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  1. Okay first off, that's a little more than powercreeping... more like annihilating all other daggers from the face of all tier lists. Second... y'all do know we're talking about a little bear lolipop, right?
  2. ...if we were talking about literally anyone else I would call bull on you, but on the other hand, as well as the current hand, Manga Kiran sounds just dumb enough to wanna do something like that...
  3. Ah crap I'm still on Palla's team! I mean uh... hm, no way I'm digging myself out of this hole is there, the way I'm treating this girl that I'm not just supporting, but that I +10ed... ...so uh, anyone with not-Red leads, my FC is in my sig! My current lead is Virion, and boy oh boy does he have HP for days!
  4. Question about Bramimond. If Bramimond appears as a sort of reflection of each individual person to each individual, how is it that we as the player hear the voice of Eliwood, Lyn, Hector, and Alfonse quickly alternating between one another while continuously seeing the body of a person who has never even been summoned, let alone not being a reflection of the summoner?
  5. Oh I did. I think... I removed the Tiki already, not sure if I got around to the other two...
  6. If it wasn't A!Tiki, it was Black Knight, and if not Black Knight it was Soleil, and if not her it went right back to A!Tiki. THE SAME THREE REDS. SAME THREE. RED. Like the color of Minerva's teeth after a hearty meal.
  7. Okay... okay... I don't know who you all are, but if I find the people who are on team Palla and have a Red as the lead unit... well, I can't speak for myself, but if I happen to shoot Breidablik and Cherche pops out, I am not responsible for any wyvern-related casualties...
  8. ...ah goddamnit, it just now occurred to me that Colorless Tomes don't have a Valor skill... Sigh... not that big a deal, but I am NOT looking forward to having to put C. Tome Valor onto a Colorless Tome Dancer, assuming Colorless tomes become big enough a thing.
  9. Blaze it 🙂 First off, the new Feh voice... I don't wanna defend the old VA, TBH I did actually like her as Feh, but it was a VERY noticable chance and I can't say it was easy to watch the Feh Channel without expecting that high-pitched voice to happen and then it just not happening. But now that I know it's Sothis' VA... huh. Feh is a Progenitor God I guess. ~The free main char summon looks plain bad for Red... Blue is alright, Green is alright, and Colorless is literally just Sothe and Nanna, two 4* summons. I'll be going for Blue since there's a small chance for Tsubasa. ~We finally gets pantsless Marth... and they give him long underwear tights... betrayed... ~OH FINALLY THEY DROPPED THEM. ~I don't know how to feel about the free unit thing. On the one hand it's awesome if you're like me and you just want the unit to say you have them, but 40 summons, assuming you do nothing but full summons, is a total of 8 full summons, aka 160 orbs total. While it does get lowered to 135 thanks to free summons, that's still too many orbs for a free player to get together without hording before the banner ends, and without clairvoyance of future banners it just becomes a game of waiting. ...thinking about it, this feature will be added to the Brave banner, so assuming we still get the free Brave hero we can get 2 free Brave heroes if we just save the orbs up. Overall... eh. Some good news, some news I'm not that excited about, and some news I'm eh about. Pretty standard for a Feh Channel these days, thinking about it... I legit bred Ryoma with Oboro and made Shiro into a Vanguard because Ike 🙂
  10. Coulda cheesed the 8-bit, but I instead decided, in the spirit of the whole Retrospective name, to use a unit that everyone perceived as the worst in the beginning... Odin. But of course mine is +10 so his status is... better than some others.
  11. Please... I'm begging ya on my knees, no one, not even I, knew how badly I wanted this until now... please please please... PLEASE... Replace the summoning theme with some guy singing it? Doesn't even need to be anyone important, just grab Felix from IT, have him sing a few "do-dodos" and mixtape it into a summoning theme!
  12. D... d... du... dude... this was my free summon... The last time this happened, aside from the Asset/Flaw at least, was on Christmas day last year with Legendary Celica.
  13. Uhh, why does 8-bit Kiran get 2,020 orbs??? Seriously, that's, like, a TON of full summons.
  14. I will say, the purple energy around him gives me the impression of a Fallen Hero... I know that's not what they're going for, but we gotta be getting a new FH banner at some point, right...?
  15. By the way, if you'd like to know the Sword Flier Bramimond is fighting is from Book 4: Chapter 4: Part 3: Ilian Determination. All the map details I can see match perfectly with that map. She have 37 Res and no other enemies on the map have a way to boost Res. Bramimond gains an extra 5 Atk/Def/Res if the enemy has higher than 50 Atk, which this Sword Flier does not have. She does, however, have higher than 35 Spd, giving them a follow-up attack. For the purposes of calculations, let's assume she is not penalized, since Bram does not have a natural form of debuffing and the allies typically used in these videos, the Askr Trio, do not have any means of debuffing either. Bram gets an additional +7 Atk from Atk/Def Push. They are also doing an extra 3 damage from Lull Atk/Res. Finally, Void Tome gives +3 Atk. If our generic Sword Flier girl has 37 Res, lowered down to 34 thanks to the Lull, then Bramimond should have done 64 Damage to a foe with 0 Res. Take off 7 from A/D Push and we have 57 Atk. Chop off all Might gained from the weapon and we are down to... 40 Atk? If I'm wrong, feel free to pelt me with baseballs.
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