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  1. What are some builds that diverge from a character’s canon class line and specialities that you’ve had a fun time with? I recruited Ingrid in my Church run, so during my Blue Lions run I decided to make her an armor unit and because of her good speed and res, she’s basically unkillable. I’m gonna make her a Great Knight but I gave her the March Ring so she’s still managing to keep up with everyone else decently enough at the moment. During the Church route I basically made everyone a Flyer, and while pretty much everyone did decently, Wyvern Lord Ferdinand was the ultimate dodge tank with late game enemies having a 0% hit rate against him if he waits at full health. (Everyone knows flyers are busted in this game by now but it’s still very satisfying to see.)
  2. My husband and I are gonna play together, so we'll probably stick to Normal for the first route since he's somewhat of a beginner. We prefer Casual mode just to save ourselves some time, since both of us would want to reset to keep everyone alive anyway, but because of the Divine Pulse helping alleviate that, we may give Classic a try. On the second/third routes, we'll go for the harder difficulties.
  3. My husband should be buying the special edition for me as a birthday present... My birthday is two days before release, so if he forgot I'll just preload.
  4. I don’t own any fire emblem amiibos but if I did I’d probably want the Celica amiibo just to hear With Mila’s Divine Protection every time I’m grinding.
  5. I’m interested in Catherine or Shamir for M!Byleth and Seteth or Yeritz for F!Byleth. I probably won’t go after the students but if I did my choices would be: Black Eagles: Caspar and Petra Blue Lions: Felix and Mercedes Golden Deer: Claude and Leonie
  6. Byleth is just so tired of teaching they take a 5 year power nap.
  7. Tbh I’m liking him more than I thought. I imagined just a snobby posh person from his brief line of dialogue with Caspar in the footage we saw, but him being mostly lazy unless when it comes to something he’s passionate about is a big mood. I’d like to see more of their friendship.
  8. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm getting married in six days so I've been understandably busy. Also Chapter 4... Chapter 4 took a couple of hours due to several resets. They kind of blend together. I just saved the screenshots from the successful attempt, but even that had some bad luck.
  9. This is on the Japanese side of things, but I’m hoping for Tomokazu Sugita to do another role. He voices Chrom, which is such a big role they might not want to cast him as a major character again. However, I feel he’s at his best playing a comedic or villain role, and since he already voiced a comedic side character with Oliver, I think it would be great to hear him as a maniacal Fire Emblem villain.
  10. I think you could argue Mercedes isn’t a true commoner since she did come from nobility originally. We don’t know her full story yet, but maybe her family moved because of a political situation but otherwise are still rich and noble?
  11. I don’t get where people are coming from saying Lysithea is young looking tbh. Like she doesn’t look any more young than the rest of the cast, she’s just flat. I can easily argue that a ton of the roster “look young” but I don’t think any of them are gonna be like Child Prodigies where they’re significantly underage.
  12. Like I said before, there’s gonna be some fake stuff even in credible leaks so I’m definitely not gonna trust in everything she said, so once the game comes out we can see what was real and what was a red herring. And also Scarlet isn’t “locked behind DLC” she’s in Birthright and gets to live in that one. It sucks she dies in Revelations too but I just sort of think of her as a Birthright exclusive unit.
  13. Oh okay, I misunderstood the rules of what undrafted units are allowed/not allowed to do, so that's a relief. I can save my money for things that actually matter. EDIT: this post was gonna have my update in it but I accidentally posted it too soon lol EDIT 2: I'll try not to clog this up with too many screenshots since it's just the first couple of chapters which are not too exciting. I took over 100 screenshots which is way too many.
  14. Somehow I knew I’d get stuck with the worst character in the game but hey, maybe he’ll be worth the 9980 gold I’m gonna pay for him? Rennac please prove your worth.
  15. To be honest I don’t mind if the cast is relatively small as long as there’s still a decent amount of units to deploy if you want to do an iron man run, even if it’s just kind of generic units. A smaller cast means that they can spend more time developing that cast rather than spread the writing too thin so the characters end up feeling shallow. Of course that’s not guaranteed to happen. It’s possible to have a small cast that feels shallow and a large cast where all of there characters have depth, but I feel like you’re more likely to have depth with a more contained, interwoven cast of characters. (Also I never do iron man runs because I get sad if anyone dies so it would be nice to be able to use everyone and not bench half of the army just from lack of space.)
  16. Maybe they realize people are reading the file names so they don’t want people to read into them too much? Anyway, the fact that she mentioned Lorenz is a good sign that there will be cross-house interactions at the very least, maybe even some supports.
  17. For my picks I’ll go Gilliam and Lute. @Lunarly
  18. I don’t care much about Canon classes. Regardless of everyone’s preferences, I’m putting them on a flying mount. Alternatively with Dimitri I’m half tempted to make him a fist-fighting class since that seems funny. I like the idea of making the characters excel in things that go against their image.
  19. Ohhh it’s a snake draft, gotcha. I didn’t know for sure. With an early game pick secured, I’ll pick up a late recruit: Cormag. @Lunarly
  20. Well instead of picking up a cavalier or a flyer, I’m gonna break the mold and grab Moulder. @MrMinus
  21. I’ve never taken part in a draft before even though I’ve always wanted to, so sign me up.
  22. I’m general I don’t believe leaks fully even if it’s coming from someone credible because generally with leaks that get things right, they also usually have false information thrown in as well. So some of this stuff might be true, but at least some of it is probably fake. Regardless of the validity of this information I feel pretty confident that I’ll enjoy the game from what we’ve seen from Famitsu, so I’m not too invested in the legitimacy.
  23. Yeah, considering anyone can use any weapon, classes are more about the class exclusive skills which can only be used while in the class. While the Dark Mage and Brawler are male exclusive, the Mage and Brigand have the same weapon specialties so they’re probably gonna be similar classes, just a slightly different skill set. The most restrictive thing I’ve seen so far is just that you can’t punch on a mount, which makes sense logically.
  24. He’s all about being a swordsman, huh... Well buckle up Felix, you’re learning how to punch people.
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