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  1. So yeah, 2020 was a pretty bad year for all of us it kind of sucked that we really didn't have any concerts or music fests. so while a lot of us have been stuck at home, we've probably listened to a lot more music than we regularly do. As for me I discovered The Hu this year so who'd you discover this year?
  2. My house is haunted. Though they're pretty chill, the just like to walk around upstairs when nobody is home. Exept for the time they banged the wall right above the door into the house.
  3. You can't and don't no one gets banned for necroposting, just a couple of points. You get banned after getting too many points.
  4. Looks real to me If you can try feeling your other DS games, bootleg copies rarely have the right plastic shell.
  5. I think it'll be fine in the bag by electronics I think they usually mean battery powered items with Covid, I'd hope the TSA is taking sanitation seriously. I wouldn't worry too much about it
  6. welcome to the forest nice to meet you
  7. Bernedetta and Mariane I feel like this was a missed opportunity to have 2 characters talk about how they process their anxiety and depression issues.
  8. hey, and welcome to the forest rickrolling seems to make a big comeback every 5 years or so
  9. That a little surprising to me tbh, I didn't pay for my copy of it since my gold points were about to expire I just put it all on FE1. Not sure if it counts towards the sales number
  10. As a product of each of their times NES FE looks pretty good, as for the DS the look pretty bad especially when you compare them to the gba games. The ds games were a missed opportunity to have some really cool looking sprites.
  11. same here, especially if I want to binge watch something it's really rare for me to watch the into to any show unless it's super short
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