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  1. Okay so I was reading act 5 of Echoes and this doesn't make much sense to me.


    Celica: If Duma is gone, Rigel’s lands will turn as barren as Zofia’s have. Even more people will starve.

    Isn't the whole thing with Duma that he doesn't bless the land unlike Mila due to believing it will make mankind weaker so how will they become even more barren when he wants man to toil? 

    Celica later tells Alm that it is impossible to deal with Duma but this doesn't seem to be a problem with Alm who thinks it is wise to fight an immortal deity despite this being as smart as trying to destroy a tank with bare hands. 


    Celica: And even if you wanted to stop Duma, you can’t. Nothing can stop him now. Mila has chosen to seal Falchion away with her.

    But somehow he manages to convince them that they can do the impossible. 


    Alm: I’m not giving up on her. Every part of me—every fiber of my being—says this is wrong. So we’re going to take down Duma and bring Celica home safe!

    Tobin: Sure, that all sounds fine and well. But how do we do that, exactly?

    Mila's statue started glowing after they were all convinced that Duma would go down so that can't be used as an excuse. 

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    2. NekoKnight


      Yeah, I think you're right about the story structure and appeal of PoR. The "country gets invaded, protagonist flees and seeks aid in other countries" is a pretty standard for FE but it's not a bad structure, it just needs a developed cast and world.

      I don't have a strong opinion on Roy but I've heard that he's always right and his advisors are wrong when they challenge his decisions.

      I'll have to play more of Black Eagles to get a complete understanding of her character but I appreciate what they did so far to make her so self-motivated.


    3. Icelerate


      Do you think SS also follows the same structure? The only difference is the route split but Ephraim's path in particular follows the same structure. 

      What do you think of Mangs' Micaiah spotlight

    4. NekoKnight


      I'd say Eirika's path follows the plot structure more closely if we're to consider that Ephraim goes on the offensive instead of fleeing to allies to get aid.

      I watched the video and I don't think it was very good. His conclusion that Micaiah is a Mary Sue takes her out of the context of the story she's in and he doesn't recognize that Micaiah is basically Jean of Arc, a real person. In my opinion, stacking your character with special traits isn't a Mary Sue if they still have to work hard for the acclaim they get.

  2. Oh thank goodness, I was really worried that they had cut hyrbid units. The lack of Malig Knights/Dark Fliers is disappointing but the other master classes are pretty cool. I really like the Mortal Savant. That might be my direction for Byleth. It is a little curious that they decided to make Bow Knights a thing when I had assumed that with less weapon restrictions, they could just roll that into Paladins but it's interesting. I also find it strange how there is no Lance specialist infantry.
  3. I always thought Amiibos were consumer unfriendly. You get a low quality figure and maybe (??) you eventually get your money's worth in extra game content? If they can't even give you something worthwhile in a mainstream Fire Emblem game, then they really don't utilize them well enough. I do feel bad for people who wanted more content, and I'm glad I never bought any myself. Now THIS would be much more consumer friendly. If the content is widely available as DLC (and free if you have the amiibo), then everybody wins. No one gets screwed by limited releases of Amiibo and amiibos owners get actual rewards.
  4. It is a bit problematic, I would agree, and it would probably be better if they lowered the damage output. That said, I do think the danger of critical hits (like enemies equipped with Killer weapons) adds an extra layer of depth to certain engagements, so I don't think critical hits should be removed entirely.
  5. That's my position. In general, disregarding random crits, if my unit was in a position where RNG is the only thing standing between me and resetting the map, I was playing poorly.
  6. I'm going to jump on the 'it was a disaster in Fates so no' bandwagon. I think it would be interesting if there was a route where you got to use all three lords, the Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Red/Blue, but you would have to be VERY careful that you don't derail the established threats/conflicts in the other stories. Hiding the biggest bad behind DLC and then writing some contrived excuse for why they didn't show up before would hurt every other route in the game. At the very least, the 4th route ought to have equivalent weight to the other routes, such as several characters being unplayable/getting killed. It should be an option, not the clearly superior route to play. I don't think IS could pull it off, personally.
  7. I wonder if these theoretical Master classes would have the same level requirement as Advanced classes but just have additional skill requirements. It sure would be a bummer if you could unlock them but you had to be level 35 or whatever is the near endgame level range. That said, in the meantime, I'll just pray they make it into the game period.
  8. That Black Beast sure looks scary, and it's holding a corpse too. That wolf is humongous.
  9. They might do a Harvey Dent (like in the Dark Knight) thing where he starts as a moral paragon for justice but when the systems in place still make innocents suffer, he decides to tear them all down.
  10. What do you think of Mekkah's plot critique of FE7? I think he was too nit-picky and harsh but I do agree with him that the villains seem to act incompetently all the time. 


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    2. Icelerate


      What route did you choose or going to choose? 

      You helped Ghast. 

    3. NekoKnight


      I'm playing the Blue Lions right now. I'm told that the story doesn't change much for the first half of the game.

      I don't actually watch most of Ghast's content. The Support Sciences are interesting because I like delving into character writing but I don't really care about Let's Plays, rom hacks, etc.


    4. Icelerate


      I don't care for spoilers so I'm curious about your thoughts on the story.

      Well Mangs character spotlights are similar although he doesn't go in depth but ends up ranking them. 

  11. I'm going with 23 before the time skip. A 5 real gap feels appropriate for romancing the students/old enough to be an authority figure to them. What the heck has Byleth been wasting his youth on? Back in my day, you weren't a JRPG protagonist unless you saved the world by the time you were 16.
  12. The class system sure is strange. Women can be mercenaries but not heroes, and they can't be any gauntlet class despite having them in other classes. They also can't use dark magic because....reasons. And then you have fliers which have zero male accessible class before advanced and if you want to go from Pegasus Rider > Wyvern Rider you need to switch specialties from lances to axes. I hope they make this work in the game.
  13. The question I have is "what is the point in having two types if only one of the students even gets a major crest?" Other characters (Catherine for example) probably have Major crests too but they seem like an outlier, which makes me thing there will be some way to upgrade minor crests into major ones.
  14. That was something I was wondering about too. I don't remember which publication it was but when they talked about Rhea, they said something like "She looks really serene but maybe...there's something a little shady about her.....HMMMMMMMM." It could be that she's a pretty benevolent person but she's involved in a church coverup or something. Maybe she's a well intentioned extremist.
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