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  1. Banned for posting Fire Emblem music.
  2. I've had an account on here for five and a half years now, but I don't think I've ever posted in this thread before.
  3. Dunno if you're still doing this, @shadowofchaos, but really the only question I have is: 1. Would you ever do another waifu/husbando execution exhibition? Whether it's from Fates, or any of the other games. Sorry if you've answered this somewhere before. Oh, and once again, congratulations on your marriage!
  4. I know it's canon, but I didn't Sephiran to be a heron so they wouldn't be spoiling anything. But like I said, they did the same to Zelgius, so they'd probably do it. I'd still pull for him, though.
  5. I'm just dropping in on this thread, and let me start with something I said over on reddit: Yeah, this didn't even have to be an event banner, either. We could have gotten an Archanea or Valentia banner since it's been a while since we've gotten either. Or give us the Binding Blade banner right now, instead of waiting until March! Nah, at the rate we're going, we're gonna have more Camilla alts than there are episodes of Sesame Street. And if they really wanted to make an event banner, let alone a banner like this, they should have just added characters that haven't gotten alts yet, or even better, characters that don't have their regular variations available yet. I don't know anyone else in this thread has said this, but they missed an opportunity to add Izana. IS could have just added his regular variation and make him the Tempest Trial reward because of the fact he joins you if you upgrade your hot springs to level three. As for adding other new (Fates) units, they could have added Orochi instead of Elise. But like I just said, this shouldn't have even been a banner. They should have just gave us the BB banner here and now, or give us a new Archanea or Valentia banner.
  6. As the seventh Camilla alt. Shitposting aside, however, I don't think he should be in his heron form. Zelgius exists though, so he just might show up as a heron at some point.
  7. I just used a random name generator for my current name, almost five years ago. I'm actually planning on changing it though, since I want to be more creative.
  8. I need to start getting more active on this site again...

  9. So, um. *ahem* It looks like Elizabeth Warren is fixing to run in 2020.
  10. Okay I just got a ATK+ HP- Azura from the free summon on that Weapon Triangle banner that just came back. I've already replaced my RES+ HP- Azura with that one.
  11. Oh, nice, Leif is there instead of NY Camilla. I'd like to get a DEF+ NY!Camilla but since I already have her and I don't have Leif, this is nice. Definitely going for red so I can try to get Winter Tharja. (And Leif, to a much lesser extent) Valentine Lyn and Legendary Ephraim is back, so I'll pull on blues to get them. Morgan would be nice but I already have Summer Corrin, but if I get Morgan I won't complain. Greens... Oh boy, I kinda want Hector but I already have a DEF+ RES- Brave Ike (though Steady Breath fodder would be cool, I guess), and I have a decent Myrrh too. I might actually skip green this time. Valentine Roy and Elise are both back, so I'll probably pull on colorless for them. All in all, definitely pulling for red, and will go for either blue or colorless. Leaning towards blue since I have Robin already and Elise is in the regular summoning pool.
  12. Honestly, Dragon Julia was what I thought to be likely this month. Hmm... maybe we'll get a sane version of Julius? Or perhaps Hrid is finally gonna be playable. Watch as armored dragon Julius becomes a thing one day.
  13. So the trailer for the next legendary hero will most likely drop tonight, anyone else here think it will be Julia? FE4 spoilers, I think. Probably not but I'll do it anyway just to be safe.
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