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  1. I don't know if I said this before, but congrats on spotting that! It makes you wonder what could have been...maybe VW's Shambhala could have been more elaborate than SS' but Koei didn't know what else they could do so made Nemesis the final boss instead?
  2. Wow, your Point 2 is miserable considering what we know about the person involved. Poor thing... Also, good eye for spotting all this! I assume you zoomed in? Thank you very much!
  3. Perhaps, but his death is a huge part of Dimitri's character arc. While him being injured might also work, it'd lack much of the impact his death has - especially if he recovers within the timeline of the story. I agree with Fleche being playable though, particularly since CF has the smallest potential roster of the four routes. Having recently played AM just gives me more reasons to want to see what she's like too!
  4. How popular is Odd Atk Wave as fodder these days? I got a better Ishtar recently and want to know if I should merge my old one into her or just inherit Desperation and Draw Back onto her from one of my Manuals. Thanks in advance!
  5. Silver Snow is 21 chapters because it misses the Gronder rematch. Thank you for looking out for it though! Huh, TIL. Is she really that effective as a Mortal Savant?
  6. At the risk of starting a shipping war... Dorothea flirts with both Edelgard and Ingrid in her B Supports with them. While Edelgard plays along, Ingrid immediately freaks out. I thought this was a neat way of acknowledging that the former two are canonically bi while the latter isn't. Also, the choir sheet you need to find to unlock the choir practice is located right next to Dorothea. Fitting!
  7. Yeah, the more I think about it the more the lack of infantry lance sticks out to me. I mean, the Mortal Savant is terrible, but at least it exists for sword users... And regarding Petra, have you built any dodge tanks of your own? It could be nice to turn the tables on the Empire, right? As for my own question, does anyone know where I can find the months each Chapter takes place in? The FE wiki doesn't have this and I get that it's because this is such a niche thing to ask for, but I like this kind of detail hunting also my brain hurts trying to figure out how Silver Snow ends in the same month as VW and AM despite being one Chapter shorter. Thanks in advance!
  8. Ooh, this is a good idea! I'd love to see something like this someday! Heck, for all we know Shambhala was already doing this, we just didn't see it.
  9. I'd love a playable Fleche and Judith. Rodrigue and possibly Nader too, for the time they're around. The Famitsu leak didn't include the free content for Wave 4, so you never know... And I've heard requests for Rhea enough that a part of me would like her too, even if she's only playable for one chapter in each Part.
  10. In hindsight, this makes more sense. As for Lif, I don't see how Thrasir (who did less than him in the story) can be Mythical but not him. And @Hilda already made the case for Hel. Back to the trailer again, I just realised that Lif/ Alfonse and Thrasir/ Veronica do their attack poses when attacking Hel and enchanting Breidablik respectively, ditto for Hel posing like her damaged art when she gets shot. Neat!
  11. Lif and Hel are shoe-ins for the next two Mythic Heroes, which means the farewells will likely be delayed for three months for them to be released. ...unless we get them both at once, of course. But you're right, I totally forgot Book 2 did that so I'm sure 3 will as well. Looking forward to it! Forging Bonds will be pretty depressing though, considering the Book 4 quartet's relationships with each other. Now that I think about it, maybe we'll get Gustav as a Legendary Hero now too?
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