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  1. I'm sad but glad that Tibarn was not included in the Double Special Heroes! They added Nephenee out of the blue (I think this slot was supposed to be for Tibarn). That being said, I only pulled a green for free pull, and it was just 4* Gunter. )-:
  2. Never played FE4, but I will be passively hoping for 4* Lex in future pulls because he's a chad.
  3. I got Henriette and x3 Shinon from the free tickets. Bruh.
  4. Has anyone had any problems with purchases? I feel like I'm going to be charged for a purchase that went wrong (I didn't receive the items). My main question is: How receptive is Customer Support?
  5. no (I would post a video, but I forgot the HTML to do it. Could anyone help me? :c)
  6. As someone who has done BL Maddening 3 times, I can say that it gets better definitely as you do more auxiliary maps. Just make sure to have Annette and Mercedes (and other mages like Lysithea) to heal in order to gain HP. Units with low attack like Ingrid or Ashe should finish what others leave out. Sylvain is pretty open in terms of how you want to build him, so just make sure he gets EXP accordingly. Turtling with Byleth, Dedue, and Dimitri is fine. It's normal.
  7. Well. I hesitated +10ing Cormag for a really long time in hopes of procuring the last copy from an event. An event never came along its way. Then I heard the news... )-: I felt like I just wanted to finish him once and for all. And he's amazing. He was able to solo 6/8 of the Abyssal LHB maps with support. I debated about giving him Distant Counter, but I felt a lot better with Atk/Def Solo 4. Getting more defense to get more defense is really silly. I would have preferred Atk/Spd Rein but Claude came around after I yeeted Jill. Anyways, I think it's my first time posting here. I really want to build Rhys next if I get Plumeria tomorrow... I'll see.
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