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  1. ...yeah I was banking my FEH Pass purchase on who would come directly after Lucina, and... sorry, as much as I like Lucy and her art, I think I'll be skipping again. I don't use Niles. I don't care that much about Niles. He was never even a unit on my "maybe consider +10ing someday" list unlike the other units I got FEH Pass for, and honestly I feel like I'm being cheated out of getting Resplendent Lucina just because he's next. Sure his art is good, but so what?
  2. (Huh... kinda forgot about the Feh manga with the lack of update on here.) Ilyana may be the bane of most seasonal units, considering a lot of them use some sort of food as weapons. As for the trait fruits, there is only one solution to this problem: tie the Grimas down and apply force.
  3. @Fire Emblem Fan Not to dissuade you, but I think it's alright to consider using Trait Fruits on units you know you won't ever summon again, mostly units in limited time banners. There's a number of reasons why you might not want to summon off a limited time banner even if it has a unit you want to summon for, such as overall poor odds to get the unit you want, and you may consider it smarter to just save your orbs. Trait Fruits are slow but guaranteed to give you a satisfied result, Orbs... you could spend thousands of orbs, get a 5* +10 unit, and still never get the desired Asset. I speak from experience. The first unit I used fruit on was Harmonic Tiki (she used to be +HP -Atk, now she is +Atk -HP) simply because I knew I was probably not going to summon her again and I knew I would use her a lot more often than most of my grail units, even among the ones I +10ed. As for who to give the trait fruits to, Black Knight would appreciate a +Atk asset for general needs. If you can speed stack him for a Special Fighter build, then +Spd would help in that matter as well. Brunnya might be able to make use of a +Res asset to improve her defensive ability. She could theoretically also pack +Def, but I don't know if her Def is worth building up on. +Atk is a good all-around asset. And as Othin said, Heath and Galle aren't notable units and could be easily replicated via Altena.
  4. You'll probably see detailed builds and combat numbers from Xray, but generally speaking Melee Armors don't do all that amazing with Player Phase builds. The Armor Edelgards can do well with such builds, but LegEdelgard only because she gets 2 Galeforces in a single turn along with potential permanent Move+1 status, and Bravelgard because her Prf gives her Move+1 and Guidance status. Even then, Greil does NOT have salvagable Spd at only 18 base, and you would be better off giving him a normal Brave Axe+ and Bold Fighter. Annette I feel wants her Prf axe when possible both because of the adeptive damage it provides and support role, while Hilda I'm not entirely sure since she does have a good amount of power with Freikugel and also has a level of supportive ability... As for Phina, you aren't just sacrificing opportunities against mages by dropping DC, but also Bows, Daggers, and some staves who don't carry Dazzling Staff. The power of most Special triggers is also not worth passing over for maximum Spd investment, which doesn't actually impact damage and in some cases won't even help survivability enough without an Evasion skill. Lastly, a Othin said, most Dancers will want Wings of Mercy over any other B passive, though maybe Escape Route could work in Phinas case since she does have the Rapier to work with. Vantage carriers lose way more matchups than you think simply by dropping Distant/Close Counter. Even switching from a Foil or Ward skill can boost matchups, and if you ask me you don't really do Phina any favors by not taking DC.
  5. Five free summons, 16 orbs, Blue and Green focus. 3 sessions where not a single orb was used, the other 2 only 4 was spent each. Final session was another 1 orby, but SUDDEN TWIST the hero I get from Double Special Heroes AKA Black Friday in the Sunshine is +Atk -Res Sandbar Fluorspar Selena. ...pretty good result if I do say so myself. This should especially help when I need a Green Sacred Stones hero and Amelia won't cut it.
  6. Can never go wrong with Desperation. With her default skillset Byleth would outspeed most all units while still having a way to reach under 75% hp, and as long as she gets kills she won't be wanting for a sweep.
  7. I'm in 19.5 these days, since the investment being demanded to remain in 20.5 is too high for me to be able to keep up. Theoretically I could enter tier 21 if the bonus unit were LegTiki, but not when LegJulia and LegChrom still exist. I aim for no deaths in my runs, so it's not like I don't do just 5 arena battles per week.
  8. I can see myself getting Claude, but only because the Claude I have is +HP -Res and I've not summoned any other Claudes since. Plus, unlike my Dimitri and Edelgard who have good default skillsets, I think Claude could maybe appreciate some other skills. Could there be a Firesweep Bow in his future I wonder...
  9. The daily one? Does difficulty matter then? Cause I really don't wanna spend more time in the Arena than I need to for feathers and medals that I thought would never run out. Eesh... wonder what it would take to make all the badges run out...
  10. Basically just the 5 battles required of me every week, but it's not like I'm refining weapons all the time.
  11. ...hm. I... have run out of Arena medals... ...huh. I did not think this would happen... at all.
  12. I think even a veteran with multiple high-investment units can attest there's always that one unit you wind up relying on. ...it's Brave Ike. Combined with Spurn, high Spd investment, Flayn, and a good ol Sabotage Atk for good measure, there's often little that can take him down outside of AoE damage, which turns out isn't that common outside of Aether Raids. Ike singlehandedly made the game very boring for me when I began to over rely on him. I now actively try not to use him outside of AR-O if I can help it, which thankfully I usually can.
  13. I summoned Merlinus +Spd -Atk. I wanna give him two Fortress skills and a Poison Dagger+ so badly, but... no. ...oh yeah got Melady too, +Def -Res, that's something I suppose... get the two units I specifically DID NOT want...
  14. I mean every offense when I say I hope we never get another Three Houses banner until they start giving TH chars actual FB convos. Merlinus would NOT be tolerable if he were talking to just Alfonse about how to be a proper prince or some bologna.
  15. ...wait I never looked at the units skills, shoot. ~I'll be honest, you can't make me be excited for Melady. I never liked the idea of Pegasus Flight (it doesn't even look like it works all that well outside of a select few units), and I really don't think a Def-based version will make me change my mind when most units these days average 40 Def. Her lance also just underwhelms me. ~So this is how we finally get Close Def 4... I'm sure Dieck will be perfectly fine, though I personally have no investment in him. I think the defensive nature he has set up by his skills will be decided purely based on how defensive Dieck himself is. ~...still not excited for Merlinus... ~Despite anything I say about Guinevere, I don't actually want her that much... under other circumstances maybe, but the other 3 units on the banner underwhelm me so much that I can't be excited about tome effectiveness and Res stacking. I'm not sure I even want to sparking, I'll just do whatever pulls for Blue I can and then maybe Guin will be on a skill focus banner for Joint Drives or something. ...I know they're probably perfectly good, but I remember not being that excited about Binding Blade units before as well... which is bad, considering not liking a series means you may not have that many units from the series for Allegiance Battles and Limited HB's.
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