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  1. why is it that so many people (not here) in 2021 still don't know the difference between "remaster" and "remake" these games are remakes, plain and simple, no doubt about this if we want to be more specific, these games are "shot-for-shot" remakes, which means that these are completely new games but try to be as faithful to the original games as possible another example of shot-for-shot remake is the Crash N.Sane Trilogy
  2. it definitely looks interesting, about time they started exploring the pokemon world's ancient times and lore i don't like that many pokemon seem to have 3fps animations, and i doubt they'll fix it to a decent degree in time
  3. really nice moveset, i like the idea of having Haste as his personal mechanic (i don't even want to imagine how someone fighting Tidus must feel when caught by Slowgan and Tidus is at max Haste level), and his side smash sounds really good for stopping various recovery options
  4. well i did what i could to try and implement FFX's main mechanic into Tidus's moveset, it probably was an impossible task to begin with, and i don't expect he'd play like this at all, if he were to be added in Smash in a very distant future please Sakurai cut Cloud and add Tidus instead i agree that his overdrives should've been in his moveset aside from his final smash, but what i tried to do with this idea was an "anime sword character"-looking dude who doesn't play as what one would guess just by looking at him. maybe it's just a dumb idea, and i'd agree with that, but this was the goal i tried to achieve it would be cool if you created your own moveset for Tidus, so that we can compare them and maybe mix some of our ideas that's why i specified that using Cheer or Haste negates any other character-generated buff Tidus and allies might have ex. DQ's hero can't have both Acceleratle's speed buff and Cheer's atk and def buff
  5. well tbh i actually got the survey email, and i live in italy no idea why you guys aren't getting it
  6. thanks! i felt pretty inspired and took the time to elaborate this whacky moveset, altough i doubt it would actually be doable, as it probably would take too much development time for a single character
  7. Tidus (Final Fantasy X) Playstile: Mostly a speedy combo-based fighter. Being a pro Blitzball player, he has many kick-based moves for his weaker attacks and combo starters, while uses his sword, Fraternity, for some Smash attacks and other special attacks. He's also very agile, with good movement and air speed, and good jump height. Above average fall speed. Appearance: Regular FFX appearance (Skin n.1, while n.2 through 4 would be alternate colors), with his Dissidia version as a costume (n.5, while n.6 through 8 would be alternate colors) His alternate colors would be references to Auron, Yuna, Jecht, Wakka, Lulu, Kimahri (rip Rikku) Personal Mechanic: Sphere Grid Battle Stance: His regular stance from FFX Idle Animations: 1) Tidus does some light warm-up jumps, while stretching his neck muscles, and says "Let's Smash!" (reference to his "Let's Blitz!" line) 2) Tidus assumes the same pose he has in his Dissidia (2008) artwork Taunts: Up) Tidus raises his punch and says "Let's end this quickly!" Side) Tidus raises his shoulders with a "eh, whatever" attitude and says "Relax, take it easy!" Down) His infamous laugh. It just can't be missing Jab: Single attack, Tidus kicks like a soccer player, his leg covers a decently wide area. Useful for low-percentage combos. Dash Attack: His regular attack animation from FFX. Quite slow, but good kill power. Tilt Attacks: Smash attacks: Aerial attacks: Special Moves (Red Spheres): Special Moves (Purple Spheres): Special Moves (Yellow Spheres): Final Smash: Blitz Ace Same as his last Overdrive attack. Party member who throws Tidus the ball is random. i didn't expect this to take as much time as it did
  8. i mean, as i said, the 2 chapters we can play in this demo aren't the complete game's first 2 chapters, there's little meaning in your criticisms imho not trying to dismiss them, mind you: i just think you're missing the point of this demo you see, that's the entire point of the game: it wants you to consider every possibility and then make a decision that, no matter what, will be hard to accept for someone the game makes it pretty clear that Gustadolph wants Roland and that he wants him alive and unscathed for something we don't know and aren't expected to know, so attacking Wolffort would make no sense at all would Gustadolph attack Wolffort no matter what Serenoa chose to do? maybe, but that isn't what we saw i don't know what the dialogue between Roland and Gustadolph looks like in english (and i couldn't find a single playthrough on YT that follows this path), but in italian it goes like: Gustadolph tells Roland he wants Landroy dead Roland: "Have you gone mad?! I could never give such an order!" Gustadolph: "If you even dare considering yourself a kingdom's prince, you must put your subjects' welfare first." R: "And what would you mean by that?" G: "There's no doubt that Landroy will revolt sooner or later. And when that happens, these lands will be plagued by war once again." "A good king must suppress a conflict in the bud. Are you, perhaps, not worried for the capital's people? For your sister?" so yeah, while there's no clear threat hinting at Gustadolph attacking Glenbrook's people or killing Cordelia, they're strongly implied i mean, if "burning your people's houses down with a secret mechanism because that's literally what might allow you to live another day" is the right thing for you, then by all means the game makes it very clear: there's no correct answer, there's no right nor wrong, because no matter you decide to do, your actions will not have a 100% positive outcome i want to make something clear as well, i don't want to start an unnecessary and unrequested discussion about a 2 chapters-long demo i just wanted to share my opinions on some of the problems i've seen being brought up the most, that is all
  9. it looks like some people ignored that part where they specifically said "don't worry if you can't undestand everything that happens in the story since these are mid-game chapters", and that you can speed animations up and skip dialogues by pressing and holding R anyway, i really, really liked this demo, and while i agree they should polish the game a bit, it looks and plays very good imo, and the game's release is due for 2022, so they have all the time they need to fix what needs to be fixed also, the game's main purpose, which is giving players multiple story choices and experiences, is already much better executed than both Fates and 3H, so there's that yes, it's you if you tried using the right one, that's broken and you just can't (you figure that out by exploring the map prior) if you went for the left one, then you didn't have to press any button nor select any specific command: quite simply, if a character is close to the zipline, it'll automatically extend that character's movement Wolffort surrended to Aesfrost, the very same country that invaded Glenbrook, killed its firstborn prince and beheaded its king, towards whom Falkes felt very deep trust and loyalty though he was doubtful, Falkes accepted Wolffort's proposal for a meeting, except Aesfrost takes this as a chance to invade Falkes as well, while Wolffort had no idea Aesfrost would've done that, and this led Falkes to believe Wolffort's proposal was a lie and that they were already under Aesfrost's control tl;dr Aesfrost left Wolffort no time to peacefully speak with Falkes, basically tricking them both Wolffort surrendered to Aesfrost, and Roland was literally in Gustadoph's hands, what were they even supposed to do? if Wolffort refused to attack Falkes, then handing Roland over to keep Wolffort's citizens safe would've been completely useless, because Aesfrost would've 100% managed to "persuade" them if Roland refused, Gustadolph would've probably ordered to have Roland's sister killed or worse, so it's not like he had much room for choice this is not Fire Emblem, you don't stop conflicts just because your heart is pure and your intentions are good that's what i liked about Triangle Strategy the most, aside from gameplay so yeah, while this demo certainly shows some flaws, the game's core is very good and i can only hope the final product can be just as good
  10. Olivier, Rean or Estelle would be amazing. Lloyd too, as there's no fighter with tonfas in Smash and i'd like to see how he'd play, but imho he's the least likely Trails main character. not naming Adol because i know nothing about the Ys series anyway, i'm incredibly hyped for Pyra/Mythra (although i would've liked Rex and Pyra/Mythra (a la ice climbers) better), can't wait for them to be released
  11. so i must admit i've been extremely lucky (for my standards) i spent around 170 orbs + 5 free summons, and i managed to pull 2 Furys and spark a third (+hp -spd, +def -hp and neutral), i got a 4* neutral Lex, a Seteth and an Altena (merge projects), then a +def -res Azel, a +res -hp Delthea, a +spd -def Shamir and a +atk -spd Lysithea i don't know if i'll want to summon more on this banner, but since i already decided i won't be summoning for Seiros if she'll manage to win the VG's first round, i might as well keep trying to merge Fury even more
  12. SoV indeed is a likely candidate, but i honestly doubt they'd make 3 NH banners of not very popular games in a row, it just wouldn't sell enough this is why i think the next NH banner will be either 3H or Awakening (picking Awakening because 3H already got a lot of units recently, although i can't remember when last NH Awakening banner was, but it wouldn't really make me change my mind) as always, Fates is my Wanted Game pick
  13. ... well, RIP my already too feeble attempt at saving orbs for Seiros, of course they had to release literally the single Genealogy unit i've been wanting since like FEH's launch, said character being Fury really really like this banner, maybe i would've liked Brigid instead of Mahnya better, but this indirectly suggests me that they intend to make OG Brigid a Blue or Green Bow
  14. and i'm perfectly fine with this, i didn't want Seti to be a 100% powercreep of Levin
  15. Genealogy hasn't had a NH banner since last year iirc, the one with Shannan, so i'm expecting a Gen1 Genealogy banner (rip my orbs if they're adding Fury) as always, i want NH banners to be Fates so that i can save orbs in peace
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