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  1. Then maybe he's brought back as an undead to become the new leader? EDIT: Response to 2 posts ago.
  2. Speculation I posted on reddit. This is pure guesswork - I don't actually know one way or the other. Quoting my post I made there for the rest of this post. The Tomas = Solon reveal (which we only know limited details of from these screenshots) has me wondering. Looking at Thales' portrait and Jeralt's portrait - could Jeralt be secretly Thales in disguise? If so, is it a case of "Jeralt was Thales all along" or is it a case of "Thales killed or captured the real Jeralt and took his place"? I mean, take a look at Jeralt's beard vs. Thales' beard. Jeralt: https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/feth_jeralt_portrait.png Thales: https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/feth_thales_6.png Particularly, look at the point of the beard at the chin and the protruding part of the beard beyond either side of the mouth, pointing towards the center of the face. Both Jeralt and Thales have these features. I'm really thinking now that Jeralt = Thales in some way, be it "they're the same person" or "Thales is impersonating him".
  3. As a reminder, using a unit as a backpack is a perfectly legitimate strategy - Charlotte in particular is especially good for this (say with Xander)
  4. Least favorite awakening child: Nah. The whole "chomp-chomp" incident in the Inigo supports is a major strike against her.... I also dislike pairing up her mother Nowi, and although I do it anyways for completion purposes, I suppose my dislike of this (admittedly unfairly) bleeds over onto Nah. For least favorite fates child, Selkie. She comes off to me as an airhead when she (despite having grown up for years by this point) doesn't know what death is in her paralogue introduction and when she thinks the hunters are trying to play a game with her. EDIT: I'm sorry, I didn't notice that the prior post was more than a month ago! I'm sorry for necroposting! (If the topic needs to be locked due to necropost, you can do so. My apologies).
  5. Why would you need to kill either of them? The level is perfectly beatable without fighting either.
  6. I will note that (except in Avatar pairings) Reina offers no additional long-term potential unlike that which could be gained from using marriageable characters instead for gaining new characters and perhaps more pertinently for these considerations, extra paralogues (free EXP for your main team), and in a few cases also special weapons from the 2nd gens [most don't have anything special, coming with Irons, but a few do, such as Subaki's kid Caeldori coming with a free Swordcatcher for use on your team).
  7. In the English localization, its named "Grossartig Mond", in contrast, which is German for "great moon"
  8. I'd agree with the recommendation of Dark Mage (for Dark Knight), but I can't endorse a STR or RES bane. Take a LCK (Unlucky) Bane instead. It better preserves your overall tank abilities [as this is a key selling point of the class] and doesn't impact your damage output as substantially as a STR bane would. ADDENDUM: I would take +MAG/-LCK (Clever & Unlucky).
  9. Probably too late now, but I've had great luck using a Dark Knight [MUST pick Mage talent for Corrin/your Avatar at the time of character creation if you want to do this]. Its served me well in Birthright Lunatic; with the right build and pair-ups it becomes ridiculously tanky, even in no-grind situations.
  10. Topic Creator, My choice for the best class for tanking in Birthright is actually a Nohrian class, Dark Knight, a promotion of Dark Mage, which you can still access through the Avatar (Corrin), his/her spouse, his or her child Kana, and Kana's S-rank Partners and A+ Rank Friends. [In practicality, Corrin, his/her spouse, and maybe Kana are the only ones likely to use it in a typical run]. You can access Dark Knight by having Corrin/the Avatar pick a "Mage" talent at the character creation screen at the start of the game. Anyways, why Dark Knight? Good HP and DEF growths, high base DEF values, the ability to wield tomes (that let you counterattack at 1-2 range), especially the ability to use Horse Spirit (+3 SKL/SPD/DEF/RES when equipped). Also, by virtue of having it and thus being able to pass it onto a spouse, you can have that spouse also in Dark Knight, and this class gives a +DEF pair-up bonus which lets your pair now tank even better. Oh, and it has 8-movement as a calvary unit and there are very few Beastkilling weapons in Birthright, making Dark Knight far less susceptible to its weakness than flying units with respect to frequency of having it become relevant.
  11. Yes, they always have been in all versions.
  12. I can't speak to your actual thought process, nor can I speak from personal experience [I play M!Corrin], but if I might wager a guess, could it be that Takumi would kind of a bit of a male tsundere role towards female Corrin? Initially outwardly hostile, but he eventually falls for her and softens around her? The reason that I put this forth is that tsundere female characters have seemed to have a notable appeal to a subset of male players, and it seems very reasonable to extrapolate that the appeal would also exist in its gender-reversed state [tsundere male characters appealing to some female players].
  13. Caeldori [Hinoka!Caeldori] in Birthright - which was my first route of Fates - because I'm a massive Cordelia [from Awakening] fan and I already planned to put my Corrin with the character based on Cordy once I learned of her before release. Selena/Severa in Conquest - A redhead like her mother and had used her a lot in Awakening.... also had seen some art of her shortly before Conquest which may have influenced my thinking. Also, Conquest is the only route where Caeldori doesn't exist. Caeldori again [can't remember if it was Hinoka!Caeldori or Selena!Caeldori first time - I've done both since that point] in Revelation.
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