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  1. Completed Abyssal with Celica (+1) with her backup dancers.
  2. WIG. Have fun moderating!
  3. 111 orbs went to Summer's Arrival banner. Nothing, but a +Spd / -Res Tana for my troubles. I just want Innes merges. ;________;
  4. I’ve been almost hitting score cap on Clair with using a bow user, flier, and two melee dancers. I just need some buff tweaking, giving Leon a damage special, and a cavalry unit to defeat stray enemies.
  5. I don't think you should be posting artwork without credit.
  6. I think they were talking about the last part of your post!
  7. Laevatein needs to take some toe-spreading lessons from Helbindi...
  8. What's the difference? It's just a thread. I think it could make sense that the OCs are here, especially because it's their game. But for some reason, I have that feeling people wouldn't be turned away if Hector or Ike appeared in a summer banner.
  9. Mercedes x Annette. Dimitri x Dudue or Felix. This is the hill I will die on.
  10. What's ... amazing to me is that they didn't put obvious popular beefcakes like Ike or Hector on this banner? Like they really just to push the OCs so much?
  11. I never felt so unattracted to a banner before.
  12. I have seen people go into the army for at least two years just so they can get experience with the rigidity and strictness. Then they go to a trade school or university where their expenses can be further aided by the government. It's a consideration if you want to get a degree at a university or a trade school (if you haven't already). I'm not trying to undermine your pay or anything at all, but I do think $12 is quite low. I got paid $16 an hour for entry level when I was working in retail (of all things). If you are considering money > comfort/fulfillment/enjoyment, maybe military is something you can pursue. But you'd have to consider and reconsider the repercussions of joining the military beyond comfort. Do you know where you wanted to be located?
  13. It's called an undercut! She looks a lot more confident, so I kind of like it. o: - So the brawler class looks really good? Was iffy on it at first, but the advanced class for it looks pretty cool.
  14. I’m doing the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp dance because I don’t really like the banner. I hope the free unit is a dude though.
  15. I'm not going to criticize IS for the graphics because Fire Emblem games have never been that great with graphics. But I really love the sound design, and they are really taking huge steps with it after making it so much better from FE15 from what I'm hearing. Though the voice acting a step back from FE15, but I feel like part of it comes from the scriptwriting.
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