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  1. So, does Shanna benefit from the Resplendent stat bonus? Uh... a little? Her offensive stats now outnumber... *checks notes* ... Thea, and are now on-par with... Cynthia. Most every other Lance Flier is either stronger or faster than 32/37 offenses. As for bulk... meh? Ironically, the stat bonus pushes her above 40 HP, which might make it a little bit harder for her to enter Desperation range. ...it's ironic because Shanna IS Desperation. Does the art do her justice? No, honestly. I mean come on, she's from ILIA. Literally an icy country. Does this make Shanna overall better? Doubt it, having a Slaying/Wo Dao weapon stopped being that big a deal years ago, and there's so many better Lance Fliers even in just the 4* pool. ...so overall... I mean, I WAS gonna subscribe for Sothe, but now I'm doubting if I wanna go through with that...
  2. Very quiet here... wonder if anyone noticed that the next Resplendent Hero will be Shanna?
  3. Went for 40 summons on the remix banner, cause... I dunno, Hector has some good Armor fodder, and Ephraim seems like a good unit. I managed 1 copy each of the two golden boys, and also a copy of Fallen Lyon. That would theoretically make my copy of him +6 if I was merging him up and also wasn't confused about where all these Fallen Lyons came from. As for the freebie summon... Hector cause hey, Crafty Fighter.
  4. @[email protected] [email protected] After considering the info I was given... I feel like overall Near Trace has more use than Far Trace since NT is guaranteed to trigger Canto as opposed to FT. The units who could benefit from FT would probably get that little bit more from Lull than the alternative, since the entire point of Cav units is that they can move 3 spaces. As for giving any ol unit a Trace skill... yeah it's probably alright to just wait for the "right" Trace skill. Another question, I was looking through Grail units for inspiration, and while doing so I noted that Solon and Veld had purely disruptive effects on their tomes, with no trigger conditions requiring any of their stats. This in mind, and considering that my one requirement for deciding who to +10 be that I continually use them (which in this case seems hard to justify as the turn requirements limits how long they remain useful), is there any incentive to actually +10 merge either of these guys?
  5. So for Cav units, which tends to be more preferred over the other when they are considered the best choice, Lulls or Trace skills? Side question, is having a Trace skill at all more important than having the "right" Trace skill? Like, LegSigurd for instance would gain more from Atk/Def Near Trace, but would just having access to Canto Rem. be more important, ergo he could safely take Spd/Def Near Trace without losing out?
  6. Summoning up to the freebie. 4* Special Azura appeared, bringing her to +9 merge. She also happens to be +Spd, which apparently my base Azura was completely neutral, so... out the window with you Neutral. Petra and Hapi appeared in the same session. Petra was +Atk -HP, Hapi was +Spd -Res... kinda thinking I summoned them in the wrong order... Constance appeared +Atk -Res. Pretty good. As for the free summon, I'm taking Muspell. Even if I wanted to freebie Yuri, I think it'd be far easier to just snipe for him. I'll still summon Blue though since Hapi could actually be quite useful... ...well, as long as Farina isn't appearing and trying to rob me... wait shit she's right there MY WALLET NO- EDIT: And the rest of summoning went... well, coulda gone better. I did get Yuri... +Res -Spd though, and I actually wanna summon two of him so that I can have some C Duel Infantry 4 fodder on hand. So... unfortunately the night was not over. And he did NOT make it easy to summon him again. -Did get +Def -Res Muspell, which... was kinda embarrassing after what I said earlier. -Got another Hapi... +Def -HP though... -Brave Eliwood, Caineghis, Julian, and Larum all crashed my summons. Larum I actually forgot had Disarm Trap, which I want to give to my Ninja Lyn, so I kinda appreciate summoning her. The others... not exactly enthused... -Only other 4* Special summon was Hardin. I did eventually get Yuri +Atk -Def. That's good. Hapi I'm not a fan of her assets, but maybe I can make at least +Spd work. Just hoping this months Mythic isn't too enticing, or at least is easy to summon. I need to save some orb money if I wanna +10 merge Halloween Grima when her banner is revived, and tonight didn't necessarily help matters...
  7. My thoughts: Yuri's Foul Play opens up a number of new strategies, for as simple a skill as it is. Between that and his expanded move range AND Canto, I'd daresay he has more use as a utility unit than a combat unit... except he totally has the offensive stats to be a solid combat unit as well. Great stuff all around. Well that's... one way to reference Constance's Prf skill? She will inevitably draw comparisons to Summer Byleth... unfavorable comparisons, I might predict... Hapi enters the ring with dragon/beast effectiveness, and between that, built-in Time's Pulse along with a slaying effect, and as many Atk mods she has even just by default, she's looking to be a solid combat unit. Of course the question, as always, will be how she does against Hegemon, but honestly she looks good anyway. Glimmer though... pfffft, that girl is just ASKING for Ruptured Sky. Welp, so much for brawling. Muspell. Domain of Flame's effect is... interesting. I think this is the first time a support effect boosts damage by so much as 30% of (units Atk -foes Res). Muspell himself coming with built-in Fatal Smoke is good as well. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, can we talk about Fafnir for a moment? Cause what in the goddamn happens next???
  8. Not in his Crest, but his crests Heroes Relic. The Fetters of Dromi grant Movement +1 and enable Canto to the unit who holds them, which are both effects his weapon Grant's him. Foul Play, meanwhile, is the class-exclusive ability of Tricksters in TH. Course the range of it was 5, not 3, but that's just condensing the skill for Heroes purposes ...so yeah, nothing of his Crest itself. It occasionally prevented the counterattacks of the enemy when Yuri attacked, which... give him Windsweep I guess?
  9. Seriously Reginn and Fafnir's video was so dumb I loved it. On another note, seriously if we don't get singer Fjorm and DJ Reginn at the next dancers banner, someone's gonna get a big ol Seidðr Shell right up their- ahem... I mean, I'll send a very properly worded complaint to Intsys... INSIDE A SHELL THAT GETS SHOVED RIGHT UP-
  10. Aaand I summoned both Leif and Larcei. Like, super duper easily, sure their assets are kinda meh, but they were the only units I really "wanted," and the only orbs i bought were the September promo orbs that i was gonna buy anyway. Props where props are due to this game, this banner was really bleh to me, and the game pretty much gave me the bare minimum of my wants. Why can't more banners be this halfway decent all the time...?
  11. Honestly might be a little too soon to make judgement on Muspell as a villain. He doesn't even appear in the opening dialogue, so making judgements on someone based solely on appearance and quotes made in the heat of battle feels hasty (without looking at datamined info at least)
  12. +Res -HP on Harmonic Leif. ...oh right, I summoned a bit more off the Brave banner before it ended, and got a few extra copies of Gatekeeper (none with an ideal asset though) and Brave Eirika with +Atk. That's good. I also summoned off the Moonbow banner for one last copy of Lethe to get mine to +10. It took... a while... but I did eventually get her.
  13. ...ah man, I just realized Fjorm and Nifl should have been bonus units for the F&I tempest trials. It's so obvious, especially now that Muspell is fielded for battle... The seals are neat I guess. ARsolo is appreciated, still waiting on like 10 other skills to become seals (Desperation should have been a candidate long ago...)
  14. My thoughts: Alm: Hm... didn't think they'd give base Dracofalchion the movement +1 effect by default, but neat. The refine however... they straightup gave him Windsweep. That's awesome, so many refines we're like "that can work with Windsweep!", but here they just gave him Windsweep. Very cool. Ephraims: Both Dracofalchion and Flame Siegmund, as hoped, have dropped the pseudo-Solo effect in favor of straightup Solo. Appreciated. Anyway... Very straightforward weapon and refine. Eph now has sped-up special cooldown without the need for Heavy Blade, which means one of his skill slots has been opened up for use. Both Ephs have benefited very greatly, especially LegEphraim with his upgraded Solar Brace. Eliwood: Refine effect works in tandem with the base effect (which now also triggers on EP if Eliwood is within 2 spaces of an ally) and now grants +10 Atk/Spd/Def/Res, self NFU, and Dodge effect. Straight upgrades are always welcome, and this should help make Eliwood an effective Hegemon killer. Kana: well that's just straight better than what FemKana has, what the hell. Lyn: That refine is... hm. I don't know why she still has to be within 3 spaces of an ally, and I do not approve of her still having a Res +3 boost, but everything else about the refine is good... is it good enough to make LegLyn meta, I dunno but if that refine were put on Brave Lyn... ho boy. Camilla: Straight upgrade. That's an effective +17 Atk she gets from her refined weapon, up from the original +4. Micaiah: Hm... well it's not disappointing, makes Micaiah stronger and grants her an automatic follow-up, but after Gunnthra's upgrade straightup murders anyone who dares to have a debuffed stat, I was kinda hoping Micaiah would get... a little more. I mean, she was the girls winner of CYL3, and Alm up there gets Movement +1 just for existing. So yeah, not disappointing itself, disappointing compared to what everyone else got in comparison.
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