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  1. Only by rounding up and punishing every complicit member of this administrations to the fullest extent of the law. And any president/administrative member after Trump must also be held accountable. I'm certain there's more, but those are the two at the top of my head.
  2. I'm merely worried that it'll ruin Biden's chances and bolster Trump's. 2020's been a year where EVERYTHING has gone wrong, and I really don't think I can live in a world were Trump secures another term. As it is, I see far too many people where I look that think Biden's just as bad, if not somehow WORSE than Donny.
  3. So...this is a thing? I'm seeing things stating he's missed a few deadlines, but is otherwise able to run as an independent? This sounds bogus, and, if he does actually run, I worry any votes he gets will just shift towards Trump in the EC.
  4. I like her, but she definitely takes some getting used to. Do the dragon arm lasers home in? It seems like they do, and I don't know if Sakurai brought it up or not.
  5. Is this not the statue in question? I can kind of understand this one being taken down.
  6. Twitter actually branded this tweet of his as "Manipulated Media", a-la placing a "Fact Check" on a prior tweet of his. For context, this link contains the actual video that CNN ran regarding these two. So, the king of branding everything as "Fake News", is actually tweeting out this malarkey. How much you wanna bet his base gobbles it all up?
  7. Got a pair today. Had him done a while ago. He serves me well, usually when I'm training others. Just finished her today. I haven't used her that much, but she's fun regardless.
  8. I got the Harmonized girls on my literal second orb. -Spd, tho. Unfortunately. BUT I GOT WHAT I WANTED.
  9. Allegedly, Trump applauded the murder of reporter Jamal Khashoggi’s murder so as to draw heat off the fact that his daughter had apparently sent government officials hundreds of e-mails across her own server, whilst using her own e-mail. Reminds me of an issue Hillary had with her own e-mails that Republicans liked to use as a buzzword. Aside of a single retweet, this was the first thing he’d put out in nearly a day. I suppose it’s about time for him to employ his “distract and blame others for my own faults” tactics.
  10. I think my favorite allegation from the book is that Trump believes the term limit should be repealed, and I quote, "for [him]."
  11. Dai

    New Pokemon Snap!!

    This spin-off game looks so much more beautiful than Pokemon Sword and Shield. That water ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE GOOD WATER. AND HAS RIPPLES AND SPLASHES.
  12. Way too early. I don’t expect it until at least next year. Why kill whatever hype for this year’s DLC?
  13. In a move that should surprise no one as to the depths of Trump and his administration’s cruelty, they have reversed policies on protections for transgender in health. Not only during Pride Month, but on the fourth anniversary to the day of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/06/12/868073068/transgender-health-protections-reversed-by-trump-administration?utm_campaign=npr&utm_medium=social&utm_term=nprnews&utm_source=twitter.com
  14. I think my favorite thing about this expansion is the inclusion of Max Soup. Getting a particular Gigantamax Pokemon will be less of a nightmare now, as you can simply breed whatever Pokemon you need, and turn it into a G-Max Pokemon. Unless the Pokemon's better off as a plain old Dynamax, like Charizard or Drednaw.
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