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  1. Oh, that's really interesting! I'll look out for him when I do my second SB run, thanks! P.S. I just had this shower thought a few seconds ago (and happened to see a similar post here right after), but if we DO get War Monk/ Cleric as DLC, it'd finally give Annette a proper class where she can use both magic and Crusher instead of picking one or the other (and as the other post says, Edelgard would love that class too). @Anomalocaris re. Valkyries: yeah, that would be the best way to make them feel unique... but only if KT bit the bullet and made the class gender-neutral (and renamed it if they had to), so that it isn't just women who profit off of such a useful class type. Also, another free update I'd love to see: the ability to swap Shez and Byleth's genders freely in the post-game/ NG+. There IS a post-game here unlike FE16, so unless they unlock all gender requirements it'd be nice to freely experiment with whatever classes you wanted with them instead of making a new save each time.
  2. Gatekeeper unlocked right after I got Holst (I did GW last) IIRC, so that may be right! And yeah, hopefully someone out there is so deeply entrenched in Team Edelgard that they picked Dimiti's route last and can clear this up for us 🙂
  3. He has a Major Crest too, IIRC, so that's even more of a reason to include him. I thought he was only mentioned once there, huh. But yeah: we got Holst, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him later too. --- For other DLC: I'd like a Byleth-based side story since I'd love to explore their story more now that they can talk. I was surprised that Alois, Hanneman and Gilbert weren't playable, so maybe they're being held onto for something in the future. Ditto for Judith (minus the precedent set by FE16). Valkyries are probably redundant next to both Dark and Holy Knights (unless they were primarily magic based I suppose), but I was surprised Dark Fliers weren't added*. War Monks would be fun as a magical off-shoot of the Warrior Class too. I still haven't done much in the way of NG+, but all three endings felt kinda rushed to me, so a free update that fleshes them out more would be appreciated. * If I had to guess it's because Gremories and Dark Bishops are treated as equivalents, so giving women a flying option on top of that would unbalance them. To that I say that gender-locking was always daft and I wish they didn't let that stop them. Let the guys have magic wyverns if you have to!
  4. The Gatekeeper isn't a post-game option, he unlocks early on in your third route of choice (the first or second chapter after the first timeskip, IIRC). Also, each character has a "secret preferred class" that gives them unique skills that aren't listed in the class' description. For example, Shez's is Dark Knight. I figured I'd try training others up into their canon classes from Three Houses but Leonie as a Bow Knight got nothing and obviously it's difficult to max out EVERY class for EVERY character. I was hoping that had been datamined, but I guess not since it's not in the wiki. I hope that's helpful though, everyone! P.S. This is super spoilery and I don't even have all the information myself (so don't want to be spoiled after), but I think there are a few NG+ exclusive paralogues, judging by the missing cutscenes in the event viewer
  5. I'm in the same boat. I'm very happy that IS considers her profitable, but at the same time I don't want her to get oversaturated either. I didn't expect this to be a SS banner at all though; from the thumbnail and first unit I thought it was an OC only* banner, but as soon as her silhouette appeared I did a double take, and there she was! I didn't expect Wada Sachiko to stay on as her artist though. I really like that they gave her a Flier version of her Prf skill too, and needless to say she's who I'll be gunning for (though a surprise Lyon would be appreciated too). The lack of Ephraim (even as the TT reward) is weird, but I do appreciate that they threw Lyon a bone instead. It's going to be adorable seeing them interact here (at least I hope so). I mean both of their artworks are already super wholesome/ cutesy, so~ * I forgot the Book IV summer banner was half-FE1. Also, Nifl being here completely blindsided me and her inclusion is so confusing yet hilarious given her whole "no emotions" thing.
  6. Thanks, Ice Dragon! I thought I'd killed the thread for a day there. This makes it really tempting to merge him up, but I'll stay patient and see what else we get this coming month. But again, if it really only takes ~400 orbs on average to max out such a premium unit... I have a spare Volke too, after one spooked me, so Lethality is on the table too. I haven't seen many people talk about it though, is that just because it's so rare at the moment?
  7. My Arena Core at the moment is B!Eirika, og!Eirika (with RDI4) and N!Hana. Is it worth pulling for a +10 S!Claude to replace one of them? Is it true that if you focus on Blue stones only you can +10 him with on average 350 Orbs? (I probably won't spend right away, don't worry. I'd wait for CYL info at the very least if we get it a few days earlier this year than previous ones. Thanks in advance, everyone! Edit: If I don't give him BDF4 he scores 754 which is the same as the rest of my core (756 with it), so I guess my question is "is it worth investing in him"? I have trouble with Arena sometimes in T20; do you think he's a good meta check at the moment?
  8. I think you're in the wrong thread/ sub-forum...
  9. You may have seen a similar post making the rounds if you use Reddit, but I wanted to collect as many kind words from his fans as possible to make a collage or video out of. He's always put his all into all of his roles and has so many fans as a result, I just wanted to do something for him. If you have anything to say to them, please do so! (Original reddit post.) P.S. I got the all clear from @eclipse to make this post.
  10. Watch this Edelgard be knocked out of the top 8 by the inevitable Three Hopes Ascended version we'll get next month, like how B!Edelgard knocked L!Edelgard out of the running last year. That said, it is weird how we finally have an Edelgard who's actually worthy of being on that banner...
  11. I really hope they stick to this, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm surprised they didn't conveniently forget this, but I didn't notice at first, but I'm glad they gave Micaiah those cloth gloves too, to cover up her Brand. Also, I think it's really cool how her outfit has the same color scheme as her default look, it's really clever! Anyway, I'm SO tempted to pull on this banner but with no spark who knows if I'd even get anyone. I may try and get Micaiah or Edelgard/ Altina, and hope to get lucky with a surprise Claude along the way. I'm still so mad Constance didn't appear until I sparked her yesterday...
  12. Our world has charity events to raise money for good causes, maybe he's thinking he walked into something similar? 😛
  13. That's my guess too. They're really the only ones it can be too, logically speaking. I don't think they'll give Anna any development and the Summoner and Xander (assuming he's somewhere in the background) aren't even from Midgard. I didn't think of Henriette though; it'd be pretty interesting if she's a fairly close relative of the main Emblian royal family like Letizia was though it'd kill the Alfonse x Veronica ship that's taken off lately. You make a good point about Veronica being the obvious endpoint, but I think that's all the more reason to just possess her right away. If Embla jumped to someone else I think it'd risk the Fafnir issue from Book V: showing he turns into a dragon in the midpoint trailer but not actually doing so until much later. I don't know, it just feels weird to me to give away a key moment of the story like that and not execute it right away.
  14. Non-Nintendo Account voters can also vote. There was a high chance of it happening anyway, but enjoy your free og!Edelgard everyone(!)
  15. I love it. If we ever get another chibi theater, this is exactly what they're going to do with these four xD
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