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  1. You called it, @Thunderstar! And wow, I loved the writing in this chapter and I can't wait for the next; never thought I'd say that about FEH! With this reveal, I think it's safe to say Thrasir is an older Veronica and the similar attack arts were a hint to their real identities and not just a cute "look, they have the same body language as their ancestors!" Given Lif seems protective of Eir, I'm convinced she's the Sharena of this dead world. At first I thought Sharena was born with the 1000s of souls inside her that Eir claimed to have, which is why Hel kidnapped her and wiped her memory, but a theory on the subreddit makes me think Sharena absorbed the souls from The Hear's Rite and then got kidnapped. In any case, I suspect her getting scythe'd will be what reveals this as she just gets back up. Also, she may don the black dress from the poster when she realises who she is for symbolism purposes, with her personality becoming more solemn in the process (or because Hel kidnaps her too). Also, both the Chapter and Banner names take on a whole new meaning after playing through this!
  2. Why a teleport-skill, if I might ask, is it so that she can trigger her weapon and Bond skill if she attacks after warping? I had my eye on Atk/Spd Bond for the synergy with her weapon too, so I'm glad to know I'm not alone in that. I could upgrade the Seal too, since I plan on givig Healcina the Renewal one...thanks! The Death/ Darting combo is tempting, but that's one I don't know if I'll ever refine. Thanks for the idea, though! At least I have until Naga is an Arena bonus unit to decide!
  3. So that's 2/2 votes for Fury, hmm... Is it worth feeding one of my Louises to her for Atk/ Spd Bond, or is Fury still the better option? And I have no qualms about feeding a Michalis to her for Iote's Shield either. Again, is Fury the better option? P.S. I know she's a Support unit, so should I keep Chill Atk on her or get something else?
  4. Incredible! And here I am waiting until I have time for PM1's guide...
  5. I'm sure this has already come up in other threads, but what are good A Skills for Naga that aren't DC? I got a neutral one today and would like to give her something to use outside AR. So far, the options I've seen discussed are: Fury Atk/ Spd Bond Steady Stance Iote's Shield While I'm fine with using Fury, it's a go-to skill for a lot of units so I'm reluctant to burn through my fodder too quickly. Iote's Shield is tempting and I pulled a Silas when going for Naga so I could give her Steady Stance 3 and Reposition at once, which would be efficient, but I'd like to hear some thoughts from everyone here first. What do you think? Thank you in advance!
  6. That's an insanely high pitched voice. I hate how Japan always gives its girls voices like that as a shorthand for "this character is totally super cute, you guys!" I also hope her hobby isn't anything daft - I share the sentiment here in hoping she's not another Nina. Otherwise though, I can absolutely relate to being shy and wanting to go home as soon as classes are done,. I'll be seeing how her character develops throught the game when we finally get a hold of it, that's for sure! I didn't notice that, thanks! But yeah, while I hate what Japan does, I'm always relieved when dubs give characters more appropriate voices. (For example, Asahina from Haruhi absolutely needs a high-pitched voice, so that's what she had in the dub as well.)
  7. I can't wait for the Renewal Seal, both my Micaiah and Healercina (actually my M!Marth) will love it. +30HP on every other turn, anyone? The latter was already nigh-immortal in TT maps as long as I didn't do anything daft!
  8. You just reminded me that this versiom of the duo is from before their marriage. Huh. I guess the ceremony in this Paralogue is for them then!
  9. I don't know why Fjorm gets two alts, but she looks utterly adorable and I always thought her crush in Kiran was sweet/ funny, so I'm fine with it. Sigrun and Tanith are neat for the continuity with Sanaki and it's great to finally have a canon couple here at the same time (Pent/ Louise). I wonder what this does for the latter's CYL chances (looks at Mangs). While I'm tempted to get Fjorm (both for herself and her staff/C Skill), I confess my biggest hope for this update is either Louise having Odd Atk Wave or it being a Seal in the next TT, though I'd love an Even Spd Wave as a Seal too. Then again, since we've only gotten Even Seals so far with a few months in between, just got Even Atk Wave on Delthea and still don't have a Spd Tactic Seal, I won't get my hopes up. Still looking forward to the update though! Swift Sparrow weapons look like they'll be quite fun (and now it's Siegbert's turn to be outclassed by a Seasonal unit - 3/4 of them this time!)
  10. Should Eir even be counted among the L/M Heroes when it comes to pattern-finding? She was released in a Hero Fest and we got Azura on that month's banner instead, IIRC.
  11. They just couldn't keep well enough alone, could they? I can't believe I actually thought we'd get a break from Fates alts (because we'd get Heroes OCs instead), but nope! Not only do we only get two Echoes characters after 2 years (Kliff not withstanding), the maids are by far the best of the bunch, complete with Prfs and high-tier skills! And the bonus is yet another Royal alt. Gee, we sure don't have enough of those! ...on the plus side, the Echoes duo look really happy and Greg Chun is always a win. Also, the maids' outfits are probably the closest we'll get to a Modern AU, but they still look good. But being a free unit likely means Leo's forced to suck again. Salt aside: sorry, Leo fans. Onto the skills, the AR-O one seems counterintuitive; why would you want to keep your enemy's defenses intact?
  12. Dammit Fates, now Florina's scared of men and women. But seriously, this is great xD
  13. Meh, given how tough some of these can be, I welcome the odd easy GHB once in a while~ Great clears as always, Alex!
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