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  1. so weird that people can be born like 20 years apart and be considered the same generation
  2. as one of the older zoomers whatever floats your boat, I like avocado and I like toast so maybe I'd try it if I wasn't dieting
  3. Well A suprise to be sure but a welcome one ___ NGL I never thought this game would get representation in heroes ___
  4. Sounds fun, though I think we need to have something to add on to each donation message so people watching the stream get that it's coming from us.
  5. So Ana, um what are you wanting them to drop?
  6. You know you can use the report button instead of the title
  7. well I'm late to the part on this one I should say that just playing FE3 and FE12, FE12 just plays better than the original and has a lot more in class variety. Say what you will, but I never minded the avatar FE 11 has issues, as in that the game rewards you for playing bad, as you can only get the new chapters if you have fewer than a certain number of characters aviable to deploy and Echoes is just a better version of Gaiden
  8. 1. Ezio (with Kenway, Altier, maybe Connor or Bayek. Connor I want to see but he's the only pre 19th century assassin who doesn't have a sword) 2. Doom Slayer 3. Raiden (Metal Gear Rising) 4. Dovahkiin 5. Sub-Zero/Scorpion I'd have to think too hard to come up with 5 more, and I'm not guessing who pass no.5 is
  9. I'm partial to a Greek setting, seeing as how they did monsters in 3H I can totally see them letting us fight minotaurs and hydras
  10. I remember hearing about Mother 4 way back, glad to see it isn't vaporware I'll pick it up for sure
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