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  1. Thinking of livestreaming a maddening black eagles run on Twitch. My question is does anyone know how to set up a Twitch overlay where I can show a list of dead units on screen?
  2. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  3. I really enjoyed Three Houses to the point where I picked up a capture card and going to livestream my Maddening BE run. No NG+, no poaching students from other houses
  4. I haven't been here for winter yet so I'll have to get back on that one but I hear from some of the locals that have been around that it rains a few times a month
  5. I'm down for non-stop sunshine. It hasn't rained in the five months I've been here
  6. Haha if only that was possible. I'm my own boss and since my office is still fresh I'm a one man show. With customers on the east coast I gotta wake up at around 5-6AM to service them properly. But hey, at least I work from home I was a former Brooklynite before I moved into east village and then eventually Los Angeles - fuck the cold. Every LA native that I've casually dated so far always tells me how they want seasons. I tell them it's overrated and they should be happy for the weather here. It's supposed to be a high of 89 this Saturday and I am all for it
  7. Bro.... if California were its own country it would be the sixth largest economy in the world. California is a leader in produce and poultry, home to the busiest international ports which is over in LAX/Long Beach. Shit, even New York state is a leader in flour and bread-products. Granted, the red states have access to most of the oil through Texas and North Dakota but that's about it as far as the red's contributions to the country goes. Manufacturing right now is in its biggest recession since the economic crisis of 2009. Most of the manufacturing sector went red in the election and now they're paying for it. I know this because I've been a freight broker for four years and run my own show in the industry - I have to read into these kinds of things every day to stay relevant.
  8. Oh shit I just caught this. Hello Mr. Musashi I refuse to let this get page 2'd
  9. Bro the only metro areas that matter are NYC, SF, DC, LA, Boston and Chicago (all six are very blue), the major Texas cities (OK so Houston and Dallas are two red cities, but Austin is blue and the majority that were previously mentioned are still blue. Technically El Paso and Laredo are also blue towns and they play a big role in cross-border produce), and during produce season - Atlanta (Atlanta is a blue city in a red state). The rest of the US are fillers
  10. I was out until 3am. Working the next day was a fucking nightmare on 3 hours of sleep
  11. I thought Lysithea was a brat until I got deeper into GD where I saw that she actually had one of the deepest backstories in the entire game
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