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  1. Just to chime in, units in Revelations aren't balanced for what maps they show up in. Like some characters show up in ch 5 Conquest or ch 2 Birthright show up in Revelations ch 12 with stats meant for the point in those other games. So be prepared to lose them very easily.
  2. Kinda depends on the decade, for the 80's I love Galaga 90's Crazy Taxi 00's idk, I remember the only arcade in the mall shutting down in 2002 maybe Marvel vs Capcom 2
  3. Blizzard and Wizzards are really pushing their games to be I do, I had a great opening hand with 2 lands and 5 spells with a T1 Duress. ___ As for Hero, which I forgot to mention last night, I think another problem with him is that he cannot be played internationally due to his moveset having a literal menu. I'm personally okay, with a tiny amount of luck being involved, but Hero's odds are to high.
  4. Probably because the dev's didn't think they were necessary to the game. It was probably more worthwhile to add in new classes over older ones who already had a superior version in the same game, like archer > hunter.
  5. As someone who has played TCGs for most of his life, I can never really consider card games to be an eSport for just having too much luck involved. Just last Friday I played a game of Magic where after my first draw I drew into 8 swamps which just killed my chances of actually doing anything. I'm also an avid Charbelcher player, the deck is a glass cannon and can win as early as T1, however if I don't draw any of my pieces I'm just twiddling my thumbs until I get killed. Yee, I think if luck is involved it shouldn't be considered an esport.
  6. TBH, I really didn't like the soundtrack that much. I personally found that I only remember just a few tracks overall, and I'm not going out of my way to listen to them outside the game. I'll give the soundtrack a C+, it's just kind of average to me.
  7. Sure. If anyone wants to you may copy paste the info from this thread into a new one.
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