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  1. Wow, I just now noticed I missed half the recent Forging Bonds event, ergo I missed the EX accessories. ...oh well I guess? I got better things to do, like man my Pokemon shop and do College things.
  2. This... had me thinking. I wondered why myself and double checked the history of New Hero banners with a focus on a single game (no seasonals, no CYL, Farfetched Heroes, or Fallen Heroes since they do not focus on a single game, though Adrift counted...). The result... I still don't know. I made a quick spreadsheet with all the single game focus New Hero banners on it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rYjYYDW9mi4f7v2G0UFkbeC-B6ph_FuY2UqjeY9Wd9c/edit?usp=sharing I don't see a pattern. Maybe it has something to do with year? The book the banner is a part of? Whoever's running the dart launcher? I can't tell...
  3. ...you're putting words in my mouth. I mean that the exact same way as if I were to say "I don't get what's so great about country music" or "I don't understand how people can support Trump" or even "I don't know why people like honing in on one sentence in an entire discussion and use that to make assumptions about others". I'm not saying anything about others tastes, I'm saying I don't get it because I legit don't get it. It's no more than an aside, wholly unrelated to Dimitri, same way you'd say "Alright enough about the quality of Taco Bell meat, what's going on with the way farms these days treat cows?". Two separate subjects. That's it.
  4. ...what? I never assumed anything about why people like Dimitri, and I admitted that I probably can't like Dimitri because I can't get past the things he is and does as dark Dimitri. But... literally my first question was if I missed something when playing the Blue Lions route. And @Landmaster pretty clearly explained that yeah I did. If I can't see the appeal of a character, how am I assuming anything? Or is it that because I don't like him, no one should? Because I don't think like that...
  5. I probably just can't see the reason to like Dimitri because the kind of character Dimitri was for the first half of the War Arc (from my point of view calling him a tyrant) is the kind of character I DON'T like. Add on the whole paper cut-out Lord act, and... well, for what it's worth I can't say I like Edelgard much, but then I haven't seen her on the Black Eagles route yet, and at the very least she seems a lot more genuine than Dimitri was being in the Academy arc. ...I dunno, I don't get why people can like tyrants, psychos, yanaderes, and such either.
  6. Well... as a FE1/Shadow Dragon Marth voter, no, but given the trend of past CYL alts, which is to say Alm and Celica in their original outfits, it seems the most likely to happen. Plus it'd just be plain ridiculous. Before anything, I want it understood that I played and completed Azure Moon within a week or two of the game being released, so I'm trying to remember everything I can about Dimitri from over 6 months ago... And I don't remember that being the impression I got of him. Academy Arc Dimitri I remember being the most paper cut-out FE Lord with hints of a traumatic past up until... was it chapter 10? Well, when the big reveal happens and he pretty much tosses that out the window and demands the head of anyone with white hair, purple eyes, and an axe. From there... I don't see "edgy boi", I see "the enemy". Not caring for anything but the destruction of an empire for the sake of the dead he obsesses for, ignoring the world around him that is willing to put their lives on the line for him, I don't even remember him being much more than "cool, now don't do it again. Now slaughter" when Dedue came back, you know when he thought Dedue was one of the dead he obsessed for? So maybe I missed the purpose of his character, but excuse me for missing the deconstruction of a Lord when he's acting like the Tyrant.
  7. Okay nothing against Three Houses, it's a good game with a majority good characters and I can respect Three Houses characters taking up almost half the top 20 of each gender because at least they're good characters (unlike my opinion of Camilla). What I don't get is Dimitri. He spends half of the War Arc being the tyrant that you'd normally oppose in any other FE game, and the other half being Academy Arc Dimitri but with an established history of bloodshed and lingering regret. And that's just the Blue Lion path, far as I can tell he doesn't ever get over his issues in the other routes. And listen, I PLAYED Blue Lions first. Heck it's so far the only route I completed because you can't make me enthusiastic to play essentially the same first half of the game again but with occasional Claude obsessing over your sword. I still think Dimitri is the least interesting of the three House Leaders. So why is War Arc Dimitri in first? Did I miss something while playing Azure Moon? Maybe a paralogue because I didn't recruit someone specifically? I did recruit Caspar and got the Mercedes/Caspar paralogue, I was able to rerecruit Dedue... whad I miss?
  8. Okay so I was right and wrong about Virion. Right because not only does my 62 HP Virion out-HP everyone, but thanks to the Bonus unit boost he literally cannot be outdone at 72 HP. But also wrong because some of the maps have the enemy units REALLY spread out, so you can't even get the effect off unless the enemy focuses down a single area because Rally shenanigans... which I guess works in Virion's favor, but won't really happen til the last map anyway...
  9. Hope this is the year that we finally get Pantsless Marth! And I guess SoV Cipher DLC is still off limits...
  10. Free Hubert, aight that's cool. +Atk-Hp, might be better than the +Spd I'm running on him... either way, he a good result to have for a freebie.
  11. Responces in Bold. Hm... I ask cause... well, it's not necessary a Fire Emblem thing, but when it comes to anime girls, I always seem to like the ones with green hair... just wanted to see if maybe I'd like any other green haired girls, cause I do like the green haired girls I've played with in FE so far... ...I mean uh... Xenomata does! Yeah, weird dude, that Xeno...mata... weeird dude...
  12. Quick question, who are all the Green-haired girls across the Fire Emblem series? Asking for... uh... a friend... named Xenomata...
  13. It's probably not gonna be an option, but I would like to vote for the Cipher OCs that were in Shadows of Valentia. You know, Emma Randall Shade and Yuzu. They probably wouldn't win, not when compared to literally any popular character, but I just think they're neat. ...and Marth, of course I'm voting Marth. But if the above aren't an option, WHO WANTS BRIGAND BOSS?! ANYONE???
  14. If he wants to get Sudden Panic off on everyone, even some Hero Battle foes, then yeah that extra +3 would be helpful. It also helps to get off the effect of his Special Refine, but using his special refine over a normal refine loses out on 2 HP, which might not mean that much in PvP content now that I think about it... max HP investment minus Summoner Support and with Special Refined Dignified Bow is still like 65 HP... There'd be a few other units who'd want +HP, but it'd mostly be anyone who wants to get off HP checks against the foe, which are Bride Fjorm (which isn't TOO necessary considering most dancers have low HP anyway but still helps) and Loki.
  15. We all did. Every single one of us did. Virion was useless until he got his new weapon and refine. Then he stopped being useless and demanded an HP asset, which almost no one ever actually asks for. Stupid Virion and his stupid cravat bib...
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