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  1. Hey do you do email hacks? Someone hacked into my Fortnite account just as I was gaining popularity on Instagram and YouTube (ZauceGod). The email is [email protected] if you know anything about getting into emails. Thanks so much and please if you have an answer for me DM me on Instagram @ZauceGod or 9739438024

  2. Do keep in mind that the Skadi proc effect stacks with multiple Takumis, making it a viable meme strategy in some cases.
  3. oooo shit the legend himself lives once more! This'll be an interesting few days...
  4. I do two manual Lunatic 6 runs with my main team with 1 TT bonus unit, then have another team with a bonus unit (usually horse emblem, though I have enough bonus heroes for this TT to just make a bonus hero lineup) and just autobattle Hard 5. I have so many stamina potions that it doesn't matter how inefficient it is, I'll get it done quickly.
  5. I'm expecting the info on the next Legendary Hero banner, maybe CYL 2 results, info on the February banner, maybe some anniversary info, and probably some other random tidbit of info to take us all by surprise.
  6. I won after a while with my horse emblem team of Gunnthra, Xander, Brave Lyn, and Olwen. Took me several tries, and barely scraped by with 2 HP remaining on Xander and 4 on Gunnthra.
  7. Main post updated with full compendium of reinforcements.
  8. Initial enemies are up. Will update with reinforcements as I find them.
  9. I'll be awake as the update hits, and I'll update the topic post with the info as soon as I can!
  10. I was bored so I compiled a video of my Arden build with supporting defense buffs in action. Hopefully this will keep you all entertained enough while waiting for that juicy banner info!
  11. An update on my Arden project. I have successfully managed to make him achieve a staggering Ignis of 63. The team composition: The positioning: The moment of truth:
  12. The dark prince of Grado himself has arrived at last... Infernal Map: Infernal enemy stats: There's a LOT of reinforcements, so you better move aggressively or else you'll be overwhelmed.
  13. Steady Breath and QR sounds about right for me. I'm almost always a calm guy. and whatever life throws at me, I bounce back at quickly.
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