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  1. The news recently has left me very tired and very demoralized. I was already a bit down, but the current state of affairs has put me in a very dark place. Yesterday I even removed Twitter from my phone just so I could stop thinking about the issues that are going on. Which was hard for me, because I care a lot about current affairs and believe that staying informed is important. For now, I'm just going to wish everyone here the best and I hope that you are all safe. Take care of yourselves the best that you can, and try to find some positives in these times.
  2. Social determinants of health Gay storylines in Soap Operas Drag Race Ballroom Dancing
  3. Well, if a system like this was implemented, the units would have to be balanced with them in mind. Plus, classes really need to be rebalanced a bit more anyhow, so that any unit type isn't centralized, like fliers or mounts. I just really enjoy the ability to use whoever I'd like for a map, but it's not really an option for FE games. If someone wants to use a different unit for a map, I feel like it is better if they can.
  4. I only said that because level factored into EXP calculations (as far as I can recall). And I only said this to support the possible idea of playing as the Dawn Brigade in in 3-E.
  5. While there is a genuine possibility I'd really enjoy FE3, there is also the unquestionable fact that I have a hard time playing older games. GBA is the farthest I can go back without pulling my hair out. It's the reason that I have never gotten past FE4 chapter 3 in any attempted run.
  6. In this hypothetical remake, they could do some tweaks to make it so the Dawn Brigade is also at 3rd tier. Like, increasing experience gains in Part 1 with higher level, but otherwise same difficulty, enemies. And adding a few more available seals and crowns would also help with that.
  7. So, one of my favorite game series is Valkyria Chronicles, and one thing that game does is have units level based on class. If something were to be implemented like this in FE, I'd prefer it to be instead that units all level up by chapter. One benefit to this is that it allows for the use of the entire cast, as units can be swapped out freely by map when the situation necessitates. It does come at the cost of the ability to train units, and it may not pair well with RNG growth systems. How would you feel if something like this appeared in FE.
  8. TO be fair, Thani was the only thing that kept Miccy dear from being a dead weight in RD. It let her do more than chip.
  9. Well, there goes my orbs lol. I can't go an miss a Micaiah in my barracks now can I?
  10. I do hope for some grooms on this banner, especially if it's Japanese wedding attire. I have always found it so beautiful, and I think a bunch of FE guys could rock it.
  11. I don't believe that staves need to be considered light magic in the first place. Very few games in the series has dark magic = bad. Most have dark magic either not mentioned in detail, or just controversial. I think it'd be better if light and dark magic appeared more, so we could see the differences between the two in greater detail. I like to think best that staves are just regarded as neutral heal/support class magic. It makes classes like Falcoknight and Maid, who can use staves but aren't "light" or "dark" classes make more sense too.
  12. While she was enveloped by the forbidden spell, it also seems that she was already hurt from whatever Soon was doing to her prior. Assuming that ending in the void would not heal her, she'd likely die even if she did end up there. But then again, who knows?
  13. I was gonna do these unaided, but then I remembered that PM1 exists and I really want more orbs for more Narcians. Didn't do Abyssal though, because lol accessories. I' always impressed seeing what everyone here does though. Y'all are much harder working than me.
  14. I go out swing dancing about once a week, but that's obviously been cancelled. I miss being around so many people, and I miss swing people/being swung around.
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