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  1. I don't see why lords should be excluded from the event. Apart from it being arbitrary, it denies people who like those characters. It's not up to anyone besides each individual player to decide who they want a special alt of. Unfortunately, IS decided to end Far-fetched so there is less reason to vote for less popular characters, but that's what I'm going to do until the midterms come out and I switch to strategic voting.
  2. I like Edelgard and Rhea, but I do find some fans of either irksome because they demonize the character they don't like. TH went out of their way to make nuanced and morally grey characters but some fans still want to divide things into black and white morality. Lyon can be happy with the 4 versions of Eirika already in the game. Lyon needs his time in the sun. Good to know. I might throw them a vote depending on how things shape up, but for now I'll stick to characters with stronger writing.
  3. She got my vote today. Rhea fans unite! (There are dozens of us, DOZENS!)
  4. Hm, as usual there are some oddities. Byleth is listed twice for each gender, with the normal hair color and again with the Enlightened One hair color. Unlike the academy/war phase vote pooling, there isn't any special notice to suggest Byleth's votes would be pooled. While she's not my top pick to win CYL, I at least want to see how she would rank but she'll get screwed over by vote skewing. I wish IS could get their act together, these are obvious issues. I'm hoping Edelgard will win top female and Dimitri top male but until the midterms comes out, I'll be voting for obscure favorites like Lyon and Laegjarn.
  5. There is a big difference between the new Adrestian government not being able to deny Faerghus' political/military pressure (for some length of time) and the country having its sovereignty forever taken away and the territory annexed into the Kingdom. The former allows the possibility of self governance for Adrestia in the future. Crimea is not Begnion, and the game makes a point to describe their conflicting interests. Ike and the Crimean forces are leading the vanguard specifically because they don't want Begnion to take credit for Crimea's liberation and gain more influence after the war is over. It is Begnion that occupies Daein after Ashnard is defeated, and Crimea has no power to affect (in favor or against) their policy.
  6. Ike (nor Crimea) doesn't annex Daein though, and presumably, under Sanaki's rule, Begnion would probably eventually appoint someone in Daein to step up and become the monarch. It doesn't sit well with me that Dimitri takes over all of Fodlan. I think it would be more in character for him to find a legal successor, even if they're not from the direct imperial line. Often in these stories, they oversimplify matters of inheritance and act like a country can only continue with one bloodline but in reality, they'd probably just find someone next in line, no matter how distantly related among the nobility.
  7. Well obviously she's better than Corrin. Metoedy sure is a nonsensical pick for a subordinate for Edelgard though. All of the other ones we see, like Randolph and Ladislava are professional and honorable types but Metoedy is an unabashed sadist. Sure, maybe he's the right tool for their current job but goodness, no, I don't see that psychopath being a part of Edelgard's "bluff" to not kill students.
  8. Yep. This "Edelgard told her soldiers not to kill anyone" narrative is nonsense. It's Corrin's stun sword levels of silly. I'm sure Metodey and all of her men present there were happy to be slaughtered, knowing that it meant Edelgard's favorite classmates were spared.
  9. Not hard to pick out the Edelgard stans in this thread. In regards to the OP, I agree. Claude's cleverness feels very informed and CF does a really poor job of depicting Rhea and the church as especially vile. Edelgard says they're bad, so they must be.
  10. Fair enough. I don't see as many W!Sothis/Nagi/W!Fae, it's usually stuff like max investment Fae, Nowi or lesser merged B!Ike and Caineghis. I'll consider Lull A/R for Sonya anyway as she can't use Special Spiral as efficiently with her Glacies build.
  11. My defense does have Sonya (precharged Glacies and Mirror Impact) as well so I suppose she would be another option. I brought up Ophelia first because people looking to counter her will be stacking visible res while for Sonya it doesn't matter what kind of res they have in terms of how much damage she'll do.
  12. With a Lewyn banner on the horizon, my Ophelia is hungry for a new B slot. It was my intention to get her Special Spiral (as per the cookie cutter build) but I wonder if the new Lull Atk/Res wouldn't be better for her in AR defense. While she would lack the repeat shots of her doom cannon, the latter B skill would make her initial attack more deadly against super tanks (in particular, ones using Bonus Doubler). For PVE content, Special Spiral would be better though. Thoughts?
  13. As much as I sympathize with Leo fans for IS never making him a good unit, you're complaining about your favorite character getting done dirty with THREE versions while Bruno fans have just one version and not even his OG form.
  14. I generally agree with the list but Eirika and Azura might rank higher because TH fans may be splitting their votes among many characters while the Eirika/Azura fans are still focused on their favorite. Marth may drop a few ranks as well after getting a legendary and a recent Christmas alt, but he's still make the top ten. I wonder if his fans got complacent and thought he was a shoo in for CYL3. I was genuinely surprised (and pleased) that Eliwood won. Marth definitely won't rank this time and even CYL5 is gonna be a battle.
  15. I would need to be careful that the Galeforce (or danced) unit can't reach the backline, which could make supporting the tank dangerous. I suppose Nowi with Guard will have to be my budget counter. Maybe stack her Def with Corrin too.
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