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  1. Don't worry, the upgraded Season Pass is the only thing I want copied xD This is exactly how I feel. Anna has some useful options for faculty training, but apart from that she's terrible. I even used her in my Silver Snow run and she...wasn't very good as a unit either. Maybe I just got stat-screwed, but she was severely lacking compared to the rest of my team. This too! Even the War Monk turned out pretty fun, though I'm still mad at the gender-locking. For paid content no less!! Yeah. He starts off as a jerk, but boy does he grow on you fast. I especially love how his personal arc changes between routes; that was a sweet touch. I don't know how he stacks up against Gatekeeper yet though, but he's absolutely a new favourite of mine all the same :3 Do we know who voiced him yet?
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about them. Thanks! Funny how both come from the same game 😛 Heck, if that cancelled FE remake comes back and it turns out to be a FE6/ 7 bundle we might get a definitive answer about Limstella; that'll be fun~
  3. In hindsight, I feel pretty embarrassed that I didn't think of Brammimond when the neutral tome discussion was going on - they fit it perfectly! Even their tome itself is called the "Void Tome"! At first I was annoyed that IS just gave them a male voice, but I realised what they were doing as soon as I heard Lyn and saw they had four VAs. Very clever! I was expecting them to speak with a male and female voice at the same time, but...yeah, that wouldn't really work with a human's vocal chords, would it? Anyway, Brammimond looks soo cool, especially with those tattoos! And that C Skill is very interesting! It seems we finally got that Nihil some people were speculating about a while back, huh? And a very interesting version at that, given it negates all abilities except the foe currently in battle. Needless to say, I'd like very much to get Brammimond, but I'm going to wait until they're joined by a better (for me) Colorless line-up and until I get more Orbs. Kudos to IS for including such an awesome character, and so out-of-left-field to boot, guess all that 3H stuff this month was one giant red herring xD Please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they the only non-binary character in the series? Granted I haven't played every single FE, so there's that... P.S. I'm hoping we get more colorless tomes in the future - specifically in the normal summoning pool/ with "generic" weapons. It'd rob some of the magic (no pun intended) if all of them were Prfs. Even worse if they're all Mythics/ Legendaries.
  4. Ideally IS would pull a Fallout 4 and add said content to the existing pass to make up for the lack of value it already has. Looking at how they've handled Heroes in recent months though...yeah, I find myself doubting that possibility.
  5. I've replayed the two remaining routes since my "first impressions" write-up on the Wave 4 thread and I stand by what I said before: Cindered Shadows is really good! Even if it’s non-canon, I love what it adds to the mythos, both by itself and via the additions to the main story. The Shadow Library for example is a great resource for lore enthusiasts and even proves or debunks fan theories from last year (such as )! While Coco and Hapi are quite “out there” compared to the rest of the students and faculty, I’m happy to say I love all four Wolves too and I’m very impressed at the deeper backstories they elicit from their Support Partners and even just in their monthly dialogue. At first I was worried because they didn’t have any dialogue upon killing anyone in the Zanado chapter, but my worries evaporated when I realised they still had unique boss and eating/ group task dialogue instead. We didn’t need to hear any of that, and yet we did and I’m so happy! The VAs both new and old did incredible work, just as before, especially Constance's . My personal favourites of the four so far are Yuri and Hapi. I’ve already mentioned my disappointment at how men can only use 2 of the 4 new Classes, but I’m greatly enjoying them nonetheless. I’m not much for meta-gaming so don’t know how they stack up against Bow Knight and Wyvern Lord, but Dark Fliers are a lot of fun even if their Transmute ability is quite niche and the range Lysithea gets as a Valkyrie is insane. Trickster is a nice replacement to Mortal Savant as a class for swordies with magic proficiencies (or mages with sword proficiencies) such as Marianne and while I still think War Monk has a bizarre pair of requirements I can’t deny that it’s pretty fun too. It’s practically made for Byleth (and Catherine)! And hey, they all look really striking too, not to mention their animations! Trickster’s and War Cleric’s two victory poses are my favourite~ The rest of the Season Pass is more mixed though. I like the Academy outfit for the Byleths (and it just highlights how Byleth is given the “adult” treatment and doesn’t get a timeskip design. A more warlike attire would have been nice…) and it works well enough as a freebie to entice people to buy the Pass on Day One, but Waves 2 and 3 are pretty weak. I’ve already talked about Anna before, but it’s still bizarre how the F2P unit added alongside her, Jeritza, has a unique Class and more importantly Supports while she has nothing. Not even new dialogue in the Monastery each month – just for some of them! I like that her Paralogue grants a flying Stride Battalion and she has a useful batch of topics for Faculty Teaching, but that’s it. Her monthly quests, which add steal-able items to auxiliary battles that you can trade for stat boosters, aren’t that fun either, especially since the number of items she wants from you goes up over time. The Sacred items and new auxiliary battles are nice enough, but as mentioned before the latter makes you quite overpowered for the normal maps, so you may not even want to play them. I imagine they’re useful for Maddening though, so it’s pretty convenient that they released alongside it… I do like the Sauna though. It adds 2 more points when training yourself or tutoring your students (per training session and this is also susceptible to Great/ Perfect multipliers) and you can enter it as many times (with different students) as you want so it can be away to use up excess activity points in the late-game. You also get to overheat both yourself and your partner once each without failing if you’re at A(?) Support, so that’s nice too. Finally, it can be used to grind Support between Byleth and their sauna partner, which is especially useful if you want to get to those new conversations with Jeritza and the Wolves ASAP as I did 😛 Wave 3 also added more outfits and the maid/ butler Battalions. I used the damage dealing one but not the other two, though I’m sure the Atk boosting one will find great use with someone clever with how they position their team (again, they feel like Maddening-oriented Battalions to me). But by far the best additions of this update are Jeritza (who as mentioned above is far more developed than the paid Anna) and the jump in save slots from 5 to 25. In the words of Hilda, ohh thank you so so much! As mentioned before, Cindered Shadows adds a great deal of variety and difficulty to the standard Three Houses fare, which extends to the Wolves’ Paralogues (which also reprise the CS battle theme along with their Supports using other tracks from Cindered Shadows). They add new lore tidbits too which are wonderful additions to boot! The new facilities are a mixed bag though. The scrap room gets better the more you invest into Abyss, but you’re still relying on luck to give you items you actually want to use, while the old teacher is pretty pointless unless you’re trying to optimise your entire team and the Wayseer’s uses depend entirely on your stance on Supports. If you’re trying to collect them all and have a long way to go, she’s great. Otherwise you won’t ever visit her (it also costs 10k renown to lock-in a paired ending, which is pretty steep). On the other hand, the Shadow Library as mentioned before is a pure delight and the Pagan Altar is a useful way to turn your excess materials into Renown or to get rare weapons for Renown, especially in the endgame, so there’s that too. As I said, it’s a mixed bag. To wrap things up, Wave 4 also added a few freebies. Rhea’s tea party conversations were always in the data but it’s nice to be able to access them now as is the fact that she has lost items too (I guess even she is as clumsy as everyone else in the Monastery xD) The ability to change outfits from the “free day” menu is nice but I wish we could change them just as easily elsewhere too and, while the new Jeritza/ Bernadetta Support is nice I’m still surprised we got it instead of a Jeritza/ Manuela one (considering Manuela is no longer surprised about the Death Knight apologising to her in CF). And last but certainly not least, Dancer Ensembles for the Byleths! They have such a lovely colour scheme and I’m so happy they finally got their outfits given to them! Needless to say I’m very happy about this particular change 😛 So looking at the Season Pass all together, there are more misses than hits – with some of the biggest hits being absolutely free. Still, if you see the price tag as being primarily for Cindered Shadows and the rest of the paid content as just being add-ons, I think you could consider this value for money. Looking at everything as a whole though...a lower price may have been a better bet. So...what do you think? There's still some left over data, including stuff that was updated with Wave 4 but not used, so hopefully we get another Wave or two as well. Fingers crossed! --- P.S. The Sothis Regalia is also really neat, for both Byleths! A great Christmas present, which is funny considering we got Xmas Sothis in FEH too (and she already looks like a Christmas tree from certain angles) 😛 I never realised Sothis’ shoulders were sunburnt until I saw the same for Byleth.
  6. This is true. I think it's an unfortunate reality that most of them would be skipped over or reduced to a few moments in the spotlight each (e.g. Ashe with Lonato, Dorothea taking in orphans) so that the narrative can focus on the Lords and the Church heads. I like your idea of a prequel though!
  7. I just made a post looking at a Golden Route from an adaptation perspective, but I still think it applies here. Basically, I think you could insert AM in the middle of SS/ VW so you get both Dimitri and Claude's arcs to play out (you'd basically slot the second half of AM between Gronder 2 and the Assault on Enbarr) and you get Nemesis and Berserk Rhea too - though YMMV on who's fought first. However, Crimson Flower may be too different to merge as it stands so would be a what-if. Even looking at this purely as a Revelations-style route...I think Edelgard's goals and methods are just too far removed from everyone else's. Even if everyone sat down and tried to talk things out, I don't think she'd be willing to compromise on either. For example, Claude implies he'd be willing to fight for his ideals too, but not to the extremes Edelgard goes to.
  8. I've been thinking this over for months, but now that I've beaten all four routes a second time I have a suggestion for a Golden Route/ anime adaptation/ whatever. Part 1: The three professors teach all three Houses, but Byleth is specifically the head of the Black Eagles (the former is already implied in Supports and you could skip the latter, though this would jar with how fond Edelgard is of the Professor later on). In an adaptation this would also let you mix and match who is present for what in Part 1, e.g. Edelgard or Dimitri at Remire (because of their reactions) and Claude at Conand Tower (because of his interest in Heroes' Relics). The exception to this is the Holy Tomb, which everyone is present for (but of course Dimitri's reaction to the Flame Emperor reveal takes centre stage). Part 2: The start of Part 2 could go one of two ways. Option 1: Events proceed as per Silver Snow until the capturing of the Great Bridge of Myrrdin. As this destroys the Empire's hold on the Alliance, Claude throws his lot in with the resistance army and joins us. This means we attend the Gronder rematch while not knowing who the "third faction" is as in Verdant Wind. However, Dimitri's encounter with Fleche and Rodrigue's death still happen and Byleth and Claude take him with them because he's too shocked to do anything by himself. (This would require Dimitri to go full rage mode right after the Holy Tomb as well as torture Randolph in the Battle of Garreg Mach). Option 2: Part 2 starts with Azure Moon, though the villager doesn't know about the dead Imperials; Byleth finds that out for themselves along with Dimitri. Everything continues as normal until Gronder Field where, instead of fleeing Claude sticks around to understand why the Kingdom attacked him after the battle. Once the Fleche situation is resolved he throws his lot in with the Kingdom. Everything else proceeds as normal: Dimitri's post-Gronder transformation takes place and the story shifts to Azure Moon, complete with retaking Fhirdiad (which adds the Kingdom's forces to the Alliance and Church's). The Deirdriu attack is skipped, but everything else plays out as normal up to and including Hegemon Edelgard. (Claude and Seteth also show up for the peace talks, though this is still Dimitri's idea.) [In Option 2, this is also where we learn more about Claude's ideology of people coming together despite their origins and beliefs, which is why he's upset that they couldn't work things out with Edelgard.] The Shambhala attack proceeds as per VW/ SS and Nemesis is reborn after it falls. Nemesis attacks, with Rhea unable to help because she's recovering from saving Byleth, but it's all for naught as she goes berserk right after, meaning everyone now has to put her down (after she explains to Byleth who they are). It's left ambiguous whether she survives this battle. (The order of these two battles is dependent on whether you want an epic or a bittersweet finale.) Claude leaves for Almyra, and Byleth rules Fodlan while Dimitri disappears in an attempt to atone (as implied in SS). Crimson Flower: Because Crimson Flower is so drastically different from the other routes, it would be better served as a separate story still. Using the adaptation approach this would be treated as an OVA or three that branch off after the Holy Tomb (like Steins;Gate 0). And while this wouldn't much the scale of fighting Rhea, obviously it would be nice if this also included the final fight in Shambhala too. No need for Nemesis though. Edelgard finally confronting Thales for everything he did to her would be catharsis enough. If we had two short films detailing Crimson Flower as we know it, a third would suffice to cover this (you could incorporate Hubert's Paralogue into it - maybe he figures out where Shambhala is by analysing what the Arrow of Indra is made of and where those materials are readily found)? Bonus: Cindered Shadows: This would also be an OVA. Just one film would suffice I think. I know it's polarising but Cindered Shadows has a really nice story that I'd love to get more attention~
  9. The latter. For the record, Marianne's Relic (the sword Blutgang) is the same, so chances are she'll also deal adaptive damage when she joins FEH.
  10. Agreed. They may be prioritising 5* only Heroes, but that's not a good sign... And while this isn't the same situation as with L'Arachel, I'm upset that Lyon has been passed over for a refine yet again despite Ursula getting a new weapon this month. Maybe he's coming soo too? Maybe?
  11. True, but...I don't know, the update would make sure all his arts look good, I guess? I was going to say Nifl, but I figured that would be too dependent on Ninian instead of his own merits/ personality. I get the feeling that he'd rather get closer to the Order if given the chance. ...and yes, I did think way too hard about this.
  12. She still has her Light Sage outfit left, which is what I'm betting she'll have. A shame though, since the Cipher art is glorious. While I don't care for Resplendent Heroes and never will, I maintain that this is a good chance for IS to fix unpopular artworks, so Eliwood would be nice. I don't know what he'd wear though - an Askran ensemble?
  13. They actually did it. Those madmen actually did it...an Idunn/ Fae Duo Unit! That's so pure and their conversation is going to be the sweetest thing ever!! Rampant powercreep is a problem of course, but these two are too precious for me to ignore. Goodbye Orbs! Also, Bartre huh? I was so sure we were finally getting Boyd. Huh.
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