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  1. Awesome, I'm glad to hear it! Thank you so much, I hope Marth and Eirika stay in first place too! And as soon as Eirika wins I'm switching to Nino myself too, so I hope your comment ages well too :P
  2. This gets my vote too, it's really sweet! Alternatively, I hope we get a joke about his lack of a name instead (since at this point he's confirmed for at least a GHB even if Chrom dethrones him). Maybe he'd be about to give us his name, then gets distracted by a kitten or something? Also, every CYL up to this point has been leaked in the site's CSS code, right? How exactly does that happen, and does anyone remember how many days it takes to happen too? I think last year it was Jan 31st or Feb 1st?
  3. Yes please! After so many years of waiting, this is just magical!! :'3 YES!! Thank you so so much for this! Again, I hope she gets the top spot after so long!! This is perfect xD That would be both so wholesome and so hilarious!! Thank YOU so very much too, this makes me so happy to hear!! Another wholesome idea, I'd love to see it someday if you choose to write it! 😄
  4. Agreed! Don't let up! We know upsets can happen, after all!! Still, this is such a magical feeling!! :') Something something "STOP THE COUNT"? Seriously though, I think Gatekeeper's an utter cinnamon roll, but I do feel incredibly sorry for Chrom's fans. (Edit: I added a link to the midterms and top three of each gender to the OP, for those interested.)
  5. By the way, I updated the OP with the tweet about when the midterms will release. I estimate we have around 27 hours until then. What do you think we'll see?
  6. Tomorrow night, according to the official tweet posted a few pages ago (the 25th, specifically).
  7. I feel obligated to warn you that only a fraction of voters bother tweeting their results, but this still puts a smile on my face. Yay!! The midterms are coming on the 25th. Judging by when FEH makes announcements that's either Monday night or Tuesday morning depending on your timezone (the former for America, for example). And for @Ether: Others have pointed this out already, but this is just a fan collating the tweeted results. Still, I'm glad Marth is first but Eirika being overtaken by Byleth by just 5 points hurts more than it should. I know these aren't the final results, but still: keep pushing, Team Eirika!! Snow Mercurius has Byleth written all over it after last year. While this would be better suited for a 1st place Prf Skill, Yuri could get something based on his Relic, which gave him Canto, +1 Movement and any bearer of his Crest the chance to halve incoming damage (like Felix's shield). I'm quite fond of Yuri too and would like to see him do well (and Hapi for that matter), but after last year's results more 3H winners for 2021 would leave a bad taste in my mouth - but I know not everyone feels that way and that's fine.
  8. Thanks all the same 🙂 Also, I updated the OP! The link goes to the US version of the site, but you can vote on any with your account and it'll still show up on your ballot (my first vote was on the JPN version).
  9. Yep, that's what they've done. I guess Jorge really was a "Haha, how funny now never do this again" message to the botters. Awesome, thank you very much for checking! I thought I had but it seems I forgot... My bad all, and thanks Mercakete! 😄
  10. If the results go up around the time new trailers release (and CYL resets) then it'll be 7pm PT, 3am Tuesday UTC. Is that how it worked in the past?
  11. As long as he wasn't clearly botted in (i.e. enough people are happy about him ranking high) I'd...actually like to see that. But that's the thing: being forced to sign in should stomp out botting but I remember the Jorge botter saying a mandatory sign-in could be worked around, which worries me. If anyone here is good with that sort of thing, what are your two cents on how secure CYL actually is after this change?
  12. It's only started for Japan I assume. Everything still works (and connects to your own Nintendo account though). Nintendo's also figured out an anti-botting feature by requiring you to log in before voting, which is nice.
  13. I go for Reposition for most of my units, with a few Infantry Mages having Draw Back.
  14. Weird question, but has the CYL site started giving 403 errors to everyone now? I...guess Nintendos done their prep work?
  15. You would be correct. I just picked the names that were being thrown around most often from what I've seen. I know that's a terrible metric to see who the community-wide favorites are, but I thought it'd be nice to have something to do while we wait for CYL to start. Speaking of: it hasn't started yet! I was so sure it would today too. If it starts tomorrow I imagine the midterms will come out after the weekend/ Sunday night based on timezones then, huh.
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