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  1. I pop in to see what the halloween banner, the banner of the year I liked most, would be like, and I get slapped in the face by Flayn. Yeah fk you too Feh.
  2. @GuiltyLove If you don't mind me using the space to quickly explain, I got sick of the insane amount of Three Houses/Hopes characters being added over the summer, so when the Rhea bootlicker got added as the CYL banner's GHB I said that if anymore 3H characters get added, I was quitting. Not only did Claude get added just weeks later in the Wind Tribe banner, but they even specifically teased him. And then they (in my eyes) phoned in Brave Marth's refine in favor of the refines they gave to the two Fodlan snowflakes, which I already quit by then but that sunk the dagger in deeper. It's a very petty reason to quit I admit, but my interest in the game had dwindled to almost nothing by then anyway. Plus on top of the damage done to my wallet, I'm pretty sure Three Houses has been irreparably regarded as my most despised FE game especially thanks to the exposure heaped onto it by Feh, which I didn't think was possible. So... yeah. The last time I turned the game on was to take pictures of my 5* +10 collection on the 8th. @BoaFerox Tana Emblem looks amazing. So many yellow-bolded borders... kinda wish I had more opportunities to use some of the Tier 4 B passives they've been adding, but I could never actually justify trying to summon for them. But yeah... thanks, hope you guys keep being able to enjoy whatever you can out of Feh. As for my future in video games... Rhythm Heaven! ...Ba bum bum bum.
  3. Yeah... turns out when you've decided to quit a game, you run out of reasons to stay on the forums for that game, especially if you really didn't offer much of anything interesting or insightful to say. I only remembered to come in and look to see who the new Leg/Mythic hero was. ...Elincia? That's neat. Good clears. Wonder what I woulda done to put her down... Also not sure "beautifully written descriptions" is the term I'd use... fluff text for stuff that people already know? Heck, if you wanna pretty the post up a bit, just grab the Hero Battle banner off Feh's twitter page, that's what I did 😛
  4. Well I've quit the game. Much of its appeal has died to me, and I've mostly stayed aboard for the sake of building units I like and have come to like. But I'm not able to accept blatant Fodlan-pandering, and Claude in the Wind Tribe banner was the straw that broke the camel's back. I did however figure that I could make one last little post in this thread I once frequented regularly. All of the units I've been able to 5* +10 over the 7-or-so years I've played, since the game launched. Gonna be honest, did bring a tear to me eye remembering some of the fights they pulled through, especially since some of them had no business making it through them. But anyway... Red Blue Green Colorless And a small few honorable mentions, because they didn't make it to +10 but I used them enough that they're +10 in spirit. And lastly, the ones I'm most proud of. True MVPs of my barracks... 128 5* +10 units in the end, with 3 honorable mentions... What the little army I have.
  5. That's actually very easy to cover IMO. Both Fae and Astram have naturally higher HP than Brave Marth, so Infantry Pulse immediately charges Shining Emblem, plus with their weapons they give all 60 of the bonus stat total needed for Marth's Vantage effect. They're both easy to obtain at that (4* pool and GHB/grail shop) and Infantry Pulse is in the grail shop via Marisa. Building Marth's necessary support is pretty easy, considering the relative rarity of SS4 (even now that Citrinne is just another pity breaker in the regular 5* pool) and whatever C slot Marth asks for. I personally went for Oath, though the new Pledge could also be a good option. Speaking from experience in Aether Raids light season, maybe it's because my Marth almost always has support from Muspell (plus an ally support S rank with him), but there's really not a whole lot that can survive "a single strike" from him. The bulkiest of Blue enemies maybe, but that's not all that common in favor of just trying to pull off cheap wins via Cav lines, teleport games, or just throwing the most blatantly powerful units your way... hell, even units I think I should be scared of are down in "a single strike". Given how much more simple Arena fights tend to go, I'm not that concerned there either. Really, I think there's better ways of encouraging the "single strike" build than moving his B passives main effect to take up the majority of his refine. As it is, none of Marth's counters have been dealt with in any meaningful way.
  6. I already did that though. All his refine truly did was punch his stats up, and the additional effects he got are useless to him when he's OHKOing with "A single strike". Tempo doesn't have an effect on after-combat special charges, and damage reduction is only meaningful if he didn't kill the enemy in one hit, which is rare. Sure an extra +11 stats is nice, but 5 of those stats are standard refine goodie, so all he truly got was Bonus Doubler. So... yeah, still not very happy about that.
  7. Can't believe I'm saying this, but is that seriously all Marth got? His base effect with a combined 10 stat bonuses got Tempo, and for the refine he gets Bonus Doubler that also checks for ally bonuses, and first-strike damage reduction? That's fucking weak, they didn't do anything for his special-trigger game... So what did the others get? Lessee, Itsuki gets all-round stat boosts and nice if basic effects, Eirika basically got stats and Dull Atk/Spd/Def... Mirabilis can inflict Flash on enemies after she attacks, that's pretty interesting. Hel just gets straight health recovery to counteract Distant Pressure's hp decay without changing her weapon's Res targeting, otherwise it's just a grabbag of effects that speedy units like to get these days... oh what the fucking hell am I looking at. Marianne gets the slaying effect added on TO HER BASE WEAPON, the damage reduction effect is both stronger and on both phases (albeit weaker on EP), and then her refine is just a grabbag of effects that offensive units like on top of Tempo? Gatekeeper's support game is further strengthened AND he becomes even bulkier with both Def-based damage reduction and post-combat HP recovery? ...yeah no, the fact that Marth easily got the most underwhelming refine compared to everyone else, ESPECIALLY the two fodlaners, feels like a nail in the coffin to me ditching this game. Eirika barely made it out better in my opinion, if only because she at least got a Dull effect. Itsuki got a good refine, especially considering what it started as. Hel and Mirabilis got nice upgrades, though I'd rather leave the Flash-infliction game to someone other than a dancer.
  8. Ugh... the refine for Brave Marth would come in the month I'm convinced to quit too...
  9. This definitely. Orochi could have been with Mikoto or even Reina if you wanna reach for straws. She's been seen with Saizo on more than one occasion. Probably not shy around the Hoshidan royals.
  10. Welp, may as well see what's on the bulletin board before leaving the house... ...no. Kinda feel like they're overusing the "damage reduction on foe's first attack" effect at this point... Dagr's not technically removing enemy bonuses, she's just... neutering them? Technically they're neutralized, but only by inflicting an equal-value penalty? Also she grants Pathfinder to a support ally. Shame Citrinne can't give the effect to her allies. Bow units get another interesting toy to play with. Shame it's not in the grail shop, guess they learned their lesson after Whitecap Bow. NFU and Null Panic, plus a big Atk/Spd bonus equal to the number of bonuses the unit currently has... between AShexblade, A/Soath4, and support from someone like LegEliwood, that could very quickly get absurd. Catria... hm, guess the Whitewings are moving on from the Easter banners? I think Kagero's breasts somehow got even bigger... WHAT. Would have BEEN. The ISSUE. With making OROCHI. The LEAD?! Am I MISSING SOMETHING about Kagero? Was she an interesting character in Fates? I played Fates, and I do NOT remember her being a character that stood out that much. She was LITERALLY a Damsel in distress. ON ALL 3 ROUTES. Kaze and Saizo stood out way more, and they doesn't even have one alt! Well anyway, she has plenty of damage reduction and the Vengeance-like effect. Disarm Trap is pretty lacking for anything other than Aether Raids, I think Brash Assault 4 would be better just because it does basically the same job but with extra damage reduction and an extra layer of that Vengeance-like effect, assuming it stacks with itself (which it definitely doesn't, but a person can dream) And Fuga is the Grail demote. Between him and Rinkah last time being the 4* demote, I fully expect Flora to be the duo/harmonic backpack for the Ice Tribe festival at best. Felicia will be lucky to even get a Paralogue/Tempest Trials story cameo. ...well that's all fine and good, but you can't interest me anymore. I'm done.
  11. Aaaaand that's it, I'm done with this game for good. Can't go one seasonal banner without pandering to the Fodlan crowd, hell why not give the cocky shit a brand new Prf skill because he's so fucking cool... yeah no, the game has lost its appeal to me long ago, and if I'm not even able to enjoy it without being reminded that apparently everyone except me loves 3H so much that they're willing to accept being spoon-fed it every few months, then I'm out. I know when I'm not wanted and have nothing to offer anyway. That'll save me a few thousand bucks a year...
  12. I swear to fucking god, I am not kidding when I say I'm uninstalling if that turns out to be Claude.
  13. Aaaaand this one became a CYL7 gauntlet in just the second round.
  14. You basically just described the two big benefits given by Special Spiral 4. You want his refine to be Special Spiral 4. Not that I'd be complaining, opens the slot for Null C-Disrupt and make him basically impossible to attack safely without being a bulky Blue unit on Divine Vein: Stone terrain. Signed, a person who gave Brave Marth Special Spiral 4.
  15. I truly love any moment where I can bring out Julia to utterly crush any dragons in the way. Or magic in general I guess. I think I've had her at +10 since her last appearance in Hall of Forms? Of course I had to give her Re.Ingrid's inheritance stuff manually, but she's great. Everyone needs a confused bunny girl outfit-flier in their life!
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