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  1. Does anyone have Mozume's paralogue translated? Also, does anyone have a link to Kinu's translated supports? I have yet to hear people talk about her :?
  2. Online mode? Literally no footage of this long-awaited mode that everyone's been asking for. What is everyone doing that not one person (as far as I know) has recorded this mode yet? Rubbing their waifus?
  3. Um, I'm quite new to this stuff, is there any way to use two tilesets for one map?
  4. Is there a map with all the enemy unit locations? I don't want to resort to cheating but just in case I start pulling hairs.
  5. I can just not get to Zephiel on time before he gets utterly destroyed by the fighters with Swordreavers. I'm using my fastest units along with Ninian and others for added muscle to plow through. How am I supposed to get through this all?
  6. Currently watching Danmachi and I can't wait for the next episode tomorrow. Also I just finished reading the Deadman Wonderland manga. Has anyone else read that? I thought it was really good and made me feel during the last issue.
  7. I doubt it. They might make those staves not even obtainable till endgame.
  8. Yeah, unlimited weapon usage could work, it's just Phoenix mode I find the stupidest out of all this new info.
  9. Does anyone know if this was confirmed by a credible source? Because in this article, it says you can't change your difficulty when we've gotten an interview earlier that said we could change our difficulty midgame in the Nohr campaign.
  10. Happy birthday Morgan! I saved up a ton of pictures for him/her but I don't know how to spoiler so unfortunately those will go to waste.
  11. Aether has combos? The only I was aware of was dthrow to Aether at low %s.
  12. Oh I love it. It makes regular Aether looks like trash. Another Ike pet peeve is how he can't reverse ledge grab with Aether. Although his edgeguard game might become too stylish if it did.
  13. Probably would be useful if Ike had any horizontal momentum when using Aether.
  14. I secondary Ike and it's ridiculous how Fox and Falco, two characters with already good recovery, get to side-b out of up-b but Ike doesn't. Anyway, I use Furious Eruption, (Tempest in casual matches) Aether Drive, (cause why wouldn't you want better recovery) Close Combat, (see previous point) and regular counter. I think Ike's counter should be buffed though. I find it harder to hit than Marth's/Lucina's, and it would make more sense for Ike's meatier sword to deliver a better blow.
  15. Oh look another cool thing NA will be screwed out of be Nintendo can't name systems properly. :(
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