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  1. So minor complaint... What the hell Umbra Calamity?? One trigger, especially on Clair's Rokkr, and it's a freaking dance party in here. Positioning means jack crap in here! Also Absorb+ is OP. My Winter Eirika doesn't even need Miracle because one attack on the Rokkr and she's healthy again. And between the healing from Aether and Absorb+, so are the dragon lolis and the dreamy dragon.
  2. I don't know when you quit, so... >Invasion of the furries- I mean beasts. >Armors, Dragons, and also Armor Dragons. Oh, and Legendary Alm is bullshit. >Sudden Panic can be hell to get around if you don't expect it, but then so is Aversa. >Louise has Atk/Spd Bond and a Swift Sparrow 2 bow... I guess. >Ty got ya covered.
  3. 200 Divine Dews, but... I don't know what to do with them. I know holding onto them is an option, but... that's the thing, I think I am gonna hold onto them. But it's because I have literally no one I want to use them on right now. I'm kinda just hoping someone has a sound opinion on what I could strive to do, especially since I could consider +10ing whoever gets the Divine Refine. Er... sorry if you read through all that, this is... kinda what happens when there's a lot of people have refinable Prfs...
  4. Hey I +10ed Delthea! ...wait wrong Delthea wait shi- This couldn't be even more impulsive. I don't even have a seal picked out for her, or even plans to refine Dark Aura. But... she's here!
  5. @Diovani Bressan not sure if it counts, but Minerva/Michalis's Hauteclere got the Wo Dao refine despite at the time Blazing Thunder not being affected by Wo Dao effects, and also Minerva having Sacred Cowl.
  6. Oh nope, there it is. Really, I think there's a difference between being called something and sounding like one... you can say whatever you want, and someone is gonna say you sound like a homophobic nazi if you don't pick the right words...
  7. I'm just spoilering this if there are people who'd rather not read this nonsense. One last thing I want out in the open: I'm neither upset or trying to defend this decision. I'm not a big fan of the thought that there's simply pokemon I won't be able to get just because I'm not allowed to bring them over from past games; like I said before, I'm being affected to, or at least I assume I'm not going to be able to bring any of the pokemon I'm attached to over to Sw/Sh. I don't like that they don't have plans to let players bring in non-Galar pokemon in future patches and updates, because that just means every time we learn who will be in the Galardex is another opportunity to learn which of my treasured mons won't be seeing the beauty of not-England. But I know better than to let that stop me from going out, buying Sword and Shield for me and my sister, and having a good time. If I got upset every time I wouldn't be able to do a thing, fuck I don't think I'd even still be playing video games now. ...also I now feel very hypocritical, because literally the one example I gave of a pokemon I am personally attached to, my Galvantula, I just assumed wouldn't be in Sw/Sh... but it turns out it will be, so... fuck.
  8. Okay I was being quiet on the topic, but on seeing another #BringBackNationalDex post on my twitter... I kinda got mad. ...damn, I made myself angrier as I typed, but I refuse to believe anything except that that needed to be said. Just gonna spoiler that...
  9. For once I did a semi-themed clear! ...I wanted to do all Awakening Kids, but then I realized that my Awakening kids mostly had filler build, so I settled for three Awakening alts (Legendary Lucina, Bride Cordelia, and Flier Olivia) and also my Walhart. Took a few repeats to find out how to get through it, but eventually I found a clear path that I was able to get a good few kills per round while also leaving alive units who couldn't kill Lucina and Walhart. Walhart actually went pretty far into enemy lines to kill off mages and wall against the physical units.
  10. Go to a characters profile, either tap and holding on their icon or pressing the + icon on the characters status at the top of the screen when they are selected, and then tap the heart icon. Simply tap remove and they will be removed from your favs. To prevent this in the future, go to Settings and find the Auto-Favorite option. This setting automatically applies a Pink Favorite to heroes of the appropriate rarity and higher, but you can turn it off entirely as well. I personally keep it off, but you may find value in keeping your 5* summons auto-favorited. (Pssst. While you're here, you should turn on Asset/Flaw Color Display. It's really convenient)
  11. ...it just occurred to me that Yarne was one of three child units who could never get the Galeforce skill, as it's on a female class (Dark Flier) and Panne did not have access to that class. ...so whichever world we're pulling Yarne from, it's the ones with hackers.
  12. Got this from the comments of this video, which is just an extension of the track. Not sure if it's right or not, but it does at least sound right. Hm... given the recent revelations, this song's lyrics might be making more and more sense... Even with nothing but premium skills, Seth would score lower than some other units due to lower BST from being a Cav and lack of R Duel Cav, though That being said, he'd be a much better Arena unit than both your current Reds simply because he'd be a strong Cheerleader, between two Tactics skills on C slot and SS slot plus Silverbrand's special refine and a Rally Up+ skill to round it all up. Arena Scoring is a lot of making sure the Bonus unit is getting kills, so if you have strong enough support you can simply feed the bonus unit all the kills and forego any lost score from using a Melee Cav on your team.
  13. Are the Dragon Quest bros getting hate? To be completely honest, I thought the series was locked to both Japan and in the 90s for years until maybe a few years ago? I have been a little interested in giving one of the games a chance, but then a few years ago I could barely afford to buy clothes I needed... I also never played Banjo Kaazooie. Never thought it was worth my time due to a "It's just one of many Mario 64-like games" mentality.
  14. Aether Resort can be found within the Aether Raids menu. Once there, tap the Edit button (with the little house on it), and then go to Build/Improve. The Concert Hall should be in there, and will run you 300 R&R points. If you already have, you can go to Place and select it, then put it wherever you would like it. You get 60 R&R points once every season (which runs from PST Tuesday at midnight to Monday at 3:00 pm) for entering certain Aether Resort buildings (this will be noted by the structure erupting a lot of little yellow hearts), and 10 points daily so long as you visit your Aether Resort at all. Once your Concert Hall is built, you can manage your music from the Music Settings, and buy more music from Order Music (this will run you 180 R&R per song).
  15. Also the Kongs + Rool reaction to Banjo Kazooie needs to be a gif. Just saying.
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