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  1. It's called an undercut! She looks a lot more confident, so I kind of like it. o: - So the brawler class looks really good? Was iffy on it at first, but the advanced class for it looks pretty cool.
  2. I’m doing the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp dance because I don’t really like the banner. I hope the free unit is a dude though.
  3. I'm not going to criticize IS for the graphics because Fire Emblem games have never been that great with graphics. But I really love the sound design, and they are really taking huge steps with it after making it so much better from FE15 from what I'm hearing. Though the voice acting a step back from FE15, but I feel like part of it comes from the scriptwriting.
  4. The summer dudes better not have those weird ass sandals. Wish they went barefoot like Takumi.
  5. I wish there is a support of two characters who are exclusively attracted to each other. That's why I feel less attracted to games with an Avatar being around because everything is made to appeal to them, the player. If the company were to write same-sex material to appeal to straight consumers, all of the supports would probably sound inauthentic. I'm kind of ambivalent talking about this, but I can sort of agree that this is how it would turn out. Straight people consume so much yaoi/yuri that we could assume creators/directors would only add them in for those consuming them, not for representation.
  6. Dudue seems like the armor type, but I might want to try a thief class, probably to fix his mediocre speed and make him an Assassin to fit his lore.
  7. Spoiler: Language I'm not sure if it matters fictionally (in the grand scheme of things). Also, I don't think the church could have an influence on romance, especially after the timeskip. Does the goddess care if two ladies or two men are together?
  8. I had 100 orbs saved up for S!Innes, but Celica and Genny calls. One Celica and Genny came home, luckily (it could have been worse). Now I really have to start saving up for him.
  9. For Blue Lions: I'm kind of expecting Felix will drop his bun and become the staple long-dark-hair Myrmidons. For Black Eagles: Caspar will probably look like Akihiko Sanada post-Persona 3. Bernadetta will look the same, but just stand taller. For Golden Deer: Marianne... Rinea?
  10. Archers/Snipers (for now). 1-3 range archers seems like the standard going forward.
  11. I might pick up the Special Edition in Europe if it's still in stock by the time I get there. I wouldn't actually play the game until after 2020 though because of work/university obligations. But it's just I am mainly waiting to purchase a smaller Switch version (if it ever becomes announced/released). I'm on the fence on it though... I adored the art style for Echoes, but I don't quite like the art style for Three Houses (I really do like the cutscenes though). I'd have to think about it more before spending ~$100 on it.
  12. Character talks and you as the protagonist have options to choose dialogue options. It's very much like what you've seen in the E3 gameplay (if you have) with the protagonist talking to the students. Imagine that and expand that into a support conversation.
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