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  1. It does sound like him, doesn't it? It just sounds a bit mature at the same time, which is what makes me think otherwise. Thanks!
  2. Ooh, thank you for this! I wonder if the other students will get cameos, considering the start of the game takes place above ground. It's a pretty interesting trio they chose to represent each House though. Linhardt's curiosity explains why he'd be here, as would Ashe's "supporting the underdog" ideal...maybe Hilda just wants an excuse to skip classes? There was that mysterious, seemingly well-intentioned voice in the trailer; I wouldn't be surprised if they're the 12th unit, since that's the number of deployables in each of the main campaigns' final chapters. The plot thickens! While I'm interested in this new story, I have to confess I'm curious about whether we'll get a free update to go along with this. @Morswo's right: so far the freebies have been better than the paid updates! Also: new artwork for the non-leaders! Combined with the Spirit images in Smash, maybe we'll get official renders released for everyone now?
  3. This story is separate from the main campaign and gives you a set party, hence these two being together (same for the three Lords being deployable together too). I'd also like to know this please!
  4. This is what I really like about the different routes here, because they do a really good job of demonstrating the efficacy of "For Want of a Nail", the nail here being who Byleth chooses to teach at the start of the year (and thus which students they motivate into action in Part 2). Everyone's already explained most of the stuff including the one I had questions about (the final boss difference between VW/ SS), so let me throw my hat in the ring for some of the others. It's heavily implied that Arundel is Thales, so killing him in Deirdiu takes TWSITD out of the plot, thus Nemesis never wakes up. As for cleaning up the stragglers, we can assume it happens off-screen as you suggested. CF is also the shortest route, so it's possible this happened in the epilogue. However, I think that working so close with TWSITD (even if both parties constantly doubted the other) meant Edelgard and Hubert had better intel on them and could thus nip some of their bigger plots in the bud, Nemesis' revival being one of them. This is mostly me echoing what came before, but SS ends a month quicker than VW, so perhaps Nemesis didn't fully heal in the former. As for Rhea, perhaps having Claude around to run things made it easier for her to relax, whereas without a de facto leader to rule Fodlan she was worried about getting Byleth ready for the job. I admit Rhea going crazy came out of nowhere, but SS does spend the entirety of the last month telling you that she might die soon which isn't struck home nearly as much in VW. Speaking of: I don't know if this is true or not, but I remember reading somewhere that CF and SS were originally the only two routes planned and it was Koei Tecmo that made VW and AM once they were brought on board. And IIRC, the Church is allowed to rule Fodlan because all other authority figures were wiped out or went MIA in the war, so everyone threw their lot in with the only faction able to keep the continent afloat. It's also important that it's the Church that's in charge (at least at first), not Byleth specifically.
  5. TIL, thanks! It's interesting they were designed that way. Is that their name in the Japanese too? Nice to get that cleared up!
  6. Thanks! I don't suppose you have the others too? Edit: I assume the picture originally came from the Nintendo JP page. If so, you're right - there's a ton of white space there to fill up the full 1920x1080p screen.
  7. Huh. That'd be pretty interesting! You'd have to manually select movement type (by equipping a horse or armour, for example) but otherwise...hmm. Consider my curiosity piqued!
  8. Yeah, it's maddening that even the DLC classes are gender locked...
  9. Is Lull Atk/ Spd any good? It always seems like the best Lull skills are the ones that debuff one offensive stat (Atk, Spd) and one defensive stat (Def, Res). I got pitybroken by Perceval a while back and wondering what I can fodder him off for. Thanks in advance!
  10. Same here! Byleth got the name for being so stoic, but this makes you wonder if Sothis influenced them/ those around them to come up with the name or if there's some greater relevance to it...which is kinda why I'm wondering if it's just a huge coincidence too. I'd also love to know if there are translation shenanigans going on. The wiki only lists the English version of the nickname and nothing yet for the Wolves.
  11. Yeah, Balthus is definitely out considering his Relic seems to be Gauntlets. And I agree, one or two Wolves alongside the original cast would probably be the safest bet in terms of avoiding salt.
  12. The trailer probably came out early to get some hype going for Encore's release (which is today). And naturally they had to put the characters' sprites in for today's Tap Battle so why not add their stats too? Early reveals like this still make me very happy though. I'm pleasantly surprised Itsuki got a decent kit to boot!
  13. Thank you so much, @Moltz23! Good to know it's its own thing! Though it makes me wonder if we'll be able to import anything from the main game (e.g. Statue bonuses, # of Divine Pulses), but I'll come back to this. I wonder if the mysterious figure is the one who asks Byleth to teach the students. Also, the article says the Church is aware of the Abyssians but ignores them. Is that correct? It also says it's Byleth, the three Lords "and a few other students" who pursue the stranger, which I'll also come back to. Of course, having reps from all three Houses neatly sidesteps them having to choose a canon House for Byleth to have at the start of the story. I wonder why they felt disenchanted with the world to go so far. If the Church knows about them and isn't trying to save them, I guess the Abyssians really are happy down there? But in hindsight this does explain why the Church didn't seem to upset at the thought of Monica running away. This also explains the passageway hidden in the faculty's quarters where Flayn was taken. Maybe it was a pathway to the Abyss or an early version of an Abyssian hideout/ home? Also, I wonder if their Crests are part of the reason they went to Abyss (something Edelgard will obviously comment on). One of the screenshots shows Yuri's Crest as another "Mystery Crest" despite us being able to see the full thing. Hmm... Now this is surprising! But it appears we can unlock the Wolves for the main story after completing this one, so I suppose it makes sense in-universe: you have a mad rush of a story with these guys that convinces them to give the surface world another try and join you in time to get thrown into a 5+ yr war. ...that's actually pretty bleak. This almost certainly confirms there's no time skip, but I guess it's still possible - it'll just be a surprise since we won't be able to countdown to it as before. Still don't think we're getting a golden ending though, which is for the best. So we probably have the Ashen Wolves, Byleth and the few students who came to the Abyss with us. It sucks that we won't be able to use all our students (there are bound to be complaints from people that their favourites didn't make it in), but it makes sense for balance reasons. I was surprised that the Smash stage seems to have fixed representatives from each house, maybe those are the ones here too? Or maybe the students who join us for this are the ones the Wolves have Supports with? This may explain the lack of Pulses/ bonuses I mentioned earlier, and why we don't have Maddening difficulty from day one (though that may be patched in later). I still think my personal perfect difficulty would be somewhere between Hard and Maddening, so I'm curious if that's what we'll get here. P.S. Following @Sire's explanation, the side story was called "Abyssal Mode" when it was first revealed in Famitsu which is why you may see people calling it that. Old habits die hard and all that.
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