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  1. Got Osian! +Res -Spd, which... actually not that bad. I was thinking of giving him QR3 anyway... Also completely forgot about Forging Bonds, so i may have spent a good few orbs on him... oops.
  2. Arthur's Axe: I'm not gonna say that it's a bad refine or that it's on a bad unit (Arthur getting +8 to his stats is great), but I still don't really wanna use Arthur that badly... he goes from being horrid to being about on par with most Armors at maximum potential, but without the benefits of Armor-exclusive skills. The fact that it takes his Weapon slot for this to happen though... it could have been used for other things, but instead it has to be used to make Arthur any good in terms of stats. Lordly Lance/Knightly Lance: One with armor killing, the other with slaying, both have an effect that's something of a mix between refined Yato and Ranulf's beast weapon. I get the feeling they're supposed to be used together, but who would use two Lance Cavs on the same team without going for a themed team...? Anyway, not bad, but I'm also not clamoring to put it on either unit. Clive is just fine with his Luncheon Lance, thank you very much. Mathilda... I can't help but feel she should have gotten more... I mean, end of the day her Atk is still pretty lacking... Resolute Blade: Simple damage boost, nothing much to it. Mia is incredibly fast even without a Spd asset (mine is +Atk), so she should be getting the full extent of the refine a lot of the time. Not that exciting a refinery batch, but it's not like they're that bad either... @XRay is there a reason why you're spoilering everything? The weapons are released and available.
  3. Ah, so glad it only took them a year to realize we don't like being told every unit right at the beginning of the video. ...I don't at least. Mareeta...hm... you know, after her Fallen counterpart came with a Desperation 4 effect, I was kinda hoping actual Mareeta would get even better... oh well... Eyvel... hm, interesting sword, both in looks and effect. Guess it's about that time then, we bring even more seasonal weapon effects to the summoning pool. First Witchy Wand to Melancholy, now we have a Guard sword... otherwise she looks to be the most obvious demote option so far. Osian looks like a high-energy guy. Interesting that he gets a conditional DC on his weapon to make room for Slaying effect. Noontime might actually work kinda well in that regard... Mirror Stance looks nifty. The other two skills... eh. Wrath I can't really see working that many wonders on him and might get replaced with QR3 if he's too slow, and an Atk Wave... eh. Now here's who we all wanna know about... Peony. Flower of Joy has... some sort of Ploy for allies, but good? Gentle Dream looks awesome to be honest. Same boost as PrF Dancer weapons, but also applying to cardinal direction allies, also Guidance status. Kit similar to Legendary Azura besides Fort Res 4, which I'm not gonna turn down. I mean, I really don't wanna +10 her like I did Eir last year, but if I did do it on accident then I wouldn't be that upset... (not that I'll allow it to happen at all) But... why did Alfonse bring up his dead father? And why are we only now remembering we're supposed to be beating up Emblia? As for Tanya... uh... I dunno, I guess at least the Shining Bow, a crummy weapon, isn't a 5* lock anymore? Kempf... who the heck is that...?
  4. Uhhhhhh two hours before it's to expire clear, no video just explaining. Ophelia, Nino, Celica, and LegAzura all +10. Basically, Ophelia was there to take out Altina. Now you may be thinking "But Altina is able to absorb a Blazing Wind and attack from Ophelia!". Well yes she does, but she can't take TWO Blazing Winds and an attack. Otherwise it was a big game of killing everyone in one round of combat while also keeping Altina close to the Green Fafnir she's such good buddies with. And thus, her friend was her downfall.
  5. He quit life after Kiran tried to move on to the next phase of his plan: Muscle bois.
  6. >Awakening Era Ban-ban, somehow even older than he already is. >Awakening Era Summer Ban-ban, same as above but in a speedo >Summer Ban-ban, swim trunks and a track suit, with the hood up >Legendary Ban-ban >Fallen Ban-ban (they can talk about destroying the world for lord gharnef or something) Yes, there is no way this sudden surge of old man alts will have any negative repercussions...
  7. First off, so glad you asked ohohohohohohoho. ...actually not really, I just had to breed a 5IV HA Falinks for a bud, and that damn thing took forever. All you have to do is select Sp.A as the not passed down stat, stop wanting to be a special attacker Falinks. But otherwise yes I do have an HA Falinks, they're in a Repeat Ball and are glorious in battle, and I'd be glad to breed one for you. HA Corsola would be just fine. I've been accepted into the Serenes Forest discord, but I'm also on Serebii.net's discord if you aren't in SF Discord yet. As for battles... I dunno about you, but whenever I battle, they NEVER last more than maybe... I dunno, 10 or 15 minutes was the longest I ever had, and that ended in a stallfest between my Suicune and an opponents Sableye. And that's just the battle that involved a stallfest.
  8. (Yeah maybe saying he was bad when A. I needed sleep, B. I could barely understand what most of his text meant due to need of sleep, and C. In a hurry to get to bed (did I mention I was tired?) may or may not have swayed opinions harshly) His skills... yeah they're good, putting Bleed into the Flame element is a good addition, but he can't charge them up quickly and he has no I-frame that I can tell, either (though my timing could just be very off). I prefer to look at L.S. Reactor as similar to Euden's passive that grants extra Player EXP, or any of the Raid Battle event characters like Celliera or Xuan Zang with the passives that boosts damage against the raid bosses enemy type: it does something, but it also does nothing at all once the event is over. I'm not quite sure if Rush is any better or worse than other dragons in terms of attacking yet either... Otherwise, I mean there's nothing wrong with Overdrive Punisher/Gauge Accelerator, and Megaman does have a lot of it in his base kit alone, but there's just so many skills in the game that deal heavy damage, and Wands just provide such an excellent source of extra damage in that regard (besides Blades just outright giving Str). Though maybe the extra Overdrive damage will come out better than the extra skill damage? But his absolute lack of any dialogue at all? I'm not letting that go. He literally just makes Megaman sounds if you tap him on the Home screen. The Fire Emblem crew even had Anniversary and Halloween lines for gods sake, and in-lore they're supposed to be back in Askr. Though steering clear from skill damage? They have introduced a number of more Damage-up supportive units lately (Gala Elisanne is literally the Water equivalent when her base form was already quite supportive) so I can see skill damage falling off in use over time if they keep this up...
  9. Well the Mega Man event feels weak so far. At least Fire Emblem had some interesting dialogue from the FEH cast, whereas the opening for this... it may as well have just been the document file giving a brief description for this event. Megaman himself has no lines of dialogue, in fact I don't think he even has an Adventurer Story. The actual battles may as well be story missions, what with the falling obstacles and enemies and boss at the end, even the Wily Machine didn't look that interesting, or at least interesting enough to want to turn off Autobattle. Megaman... he looks kinda bad to be honest. I know free characters usually aren't that great compared to those of the same rarity that can be summoned, but his ability that puts him on Rush only grants that and event bonus damage. Otherwise, Stun Res and Gauge Accelerator. He's heavy on the Mode Gauge decrease, but the fact he gives up Wands usual Skill Damage boost hurts just a bit...
  11. Oh god I've played so much pokemon, I'm barely bothering to play FEH. I've missed so many days of Tempest Trials, I haven't even gotten 5* Brunnya...! On the plus side, Eevee is adorable as always!
  12. Uhhhh... alright I guess. I went in toting all the Black Friday orbs hoping to get rid of the pity rate on the Elibe banner, only to come out with... well... not an Elibe character, but Anamnesis Eirika. She was one of the last units I had lingering at +9 merge level. Note, was. Hm... now that I think about it, I haven't updated the 5* +10 thread despite having a few to report... Also went over to the Mythic banner, sniping Red because the other colors just didn't look that great for me (I already +10ed two of the Blue reps) It took almost every Black Friday orb I had, but I got Altina, +Res -Def. Could be worse... but really, it seems pretty hard to mess up Altina. She has good Res anyways.
  13. Gah... these packs have horrible secondary rewards! I have almost every hero as 5* Lv 40, what good are these crystals to me? And an Aether Raids material? Useless... The only worthwhile things in the packs are the heroes, who are good fodder and good units in general, but they're hardly worth $27 and $75 USD unless you want the orbs as well...
  14. Is it bad that at first I thought this "Altina" was just a normal unit being given Mythic status, purely because I didn't know who she was? I even had a passing idea who Yune was, but this is the first time I was completely clueless who a unit was...
  15. Looking through the list of unavailable pokemon... Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill: Although Mega-evolution isn't a thing now, I still kinda like the bee anyway. Slight shame. Misdreavus/Mismagius Shuppet/Banette Absol Lake trio Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny Petilil/Lilligant Fomantis/Lurantis: Why did they bring Solar Blade back, but not the pokemon it used to be exclusive to...? Overall there's pokemon I'm sad aren't in Sword and Shield, but I have way more favorites than those listed above, and so many of them made it in.
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