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  1. You could duct tape his mouth shut, hands behind his back, and he’d somehow start booming telepathically.
  2. “Trump was muted 100 times tonight! Joe Biden was only muted 12 times! Biased, deep-state liberal fake news media bias!”
  3. It’s so baffling to see people cheer for Trump even after this display. Hell, I have a brother who claimed he ‘won’ the debate, then listed off a bunch of malarkey about TrumP’s “achievements” before capping it off with how he’s not a racist. Lo and behold, when I proved him wrong he simply called it a biased news source. Good lord, I hope he’s removed and soon.
  4. Only for Trump to pull out a MAGAphone to screech into. I’m honestly horrified about the moment where he told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by”. I felt sick to my atomach.
  5. Well, here’s something unusual. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/09/19/politics/package-poison-ricin-addressed-to-trump-intercepted/index.html Allegedly, someone from Canada was attempting to poison Trump.
  6. Classy. In that case, I presume Cloud represents the emo fans despondent over the lack of directs and the heart represents their broken hearts?
  7. From Sakurai’s official twitter. Remind anyone of anything? Check out the cave above the buster sword, too.
  8. It’s possible there are multiple Sheikah Slates, and only one arguably survived the Calamity. When Link gets it in BotW, Zelda calls it “a” Sheikah Slate, rather than “the”. It’s a mere technicality, but you never know.
  9. "Who were the good guys in World War II and why did America join the Allied Powers" is my favorite bit. Holy fucking shit. It's bad enough to disparage the men and women that fucking died for this country, but this gets special mention.
  10. Apple, or...$EBt|Face_D
  11. So, this is an unusual glitch I had happen. One of my registered friends had an Itsuki visit me, and I rapidly tapped him to get feathers, when this happened: So far, it’s only happened with him. No other characters, no other visitors. Anyone else get something like this?
  12. What bothers me right now is that Trump has explicitly stated at this point that, if he loses, it's because the election is rigged, guaranteeing that he won't accept a loss or go quietly. Also, I want to ask...does anyone actually feel like Biden is some sort of doddering old fool who doesn't know the day of the week, or where he stands at any given moment? I feel like he's fine, even if his apparently stutter makes him prone to gaffes, but it's wild to me to see so many people claim that Biden belongs in a home and that the DNC is committing elder abuse.
  13. Oh! Well, why, thank you. We’re kinda celebrating it late, too. Since I had to work on my birthday and the day after, we’re going to go to Benihana as a birthday dinner treat. I love the tonkotsu ramen, even after delivery from Door Dash, but this will be my first time to visit the restaurant and try it in person.
  14. Pokémon Sword and Shield. Even after the rollercoaster of nonsense, I still held a shred of hope it might be at least decent. Bu it was just...too much. I found it genuinely underwhelming and flawed. Lords of Shadow 2, namely for the world and a bit of the story. I also didn’t enjoy that you were expected to still sneak around the uber soldiers and couldn’t fight them squarely at the end of the game.
  15. Temper your expectations. All the Zelda remasters so far have all had something different, though. It'll be hard to guess what they'll really do. Though, I do hope they take away the item notification refresh. You know, where after you turn the game back on you'll get tipped off about the item you've picked up, even if you've picked it up a hundred times before.
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