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  1. All the knowledge in the world will be for naught if you can't figure out how to eat a granola bar while reading. ...hey wait didn't I just wonder why Siegbert wasn't allowed in the library but everyone else was...?
  2. Quick question, does anyone know how skill effects such as Special Spiral, Yarne's Bunny Fang, or Celica's refine Royal Sword effect of Special charge after combat interacts with skills like Pulse Smoke or the Resonant Battle foes Sacred Seals? Like, does the special charge boost on the player skills activate at the same time as the foes Special charge penalty?
  3. There's something that's always bothered me about the main screen's touch conversations... Many heroes frequently mention a Library within the Askr castle. Many also frequently mention using it to multiple levels of use. But as far as I know, only one hero makes mention of the Library being off-limits, seemingly in response to something the summoner said: Siegbert. Units both before and after Siegbert have used the library, so... why is Siegbert the only one who seems to not be allowed in there? Perhaps I'm missing something, perhaps the original line was mistranslated in some way, but... I dunno.
  4. I was wrong about almost everything below the first paragraph. My original comment was edited, though... I guess I didn't edit fast enough? About turns and phases, I got the phrases mixed up because it's pretty much never talked about. One turn counts as PP1 and EP1, but one PHASE is each individual turn, so Phase 1 = Player Phase 1, Phase 2 = Enemy Phase 1, Phase 3 = Player Phase 2, etc etc. That is entirely my bad. And as for the second question, what happens is that all bonuses on your team, including buffs from Hones/Fortifies and Rallies and buffs like from Naga's personal skill or Legendary Eliwood's Ardent Durandal, are removed at the end of the turn, hence the phrase "for 1 turn" in such skill descriptions. All effects remain through the current turn until then, unless something happens that would remove the buffs (which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist outside of in-combat effects) Penalties that were inflicted during the Enemy Phase will remain on the unit through the next Player Phase until either the unit takes their action (such penalties will not return even if the unit is granted a second action for any reason) or an ally uses an assist that would clear their penalties. That was mainly what I was wrong about before actually: after I made my comment I went to see how the skills interacted with each other, but even though the Sabotage skill holders Res was boosted to a point where it would affect a unit it wouldn't before, the Field buff was gone by the start of the next phase.
  5. All skills that rely on comparing stats, like Sabotage skills, check the stat value at the beginning of the turn and are triggered at the same time as all other Start of Turn effects, such as Hones. As such, you cannot use Fortify skills to modify the number of targets a Sabotage/Ploy skill can affect. There are ways to force Chills to target specific units on your team, such as boosting a unit with slightly less Atk than the highest Atk unit so the lower Atk unit gets targeted, but from testing I don't believe there is a way to affect the number of targets of Sabotage skills outside of using specific stat-boosting skills like Fortress skills and Sacred Seals, boosts from Legendary and Mythic units, and boosts from Summoner Support or Dragonflowers. (this comment originally had false information. If you seen the previous version of this comment, please disregard anything it originally said)
  6. Crafty Fighter and Tier 4 Stance skills have an overlapping effect in Guard, so if you want to put Crafty Fighter on him he needs to take a different A Passive to maximize the benefits he can receive. Vengeful Fighter is perfectly fine to work with as-is since he still gets his follow-up and still gets an additional effect.
  7. Only when the special is triggered. The attack will deal the shown damage plus any special trigger damage, as opposed to a percentage. ...speaking of Deadeye, I wonder if there's any "best" users of it...?
  8. I never actually say it, mostly cause I never actually know how to, but y'all have some shiny +10s. Hope they bring lots of use to your armies. ...also yeah I got another one. But hey, at least I... don't remember spending any money... after the Resplendent pass... to get Lyn to +10! I think maybe she only got so highly merged before because I just wasn't using Galeforce often enough, though I do know I used a few copies of Lyn for Galeforce once I did begin using it. I didn't actually have her Resplendent form during its initial run, but after seeing how high her merge level was I decided what the hell? And then all it took was a lucky freebie off a revival banner, and boom +10. This... probably won't be her actual skill build, it's just what she had from so long of just existing and not really being used. Wrath might stay, but she does has a surprising amount of defensive stats that get wasted because of LnD... there's also the seal that needs replacing...
  9. Never before has a freebie 5* meant more than it has before now. Normal Lyn summoned from the Weekly Revival. ...okay it doesn't actually sound all that important... WITHOUT CONTEXT. I think this is the first unit I've gotten the final merge for from a free summon. ...now I gotta get her her refine and maybe also a complete skill overhaul...
  10. I think it's worth mentioning that although gambling has existed for as long as humans understood the concept of capitalism, we're literally the first generation to really experience gambling in video games with no potential return on our investments, purely as a source of entertainment. So in a way, I don't think parents and government as they exist currently can understand what gambling in video games really means, or heck parents and government as they exist currently probably don't even understand spending money on stuff inside a video game. I mean, government is made up mostly of crusty white men, they grew up in times when pixels were bigger than our hands. Kind of... I dunno, up to us to improve the climate of spending in video games?
  11. The funny thing is, and speaking as someone who has easily spent a good few thousands on random loot in video games even outside of FEH (which is the game I have spent a cripplingly large amount on), I'm alright with gambling in video games in moderation, but I also frankly hate it. I like video games. I mostly play Nintendo games, but I've dabbled in other franchises via my gaming PC. These days a game costs anywhere from $30usd to $60usd, and that's before DLC and additional costs like online services. But in the past month I've spent at least $500 on gacha games alone, and that would have bought me a pretty sizable amount of games on Steam even without sales. Do I like the random chance that gacha games offer, the feeling of luck when I manage to summon a 5* unit in FEH? YES. Do I like spending more money on it than most video games (that are usually a lot funner) cost? NO. I'd stop, even quit, but they make it nearly impossible by making units irrelevant in the face of newer ones, and at this point I've sunk so much money into these games that it'd almost feel like a humongous waste than if I were to keep playing until service for the game ends. I do think it's alright when controlled. Set a limit per day or per month, or even set up a separate checking account that you use exclusively for gambling in video games. But out of control, and if I'm honest I think FEH is out of control, it's not alright, and I hate giving up the ability to get new games just to remain relevant in the current climates of the gachas I play (FEH, Dragalia Lost, and Pokemon Masters).
  12. The downside isn't quite that important when using low-cooldown specials like Moonbow. Assume you are using Midori with Moonbow and she can get a follow-up, in most cases she will have Moonbow fully charged regardless if she is initiated on or is the initiator. You could also use other skills like Geirskogul's refine or Blade skills to get the charge down even faster and allow the use of stronger specials, such as the newly released Deadeye. Remember that the +2 special cooldown count only affects the unit AFTER combat and can never go higher than the specials maximum charge. It's also possible you have it confused with slowed Special cooldown, akin to inheritable Bladetomes and Leirika's Lunar Brace. Point is, you are usually using a certain special that you are sure will be fully charged by at least the units second attack. And since most units like low-cooldown specials anyway, the downside is questionable at worst.
  13. I had a good feeling about this banner. Dunno why, I just did. And that feeling came through pretty well, if I do say so myself. I went for the sparking, so 40 summons. Shinon +Res -Spd isn't very good... at all... but since I've been struggling to think of who to use my Trait fruits on, maybe I'll give them to him and have a solid enough Bike counter on my side. As for why my good feeling came through, I also got normal Edelgard and Nina, who the latter is now +9. I have a feeling she'll be a limited Divine Code book one of these days, so Nina may wind up being +10ed one of these days. I certainly have gotten more 5* units out of less summons, but for who I did get I'm pretty alright with this. As for Sparking... well, Ilyana is a demote, Gatrie is frankly worthless to me, and I got Shinon, so... yeah, Jill was a no brainer.
  14. ...hm. I thought waiting a few days to think about who could use the Trait Fruits and seeing who others are using them on would help me figure out who to use them on, but... ...eh. I've gone this long with the traits my units have, I'm sure they can keep it up for longer while I keep sitting on it. I don't even think most Grail units need to change from Neutral, at least as long as they don't have a desired superasset.
  15. I would check the functions of your phone and see if there's a built-in app that lets you do this. If you are using a Samsung phone, it has a Game Tools app that lets you record with no visible icon (you have to enter the slidedown menu to stop the recording), no background noise that I've ever noticed, and no noticeable quality drops. It's actually what I use when recording my runs of Hero Battles. ...course this only applies if your phone even has such a feature, but it's worth a look. I used to use DU Recorder myself until I discovered the Game Tools.
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