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  1. Can I ask why this is? Caineghis comes with Vengeful Fighter by default, and that's more or less an Armor-exclusive upgrade of Quick Riposte.
  2. "Swimsuits are the best thing to wear if you want to move swiftly." So why does she immediately get on her pegasus...?
  3. Weekly Revival! +Atk -Spd Azura! Alright result! No extra merge for Eldigan or Deirdre, but hey at least it wasn't a useless result like "another copy of a 5* you already own". Oh dear Azura, where is your Blessed Lance...? Also is +Atk better than +Def, I doubt it the Sapphire Lance covers most of Azura's lack of power and +Def helps defensively...
  4. I kinda feel, after asking which unit to 5* +10 as casually as I would ask whose weapon to refine, that this is a kind of simple question, but hey nothing wrong with simplicity. So Love Abounds Roy. +Atk +2 merge. Runs a standard Brave Bow+ set, minus the fact he runs Blazing Flame (leftover from my original clear of Legendary Eirika's Abyssal Hero Battle). He runs it well all things considered (After this, in fact, I'll give him enough Dragonflowers to give him an extra point in Atk). He runs Swordbreaker right now, but I realized he can learn Lull Atk/Def from Dimitri. I have a spare Dimitri, but my main Dimitri might appreciate the additional power. Problem there, he is +Atk -Res, so removing his Flaw does nothing while the merge does a very small level of benefit in comparison. As for Roy... I think it's the best B Passive he can get. Swordbreaker is the strongest Breaker available to him, but it pales in comparison to Lull Atk/Def. While I know it can give good results, considering it's an extra 3 Atk that ignores Defense field buffs, it's also the only copy of the skill I own, and I can't exactly hope to +10 Roy one day (in fact I have no plans to, considering he is a seasonal unit). I don't prefer one unit over the other, IMO they're both great powerhouses, so it'd be a strict matter of who I think would benefit from additional strength. So... opinions? @DraceEmpressa There is no reason to build -Atk +Res, not even for the SuperAsset to get a little more Arena score. Since IMO Ishtar doesn't have any notable SI, you can just merge into +Spd -Def.
  5. 33 Res is average at best, which is bad for Dorcas whose total 28 Spd at +9 merge 10 Flower won't stop any doubles whatsoever, which the majority of mages pack far more of. If you really want to have a Res Asset, you'd go all out on his Res. I'm thinking Warding Stance 4 and Warding Stance SS for a grand total of 47 Res on Enemy Phase, not counting ally skills boosting Res, and going up to 48 once you manage to +10 him. Maybe pack Distant Defense 4 instead if you want to take on Bladetomes better. Either way, support from either Infantry Breath or Spec. Refine Brave Lucina will go a long way as well. Even still, it's niche. The only advantage Dorcas has over other Axes is that he owns the only Distant Counter axe in the game, which lets him pack a powerful A passive over Distant Counter, but there are other Melee Greens with far better Res even packing Distant Counter, not to mention Axes who simply delete all incoming damage anyway (cough cough).
  6. Okay so I'm thinking I might wanna get around to compiling my 5* +10s into one giant post, since I recently went back through and found that some of my units are quite different from back then, considering when I revealed my first +10 we couldn't even show a units Asset. But first... just another three units to reveal. First, the Loli Dragon to end all Loli Dragons. Second, the girl who eats Loli Dragons like the above for a midnight snack. Third... I dunno, just a loli I guess?
  7. All of them I mentioned (Except Rein...), which is why I can't decide. It can also be argued that the Gen 1 Infantry need the +10 stat boost the most since recent Infantry are approaching the BST total of Gen 1 armors now, despite still being viable. Plus having the boosted stats just feels important when every Arena Assault enemy I face is a goddamn beefy Loli Dragon Armor (why the lolis). Bolded responses.
  8. 5* +10 is possible, not really sure who to give it to. I've checked my units to see who I used most often despite their low merges, and these are the results... (+[Asset] +[Merges] or -[Flaw]) >Roy (+Atk +2) Slight significance here in that Roy was my first 5*, so it'd be neat to give him the powers he is due, in a way. >Chrom (+Atk -Res) I use him very often in tandem with M!Corrin to receive a massive +23/10/23/10 Combat buffs alone (not counting other units such as my favorite Seth or Titania plus Kaden), and I certainly don't shut up about him when I get a chance to talk about him. My greatest concern with +10ing him is that if I do, he'll begin taking Chill Defs instead of Corrin, who has 34 versus Chrom's 31, and then to reset the balance I'll have to +10 Corrin as well... >Effie (+Atk +2) She's been running this set I came up with a while back, in which she uses a Reprisal Lance+ (Atk), Distant Counter, Special Fighter, and Glimmer to OHKO any enemy who comes her way. She runs it pretty well actually, but she could run it better if she had more Atk... >Reinhardt (+Atk +3) I only mention him because I begrudgingly admit that despite all the powercreep introduced since his time, he is still one of the best Player-Phase units in the game. I do not, however, care much for him despite that, so if +10ing him would be a good option, know that I'd do it begrudgingly. >Frederick (+Atk -Spd) He still runs the Brave Axe+ build I gave him so long ago. I think now that Sturdy Blow SS plus Sturdy Impact is possible for a massive +10/14 Atk/Def boost, giving Freddy the +10 merge is viable and mean. >Beruka (+Def -Spd) My only true concern with using her is that I already have a good number of EP Axes, but Beruka does it differently from them by lowering their Atk and packing Guard, freeing up the B slot for Quick Riposte. She's always been a reliable tank, but that addition of Guard just adds to her reliability. >Boey (+Atk +1) He actually can kill Legendary Alm and take a hit on EP, which really is enough to convince me to consider him. Plus it'd be interesting to have a TA3 unit as a +10... >Since I mentioned Boey, Sophia is on the table as well. Different PrfRaventome refines, but Sophia's mixed bulk means she can take magic attacks a lot better than Boey can. >Nino (+Spd +3) I very much considered her and considered giving her a niche but unique and fun Even Waves build... until I realized I didn't have any Even Spd Wave fodder... so I guess she can just run with a +Atk refine on Iris's Tome... >Klein (+Spd +2) I remember being told that spd stacking Klein was better than using his special refine... well, I can give him Swift Sparrow 3 or sack a Linus for Brazen Atk/Spd, but not much else... Honorable mention to Lissa, Brady, and Mercedes. Lissa I don't use at all, but it'd be nice to +10 her regardless due to my +10ing her future descendants, while the other two are just too new for me to truly consider +10ing (I haven't summoned 4* Mercedes yet) Anyway, any input is appreciated. Note that I can also give them a refine, whether by stone or by dew, though most of the above already have refined weapons.
  9. I know I'm not one to speak on F2P guides (I own every unit in the game up to the Three Houses banner at 5*, most of my 5* +10 units are 5* exclusive, I have spent enough on this game to be called a whale, and I don't even watch PM1 much anymore), and I also know I'm not doing myself any favors by posting this (and if I worded it wrong, I'm not doing anyone else any favors by typing nonsense). I fully expect to wake up to at least 3 responses as to why I'm wrong in fact. I do not, however, intend any insult at all if any is taken. I am harsh and stupid in my words, not in my feelings... well, maybe I'm also stupid in my feelings. But I apologize in advance regardless: I'm not attacking anyone, I'm just posting an opinion on the internet. Now let's all point and laugh at the bad MS Paint sableye because he still doesn't know how to spend his rocks and dews despite having like 15 units still waiting for their promised refine. Don't say anything if you have nothing nice to say... I'd be a very quiet person if I followed that...
  10. With the knowledge that Thrasir is actually another worlds Veronica, Thrasir's 4koma gets a lot more... uh... Kiran will not survive Bruno's "I will die for Lord Chrom" T-shirt covered abs.
  11. Hero Battles... you'll get there. Reinhardt is still one of the best units in the game (*grumble grumble...*), and with the Sturdy Blow SS and if you have it Sturdy Impact, Frederick with a Brave Axe+ and Bonfire/Ignis sounds downright mean (also now that I say that Freddy is now being highly considered to +10). Just a little more work, and eventually the game will have to make bullshit specifically to screw with you. Tactics Drills... I can understand. I still haven't completed the Panne/Yarne skill studies one, the recent ones with the Brave Heroes confuses me, and I think I've only completed two Grandmaster drills myself since they started releasing new ones (past the initial ones I mean).
  12. @Anacybele @daisy jane IMO, I think there should come a point where you can just... you know, do it yourself. I did used to check guides myself, but now I can just do it myself. Is it because I'm using two overpowered mages and the actual best dancer in the game, also Walhart, all +10 except Azura who is +9... yeah it probably is. But it's not like I don't struggle in the meantime. I just don't think I'd be getting the intended experience if I just follow what others are doing, not unless I think about it a little myself. I can think of one of the earlier instances of this in Legendary Tiki abyssal, in which I tried to do the same as PM1, but an enemy unit was behaving differently from what was happening in his video (probably because at the time I didn't have a Neutral Olivia), so for the later half of the battle I had to do things my own way, which eventually I managed to do it. Sure I tried to follow a guide, but I felt more satisfied in the victory because I had to think about the battle myself compared to if I just followed the guide step-by-step (even if it did keep me up til 5am)
  13. I'm now only two units away from having them all*! *Not counting new units starting from the second Three Houses banner. Managed two copies of Olivia, the only Performing Arts unit I didn't have. One is +Def, one is +Spd, and both are -HP. Hold the phone guys, I need to call Sherlock Holmes to find out which of the two is gonna live. I don't even need Olivia aside from the collect-athon thing, but just having her around is nice. Now only two remain... Halloween Henry and Bullcrap Jakob...
  14. Performing Arts... tonight? Shoot, uh... okay. Guess I'll be getting PA!Olivia tonight then.
  15. Hm... regular Nephenee's helmet is very undetailed in her sprite compared to her Soiree alt, which even has the very small grooves on the helmet in it, but in their artwork, which is done by the same person (HACCAN), the helmet is the complete same...
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