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  1. Just a reminder guys, reviewers are people who have to quickly play through a lot of games to write their reviews, they're not always a fan of what their bosses tell them to play, and sometimes if it's their first experience playing a game in a series they really don't know what to expect. Keep in mind that there are many different opinions on a game and 1 review doesn't reflect everyone's opinion on the game at the company, and yes 2 different people can review 2 different games from the same series and both will have different tastes. Don't get salty over a review, it's just a number and shouldn't affect your enjoyment of 3 Heroes
  2. I made sure they were "pullets" and not "bantams" because that was a big mistake last time I got chicks. I won't be naming them until they get older, because you can never be sure if any chick will make it to adulthood. These girls (hopefully) have been pretty healthy for the past week, with the minor exception of one of them having pasty-butt
  3. well, going off of the last post I made over here I lost some of my pet chickens so the other day I wen't down to Rual King and picked up 5 chicks I have 3 olive eggers 1 silver laced wyandotte and 1 mystery breed because I forgot what it was called (the grey one)
  4. Don't you worry folks as your local friendly section moderator I'll be sure to hide unmarked spoilers in a spoiler free discussion thread I'll give'em one of these
  5. well the Fire Department told me today they're delaying hiring until August I guess I got more time to play 3 Heroes
  6. AND THAT FOLKS IS A NECROPOST! like seriously, this thread has been dead for +10 years
  7. Sup @Mangs 1. what's your opinion on Karnage here? 2. any videos you regret doing? 3. have you ever thought of doing a second channel to experiment with other games like Shining Force, or Langrisser 2? 4. what's your max bench or squat?
  8. TBH, using "Do you do X as well" gets around it ---- maybe, I never really got heavily invested into FatesWakening's stories
  9. Hey everyone, seeing as how 3 Heroes Houses is less than 2 weeks away I'm going to copycat the similar threads on the other boards! So if you have a general quick question, you can bring it on down here to make my job easier. Go ahead and ask away, just as a reminder though, Use Spoiler Tags For Spoilers
  10. makes me feel kinda bad for all those reviewers who did Radiant Dawn back in the day with it's mislabeled difficulties is this true, I haven't looked into it so that might suck for a some of people not for me though, I like to do my first playthrough on normal, and up the difficulty on each playthrough
  11. Banned for making this topic hot again
  12. Banned for telling users to stand up from my tyranny
  13. So tonight at work I went through a junk box full of VHS tapes, and as the title might imply, I found a copy of Gremlins in it. Then I was like, "Yeah, this scared the s#@$ out of me when I was little". I remember for months I was scared of the dark again, scared to look out of the window of the car at nighttime, and I was terrified of being outside after sunset. I even had to get my dad to come to my room to get the movie out of the VHS player and get rid of it for me. Why did my parents think it was okay to give me this movie when I was 5?
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