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  1. My Tiki'll be here sometime this week, hopefully (I won't be home to pick her up, but she'll be there regardless). I would've got Chrom too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids (he was sold out on the store I use).
  2. 1. Do you think playable officers being attached to their horses would be a good idea for mainline Warriors games to do (like if DW10 made Ma Chao a full-time cavalry unit, for example)? 2. How much does the lack of WTA affect units like Takumi, Robin and Elise? 3. Are there any enemies in the game you found you had to absolutely use a unit with an effective weapon to fight, lest you be KO'd?
  3. Some would say it's also deluding oneself to think a game's sales were "absolutely abysmal" just because they think a vocal minority is the entirety of a fanbase. ? FEW didn't make record-breaking sales, who cares. A hundred thousand copies sold is pretty much reserved for the most promoted and esteemed IPs. "Absolutely abysmal" would be like a thousand copies. 60 thousand is a lot, better than some Warriors first week sales (like Berserk). Hell, imagine 60 thousand anythings in a room with you and try to tell me it isn't a lot. We've had enough negativity surrounding this game. It's out now, people are enjoying it, let the hate rest.
  4. Yeah, I saw that, but not the character model by itself, like the other screenshots.
  5. Ah, too bad. Feel free to @ me if it crops up
  6. Wow, that's awesome. I was hoping he'd get Hoshido Noble, was scared for a bit that they'd just cut corners and give him Nohr Noble. Has Elise's promotion been posted like that yet?
  7. The real question is when are we getting the assets dumped. I want to fool around with the character sprites and portraits and stuff.
  8. SD: Talys, The Ageless Palace, Jiol's map, Camus's map, Michalis's map, the Endgame Awakening: The prologue, the boat chapter, Carrion Isle, some sandy Plegia map, Feroxi Arena, Walhart's castle siege Fates: The path split, some assorted Revelations maps, who cares
  9. Camilla stole Cordelia's spot as the best looking render yet. The in-game screenshots are looking better and better every update too!
  10. The only other one that's obvious is Kate Higgins as Shade. Cherami Leigh is probably Emma, but I have no clue about Yuzu.
  11. Here are my all-new predictions (bracketed choices are my runner-ups): Shadow Dragon: Marth, Tiki, Caeda, Draug, Minerva, Jeorge, Merric, Linde, Camus, Gharnef (Gordin? Jagen? Hardin? Ogma?) Awakening: Chrom, Robin, Lissa, Frederick, Lucina, Cordelia, Nowi, Virion, Tharja, Gangrel, Walhart, Validar (Panne? Cherche? Gaius? Basilio? Olivia pls?) Fates: Corrin, Xander, Camilla, Leo, Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, Azura, Effie, Subaki, Garon (Charlotte? Oboro? Niles? Awakening Trio? Iago? Hanz?) With the OCs, that's around 35 characters, which fits with the proposed roster size.
  12. Also, seems like people who thought this tome looked suspiciously like Brynhildr in the Robin screenshot on the website finally have some closure. Nice eagle eyes, dudes. If Robin can wield Brynhildr, does this mean we can have Falchion Xander, or Raijinto Marth? It's interesting nonetheless.
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