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  1. I keep forgetting to post this guy, he's been done for like, two weeks, now. At last, all four members of my main team are complete.
  2. Enhancing Black Lotus turns them into Natah, which has Transformation Duration Up as their ability, with three slots. Guess that's neat. Shame I don't play Warframe, so all this flies over my head.
  3. Dai

    Pokemon Home is Here

    So, not even, what? Two days into Pokemon Home? And apparently, a massive number of users are experiencing a pretty bad error. 992, or somesuch. But apparently, the game crashes, and you can not access a single thing. There are apparently even some folks reporting that their entire collection of Pokemon have been deleted. And there hasn't been any real acknowledgement by TPCi, either. And this has been going on for at least 24 hours. So, basically...this service is a big ol' dumpster fire. Whoohoo.
  4. Dai

    Pokemon Home is Here

    Oh, wow. This nonsense kills me. (Thanks to Twitter for this one) Look at number 2.
  5. So, Pokemon Home has dropped suddenly, with both mobile and Switch flavors. Surprisingly, there are differences. Such as GTS being locked to the mobile version, of all things. It also seems that the mobile version is just plain better for that reason. Fortunately, it seems that the plan is shared between both, so once you sync up your Nintendo account, you should be good to go. Thus far, I haven't exactly been able to do much, as it has crashed on me a few times thus far. Curiously, the mobile version does not force you to read the terms of service, as the switch version does. You have to at least scroll through the entire thing, which includes more languages than English. From the mobile version, I did receive a free Pikachu and, from my choice of three, Bulbasaur out of the original starter trio. The latter came with its hidden ability. With the basic (free) plan, you are unable to: A) Move Pokemon over from Pokemon Bank B) Deposit and store up to 6,000 Pokemon (limit for basic is 30, I believe. One. Single. Box) C) Have up to 10 Pokemon up for trade in your Wonder Box at a time D) Have up to three Pokemon on the GTS at a time E) Create Room Trades F) Gain access to the Judge function (IV Checker) So, already, your incentive would be to buy the premium plan, which you can buy: One month ($2.99), three month ($4.99), and 12 month ($15.99) Honestly, over three times the price of bank for only double the Pokemon storage and a few features that were previously free WITHIN THE GAME ITSELF honestly isn't worth it, in my opinion. Oh, and get this. If you transfer from generation 7, all of your bottle capped stats are reset. You also only get the dex entries for the games that those Pokemon have been physically in themselves, as far back as X and Y, as I can tell. So, your Pokemon has to have physically been in X/Y, traded to ORAS, traded to U/S/M, etc. to get those Pokedex entries.
  6. She seemed pretty hard to me. Took about a half dozen attempts or so. And, well. She is a goddess.
  7. To be fair, the ST Link isn’t even the same character as the WW/PT Link either, as his journey takes place a century after his predecessor’s.
  8. Not gonna lie, I love Solon in this trailer. He's just so dumbfounded.
  9. Twitter again. You know, as underwhelming as the Final Smash itself is? This image does look POWERFUL.
  10. No, they just get the mint-green hair. I think they wanted male and female to match the same-gendered characters as well. I personally favor Edelgard's color scheme, even though I tend to abhor red. I might use that if I don't stick with Sothis.
  11. Sorry it took a while. The usual method I'd do isn't working, so I scoured Twitter. No Enlightened One alts, simply because the hair is literally all that's different from what I can see, but the rest have subtle differences, such as Sothis' palette lacking stockings, and Edelgard's having gloves.
  12. The twenty-eighth. Also, in-game, you don't take damage so long as you have A Crest. You just don't get bonus effects.
  13. If memory serves, you can wield a relic fine without the right crest, so long as you have A crest. No crest At all means demonic beast.
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