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  1. Had a blockbuster trade with riselem - thank you so much! Very trustworthy with high value cards. +1 riselem
  2. Got it - thanks for the advice! Any advice for her c skill? I have attack smoke there now; she will be on a mixed, non-cavalry team. I am thinking a speed wave would likely be her best bet.
  3. Question: What seal will be better for my LA!Titania - atk/spd+2 or Atk/Spd bond 3. I plan on running her staff, blade, and wolf tomes, if that's any help. She's going to have Swift Sparrow as her A and desperation as her B.
  4. Interesting to me; I respect this opinion, but I love EO and so I am biased towards the artist. I really like the style and hope he gets the opportunity to do more units.
  5. It's too bad her hammer user is probably Frederick, because the combination of hammer (or any armor slaying weapon) and null follow-up 3 is pretty much the bane of 99% of armor units. My Libra may not be the best user of the combo in the world but he sure does laugh at Zelgius and pretty much everyone else. Going to assume this Greil is also going to be built with fury and not DC so he should be easy to shoot and run. I think he should be easier to take down than W!Fae w/o a falchion user.
  6. I was just looking at it actually (I went to the catalog of heroes to kind of remind myself of what pissed me off), and it's much much better. I still hate the crotch window but the actual art itself is pretty well done with all 4. I have an irrational hatred of dancers in general but I'll say it's good when it's good. Kind of relating to the above post with artists and off days, it sort of makes you wonder what the contracts are like. This game does go out to a lot of players; at what point and IS receive a commissioned piece of artwork and go "Oh no, this is not gonna be good". Obviously the art mentioned has definitely not been at that level, because it's here for us to gripe about, but I wonder if they have been slipped some real awful turds already that we just haven't seen.
  7. It's pretty dang hard to top Lloyd. Just to contribute something different to the topic, however, I have always hated standard Olivia. I don't think she has a great design to work with, but her hands are way off and the style doesn't suit her like it does Raven. Also, she looks like she's Oliver, not Olivia down south if you catch my drift.
  8. I agree. I still do it, and am definitely going to be locked in to doing it until death thanks to the new Titania (I suggest we both might be). I think it's worse crime is that tbh, it's incredibly boring. Am I going to be fighting Surtr, Reinhardt, L! Azura, Veronica, and Ophelia on this map? YOU BET! I'd love to see people's actual teams, which is how I have my castle set up. I also don't believe in using units I don't like, so I never use Eir or anything like that. I can't say I care too much about reaching the highest tier, because the reward difference for 19 (where I am) isn't that much less than above. I am not going to complain about that because I know it's self inflicted by "not doing whatever it takes to win" but I'd hate using Eir or any unit I didn't like because I felt I was forced to. AE is the mode that really pushes certain units more than others (and it's not like I suck, I clear abyssal maps and I don't own a single dancer - not a one) On the other hand, sometimes it makes me laugh when I go to a castle and it's a single Lv1 Oliver.
  9. I pulled red both times, and I got 2,000 feathers H!Nowi and S!Tana. Was really hoping for a rally 4 skill from Gunnthra / Hrid, so naturally the wife pulls Gunnthra and doesn't give a shit about it lol.
  10. I wouldn't put it pass them, lol. I would have thought the tribes would have made sense, but I also thought that perhaps they would give tribe bonuses as well, while so far it seems like a beast is a beast is a beast. I wonder if we will see Kurthnaga ever. Panne is a given, I really want her as well. Just stop making all the beasts I wanna run Blue, lol
  11. I am down for (and hoping) for more beasts if possible. I love running Nailah, but I don't really run manaketes so some more team flexibility would be nice. I would really really love a Janaff of anyone, but would also be super happy to see Keaton, Ranulf, Lethe, Volug, or Skrimr. I don't really have a bead on what makes a beast what color (both Ravens and wolves are blue? Different herons?), so let's hope there is a mix of colors, whoever they chose.
  12. You and me both, friend; only, my source of SS was from an Erika! She's getting all of my grails and flowers until she is +10/+5, as well. I haven't been THIS hyped for a unit for a long time. While she is getting blade (and wolf!) for me, I'll probably use her default staff until I can tweak the team just right, so I was looking at the Atk/Spd bond or atk/spd +2 seal. Really though, whatever she wants, she GETS!
  13. I am looking to buy a B12-013R+ Titania Amenity currently has her listed at 880y (~$8.00), but I am willing to pay $15 if anyone is willing to part with her. Thanks! :3 *Edit* Also, this is strange as a "want", but if anyone who has traded with me would like to be friends on heroes, I would be delighted! Just send me a message :3
  14. Thank you, everyone who helped me clean out what was left of my extras! I would like to write something personal for each of you, but you're ALL AWESOME! :D +1 Blu +1 Faithy92 +1 fapplecider +1 I Deserve This +1 Interlude37 +1 NeatoKing +1 nekogami92 +1 Zaziki
  15. I think right now, my most popular opinion that I hold near and dear is that I like all of the maps in Gaiden/Echoes, especially the desert/swamp ones. I can definitely see why people who like the other games more would be turned off by them, but feel that the hate they get is largely unwarranted. The design / forcing players to make choices is definitely there, but it's different than smooth buttery cavalry rushes so it's uncomfortable to play. IMO, any map that makes the player feel uncomfortable is pretty good for a strategy game. I feel as though I have always liked the least popular games in the series, (SD, Gaiden, Thracia, Binding) the most. As a player I don't see all the "improvements" of the new games and don't understand the bashing of the older games' simplicity. My biggest pet peeve is when older games are described as "unplayable". Radiant Dawn to me is "unplayable" but that's because of my personal tastes and not my suggestion that the game is fundamentally broken or no longer good by objective standards.
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