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  1. I know Eldigan would be worse with it than Ares, but between refined Dark Mystletainn and refined Mystletainn, is there any reason to go for the latter? All it is is Slaying and Fury 3, which yes can lead to severely inflated-looking stats with a total Fury 10, but that'd be all it does otherwise (and the post-combat damage... yeesh...), meanwhile with the former Eldigan would just be a worse Ares (which in this case is a moot point because I already +10ed Eldigan) Thoughts?
  2. I wonder why none of the Resplendent Hel units show their bones like Lif, Thrasir , and Hel do...? Karla looks good (I'm with @Fire Emblem Fan though Karla's face looks off... maybe cuz she's smiling?) and her weapon is good post-refine... no reason not to sub for her, methinks.
  3. @jameslove001 Muspell is a good unit to have for support, as his prf C passive adds 30% of the difference between players Atk and foes Res. He himself can also be good for offense, but I primaril use him for the Domain of Fire. LegIke is capable of being good after his refine and remix, but I cannot comment otherwise. Speaking from experience, Keaton is able to be a strong EP Brave unit, but he doesn't have much else to his name. He should be among the next units to receive a refine unless they decide to skip him for some stupid reason. Elincia isn't exactly the greatest speedy-Brave unit, especially considering she came long before speed-boosting Brave weapons came after her time, but she can still be made good. I personally use Reginn as a one-time nuker. She's mostly only used in Aether Raids. Olivia is a dancer. Not much to say there, as she is unlikely to ever receive a refine. I don't think there's that many "supportive" swords aside from Geishun+ either...? Xander isn't exactly the most amazing defensive DC unit, but being a grail unit with a pretty good refine does have its appeal. Cannot comment on Palla. Having a TA prf weapon might have merit somewhere, but I wouldn't know otherwise. Anamnesis Eirika doesn't really have much going in her favor. The statups she gets from her refined Prf weapon are certainly higher in total than what inheritable Red tomes can offer her, but she still gets higher offenses from running a Bladetome... Siegbert may not be the strongest Sword Cav in the game, but he is still pretty good with what he does have. Cannot comment on Brave Dimitri. It is possible to make him into a high Spd/Def unit nigh on impossible to kill, but that's only from what I've seen others doing. What's to say about Reinhardt, he's still able to be good. Unlikely to ever get a refine unfortunately. Olwen is just a worse Reinhardt. Peony is a dancer. The refine given to Flame Siegmund gives Ephraim the ability to be a worse Infantry version of his Brave form, which may be worth looking into. Ninian is a dancer. Summer Elincia was just released, so as of typing her potential is limited until she can be added to the grail shop. She has a good inheritable weapon though. Fjorm I cannot comment on. Ishtar is able to run Windsweep or Watersweep with her refined Mjolnir, which may be worth taking a look at. I think she is worth looking at thanks to her refine. Dagr's Pathfinder effect might be hard to take advantage of in some cases, but damn if it doesn't work well when it works. Dagr herself is good as well, though I'm not personally a fan of penalty-reversing effects (not always guaranteed to be in effect) Astrid is purely a support unit with an alright offensive statline when called for. Granting [Bonus Doubler] and +1 movement is great. Kana isn't exactly the most amazing Green Dragon anymore, but she's not bad per-say. She's just outclassed. There is nothing to say about Summer Dimitri. There is no reason not to use him, he has so many advantages. I assume you mean Brave Marianne? She has a good Prf assist, I find it has its best use when targeting a unit who is able to Teleport, especially if they're a proper dancer. Joshua is a good unit, very fast and can choose between Firesweep or extra damage. Just be sure you know what you're doing when choosing between the two, since it's reliant on Joshua's position in relation to the enemy. Yuri is Yuri. If you aren't using him, USE HIM. ...I hate saying this because I do like her, but Bride Cordelia doesn't seem easy to build up to be good these days. She has the advantage of being an infantry v1 unit, meaning she can get +20 dragonflower levels, but being a seasonal unit means you can't summon more of her whenever you want, so no access to other asset/flaw combos without using trait fruits and no extra merges to patch her stats up. She also has direct competition with the easier to obtain and build Young Innes, who also gets a powerful Prf weapon. Summer Micaiah relies on her Res being higher than the enemies, which should hopefully not be a problem in most cases, ergo she is powerful and you have no reason not to use her. It is also worth noting that Micaiah is only good at receiving magical attacks, her Def is garbage, and generally you'd much rather be attacking with her on player phase anyway.
  4. Is it bad I completely blanked on who all the HoF units are? Even within the context of Heroes, I completely forgot who they were.
  5. A +1m +Spd Claude hits 53spd with just his weapon alone, and thanks to Falling Star he doesn't need to worry about counterattacks unless the enemy is using an effect to disable that damage reduction. As a result, Spd building him may be ideal. On the other hand, he's still quite fast at +1m +Atk, hitting 49 Spd with his weapon alone (48 if the base asset/flaw is +Atk -Spd) and he can still be built up with Atk/Spd stacking to remain faster than a good majority of units. He fortunately also doesn't need his Spd to grant his conditional Brave effect, and Atk tends to be more valuable to Brave units than Spd... I personally will be running with +Spd just to be sure he gets follow-ups.
  6. Interesting that Assault Troop is only locked to Sword/Lance/Axe units... especially considering that Armor units are really the only ones who see any actual benefit from it. Infantry and Fliers both already have 2 move and have other movement-increasing options available, and Cav units just HAVE 3 move. I... honestly can't think of any good reason why Assault Troop belongs on a non-Armor unit...
  7. Personally I use the dark skinned ambiguously gendered person on the left. Looks juuuust enough like me. ...we need more Smash Bros references in Heroes. MY KOKOROOOOO-ghk *thud*
  8. It's +4 true damage per hit. If a follow-up is allowed (which in most cases is a pretty big IF), that's only 12 damage total, assuming the enemy is so bulky that the Ninja Yumi user can't deal any damage otherwise.
  9. Conditional Brave effect, Atk/Spd +5 if unit is healthy, same weapon might as regular bows, no negative side effects otherwise, and it's inheritable from a grail unit... Welp. friendship with Ninja Yumi has ended, new best friend is Whitecap Bow. Hope Elincia doesn't mind me not +10ing her.
  10. That's the same as the Gambit from Three Houses, as far as I can tell. Huh... wonder how other Gambits would get adapted to Heroes...
  11. So every summonable unit here was a Legendary unit in the past, and they each come with their Prf B passives as well as a Prf weapon that has an effect that triggers a Brave effect (with Micaiah also getting her Prf Assist) Dimitri's Brave effect is triggered if his Spd is at least 10 higher than the enemy, or if the enemy has a Bonus active. His Spd being higher shouldn't be an issue, given he can be 26 points above his enemy if he targets the victim of his Menace skill. He's also doing a LOT of damage per hit thanks to Atrocity's bonus damage effect... If Micaiah's Res minus her foes Res is between 5 and 14, she makes a guaranteed follow-up attack. Higher than 15, it becomes a Brave effect instead. (see Harmonic Lysithea) By default she gains an effective +20 Res in combat if all effects are triggered, so she shouldn't have any problems at least getting the guaranteed follow-up. If Claude initiates and the total bonuses on himself + total penalties on the enemy is at least 12, that becomes his Brave effect. That, plus [Canto Rem.], slaying effect, and Atk/Spd +6, AND Fallen Star... he is a dangerous unit to leave as the demote... Edelgard is an Armor unit, but she also has the new Charge effect to let her move up to 3 spaces in cardinal directions... and her Brave effect is triggered by the number of enemies within 3 columns or 3 rows of herself, dependent on the number of enemies remaining. She is... frankly dangerous. Hm... Elincia is the odd one out right now, never having a Legendary alt yet, ergo no Prf passive to call her own... she might not even have a Prf weapon, but then what would the effect of that weapon be...? ...well this banner is utter bullshit. I'm getting sick of how spoiled Three Houses has become...
  12. ...what the... Claude is the demote, but his default skills are still good? I mean yes he has very few fodder skills, but Spd/Def Rein on a demote unit? But also let me emphasize, CLAUDE is the demote? CLAUDE???
  13. Can't say I'm surprised... like, at all. Wow, Rhea came close. Probably would have had a few more votes if I... ahem... remembered to vote... Ashe wouldn't have been a bad freebie. ...okay Yuri's inevitable appearance in the rerun banner aside... BoyByleth was literally given out to people FOR FREE if they owned and registered FE Three Houses to their Nintendo account for a whole year after his release. How did he still get 4th place...? Christmas Bernie wouldn't have been bad. She does have a unique start-of-turn effect, if nothing else. Hapi wouldn't have been a bad freebie. FemByleth would have been... about the same as BoyByleth I guess, but not free and with slightly different skill fodder. Marianne would not have been that bad. Gatekeeper at this point only has fodder to his name, now that Limstella is basically a better and, more importantly, free and easy to merge Gatekeeper (hell the one drawback to them is moot if you benefit from taking all that damage in) ...Summer Mercedes? She wouldn't have been that great if she were somehow the freebie, so I guess this was more a favoritism pick...? Welp, any freebie is a good freebie, so no complaints here.
  14. It's like they aren't even trying anymore... sure, take one of the more recognizable boys from the latest and apparently super popular FE game, and also the like one girl who almost always has a bird in her artworks, and make them the silhouette characters. If I were to guess, Sothe might also make an appearance. Lysithea is the only Golden Deer girl not on a Summer banner yet, so maybe they'd want her on as well?
  15. ...who was it that always used Matthew? Are they still playing? I'd want to see their opinion on Matthew's art and small boost in stats. Anyway glad I have nothing huge to miss out on for at least one Resplendent Hero cycle. I don't use Matthew and don't really think I could make him work effectively.
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