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  1. Apparently, the catch rate for this game is the same as SwSh. Which includes a hidden mechanic involving that, if a Pokemon is even a single level higher than yours, its catch rate is divided by five. Holy shit, that's ridiculous. It's apparently only before you get all eight badges/defeat the league, I dunno which, but...what the fuck? That makes the grand underground a major pain in the ass.
  2. While it's neat that this is an option, I don't really have a need to get it. This looks more for people who play undocked more than anything, and ever since I've moved, it's been almost exclusively docked. Kind of surprised they didn't announce a special Dread edition, even though it already kind of looks like the E.M.M.I.
  3. 100%ed it three times. Once in 2011, and I think twice back-to-back within a week in 2012 with no issues at any time.
  4. That spider-wall-crawling ability reminds me of an ability from the original preview of Metroid Fusion way back in the day. I'm so excited for Metroid Dread. Fusion was my first game as well, a gift from my grandmother, in fact. I find it hilarious too that I just did a 100% playthrough again recently, with a second-best time as well. And this gets announced shortly after. I'm so excited for this game. Mad as hell that the special edition is ALREADY sold out. Amiibo pack, too. Ugh.
  5. They've also thrown one of those lawsuits at Mike Lindell, My Pillow CEO. He told them to ''bring it on'', as they've got 100% proof that they helped commit election fraud or some shit.
  6. Hey now, let's not forget; Nintendo was heavily involved this time, up to and including the story. I'm not saying don't leave out Koei Tecmo, but don't forget Nintendo, either.
  7. Except...that isn’t what’s happening at all. You don’t watch them fail and die, and go back to avert it, unless you mean BotW itself and then this game’s intro. You just go back and do the new timeline or whatever. I’ll still play and enjoy the game, but I’m disappointed that they had to lie about the premise to sell the game.
  8. Only three more days left until the game comes out. I've gotten all of the Korok seeds...haven't leveled everyone to max or done anything crazy with their weapons, yet. I also haven't done any difficulty other than normal. Aside of my trepidation for the time travel, I'm still really excited. I found a Blupee in the second mission, though I missed my chance to hit it because it caught me off guard.
  9. Honestly, I'm leaning more towards this being some big distraction while he loots the White House for everything that isn't nailed down. I recently saw a few people sharing a letter from Spanky's team asking for funds to fight voter fraud. In the fine print, it dictates that some or all funds provided may be used towards campaign debts. I'll have to find it again. Of course, it could be something else, but honestly, I'm pretty sure he knows he won't get anywhere and is just wasting time, money, and energy for the rest of us. Edit: Hoi https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/524899-trump-fundraiser-for-legal-challenges-also-pays-down-campaign-debt-report
  10. I'm ultimately fine with Lucina having the Ljósálfheimr outfit, since the butterfly motif fits her perfectly given her association with them. It's the fact that she's so smol and child-like that gets me. With Fae, it's fine, and probably one of my favorite artworks. But...why Lucina?
  11. It needs to be done. As it is, unlike his senate trial, you can be sure that it will be less likely to deny evidence of wrongdoing and witnesses will be permitted.
  12. This needs to be done. That entire branch of the Trump family needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and made an example of to show that their actions were, and still are intolerable. It may not persuade his supporters, but it will persuade those who would follow in his footsteps to think thrice. In fact, the upcoming administration should create a set of laws based on Trump’s horrendous actions and name them after him, so history can better remember the kind of man that necessitated these laws. There should also be a reworking of presidential qualifications to include making certain that folks like Trump can never run again. In no particular order, off the top of my head, impeachment means no running again (as well as perhaps a lessening of power on their part), outstanding charges of fraud/sexual assault/the like should bar you from even throwing your hat into the ring and be automatic grounds for disqualification, etc. It simply needs to be said and enforced: the president and those he employs are not above the law.
  13. https://www.archives.gov/presidential-libraries/laws/1955-act.html I was unaware that this was a thing, actually. We really do need a better education system...especially since there's a lot of stuff about former presidents and how they're treated. I wonder how much of that will change in regards to Donnie, since he's such a high-profile criminal as well? Regardless...I can just imagine all of looney-bin's tweets on display in a library somewhere in Florida or whatever. Or would they curate it so that only SOME tweets get posted?
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