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  1. Wait, we have a dark mode? LOL, my salty post is immortalized in vide form Anyways, I really don't care, were a public forum, I'm kinda flattered he used it
  2. it will probably be some random evil guy in the background of the story with the true ending being the generic, POWER OF FRIENDSHIP where you get all the characters in 1 run
  3. so they just dropped a video on Nintendo's next mobile game I've always liked Dr. Mario, so I think I'll give it a try
  4. I'm perfectly okay with both of them I'm not really surprised by either of them getting in. Dragon Quest is probably the 2nd most influential rpg, right behind Dungeons and Dragons. Banjo & Kazooie are a pair that really just feel at home here, I just find it funny to see Microsoft characters in Smash now.
  5. https://langrisser.zlongame.com/m/index.html Though I'd go ahead and just share this here seeing as there are some fans of the Trails series here ___ TBH I know nothing about that series i just know that at least 1 character in this event can earned, and from my past experience with Langrisser M is that it's not necessarily hard it just requires some grinding to do so.
  6. I heard Huawei makes some pretty good phones A Samsung Galaxy is a pretty good option as well
  7. Well, rip 12yo me's taste in music https://www.foxnews.com/tech/apple-killing-itunes-reports Well it's an end to an era, and honestly I'm kinda sad to see it go, but at the same time I haven't used that service since 2013.
  8. I'm up for it I heard I make a good Pirate/Berserker anyways I thought I mentioned it in another thread making Eclipse and Integrity villains would be hilarious Eclips's special weapon: MEGA DEATH BANHAMMER OF INJUSTICE Integrity:Anima Magic STYLE
  9. My back is sore from crossfit I've been doing this for 5 years this month
  10. So this video recently popped up in my feed it reminded me of how I got banned from one MTG group for posting this version of the drake meme As someone who plays MTG, I know this smell all to well, and I know its a problem with the Warhammer 4K people. What's really getting me though is why are some people so defensive about people who don't take baths/showers? I understand that there are some rare conditions where it really can't be helped, but why do people who know about the stinky players who are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on these games and act like "MaYBe thEy Can'T AffORd tO ShowER Or uSe DeoDorant" "Yeah but there spending $200 for the hotel and lord knows how much they spent on that deck and even flight ticket" "..." -- I just want to see what's people's opinion o the matter is
  11. TBH, this is something I've always wanted to do. My idea involved following Vincentasm getting kicked out of his castle by Integrity and Eclipse and needs our help to overthrow Integrity's tyrannical rule.
  12. So the title say it all I'm looking for something pretty basic, I'm looking into making my series of budget decks available in a video format thanks for your help Serenes
  13. Well I work at an auction house so I get to see a lot So about two weeks ago, one of our regulars brought in some boxes he cleaned out of a storage bin (storage stuff coming in is really common), and after we unloaded his truck we noticed that one of the boxes reeked. While cleaning out the cardboard box my aunt pulls out 1oz of pot. Some customers bought a washing machine and decided the best way to bring it home that night was to strap it on to the roof of their sedan. The roof was crushed before they even left the parking lot. I've got a few more if anyone is interested. I'm at work rn, something funny might happen tonight.
  14. he just keeps digging his own grave.
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