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  1. With how important Speed is, I'm assuming unlocking Pegasus Knight mastery (i.e. Darting Blow) via renown is a must for any character that got it in a previous run (if playing on NG+)? @LegendOfLoog, @Nobody: Could you tell us more about your NG runs please? It sounds like you both did BL? Why was that, and what were some particularly tricky chapters and how did you deal with them? P.S. Also, is it true that Maddening Casual is also enough to unlock the new title screen?
  2. Yes, exactly! I didn't know how to verbalise my idea until now, thank you so much! Good point! And just like Jeralt! The two intimidating people at Garreg Mach end up with the neatest handwriting, huh? xD
  3. Thanks! Is there a tea party guide anywhere? Also, I checked Nintendo's tweet about the title screen again and it just says to play without NG+, so will Maddening Casual also count? I'm hearing a lot of horror stories about the early game so if I don't have the benefits of NG+ I may switch to Casual if my run turns too sour.
  4. Charm is for Gambits, right? is there a good Charm stat to aim for for everyone? And during Exploration, how do you balance that with Faculty/ Advanced Training? @Hekselka, @Tombstone88: Thank you very much! Guess Training weapons it is then when I finally start my Maddening runs. That's a weird thought...
  5. I think I've said this before, but given how eager Fates was to throw fanservice everywhere I was surprised that you can't enter the Sauna here. This is probably being "fixed" in one of the smaller DLC packs though. Then again, I'm sure hot springs were a thing 1000 years ago too...
  6. Thanks! And goddamnit Nintendo, this is the sort of thing Dark Souls and Persona let you have for free...
  7. Thought so, thanks! I assume this was found via datamining, or has someone hacked the game to be able to do this?
  8. Yeah, it was a little sad that you couldn't use either of them. Especially Judith since . As for your suggested "golden route"...well, as was stated before the devs said they weren't going to do that. Still a nice idea though! Maybe the "cost" of such a route is having to fight Thales and Nemesis (+ the 10 Elites) at their full power at the same time?
  9. @Tombstone88 Thanks! Are you using Iron Bows or Training Bows? Speaking of (and I think I've asked this before - if so, sorry!): are Training Weapons actually worth using this time around? They felt like joke weapons to me, but with how important AS is this time around I imagine they're much more valuable now?
  10. These are my headcanons now and you can't stop me. I don't know why, but this sounds really sweet to me. If we're also including faculty, I think Byleth would be very to the point in both how they write (no flourishes, small letters, etc) and what they write (very to-the-point). Shamir would be the same, while Hanneman and Seteth would be the same but with more flourishes. Manuela and Catherine's would barely readable while Rhea's would write in cursive but would still be easily readable (which makes sense since she probably writes a lot of letters and announcements to be stuck on the notice boards). Alois would be in between Rhea and Manuela/ Catherine and Jeritza's would be easily readable but still scruffy.
  11. You see a variation of the mural in one or two of the "Moon introduction narration" segments in Act 1, but otherwise the mural only shows up on the Limited Editions, I believe. Something for the DLC perhaps? And 300 hours for two routes? That's insane! You must be going through everything with a fine comb, huh? And as a question of my own: is there a level cap? I saw @Tediz64 saying he hit the Level 60 mark (amazing, by the way - how?) and if that still isn't the cap...what is?
  12. Yeah, she definitely has the fanciest design of the bunch xD
  13. I assume this is because Bows have better accuracy?
  14. Yeah, and I've also heard that the difficulty plateaus halfway through Act 1 before spiking again in Act 2, which makes me think that's the Act to focus on when evaluating difficulty. For example I can already imagine the final boss of SS being a nightmare because of how its structured. I thought the easiest would be CF at first, but while it's the shortest route it also has the most monsters IIRC, which would be especially tricky on the final map due to the power-up mechanic they get there (and being magic proof, of course). Oh, and I hear that giving everyone bows is the way to go. Why is that, and does that apply to the entire game or just until your roster gets to class up?
  15. This is an odd subject for me...I thought he was a creep at first but grew to feel sorry for his warped mentality and trust issues, but the fact that he doesn't act like he distrusts women pushed him back into dislike/ "he's just a misogynist" territory for me. You'd think someone who can't trust women would keep them at arms' length, not hit on anything with a skirt and a pulse. I like him otherwise though: it's a tragedy that he's actually really skilled but doesn't bother showing it because he doesn't think anyone cares...but I don't like that a good chunk of that is his own fault (and maybe it's part of a vicious cycle, but at some point you have to wonder why Sylvain doesn't just do something about it - it's not like anyone's emotionally manipulating him or anything). Yeah, except Lorenz. It really makes everyone stand out and feel real in a way some other games completely failed to. I love it! Too true. And I wish so as well 😞
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