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  1. Totally agree with you, they went with the generic male one, not for nothing smash fans says that all of them are Marth. Now I wish they didn't add Byleth, I was looking forward her amiibo... Ups I also agree with this comment really. Even if male Byleth fans are super loud, female Byleth always has more fans (more fanart, more likes, higher bplaces on polls, and so) so yeah she'll would definitely outsell him, now they won't have my purchase not a couple of friends IRL and other people I've seen. They really just don't want our money, even if they had complications if manufacturing because of the pandemic, at least they should have it for the future, and for the others bayou mentioned there wasn't any pandemic so there is no excuse, female figurines are always a save sales, so I don't understand them except for them being misogynist as they tend do...
  2. Byleth of course. My backups would be Sylvain, Lorenz and Lute in that order.
  3. I love the characters and the game. Probably more than any other FE game, at least the cast as a whole, because in other games i only care like the half of them and so. However on a more technical side, the more i see (or play it) the more i think it is definetly rushed because has a lot of flaws and would rather wait some more months and play a more inmense and complete game.
  4. Exactly hehe at least she knows her Byleth will be in good hands 😛 and congrats bon your last copies!
  5. I hope you get them soon! thankfully there is still time. And yeah he deserves everything! 😀 i had a extra brave Celica around and gave him Swift Sparrow 3 for now, i really have been enjoying using both Sylvain and Byleth and want to go all with them supporting each other 😛 .
  6. Tellius, they need an actual new heroes banner and less seasonals.
  7. @Anacybele i don't come here often but hey congrats on your advance on Sylvain merges!! 😀 i went for all the banner too with around 800 orbs, got lucky with the first Sylvain, Dorothea and Ingrid in around 100 orbs, but for Byleth the pitybreakers attacked me and after 500 orbs or so i got my first copy. I plan to +10 both Byleth and Sylvain because i really like them and now both are +3 (stopped with greens when Byleth didn't came and kinda trying to be on par and since reds are a nightmare...), i hope i can grab more copies until the end of the banner and then super save until their duo banner rerun with the exception of CYL banner in case there is a sparkling system there to at least grab one copy of the lords.
  8. This banner is pure perfection for me. I'll try for everyone at least one copy, with trying to go for merges for Sylvain and duo Byleth. For the ones who said about male Byleth he'll probably be on winter anyway like the other male a avatars, no need to get mad. I hope my 700 orbs are enough and planning to buy forma soul packs to express my gratitude.
  9. It's like a dream! And a perfect color balance for the awakening otp team! I can't believe it!!
  10. We got it! With Rhea as third wheel but excellent.
  11. Yeah! The feeling is the same! 😄I wish our pairings were more popular (although thankfully I've seen a good fair amount of Sylvain with Byleth mostly by Japanese artists, probably her most popular ship outside of the three lords, but not that much of Fred and Robin because Chrom -.-). Can't wait for tonight's announcement and that it doesn't let us down!
  12. You have great taste! It's actually my OTP for 3H too! their ending cards in all routes are super beautiful, and also really loved Robin with Frederick and was a favorite as well 😄 Let's hope both Sylvain and Byleth are in the banner to have our summer OTPS! I'll even buy orbs to support if they release them.
  13. I hope the boy is indeed Sylvain and the banner is full 3H. I'd love if female Byleth is in there because the other two avatar girls got their summer version.
  14. yeah, for some things they might have had male in mind, but all the time they probably knew they were using both female and male because it has been like that always. I feel the people who male Byleth are very very defensive (and sometimes agressive, not here but other places), way more than female Robin and male Corrin fans. I hope they keep the balance if they do. and yeah i agree with what all you have said, and also Lucina's popularity as well for example.
  15. Why are you assuming there will be Warriors 2? and if there is, whichever Byleth they choose won't prove anything because that game is not canon,but i do hope female gets to balance things like the first 3H banner. All the polls (being official Heroes ones or japanese magazines) have proven that female Byleth is more popular, so personally i hope she gets the Corrin treatment because a lot of media always use the male and while i understand why, it gets tiring. And female Corrin isn't the default one always because Birthright and Azura exists (i think cipher treats the equally but they do have a bias towards female in heroes and merchandise). Coming back to the Byleths, the same way as Male Corrin is Birthright and Female is Conquest...maybe Male Byleth should represent Silver Snow and Female Crimson Flower, and the other routes can go either way the same as Revelation. and yeah Female Byleth is waaay more shipped with Edelgard, while i have actually seen a lot of Dimitri and Male Byleth (actually the same amount as female) specially by Japanese artists.
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