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  1. I think her crush has always been cute, because it was just a small part of her personality, compared to the blatant pandering from others, such as the utter nonsense that was the Loki/ Aversa FB we got as ♠Soul♠ rightly brought up. Though I suppose it helps that I've never seen Avatars as "myself", so I have no qualms about shippinig her with Kiran where others might get offended. And of course it also helps that Fjorm's been fleshed out a little more in her various Forging Bonds, as much as people like to meme about her role in them.
  2. Loki kills him in mythology, for what it's worth: that may be implemented by a forced team up here. Indeed: right after I asked about that too! I wonder if Dragon!Fafnir is meant to be a vessel for the deity, or maybe the deity himself with amnesia? I didn't think of the Metal element before actually, but that could be really neat too, thanks Mercakete! I wonder what this means for Jotunheimr... And yes, it is painfully obvious who Reginn is. I'm more surprised by the "reveal" that Fafnir isn't of royal blood: wasn't that a given, given he was explicitly stated as taking the crown for himself in the past? Also, it was nice to see that Fafnir is still cognizant enough to recognize Otr going behind his back, even if he hasn't put his foot down yet. Hopefully this doesn't end with him being stabbed in the back, but now that I think of it, the midpoint trailer did suggest Otr was aware of the impending dragon transformation. And Veronica's finally getting involved! After so long I'd started to think she'd sit this book out, but I suppose not. As for Bruno being Loki, I guess it comes down to whether she can also mimick the talents of the people she's possessing. Hmm...
  3. I didn't see it that way, but I did notice that both Fjorm and Laegjarn took part in their countries' respective rites. On the other hand, Laegjarn actually died, so I'm curious what's going on there. Either this is another Laegjarn, or she was kept in purgatory or something. I'm also curious how the fight between them will go, since they both have people they want to go back to (Kiran and Laevateinn). Or maybe they'll just refuse to fight? I can also see them exploiting some sort of loophole so that they both get to live (and maybe Nifl and Muspell reconcile), but they'd really need to pull it off well...
  4. What do you mean, isn't it always better to have as many Def Heroes as possible? On offence on the other hand, you trade the free space for manouvring against Cav lines, for example.
  5. Nifl showing up reminded me of something: Hel and the dream realms already have their gods, but we haven't seen any for Nidavellir or Jotunheim yet. Those two realms have also been more "SCIENCE!"-y than the others, but do you think we'll be seeing anymore steampunk dragons in the future?
  6. Given we just got a new banner announced (and the calendar a while back), there'll likely be a new schedule uploaded to Reddit tomorrow or so. I wondered about that myself, it could lead to some... interesting builds, that's for sure. I'm also curious how Frenzy will compare to Spurn going forward: how will Desperation 2 be seen compared to the +5 damage from the latter? If it were the full 10 I can see the latter holding out, but to my (casual) eyes, Desperation seems a bit better? Ah, thank you very much!
  7. I was curious what Element they'd give her since anything other than Water would feel weird, but they added her to the regular pool instead as if to avoid that issue. Interesting! And this way she can get Blessed herself, so it's better for her overall, right? I am curious to see how well she does and if it's worth getting her (as well as Frenzy for fodder reasons), but I'll wait a little and see how they stack up in practice. Besides, CYL is next month!
  8. True, but as I said, Fates had terrible designs all around, so all of that is just par for the course 😕
  9. Yeah, I'm still amazed that her damaged art wasn't edited in some way before release. Her Legendary outfit is pretty dumb as well, but the blame for that lies with Fates' atrocious designs, since Corrin's just wearing the female Nohrian Noble outfit here. I'm glad those three worked out for you! Freyr's a tank anyway and Ogma's not that far off either. So doing the math, you have 5 Caedas?
  10. 20 Freyjas with 2900 Orbs sounds fair enough. Did you get a better Caeda in the process? What about Freyr (and Ogma, if you wanted him too)?
  11. I doubt they'd get rid of the Askr Trio, but I think you're right about the other stuff.
  12. That's what I'm thinking too: a "back to basics" story after dealing with the big bad, which could then be used to set the stage for a new series of stories if IS wants it (which I'm sure they will: FEH prints money for them and Nintendo, right)? Also, Amelia looks great! Not a fan of the midriff, but otherwise I love the colors and the cape and especially the attack arts. She's come a long way, hasn't she?
  13. Hey, 20 copies is still amazing, and she has a superboon in Atk so that works as well! How many Orbs did you spend, if I may ask? OG!Freyja is a staple of my RB team so I wouldn't mind getting some more S!Freyjas when she comes back next year.
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