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  1. Huh, interesting. Thank you! I think the "Such as Lysithea" line is hilarious too, mainly because it makes me think Lysithea was just walking by and Byleth just randomly grabbed her xD But if there's really such a discrepancy between the English and Japanese...maybe it's time to light the @Coolmanio Signal?
  2. I knew something was different about her, thanks for pointing it out! I thought I was going crazy 😛 That's what I'm thinking too. Not to mention the possibility that Freyja (and Freyr?) may get buffs down the line too. Maybe an anti-anti Cavalry and/ or Beast effect?
  3. This is what I was thinking too. Maybe he'd only change back at the start of your next turn? That way you still need to be careful not to leave your "Nino" somewhere dangerous. Of course, the problem here is the matter of special cooldowns, especially if he turns into Ophelia or someone else whose Special is recharged as soon as she ends a round of combat. Maybe he'd retain his own Special cooldown in the background?
  4. Henriette 🙂 But on topic...yeah, I didn't realise the women almost outnumbered the men 2:1 - a bit more than that even if you exclude Kiran. Crazy stuff...
  5. I agree. It really depends on how they act on their tragic backstories, or what they did in them. Plumeria for example was completely passive in her own story and hasn't done anything since. The latter is true for Triandra, but she killed her father as a child so we can at least infer that she was/ is fiercely protective of her sister. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a Darth Vader-esque last minute act of rebellion from her once she finds out who Peony is.
  6. Eh, adrenaline can do some crazy things. It's also possible Triandra stabbed him in the back while he was beating Peony or something. I mean, it's definitely Peony being hurt especially bad that made her snap, being the older sister and all. ...I forgot about him. While I think Freyja being a reality-warper gives her the "right" to have a medley of battle tracks as her theme, if that makes sense, it would be more "epic" for Alfadhor to have it instead. Then again, he can just have an epic theme all his own or a medley of final boss themes instead? And given how Thorr seems more interested in testing humanity, it's possible she and Alfadhor aren't actually villains and Loki's just the one who takes the whole "testing" thing too far.
  7. Where is this being discussed, if I may ask? I can't find anything on the subreddit 😕 This is true, but that Freyja herself was called a she-goat is probably still a big part of it. And very clever at that, though the whole "insult" part still stands. Maybe it represents her going mad and choosing to embrace the worst side of herself? Though that's reading way too much into a FEH plot, I fear.
  8. Wait, what?! That's awesome if true, and would fit the whole reality warping thing she has going on too! Do you or anyone else have a list of which FE theme occurs when in the track?
  9. Agreed, but it's also kinda messed up to base her off of an insult. It almost makes you feel sorry for her xD
  10. Freyja's voice was a lot deeper than I expected, but I like it! It was nice to hear the theme from the trailer and Freyja's boss music as well. As for the chapter itself, we got some vague information about Triandra's past and Peony recognised the voices as well, so...then again I think we all know the two are connected by now. As for Freyja, the whole reality warping thing is interesting and it seems more that she just wants to ensure the dream world stays safe after whatever calamity almost destroyed it before than just wanting to take over the world like the others. Also, she's a giant goat...thing? I wasn't expecting that in the slightest and I have to say I like the surprise! The ram horns in her human form make much more sense now. As an aside, she doesn't come with a dance skill yet. though this is probably because of the whole "multiple copies" thing. It'd be infuriating to face an endless supply of dancers, after all. I was hoping Freyja would be stopped at the end by Sharena suddenly revealing her fairy powers but as cliche as it is, I can understand why she'd want to torture humans as much as possible. Then again, it's possible the next chapter will pick up exactly where this one left off and we'll get the escape later, but even if not it'd be neat if a while later we find out that they were always right under Freyja's thumb and she was just trolling them. Isn't there a saying that "a person feels the most despair right right when hope is stolen from them" or something?
  11. Oh yeah, I still keep my 4* Arthur and 3* Lissa from early 2017. I think I merged my Felicia from the time into one with better IVs when she got her Prf though. I still feel kinda guilty about that. Oh, and my OG!Nino and Eirika until their very last merges were the first ones I got too, also way back in 2017.
  12. At the risk of steering the conversation too far off track, I agree that Sylvain definitely has redeeming traits, for example the fact that he's the only person in Faerghus smart enough to figure out that Duscur couldn't have killed the king because they simply had no reason to (or the resources to do so). It's just that so much of his personality comes from his misogyny and the fact that he never apologises or tries to fix it* that gets me. Ultimately it's down to how you weigh his positive and negative traits against each other and for me the latter amounts to much, much more than the former. I agree that his Bernadetta Supports are sweet though...and probably the only female Support he has that isn't about him being a flirt. * The only exception I can think of is his Goddess Tower scene with Byleth, but even then the only reason he regrets his lifestyle is because it's why she doesn't trust his current pick up lines. And even then, the literal next thing he says after "I won't do it anymore" is ask her out, so he clearly didn't mean it in the first place. --- Back on topic, until I pulled HF!Micaiah I used Lyon against Surtr. Lyon's one of my all-time favourites, so it was nice to use him to take out the one unit pretty much everyone loathed at the time.
  13. Agreed. I think Ferdinand does the "misguided but well-meaning" thing better, but it's clear that Lorenz does care about the people around him. He's just...insufferable throughout his all of his C and B Supports.
  14. That's a good one. Understandable. Lorenz at least gets a bit better in his A Supports, but Sylvain... Moving on, something I did before powercreep happened was always use Lilina to take out Hector if he showed up in AA. I admit it felt uncomfortable, but she was the only red nuke I had at the time and I headcanoned it as a "showing her dad how far she's come and demanding he let her spend time with Roy" thing. This stopped working once all the Hectors became Surtrs or worse...
  15. This is actually a pretty clever way of implementing Avoid and Accuracy into FEH. I can fully imagine these being alternatives to Darting/ Death Blow 4 for Yuri or Balthus or whoever. Neat!
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