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  1. but it's no where nearly as fast as it should be not to mention 3H has some pretty long load times
  2. 1. I'd redesign the monistary to work more like how my castle worked in fates. I honestly found the monistary to be the worst part of the game since it takes so long to actually get from place to place and use up your free time. Having a 2D map would make it a faster part of the game. 2. I would have an option to turn off voices for support conversations since I can read much faster than I can listen. 3. I'd rework the cutscene to have actual backgrounds instead of whatever they did I haven't gotten any of the DLC so I can't say anything about it
  3. idk what they did, just felt like it
  4. Banned for asking what game they'll be picking up.
  5. banned for thinking Lucius was my pfp, and calling Holo a cat
  6. banned for doubleposting in fftf
  7. We have a meme thread for this stuff It doesn't need it's own topic
  8. Banned for being the most recent to post in this thread
  9. While I'll always say that FE is the best tactics series around you can always try out other games I really love Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus, and I'd recommend it to any FE fan I think you should also try out Langrisser 2 on Genesis, Xcom series, and the Wasteland series
  10. But he did, it depends on how you build your team.
  11. I would if I could find a new patch link If you have it I'll fix it in a second
  12. nah, they've stopped the production of 3DSs the eshop will be open for a while
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