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  1. Good luck finding it, they're pretty hard to come by, your best bet is finding cards on Ebay, but the selection there is pretty slim if any.
  2. Please add on to what your trying to ask But I'm pretty sure it has to do with the emulator, which I don't have any experience with yet
  3. Not gonna lie, the free 5 star of your choice is F&*$ing genius and welcome I knid of like Feh's new VA, she sounds a bit nicer to listen to
  4. Sad to see it go, I really enjoyed getting all that cool art over the years I watch a lot of Alpha Investments on YouTube, and for a game to have lasted as long as Cipher, especially since it's not a digital game, since most tcgs don't last 5 years. It looks like it lived a pretty fair life. Honestly behind the scenes sales were probably lagging behind and wasn't bringing in enough cash, they probably planned on ending the game late last year. I wonder what they're going to do with all the OCs they've made over the years
  5. Finishing my fire training, I still need to do my live burn and hazmat, but that got canceled and Playing Magic The Gathering My friends and I liked to play locally at the game store, but they're only open to sell.
  6. I would like to see Assassin's Creed 1& 2 remade They would look and play so much better with modern controls, and they could add more of a variety of missions to the first game
  7. Fates has a bad story, but is a great Fire Emblem game
  8. well, I'm late to the party Fates/Awakening are probably the best games to do Ironman runs of
  9. I usually play the games going from normal to the hardest, I like to get a good feel of how the game plays before slamming myself into a brick wall
  10. Honestly Sophia for me She's an interesting unit being one of the few dark mages in the GBA games, and her appearance in FEH hasn't helped her much either.
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