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  1. Holy shit, I am incredibly disappointed. All of the ones shown are Kanto Pokémon, two of them require sixty dollars apiece as you need Let’s Go to get Pikachu and Eevee, and Meowth is time-locked? That’s just terrible.
  2. Charizard makes me giggle because it just reminds me of ShineGreymon Burst Mode, what with the flaming wings.
  3. https://serebii.net/swordshield/gigantamax.shtml Corocoro just dropped some Gigantamax forms. Pikachu’s is the best. CLASSIC FAT PIKACHU. There’s also Meowth, Charizard, and Eevee.
  4. Probably with something about purifying polluted water with its horn and maybe the whole empathy towards virgins thing.
  5. Well, according to Famitsu, Ponyta is Shield exclusive, and has a currently unknown ability called Pastel Veil.
  6. Shorthand for “In before”. Basically calling something happening before it does.
  7. Foregoing the folks that are obviously gonna claim MLP, the pastel and the glow kind of remind me of the 80’s. It’s rather glamorous.
  8. Here’s a picture of two of them pulled from the latest posts on Twitter. Their mane can also glow super bright. Oh yeah, the camera cut out, followed by the sounds of galloping hooves and Rapidash’s cry. Dunno why one doesn’t have a tail.
  9. Dual-color mane is...interesting. And it already has a horn, so I’m expecting a winged Rapidash.
  10. Galarian Ponyta as a fairy type, huh? (Unconfirmed) Hopefully we get wings on Rapidash.
  11. My expectations were low, but they’ve just been plummeting further. I feel bad for Joe Merrick.
  12. Assuming the explanation will be that his poor ass can’t fly because his wings are weighed down holding his gear or some such.
  13. Hey, cool, Farfetch’d has a...Galar evolution? I’m assuming? And I’m hearing this thing may be sword exclusive, at least its form?
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