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  1. "Freddy Readies for Battle!" Because nothing would raise vitriol quite like Freddy Fazbear.
  2. Got all four tickets, and earned every orb from the new chapters, so I gave it all a whirl. All in all, not too bad.
  3. I don’t particularly have too many 40-10* projects, but this is the next one I’ve finished. I just like him so much. Edit: Now I can add my favorite character to the list, and the one I’ve wanted to max for so long. I find it a little odd that Masked Marth has higher health and speed than Lucina. I figured they had the same neutral stats.
  4. Apparently, there's a twenty-minute time limit on battles, with a 60 second time limit for turns. ... Look, I know Nintendo Switch Online is bad, but this? This is a whole new level of ridiculousness. Sun and Moon didn't have this, if I recall. Warning: Language. You gotta download rules too, it seems...which...was never a thing? Edit: As well as there still being no, you know. 6 v 6 with no time limit, if that's what you're into.
  5. It really is disappointing that the Pokemon in the Wild Area do nothing but walk around. I liked how Breath of the Wild had the monsters hunting, or talking with one another. Even sleeping. I had a bit more joy seeing a Yamper in the route chase me and rear on its hind legs.
  6. It's more of a collective grievance, though. The main reason Dexit became such an issue in the first place was GameFrEAk's statement that Pokemon were being cut in order to make better visuals and higher-quality animations. So, when you have visuals that are roughly on par, if not worse than the 3DS games, we find it hard to believe they're actually being cut for that purpose. The tree is one such example, being textured like something literally out of the Nintendo 64, not to mention the draw distance that's arguably just as bad, if not worse than an N64 game. And really, all this stuff, and more, has already been said.
  7. This is completely hilarious and amazing to me.
  8. I would have thought paraphrasing a meme would have given it away. To be honest, I find it more likely that something simply went wrong during development, and they tried to simply get done what they could. It's no less aggravating for me.
  9. Ain't just him, tho. A lot of Pokemon have really wacky sizes. Is even larger than Wailord, but he's made to appear smaller. It's just like...why bother adding Pokemon that large, if you're not going to keep them this way?
  10. A) The problem is, is that it looks so silly now that we're on a bigger screen, with an in-game gimmick that makes things bigger than Wailord. Not to mention... Look at all this extra space. There's even more shots like that. They could feasibly just use camera angles and split screen if Wailord started to block too much, like they did with previous games. B) Chances are, Rose is his surname.
  11. I went and simply reformatted the SD card. I couldn't copy any of my data over, so I'm simply redownloading the game data. I won't be playing anything anyway, since I have work for the next few days, so it can simply redownload in sleep mode for the time being. Although...even wifi does it, too? Seriously, I know the exfat thing is more Nintendo's fault in this regard because this is a reoccuring bug, but jesus, this game really is the worst launch of a generation ever. I really wouldn't be surprised if they redirect everything to gen nine ahead of schedule or something.
  12. Crap. Mine is apparently exfat, from the looks of things. Puts a damper on actually playing to experience myself.
  13. Not nearly as debilitating, if I recall.
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