to where it'll be 85-90 degrees but will feel like 100+ with the sweat actually sticking. Fall over there is the best by far but unfortunately that only lasts for two months. Yeah, the sight of snow is nice but it's such a pain in the ass to do things when it snows hard. Hell, even heavy rain inhibits a lot of things which the northeast gets a lot of during the summer months
  3. This is one of the best GoT analogies I've ever seen because it's so true but only the rare long-time FE fans would understand it. He carried Dany through the earlygame so hard
  4. Ever since I moved to LA from NYC about 3 months ago I can have nice, 30 minute conversations on just how great the weather is here compared to the northeast. It also helps that I've never been in dry heat climate up until my trip across the country so the new-ness of it is also exciting
  5. Haha this thread is still going, holy shit.
  6. Hi guys. It's been over a decade since I joined these forums. Good times were had here
  7. YES - almonds are so good to snack on but make sure you get the no-salt ones. It's an acquired taste so it'll probably suck at first if you're used to flavor
  8. Got my litecoinz in my cold wallet - they're now off the internet until I choose to cash out or trade. All gucci
  9. They're swim trunks - a few months ago, I took a drive to Promised Land state park which is right around the Poconos
  10. I used to work in Williamsburg not too far from there - down by N 7th and Bedford Also, pics for my SF amigos that I miss dearly - long time no see!
  11. Unpopular opinions are fantastic - it creates variety. You keep doing you
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