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  1. To be fair, the ST Link isn’t even the same character as the WW/PT Link either, as his journey takes place a century after his predecessor’s.
  2. Not gonna lie, I love Solon in this trailer. He's just so dumbfounded.
  3. Twitter again. You know, as underwhelming as the Final Smash itself is? This image does look POWERFUL.
  4. No, they just get the mint-green hair. I think they wanted male and female to match the same-gendered characters as well. I personally favor Edelgard's color scheme, even though I tend to abhor red. I might use that if I don't stick with Sothis.
  5. Sorry it took a while. The usual method I'd do isn't working, so I scoured Twitter. No Enlightened One alts, simply because the hair is literally all that's different from what I can see, but the rest have subtle differences, such as Sothis' palette lacking stockings, and Edelgard's having gloves.
  6. The twenty-eighth. Also, in-game, you don't take damage so long as you have A Crest. You just don't get bonus effects.
  7. If memory serves, you can wield a relic fine without the right crest, so long as you have A crest. No crest At all means demonic beast.
  8. Three more hours, guys. Any last bets? I’m playing it safe on Dante, but I would love Sora.
  9. A note on the inspirations behind the DLC’s two main locales. If tCT is indeed inspired by Scotland, can we have something like Nessie? Moreso than Lapras?
  10. Looking at the list of confirmed returning Pokemon, and one of them is Blissey? That thing Dynamaxed sounds really nasty. That’s almost 1500 HP
  11. As far as I can bet, though, it will only be for the older Pokemon. I don't know if they're really going to allow people without the DLC to have the new regis/birds/legendaries/etc.
  12. On Serebii, it's apparently the tail he's on. I'll agree on the thematic bit, but...good lord, is it just...really silly to me.
  13. You know, in terms of the new Gigantamax...I think, hands down, Inteleon is the worse. Just...what is going on here. Is he standing on a tower? Did his legs grow? He just looks so...dumb. Venusaur and Blastoise look amazing, with the latter essentially embodying "MORE DAKKA"
  14. SWISH EXPANSION PASS MORE MONS MORE GALARIAN FORMS MORE G-MAXES INCLUDING STARTERS That’s a LOT MORE LIKE IT And yes, there is a pessimistic side to me thinking they did this on purpose to sell more game, but a lot of stuff is still exciting to look at.
  15. It's probably going to be about Pokemon Home, at least, it's what I expect. We still don't know anything about it, but I also don't expect anything more than it to be Pokemon Bank 2.0. If remakes are involved, though...I'm so skeptical about the remakes right now. What with how Sword and Shield were treated, and the way the last remakes went half a decade ago good lord, that's incredible to think it's been that long already, I'm not so certain I want remakes.
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