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  1. So I cleared up almost 400 Barack spaces thanks to reserves. Some units I had plans to build, a few I had a better Asset for but no feathers, and a ton of Grail units I flat out don't use, but otherwise just units I do not use, haven't used in forever, and am not interested in otherwise. ...yeah, i needed this.
  2. Hm... LegIke clearly has the better deal due to having Radiant Aether II, but at least Ike has something to work with. 2 cooldown Black Luna... methinks Zelgius wants Special Fighter. Seems like they can both also retain Spd builds, if people built them with Spd in mind. Raijinto can go either Player Phase with a standard Windsweep build or remain EP. As above, I think LegRyoma has the better winning overall (thanks to the brand new Bushido II) Siegfried... well, it certainly does what Xander needs done. He doesn't need his Spd anyway. Gradivus I'm not sure has a definite "best choice." Camus is free but has middling overall stats, while Hardin is slightly harder to come across but has a bulkier statline. Hm... while they didn't get anything new for the base effect, they did all at least get some sort of new benefit (even if it all got the same All stat +4 if simple condition is met). Raijinto I think boosted LegRyoma considerably along with Bushido II, considering he now has the benefit of two Infantry-exclusive skills despite being a flier (and also no flier weakness and permanent +7 damage).
  3. Oh dear Kiran, there is so much more wrong with your assumptions than just wanting to be a famous idol...
  4. @kradeelav I think maybe refined Boey could withstand an assault from Hegemon. His Raven effect isn't conditional like Fallen Lyons, plus he gets a refine that lets him counter Beast enemies, opening his A slot to Triangle Adept or potentially even Sturdy Stance 3 (which could stop Hegemon from triggering the Galeforce skill, which I'm sure people will be giving her) Henry could be a potential second option, since his tome inflicts an Atk/Res -6 debuff on the enemy and special cooldown -1 (if the enemy is stronger than him, which... let's just say that condition will be easy to meet in this case), and he could also take Close Foil to counterattack Hegemon, but that'd be somewhat expensive fodder to be giving him, and Boey can just take TA3 to operate alright. Either way, those are both options available at 4*. Easier to build to +10 for the highest level of bulk available to them.
  5. Edelgard would, however, be only the second Armored Beast unit, of which the only other option is Caineghis. I don't know why you say she is "conditional." Her only condition is that she be above 25% HP and not be next to a non-inhuman ally when the player phase begins, which most teams make sure of anyways (though not ideal for Emblem-gard I guess). Pure Wary Fighter is kinda lame, but she can still pack AD Solo in the SS slot and be even bulkier as a result. She'll be a toxic rage-inducer for Pawns of Loki as well, having so many effects that work to keep her alive AS WELL AS automatic Galeforce. Hell, I'm kinda okay with Wary Fighter because now she can't potentially waste her follow-up Special Trigger on a unit who has 80% damage reduction on enemy follow-ups. Again, her only competition for Colorless Beast Armor is Caineghis, and his only effect is +4 all stat on enemy phase. Not exactly riveting competition...
  6. ...THIS is how we get the second Beast Armor in the game? I thought we'd be getting someone else from Radiant Dawn a little sooner... Well, that lance looks more unsettling than any Heroes Relic ever has, and those things already don't look like anything I'd want to own. I'm not really sure why Dimitri needs three Infantry alts, but I'll stop there before I begin to wonder if Fallen Dimitri is even valid as a Fallen unit... lance looks unsettling from a gameplay standpoint. Deny his Follow-up, he just murders you even harder... I think a lot of units would benefit from that effect. The two Morgans looked real stacked when under the right conditions. Menace skills look like they'll be replacing Threatens real soon. Also, I seem to remember FemMorgan was a Griffon Rider, not a Wyvern Lord... Ah geez, not another double Galeforce unit... she's even more loaded to perform it than LegEdelgard too. WHY, she doesn't even HAVE Aymr as the Hegemon Husk. Sigh... think I might have to build a Boey now just to try and have SOMEONE to counter that Hegemon... but wait, her transformed state is massive... how the hell is that gonna look on the map??? Also, was it really necessary to extend the video 20 seconds just to tell us about Celestial Stones?
  7. "What is a DLC Costume?" Well, you give the company money, but instead of getting a fighter/stage/music you just get a costume for a character. I think most popular modern fighting game have some form of DLC costumes in them, and the Street Fighter series coming to mind immediately. It'd be like if Mario's Builder outfit cost $.50 before you could use it. Why I'm here today: I do like the idea of DLC costumes. People modding the game to give characters different costumes was cool to watch (also weird sometimes... why does Ganondorf need to be replaced with Billy Mays is a question I don't think will ever be answered sanely), but A. Nintendo has made their stance on modding very clear, and B. I'm pretty sure only you could see such modding anyway, so no going online and showing people how to really get the tough stains out. So, would you like the idea of Nintendo putting out DLC costumes for the characters (as long as it was reasonably priced)? And what kind of costumes would you want if so? No alternate colors here, we're talking things like "Mario in his Cat suit" or "Zelda as she appeared in BotW," maybe replacing a character with a different appearance like "Marth replaced with another Lord from the Fire Emblem games" ala Bowser Jr. or Olimar, or even something like "Shulk wearing a giant Riki cosplay." All examples by the way, I'm not sure how I'd feel about Shulk in a giant Nopon outfit...
  8. Why do I have to keep saying this, god forbid you summon the DC sword bro you didn't want. Congratulations you got a Red Focus unit for free, here's the catch: it's Zelgius not Ike. Whatever, it's a freebie 5* focus, I'm not going to give the game 1 star, leave a bad review on google play, and complain to customer support just because I wanted Ike and not Zelgius. I'm not even trying to make a point about anything, I never was, it was a goddamn throwaway line I didn't think anyone would respond to, or for that matter notice. If we were all in a room talking to each other I would be muttering under my breath while saying it. Why do I feel like an idiot because I have some people explaining the math and statistics of focus units to me (all subjects I get a headache over, by the way), other people seeming to assuming I support summoning from New Power banners, over a line I added because I thought it'd be mildly funny.
  9. @Othin @Ice Dragon Yeah okay, I never said the New Power banner was ideal for summoning any of the 4 units though. I don't know why that seems to be the conclusion people came to. Hell, I'd sooner wait for Weekly Revival units to appear as 4* Special Summons than actively summon for them. My comment only applies to the one summoning session that matters on these kinds of banners (and sorry for not making it clear in the first place): the first one, where you have a free summon. You're obviously going to pick an orb color that matches the focus units of the banner, and who would say no to a free focus unit? But you can't hope for any one of the three DC sword bros in that freebie summon, you can only hope you get a freebie 5* focus at all. Meanwhile Hardin gets to be the single focus unit of blue, so if you want him, then good for you just pick the free Blue unit and pray you get him for free. There is no math in the world that could possibly help you to predict the one orb that will be the 5* anyway. I fully expect to summon 3* Eirika or 3* Thea myself, if I even get a single Red or Blue orb. I don't recommend full summoning off New Power banners, or really any non-Weekly Revival banner that has Weekly Revival units on them. But you still get a free summon, and you can still hope to be lucky with it. And again, god forbid you get the refinable DC sword bro you didn't want. I fully expect someone will make a comment about it in the Official Pull Topic.
  10. Yeah that's exactly what I mean: if you want Hardin then good on you, he'll be the easiest to snipe. But the other three all have to share the same focus rate, and god forbid you summon the wrong flavor of refinable DC weapon. ...then again, end of the day LegIke and LegRyoma will probably be the better units anyway, and Zelgius... well, BK might be the better recommend by virtue of being a Grail unit...
  11. Okay I'm just as pleased as everyone else that we're getting DC weapon refines, but if I'm honest, this kinda feels like ripping the bandaid off. With sandpaper. I mean, this update is literally all DC weapons. And of course all but one of them have two wielders, so we're getting 9 refined units total (as well as the first Legendary refines... technically). Three of the units are Grail units, throw that onto the pile. The New Power banner is gonna suck for anyone hoping to summon for one unit not named Hardin... In the past they've mostly trickled out refines for a certain type of weapon (I guess there was that time with all the Falchions), but doing it this way... they better know what they're doing. I guess this also means that Hector's Armads now doesn't have any good reason not to be refined, about the only thing holding it back was Hector having DC by default...
  12. This has been an odd day for 4* Special summons... also just a kinda bad summoning day in general. Glad it's over though. I wanted Sigurd and Duo Eirika. Not much to ask, except it actually kind of is apparently, because the game certainly made its opinion heard: I don't think I've ever summoned so many 3* units, and not even ones with good fodder as 4* units. I actually had to elect to get rid of some units I've been saving "in case I ever decide to build them" as if that'd ever happen with someone like Chad or Bantu... In terms of 4* Specials, of course it was mostly Reds because I was primarily sniping Red today. I got like 2 Karels and Grays, a Ryoma, a Zelgius, and a Lene. Pretty much all merge fodder (weird to think Panic Ploy is not a skill worth talking about anymore), and one of them even gets to join my ever-expanding list of +10 units... oh shoot when was the last time I showed off my +10 units? Anyway, did I manage to get the units I wanted? Yeah, but not without some buyers remorse. Duo Eirika took an ungodly amount of time to appear (I seem to remember the focus pity rate going up to 4.5% mostly off sessions where only one or two red orbs appeared, if any at all) +Def -HP. Could be worse. Sigurd... oh Sigurd, yeah I wanted LegLilina, but I didn't need 2 extras of her plus Mirabilis and another fodder Seiros. Lilina ended up Neutral +2 merge, and Sigurd was summoned +HP -Def. Funnily the same asset/flaw as LegSeliph. Heh... some things are just genetic I guess. Gonna have to trait fruit that, cause I do not see myself doing much more summoning after this, yet still needing Sigurd. Gotta think about "Grettings CYL! Nothing to report!" after all. Hopefully this is enough overpowered units to get me through future Abyssal content. I swear it's just getting worse and worse...
  13. ...you know what'd be neat? Brave Hero Battles. Just one massive melee against the Brave Heroes of the year. All at the same time I mean, plus reinforcements. Maybe it could be done using Rival Domain map sizes and army sizes, just to expand the scope of the battle.
  14. Rating is the units Stat Total. Not Base Stat Total, stat total including Weapon and skills. For instance, my Legendary Julia has a Rating of 229, and that total includes her Atk asset, the 14 Might of Virtuous Naga, the +3 Atk bonus, and an Atk +3 Sacred Seal on top of her existing +10 merge bonus, +10 dragonflower uses, and S rank Summoner support. You can actually see this in some other Fire Emblem games.
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