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  1. Well one of these recent free summons, I think the one from Heroes with Moonbow, bore a result I didn't think would actually happen: Brave Lucina. ...yes I do have a copy of her already, +10 and everything, and this one is only +Res -Spd, but I actually will need a second Bravcina if I wanna build a dedicated Light duo of Bike and Bravcina, so... guess I'll take it. ...certainly the last unit I expected to actually want another copy of...
  2. ...are you saying these people sacrificed their otherworldly lives in order to have a Prf weapon? ...anyone got some sort of cross-dimensional teleporter handy, I wanna see what happens.
  3. The weird thing about regular Hector is that he's really not even the best Axe Armor anymore, all he has going for himself is having the easiest source of Distant Counter (now that he's in the 4* Special pool). Even considering his Resplendent stats, he only outdoes 5 Axe Armors in Atk while matching 2 others (one of them being Hector who is Just Here to Fight), his Def is only the same as LegEdelgard, and his other stats... well he easily has the best HP, nobody cares about his Spd, and his Res is the worst (it ties with Halloween Dorcas). So in terms of stats, he's hardly making any stellar waves. If we assume Armads gets the QR5 treatment plus one refine effect, that still leaves him leagues behind many of the other Axe Armors. The only ones he can really match are the ones who don't have Prfs (as well as Hector who is JHtF), seeing as how every Axe Armor with one has at least one stand-out effect. Brave Ephraim is also in the 4* Special pool, and Garm does everything Armads wishes it could do. So if all Hector has going for himself is the highest HP among Axe Armors (which isn't exactly a major selling point outside of Pawns of Loki) and Distant Counter, which by the way every other Axe Armor gravitates towards having anyway, then... yeah, what the hell?
  4. I do best with direct visuals. Centered on unit means that Mila will always be in the center, so she is at the direct middle of the invisible row and column that dictates the range of her effect. Nurturing Breath targets allies within 7 rows and 7 columns. The area Mila would target has been boxed (hopefully you can see it), every square that is within those 7 rows and columns will be affected. Keep in mind that the above picture is from a Rival Domains map, which are 8x10. Map sizes are usually 6x8, so usually Mila would be affecting almost the entire map as long as she was in the direct center.
  5. Saying not everyone likes something is a very poor reason not to make a certain decision. That's true of everything in life, let alone this game, and especially of what can be considered the two most important modes of the game (they both gives very valuable resources, you kinda have to care about them to some extent) I have to assume you are not happy because Edelgard, a unit who cannot be planned for because of her permanent pool placement, did not make it. She at least can be randomly summoned as a pity breaker and have banners that focus on a skill she has (Noontime, Distant Foil, Joint Drive Res), and in fact Edelgard herself can be planned for because they always rerun the Brave Hero banners every year. Meanwhile all 4 of the winners here can never be summoned randomly, and there are some out there who don't actually like summoning from Legendary/Mythic banners because of the chance to summon everyone except the unit you are actually targeting, since each color focuses 3 units at a time. I also agree to this, as my +10 Leanne and Winter Eirika can attest to. As the Remix banners are, I very highly doubt they will ever put such a recent Legendary hero into one. The focus of those banners is on making the earliest Legendary heroes accessible without intruding on modern Legendary/Mythic banners and making a color "worse" just because Fjorm or LegHector aren't really all that desired as a hero (before Fjorm got updated at least, not sure about now). So actually yes it is completely unreasonable to expect Legendary Dimitri to appear in a Legendary Remix banner.
  6. ...you weren't playing when they had the New Power banner for all the Falchion refines, were you? Ooooooh boy, yeah they aren't gonna do anything with those colors...
  7. Ninja Lyn, Legendary Corrin, Legendary Dimitri, and Seiros? Wow, that is not a very color-balanced banner we got coming up. I'll be honest though, I'm kinda glad Edelgard didn't make it. She's a good unit, but I don't necessarily want more of her...
  8. Victory Feathers for me to. That means Legendary Corrin beat out Freya. So Duo Lyn and LegFemCorrin are confirmed for the Hero Rises banner so far. Anyone wanna confirm for the other two matchups?
  9. Why wait? It's the last minutes of round 1, just use the dang things before it's too late.
  10. The most flags that can be used at one time is 800: Up to 100 flags can be used per ballot used. There is a maximum of 8 ballots that can be held at once
  11. You know what actually, no I like this new seasonal refines thing. Witchy Nowi was the first Red Tome Flier in the game, and yet here we are 4 years later where she's a joke even compared to summer tana, who was released the summer after. And for years it was always believed that seasonals were just screwed because they were seasonals, and that just isn't fair to someone like me who heavily invested in Witchy Nowi among other seasonals. So no, I changed my mind MORE SEASONAL REFINES PLEASE. Also I dont know why you expected Staff refines when currently only 5* exclusive staves have refines in the first place.
  12. Very divided on the whole Seasonal refine I see. Personally? Doesn't bother me even with my confessed Nowi bias. The only thing I have to mention is that we seem to have forgotten Soleil... that or they skipped her for the moment because they have 3 Red units getting a refine already, with her it woulda been 4 red 1 blue...
  13. You shouldn't generalize an entire movement class like that. I would argue that Armor units actually care the least about Spd compared to other movement classes. In most cases, Armored units are carrying a skill like Vengeful Fighter to gain an automatic follow-up, or if they have automatic follow-ups built into their weapon or Prf skills then something like Special Fighter or Crafty Fighter. Generally speaking though, an Armored unit is expected to be making automatic follow-ups Out of the 70-ish Armor units in the game, only 20 of them have a 5* lv 40 base Spd stat of 30 or higher, and even among them they don't really utilize their Spd to any significant gameplay outside of outspeeding units with only middling Spd. Again though, you shouldn't generalize. A units preferred asset and flaw are fully dependent on the unit themselves, not their movement class or weapon type or whatever. Heck, flying units generally don't have the best of times trying to play with an enemy-phase set (most of the time they have to dedicate their SS slot to Iotes Shield because otherwise they just get offed by a Bow unit), and yet Ashnard proves to be among the most defensive of units purely because of how he was built.
  14. You select as many flags and ballots as you want to use in the moment. Some people choose to hold on to their flags and ballots for when their team is losing to capitalize on the score multiplier, but ultimately it is up to you.
  15. Hm... you know what, screw it Ima support Corrin and see what happens. I don't care how this goes, I honestly think Seiros and Edelgard are automatically gonna get to the finals, and I wanna see how Freya vs Corrin goes on the frontlines.
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