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  1. Agreed! And I know it's been said before but we still don't have a plan to defeat Freyja either compared to the past two books' various Rites.That plus her explicitly mentioning consequences from the end of Book 3 makes me wonder if we're going to get a cliffhanger ending - or at the very least that Chapter 13 ends with everyone escaping the dream but Freyja doesn't care because she knows they'll run into each other again/ the Askrans are doomed to die to the Allfather. Actually, I think that kind of ending would be interesting. It wouldn't be as satisfying as defeating or redeeming her, but if they handle it right that sort of "empty" feeling would be a great way to make us eager for more. Hmm... P.S. I didn't realize Sharena's absence until you guys pointed it out. I know her swapping places with Peony's the main theory right now, but her and Alfonse actually being Freyja and Freyr would be a heck of a twist. Especially considering the fact that we...you know, killed Freyr. Even if it was Alfonse's dream and not the real one, oof.
  2. And I loved it! Here I thought you were just going to write up a meme 😛 I probably would have missed it too had I not checked the datamine for him. And the prior precedent is interesting, thank you for bringing it up! Again: Kiran was always meant to be a guy, but clearly this isn't the first time IS messed up xD @Diovani Bressan: So like the localized Saizo/ Beruka C Support?
  3. I was dumb and kept animations off during this fight, but that is a really great touch, thank you for mentioning it! I just saw Kiran's damaged art too. Considering part of his chest is exposed...well, it was always obvious Kiran was a male self-insert, but if you really needed proof..:P I don't think we could ask for a clearer example of powercreep. According to this, Kiran has an Atk Superboon too which would put him at 180 BST with a merge if we ever got him exactly as is. I still think he's enemy only, but now that you mention MMarth it'd be pretty cool to get him as a reward down the line as with her. Maybe with Open the Future and an alternate Folkvangr (or would that be too generous)? Edit: Story-wise, if we really are getting Ragnarok for Book 5 I wonder if Freyja will help out for that if she repents,even if it's just telling them where to go or who to talk to? It'd be cool to see those from the other realms show up too and then we could get a more "back to basics" story of Askr and Embla for Book 6.
  4. I admit I was a little worried when there was no story to 12-2, but overall this was a really, really interesting chapter! Veronica being fed up with the Light Elves was wonderful as ever with even Peony getting frustrated. I loved Triandra's talk with Freyja, especially her admitting she and Plumeria adore her and Freyja beginning to feel guilty as a result. I spy a redemption arc coming. Triandra's death(?) was sad too, even if the realization that she and Peony were sisters came out of nowhere. Maybe IS skipped it for how obvious it was after the last trailer? And then came the Kiran reveal: I know everyone predicted it after the last chapter, but the nature of the reveal was really clever. There were a few jokes about killing Hel having no effect on the world, but it turned out it actually did? Alfonse is definitely still alive but likely kidnapped, so not only does this Book follow on from Book 3 (on top of the Hel and Surtr cameos) it sets up Book 5 too: incredible! Oh, and Kiran!Alfonse's name being blanked out was a neat touch, as was Kiran's name and even bio just being "???" - though they has an epithet: Near and Dear. It's sweet and while I doubt they'll be playable I like that attention to detail. And they just had Alfonse's vanilla kit. That was a neat touch! I am curious what'll happen to this Alfonse. I'm willing to believe his last line being "..." is just because he was stunned by Freyja's words - I really hope he doesn't become a silent protagonist going forward, though I welcome the opportunity for Sharena or Anna to take the lead for the last chapter and Book 5. By the way, I wonder if Freyja will follow them into the real world? It seems all the Order needs to do to escape is wake up and if Freyja really does reform I guess that solves the immediate threat too. That said, with the cliffhanger for Book 5 I'm willing to cut this one some slack if it stumbles on the landing. (Also I'm curious if we'll learn more about Eir's true parentage next year too.)
  5. So you're thinking this book will be longer than 13 Chapters? Given the ambiguous timing of the "midway" Trailer and the fact that each Book has been releasing later and later (not to mention how many people got impatient waiting for this one)...yeah, I can see that happening. Either that or Freyja just giving up and reforming at the last second, I suppose...
  6. Yeah, that was a disappointment. You'd almost think they were afraid of powercreep were it not for...everything else they've put out in recent memory. Both of these seem like really weird missed opportunities to me. I guess IS thought a demoted cav slayer was too good? I didn't even think about that but now I am so down for this! The funny thing is just last week I was asking about good sword infantry merge projects and we get freaking Nemesis of all people, wow! I too assumed he'd be a Mythic or at the very least a premium Hero but...I guess not? Does anyone else feel like the Travant backlash really got under IS' skin? I am all for it if that's the case of course 😛
  7. I'm thinking it could be an alternate version of Folkvangr (like Tyrfing/ Divine Tyrfing). Especially considering how outdated the original Folkvangr is at this point. Then again, I wouldn't mind a "freebie" boss fight like the Freyr one. I...completely forgot what chapter we were on. It's pretty crazy we still don't have a concrete plan to defeat Freyja other than to escape. Either this book is going to be longer than 13 chapters or it may end on a cliffhanger by the time they get to the real world. Or the ending is incredibly rushed. Intriguing stuff!
  8. I imagine it working like the Charisma Hat in SAO Abridged (essentially hypnotism) and I love it. Thank you for the mental image! xD
  9. As for the banner, I pulled Colorless only for Xane and kinda regret not going for Grima. Partly because I think she has a neat kit and partly because of the hilarity of her situation. Maybe I'll crack in the remaining month until the banner ends, but if not: hey, I get more Orbs for Legendary 3H Heroes and Brave Eirika.
  10. Yeah, that's what I'm planning on doing, especially with the last few GHBs having Prf weapons. I know that alone doesn't guarantee they'll be good, but it at least shows IS is paying more attention to them (looks at Travant). Thanks!
  11. Huh, Saias and Arvis got identical weapons after all, huh? In hindsight this was another M/F!Robin situation, wasn't it? As for Divine Tyrfing, who uses it better, Seliph or Sigurd? Seliph has inbuilt Miracle and Atk/Def Bond in his own weapon, but I'm curious if this is another Eliwood/ Blazing Durandal situation where the evolved option is infinitely better.
  12. Thank you for the explanation! I, uh...accidentally foddered one of my Itsukis for Atk/ Def Link fodder instead of a spare Laevatein so...oops. It's a shame too, because Itsuki was the more appealing to me of the two, especially after reading here that he's a powercrept Chrom.* Thank you for the extended explanation too; I'll have to look into AOE stuff now! * Loki pitybroke me recently, so I'm considering foddering her C Duel Infantry to Temari!Tethys. Would you consider that a good idea or are there better candidates for it? (I have a Klein I barely use, but obviously Death Blow is the better Skill for him, right?) While I'm here though, what are everyone's thoughts on Mininerva? Like Itsuki and Mercurius I also hear a lot of mixed opinions on her, but a F2P unit with both a Prf weapon and Skill sounds promising.
  13. I have an invested Flame Emperor actually, I'm just waiting for a rerun before I merge him up. Thanks! Are AOE specials really that good? I always thought they were quite niche outside of Ophelia.
  14. Thank you @Kaden and @XRay for the in-depth answers! The truth is I hit the feather cap so want something to burn them on (I just +10'd my OG!Eliwood and Reinhardt, which put a sizable dent in them for now). I just have two more questions (for now): - What are everyone's thoughts on Itsuki and Astram? The community seems to be split on both, though Itsuki seems to have carved out a niche as a bulky, budget dragonslayer. - Speaking of budgets, does anyone have any advice on F2P friendly units worth +10'ing for Arena Cores? I've made do so far with a +10 Nino, Tailtiu and Eirika, but I use them every week. I want to try dipping my toe in changing teams based on seasons. This includes Grail units. I should have enough Grails saved up to +10 at least one. Thanks in advance, everyone!
  15. Yeah, I'm both eager to see but also dreading the crazy team composition possibilities with Xane. The best part is that you don't even need to merge him* to get the most out of him: you need to merge everyone else instead. This banner lasts a month, right? I'll wait to see how effective he really is before committing. * all you'd get is an increased arena score and a bulkier Xane to use when he's alone.
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