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  1. Personally I would go for something like +Mag, -Luck. The reason being is that Dragonstones prevent doubling, so the normal go to boon, +Speed, would become mostly worthless. The +Mag with a magic pair up will allow you to one shot most enemies and the held Dragonstone along with the Yato passive keeps you tanky. I was playing through conquest with the setup, and the +Mag allows you to destroy people even while still in e rank tomes.
  2. I would really only recommend Revalation for completionists or people who want an amazing PvP team. I haven't played very far into the game but from what I've played so far the gameplay is horrible. Units are either untouchable or unusable and it makes for a really bland and uninjoyable experience.
  3. So does starting at Branch of Fates reset your resources or does it retain what you had on the save file you're branching from.
  4. Does the counter magic skill stack with Nyx's personal? (Ex. Would an enemy take 1.5x the magic damage they inflicted?)
  5. As early as chapter 7 on Conquest you encounter a moving pair of enemies (at least on hard/classic).
  6. I don't think the voice itself is bad at all, it's actually fitting. I just feel like the quality and consistency we had in Awakening isn't there to the same degree anymore. Awakening definitely felt more polished, but either way we'll get used to the voices soon enough.
  7. I was feeling like joining Hoshido was the better choice But right after the choice I remembered why I picked Nohr. The characters are amazing and you feel more at home where I feel like you would feel like a stranger in Hoshido. Side note: Arthur's definitely the best character :P
  8. I was actually thinking of passing the Ninja class tree to Felicia. The main reasons being kunaifaire (for exploding shuriken or Felicia's ice tray) and the copy ability. Imagine having one Felicia permanently supporting you and then another for healing or attacking.
  9. I'm just about to head to GameStop to pick up conquest. Boon: Clever Bane: Unlucky Talent: Ninja Not sure if I want to go samurai because it has great skills and cannot be obtained on conquest, or ninja because it would benefit Felicia?
  10. Thank you both, Sumia will be my Dark Flier and Cordelia will take Falcoknight. I know my pairings aren't exactly the most optimal but I'm not playing Lunatic so I'll get by. I also want to see if I can beat apotheosis with my favorite pairings rather than the "best" ones.
  11. Starting up the old Awakening save again and I wanted to get some advice. I'm going to use both Sumia and Cordelia and want one of them to be a Falcoknight and the other a Dark Knight. I know Sumia can get both Healtouch and Tomefaire which would complement Falcoknight and Dark Flier respectively. I going to pair Sumia with Frederick and Cordelia with Stahl if that affects the answer. Thanks in advance!
  12. Huh, I guess I'm in the minority, I love Anna's new design. I think the younger look suits her.
  13. Hard/Classic, Conquest, Final Destination, 1v1 me. Seriously though, Hard/Classic without same turn reinforcements is literally a dream come true.
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