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  1. I stan Millennials. Maybe it's because Boomers and the like always like to rag on Millennials, but I feel like, among Gen Z (I don't love "Zoomer"), Millennials are generally not disliked. I mean, what are we gonna do? Blame Millennials for the poor economic circumstances they were given? Can't relate. My Mom is a Millennial and my Dad is Gen-X for context. Also, yes, I do talk like this. Normally, I try to post here writing more tethered, but something about this question brought it out.
  2. One idea I always liked was splitting the massive maps from FE4 into smaller chapters while retaining the huge maps. Before I get ahead of myself, I'll elaborate. After each castle siege in FE4, there's typically some cutscenes to bridge parts of the chapter together and some new enemy deployments. The idea is, to break up these sections more clearly, breaking to save after each castle save, and then starting the next chapter right at that castle. Think that weird 4-part chapter from FE9, but, like, better. The idea is to maintain the grand scale of the FE4 maps while also making them easier for newcomers to digest. In between "chapters', the same cutscenes could play, and supports could also be added, because more character interactions is always good in FE. Uh, other changes could be made to make infantry units more viable on the large maps. Maybe just boost their move by like 1 (or 2)? Give more units pursuit? Or at least change accost (charge?) to function like in Thracia to add some interesting options other than pursuit. In general, add improvements concept-wise from Thracia back to FE4. Also, I'd prefer to keep FE4 and FE5 separate, simply because I think it would be better to maintain their individual styles, and by keeping them separate, they can focus an full game's attention on each one.
  3. The banner seems fine. The lack of a 3-4 star unit is the real bummer here. There's a bunch of boring kids that they could have thrown to be the 3-4 star unit. Oh well.
  4. If there's still slots available, I'd happily take that Knight Slot. Character Name: Fang Forum Name: Shimmerfang Class: Knight Affiliation: Protagonist Recruitment: Green unit. Talk with Rezzy to recruit. Main Appearance: Act 1, Chapter 5. 96 x 96 Face Portrait: Fang Portrait.bmpFang Portrait.bmp Other Notes: • Assets/Flaws: Asset Speed/Resistance; Flaw Defense • Character Personality: A generally well-intentioned and kind young man. Tends to find fault in himself before fault of others. • Story Blurb: Just travelling the world in an effort to find a home of his own.
  5. While the growth totals are all over the place, trying to judge unit balance in Birthright is kinda complaining about the temperature in a burning building. The units are kinda all over the place in quality, but it doesn't ultimately matter much in such an easy route like Birthright or the hot mess that is Revelation. Also, just comparing the growth disparities among the units is only looking at parts of the pictures. The units bases are just as important, as well as the system that they're in. Hana is not only bad cuz she's bad, but also bad cuz dodgetanking is harder to do in Fates. RInkah isn't great cuz you don't often need a tank in Birthright.
  6. I believe it is. If you check Sturn's chapter 8 video, they have their undrafted Zikark do what you describe. I believe Nailah does the same for them as well. It should be good. That's actually the chapter I'm currently on; I'm just having a hard time getting through it with only 3 combat units.
  7. Aww that's unfortunate. At least it seems that you'll do okay. I've been busy playing 3Hs and prepping for the start of my next semester in college, so I gotta do some moving. I'll come back to update in a hopefully soon enough.
  8. I feel like if there's going to be a poll, it should at least not be so blatantly in favor of one answer over another.
  9. After about 850 orbs, I was able to get my +10 Brave Micaiah.
  10. Blue Lions: Dimitri/Marianne - Was really sweet, and I feel like they can be there for each other. Felix/Ingrid - My OTP even pre game, and don't have more to say. Sylvain/Mercedes - Their ending and the conclusion of Sylvain's arc made me emotional. Ashe/Annette - Was cute, and had nice connection to Gilbert Dedue/Flayn - Weird, but I liked it. Ferdinand/Dorothea - A hot mess couple, but I really like it. Bylass/Seteth - Seteth has stolen my heart lol.
  11. This week has caused my anticipation to nearly boil over. At now just over 1000 orbs, I'm so ready for Brave Micaiah. I think if I get enough Micaiah copies, I'll free pick Eliwood and use the res of my orbs on Hubert.
  12. All difficulties of this map was just throw DC Eirika + Tactitania + L!Eliwood at it and win. Eirika with bonus doubler under tactics and her special refine cleared it easily enough. Clair mopped up.
  13. Is... Is Alois really that old? He never seemed particularly old to me, just mustached and a little bit thicc. Honestly, I put him in his thirties; I wouldn't say he's dad levels of old.
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