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  1. They're so cute! ...but I really hope this Eirika doesn't end up better than Brave Eirika. By the way, why did FE8 get this treatment? I figured Tellius would get something like this instead. I never thought FE8 was big enough to get something only FE1's received so far (even its JPN 15yr anniversary was two years ago). P.S. Inheritable Canto skills sound interesting and giving melee units Canto+1 and the others regular Canto (i.e. traditional Canto) is a nice way of balancing them. I winder if they'll cost 300 SP?
  2. I'm still floored over the fact that Azura hasn't gotten a Prf yet despite her prominence in Fates and how many alts she got in Years 1 and 2 and surprised to a lesser extent over Ninian considering her own popularity/ relevance to FE7. Looking at this list I think Sothe fits a similar role to the latter given FE10 too. On the other hand, he's a guy, so I'm not that surprised he isn't getting that love.
  3. That I do! You seem to have all of FEH lore at the forefront of your mind when discussing it, so I'll make sure to check in with you the next time I want to discuss anything 😄
  4. This is true. I'm embarrassed to admit that I completely forgot about Thrasir. Even if Lif was desperate enough to try and recruit him, she would absolutely put her foot down on the matter 😛 Thanks for the reality check!
  5. I didn't think of that actually! I guess with all the Norse theorizing I forgot Fire Emblem itself has some common tropes too 😛 Thanks for the reminder! This is probably going to be the overarching plot for now. Though with the Bruno talk I'm curious if Lif will try to recruit him too or if Bruno will draw the line there (Lif still remembers his friendship/ bromance with him too, I'm sure).
  6. Yeah, that was a nice spin on things! And overall, I really like that this comic actually addressed a question all of us had! It was great to get an in-universe explanation for it! And poor Sharena: maybe next year she'll get something more modest? Also, her shy/ surprised expression is doubly great with the final panel's reveal xD
  7. That was a nice change of pace for me too. Eitri never left the forest: she's waiting for the Heroes to get Gramr back. As for Nott's deal... I really wasn't expecting that and I'm not sure if I like it. On its own, "gets crushes easily" could be played for genuine comedy, but if it means she's willing to murder people for someone she knows is evil while badmouthing her sister... yeah, not a fan. I could also be feeling awkward about this because Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS did the same thing a few weeks back, so there's that too. As for the overarching plot, I actually wasn't expecting Kiran to get kidnapped, nor for the Heroes to lose the MacGuffin, which is a nice change of pace. Considering Kiran isn't in a dream this time, hopefully it means we'll be seeing more of Fafnir and Otr too. It goes without saying, but there's more going on with those two than past villains so that insight would be appreciated. Also, we get four parts out of five worth of plot again. I hope this is the new default going forward (and we get five out of five parts worth of cutscenes in the future too)!
  8. I still have no idea how you pull these off, wow!! By the way, what do you use to record this footage, or do you emulate on PC?
  9. I love how between the two of you you guessed the entire batch minus the random H!Nowi. What is this about, if you don't mind me asking? Where in the video does it happen? Speaking for myself: YES, LYON FINALLY GOT A REFINE!!! And I actually have four of the five Heroes this time (minus Nowi) so I'm looking forward to seeing all of them. Fingers crossed for five great new updates!
  10. It was this, @Sentinel07, though of course I wouldn't be surprised if his plan became "pull a Kratos" right after.
  11. @Mercakete: Oh wow, that was a...lot xD Then again, I should have expected as much! I didn't know about Lif's Duo conversation, so thanks for that! Maybe Thorr just wanted to give them a day with his family? Loki convincing the old villains to instigate Ragnarok is a clever idea, thank you for that! It would, but in hindsight it could also just be IS being reluctant to create a model for Thorr too 😛
  12. That's fair. It's the sense I got too. I think she's just flirting with Alfonse to wind him up, but it's still a nice change of pace from the other flirts 🙂
  13. You know, I never thought of it like that! And you're right, the role reversal is super refreshing. It's nice to see some reimagined archetypes show up! If she were put into the regular summoning pool like the Muspellians this is absolutely what her Forging Bonds would be. Alas, every OC seems destined to be a Mythic going forward, regardless of whether they deserve that status or not... Such as the winner of the tournament demanding Anna wrestle her to keep the money? xD Agreed! Again, it'd be nice to see some variety on those banners instead of just "the standard" choices 🙂 Overarching lore-wise, this post suggested two interesting explanations for the "ten Nine Realms" situation: Considering Jotunheimr and Nidavellir's constant warring, it's possible Nidavellir broke off from the former in the past, meaning they're technically two parts of one Realm in the FEH-verse. Freyja and Freyr were recruiting the Alfr to fight in the Vanaheim and Asgard war which they lost, meaning Vanaheim was annexed into the latter (thus the two being considered one Realm). It's some compelling stuff and I'm curious what you all think of it. Especially you @Mercakete , since you seem fond of Norse mythoology too 😄
  14. Thank goodness it didn't! Yeah...that's pretty on the nose foreshadowing, huh? She even gets it from Nott, unless I'm mistaken.
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