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  1. The link didn't work for me, please try this if anyone else has the same issue (I just took out the "revision/..." part of the URL). Lyon: Unfortunately, his father wears similar clothes to him. Maybe he could wear something inspired by Eirika? Even just using her color palette would be interesting. Nino: I really like the Sage outfit from FE7 and I remember seeing fanart of her in it a few years ago. I'm clearly not very creative, but I think it would be a good starting point, with the rest based on Jaffar and/ or either of her families?
  2. And with that, we only have one chapter to go, with Book 6 coming the month after! Say what you will about FEH's writing, but I'm always excited to see what they adapt next (not to mention the cinematics!)
  3. I'm relieved to hear that you woke up this morning and chose peace 😛 Watching the ending today gave me a shower thought: what if Laegjarn just chooses to.. not use the Flame Gem? It seems the easiest way for her to defy Muspell and the prophecy about her battle, while also adding some emotion to her fight with Fjorm - and from a Doylist perspective, killing her off again would keep this plot line isolated from the rest of the story.
  4. That's a really sweet scenario, thank you! It reminds me of the GBA supports, which is always a good thing~ Oh, and as for the worldbuilding, I think it's a good take on that too!
  5. I didn't think of Kiran! I think I can see a Kiran alt once we deal with Alfadhor, but for now I'd be happy if we can just use the existing version in PvE maps. It'd be really fun to use them for story quests and the like! He's on the banner in spirit. As Fjorm's Hardy Fighter. I think that's a good thing, since it means fans of obscure characters get love. Fjorm attracts newer players too, which is probably a necessary evil to ensure these banners are successful (which in turn encourages IS to add more obscure characters). And speaking of fans of obscure characters... D'aww xD F!Byleth is still in the running, and while Micaiah likely won't get this, we still don't have her middle class in FEH yet, so I guess there's a chance? She's drawn by her original artist, but I agree about her face looking kinda hazy. Of course, FEH has a ton of different artists, and the art is still nice so I don't mind too much. As for the Nifl thing... yeah; while Fjorm fits the definition of an "Ascended Hero" better, it is odd that Nifl and Muspell are just regular Heroes despite creating said new Hero type. I'm not complaining though: I'd much rather they appear here than as Mythic Heroes!
  6. I thought the same thing xD It's annoying that you only get one item per unique Hero, but I suppose a second asset is worth more than extra Blessings. I'm surprised Fjorm didn't get Ice Mirror II, but I guess Hardy Fighter's massive dmg reduction means it'll deal more damage? Still weird, I must say. I mean, no one uses defensive specials that aren't Prfs, so Fjorm could have easily just gotten a Prf B Skil that boosted her Res or something, especially since Hardy Fighter "wastes" a cooldown count by having an inbuilt Shield Pulse as Nifl's Bite aleady drops IM to just needing 1 charge. Time's Pulse would have made sense since Armors can't equip the C Skill version. That aside, I am really excited for her. That she's a new Hero archetype confirms that we'll get more than just her and Laegjarn (and guarantees Laegjarn will get one, since she didn't get anything in the opening scene of Ice & Flame 4), which is really exciting! Gramr!Reginn is a given, and while I'd rather the existing Askr Trio get buffs, we'll probably get them as well (Alfonse and maybe Sharena at the very least). And possibly the biggest one: Fjorm's joining the permanent pool? I'm still in disbelief about this to be honest, but the notification about the Ascended Heroes said she'd only show up "from time to time" or something along those lines? We'll know for sure on the 18th, so I hope that just means she'll be a focus Hero from time to time. About that: if anyone else read the notifications, there's a ton happening to commemorate Fjorm, including GHB reruns. I feel like there was supposed to be a Feh Channel for her that got cancelled at the last second... P.S. I hope we get an extended version of Fjorm's song at some point... (also, I was surprised she was added so quickly after her debut, but I guess the other TT+s happened some time before the following NH banners?)
  7. Fair enough, but I think that inability to think for herself still dooms her to be a terrible queen in a realistic setting. I think it's safe to say she's Queen and hasn't run away though, since Fjorm mentions her in Part 2, I believe. Yeah, that is unfortunate... but who knows, maybe Laegjarn will choose to be Laevatein's advisor instead? That at least leaves room for her to grow into her own person eventually. And while it may be a cliche, I am hoping Laegjarn will find a way to undercut Muspell's authority. Some cliches stick around because they're genuinely fun, after all!
  8. You're thinking of "Obstruct" 🙂 And you really like the idea? Weird... I figured everyone would dismiss it as something super gimmicky xD
  9. I'm referring to her perpetual state of apathy and inability to think for herself. In a more realistic setting, Muspell would be (even more) on fire within a month of Nifl leaving their territory - and that's not even accounting for her "advisors" taking advantage of her lack of knowledge and insight and turning her into a puppet to their own ends. Again, I doubt Heroes would ever delve into politics that deep, but I don't think it's a stretch to say she's the worst possible candidate to rule Muspell post-Surtr, even if you like her as a person. Heck, even Helbindi would be a better choice if he were still alive: he would try to help out the poorer districts at the very least, even if he couldn't do anything else. If nothing else, Laegjarn surviving and going back to Muspell could prompt a few more cute "sisterly fluff" FEH comics. I liked those~
  10. I was thinking "push the ally forward, push yourself back", but this makes more sense (and would be far less gimmicky to boot). Thanks!
  11. Ah, say no more. I guess someone at IS thought "cavalry dragon" was too novel to keep to just one FEH deity, as ARMADS said. Speaking of, I wonder if Askr and Embla will also be cavalry dragons and that combination will be seen as too special for regular units (at least for the time being)? It'd explain why Fallen Fafnir is an armored dragon for instance, despite having six legs (I'm pretty sure the middle two still work, at least, though they do seem to be dangling a little above the ground in his sprite). As for the overarching plot: Laegjarn came back from the dead, but only because she was sacrificed to Muspell (which explains why Nifl can casually veto Fjorm's death, now that I think about it) - that puts her in an interesting position and I hope she isn't just killed off again at the end of this arc. Besides, I'm sure everyone here has brought up the point that Laevateinn is in no way suitable to rule a kingdom in her current state, especially not one that lost a war (though that part probably isn't as big a deal since Nifl is a much more gracious victor than real world countries would be).
  12. You mean the unit that cost me 400+ Orbs and still refused to show up? Yeah, that's the one. eye twitches The topic was about whether the movement skills we already have were Arena viable with just the SP boost, but small variations like those are interesting to think about too, like your "external Swap" suggestion. Interesting indeed, and now that I think about it, those likely are what we'd end up getting if we ever did get "Reposition+" et al., even if they'd replace L!Lucina's niche (until she gets her Remix, at least).
  13. Would Laegjarn still be a flier in this scenario? She'd put every bird Laguz to shame, but it would still give her a niche (instead of sharing with Alm and Yuri). May I ask why you think that?
  14. I feel the same (and it's why I suggested a Tome at first). I think it'd be interesting if she was a Green Tome in that case: she and Fjorm would be on equal footing, and both would be distinct from Nifl and Muspell - though I guess a Colorless Tome would do that just as well.
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