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  1. Good riddance. Not really helping the salt thing with that choice... Anyway, this came out of nowhere! Then again, I think the day CYL usually starts is a weekend this time, so I guess it makes sense. As said before, I voted for Nino today. I'll do Lyon tomorrow and Elena the day after if I can't recover my alt account. @Mercakete
  2. Yeah, the early reveal surprised me too. Maybe the writers figured it was too obvious, so there was no point trying to hide it? On the other hand, you had people like me who thought it was so obvious that Letizia was evil that they'd do a fake out, but no. But as you said, it was nice to see Bruno again. Xander was the one who really surprised me, to be honest. I didn't notice the bolded part! And yeah, the outdated weapon and stats were funny, but considering she had Embla's Ward and starting moving immediately I'm not complaining. While there was no F!Edelgard analogue on her map, Fafnir was a big part of why that map was so frustrating.
  3. While we'll need Ice Dragon's help with the etymology of his weapon in Japanese, at least in English it matches the naming pattern of the others'. Who would have thought we'd actually get the full set? Also, I suspect Ascended Heroes will be a second set of Legendary Heroes, for non-VIPs. It's funny that the first non-OC one was the third overall, just as with Legendary Ike. Latona L'Arachel yet lives, as do the hopes of Legendary Soren and all the other Heroes people have wanted! And you don't have to pull on Legendary Banners for them either! That's the best part of all this for me, personally. Also, Riev has a Prf tome. Hopefully he follows Yen'fay and Kyza's precedent and not the likes of Solon... I hadn't thought about this, but I'd love an Ascended Nino! I don't know if she's important enough to be considered for one though...
  4. There's also the fact that Marianne and GK have unique niches compared to Eirika and Marth, who fit existing roles and just happen to do very well in them, which means the first two potentially have a longer shelf life. I agree that we should get CYL Remixes though. Maybe after all of the currently scheduled Legendary Heroes get theirs?
  5. If it helps, CYL always starts on Jan 28th/ 29th, depending on your timezone. I csn taste the salt already... My money's on 2nd. I wouldn't be surprised if we get another case of bandwagoning/ complacency this year too.
  6. Surprise! 😉 I wonder who else did this, because I felt the exact same way and spread my votes out... though the reason was both that and the fact that the winners were more predictable then that in 2020, when there was at least the slightest possibility of Marth or Eirika sneaking into second place 😛
  7. She was a Forma Unit a while back that I still hate that I didn't get so maybe she'll get something that synergizes with a Save build? I like your Sweep idea for Lucina too, since that frees up her B Slot for a Link or other movement assist-centric Skill (or Desperation or something, of course).
  8. Update: CYL 6 is live! I know this is a few weeks early (CYL starts at the end of the month), but I thought it would be nice to talk about our choices a little earlier this time and got permission from @eclipse to do so as well. And hey: if this thread stays active, maybe it'll become the "official" thread for the main event this year too? Regardless of that, who do you plan on voting for this year? After Eirika (finally) won last year, I'm thinking of splitting my votes between Nino and Lyon (wielding a Sacred Stone perhaps?) this time, with one vote for Elena to keep a promise I made to @Mercakete last year. If I can remember my JPN account's details, I think I'll add some Elincia and/ or F!Morgan votes too. I know that sounds heavily biased towards the women and I don't like it either. I was planning on voting for Yuri as well, but Three Houses has already taken six CYL spots in the past two years, including both first places each time (the runner up for representation is FE7 with three winners over three years) and F!Byleth with Snow Mercurius and the Sothis Regalia at least is all but guaranteed a spot already, so... yeah. I'll wait until we have a year with no FE16 reps before voting for one of them. Enjoy your -leth ships being reunited this year, I guess. (And hey, if F!Byleth is sacrificed as a "parity Hero with a fanservicey" scapegoat, at least M!Byleth has better chances of getting something creative when he wins in 2023?) On the bright side, after the snoozefest of 2020, I'm glad the 3H winners last year had creative builds and that the second place winners got Prfs, which relieves the pressure of wanting to get them into first place for the best possible treatment, so with any luck this and future events will be less stressful for people whose favorites are in the upper ranks, which is incredible news! It injects a whole heap of possibility into the event! So again: who will you vote for this year, and what do you want them to have?
  9. F2P players who are able to reach T21: what bonus units do you use? My Arena Core has 3 (effectively) 180 BST Heroes, but the best I've ever been able to do is stay in T20 once. Otherwise I'm in T19.5 (sometimes I drop to T18 when I face a bunch of meta teams in a row, but that's another issue entirely). My core right now is: OG!Eirika Sieglinde +Eff Rally Def/Res+ Aether R Duel Infantry 4 Swordbreaker 3 Joint Hone Spd Chill Def 3 Brave Eirika [Base Kit] & Rally Atk/Spd+ Ruptured Sky Atk/Spd Solo 3 N!Hana +Spd Huge Fan+ +Spd Rally Atk/Spd+ Ruptured Sky DC Spurn Joint Drive Spd Blade Session 3 if that helps. Thank you in advance!
  10. But she's also a young girl, so. There's also the Karla precedent that Florete mentioned.
  11. I thought this would be a joke about her outfit, but it's about her wanting a day off. You don't even SEE the outfit! Clever! This is a cliche, but seeing Michalis join in and the girls in question all being confused made it hilarious for me. D'aww xD It's just an "overprotective parent/ sibling" thing, I don't think there's anything more to it than that. You get genderflipped versions in stories too (e.g. Velvet and Laphicet in Tales of Berseria) after all. That said, most examples I can think of *are* of the "guy protects girl" variety, so there may be something to think about there.
  12. I missed that, cool! I'm glad we're getting another one so soon, though I suspect we'll be waiting quite a while for the rest. Also, I said this on Reddit yesterday too, but Lute + Lysithea as a pairing is sheer genius and I want to pull them for that alone (though the spark makes it more tempting). It's a pairing a lot of people wanted too, isn't it? The only other pairings I can think of that would be just as fitting would be any two tacticians (Robin + Katarina perhaps) or Dimitri + Lif.
  13. Perfect, thank you so much! This was a really nice touch too, on top of the difficulties lining up very well for getting Ash to Lv 40 through just them alone if you do them in order.
  14. Perfect, thank you very much! The current queen is the one who wants peace while the emperor wanted to destroy Askr, right? Ouch. I mean, you're not wrong, but still: ouch.
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