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  1. 360 orbs...only two out of the nine Lucina I need to +10 mine. Nooot goood.
  2. Is this seriously a common problem? My joycons work fine.
  3. How ironic, a friend of mine showed this to me last night: It was on reddit, but the image link is broken there.
  4. Went to get my free pull, and realized that I couldn’t pass up a full circle of blues, so I made an exception for my hoard of orbs, and pulled every one. Got Lyn, who is naturally -Atk, +Res, but w/e. Got her. Also managed to get a +Atk Robin to fix my -Atk one.
  5. Gigantamax Charizard will be a fusion of Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. I'm thinking, largely the aesthetic of Y, with the flames coming out of the corners of his mouth, with three horns, but the right and left ones will be colored and longer. No shoulder-horns, though.
  6. According to, oddly enough, Igarashi himself, the villagers straight-up lied to you in Japan.
  7. I think most people don't count it because, while it started these concepts, they're executed much better later on. That, and I think most Igavanias have him as the lead developer or something? Producer? Something. I don't think he was that high up around the time of Simon's Quest, but its reception did allow him and the team to pitch Symphony to Konami.
  8. Well, it hasn't been a month yet, so... Gigantamaxing is a thing. Which seems to be a fusion of Z-Moves, Mega Evolution, and making the Pokemon MASSIVE. Kinda begs the question as to why Dynamaxing is a thing? There's also a few new Pokemon as well. I...still don't really know if I'd consider it completely enough to overturn the missteps Game Freak has been making lately, but I'll admit, I'm curious.
  9. Design's still largely consistent, but I assumed it was from the GBA-enhanced part of the original Shantae. My mistake.
  10. Except Shantae’s window has always looked like that, so no. And it’s just the angle that it’s appearing at.
  11. What’s funny is they have the team split in two, The Gear Project, and Pokémon Team. The former is to allow the developers to take a break from Pokémon in the downtime between releases, to work on new projects and gain new skills to make Pokémon games better. Except the games are getting worse, so all this shows is that Pokémon is no longer their priority.
  12. Fall is the day after that. Summer actually does last that long. Plus, you never really know. It’s more me being a bit crass in regards to my expectations, admittedly.
  13. those creatures are KYOOT

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