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  1. i'm probably wrong, but i take it you aren't aware of the fact that she composed Street Fighter 2's OST, which is completely different from what you can hear in KH, FFXV, Xenoblade and so on the fact that she's mostly associated with KH and other SE JRPGs doesn't mean she can't do different things that could be an option, yes
  2. Assuming echo fighters must be of the same franchise the original fighter belongs to Black Knight (Echo of Ike): the fact that they use the same fighting style is justified by PoR and RD, and his armor wouldn't be a problem in terms of agility, they state that the Black Knight is still very fast and agile despite that heavy armor he always wears Implying echo fighters can have different stats than their original counterpart, i'd raise BK's weight to at least 120, while leaving other stats untouched (height, hurtboxes, run speed, walk speed, air speed and so on) the only moves i'd change are Up B and Neutral B: his Up B would be a simple teleport, similar to Palutena's, and he'd use his Warp Powder his Neutral B would be Eclipse, a move that, if fully charged, lands 5 consecutive hits while taking some steps forward, dealing a total of 50% damage and very high Knockback (a little lower than Roy's Neutral B), at the cost of having very slow start up and cooldown His Final Smash would be Great Eclipse, a more dramatic and brutal version of his Neutral B
  3. well, at least they were honest enough to specify that it's "Persona 5 Scramble", and not "Persona Scramble except 'Oops! All Persona 5'" anyway, although i'm not 100% sure they're already working on it, i'm inclined to believe they're at least planning something about it as far as game representation goes, i think it's pretty safe to assume a big chunk of the roster would be 3H because recency and popularity bias (i expect around 10 characters being only 3H), then a bit of Tellius to at least justify Ike's mere presence (i still strongly believe IntSys has not enough confidence in Tellius in general, so i'd say 2/3 characters at most), maybe some Valentia characters (again 2/3 characters at most), Elibe (5/6 characters at most) and, i don't know, Magvel (Erika and Ephraim), and Jugdral (only Sigurd because lol)
  4. in my opinion, the best way for IntSys to handle avatars in Fire Emblem is not to handle them at all to use them as purely plot-irrelevant figures who give orders to their armies, with little to zero dialogue lines whatsoever: in one word, Mark personally Mark is the best way to represent the player in Fire Emblem games: not with a bland but forcibly relevant character, not with an extremely plot-relevant but mute character, but as the simple incarnation of what the player actually does in a Fire Emblem game, which is giving orders, managing every unit's inventory, the army's founds and so on i guess, if IntSys REALLY WANTS TO, avatars could also be actual units just like Kris, but that's already too much for my tastes
  5. cleared the abyssal difficulty with elincia, reinhardt, levin and reyson elincia alone did basically 50% of the job
  6. both the most useless and cutest thing i've ever seen i mean, i expected a subtle FE17 reveal at the end, to partially justify the whole Lord showcase, but it was just that, a homage showcase do people really not know every FE Lord? it's 2020 come on again, cute but useless
  7. hey, i completely agree on that, mind you of course i'd love to see mythic forseti, mythic julius/loptyr or even mythic formotiis the problem is that none of these options have the slightest chance of happening (sadly), compared to other Tellius mythical figures which are much more popular and requested (except formotiis maybe, a Fallen Mythic Lyon would be really cool) but hey, we managed to survive FEH's first year which basically only had two seasonal units not from Awakening or Fates, i think we can survive Tellius having 1 or 2 more Mythic heroes than other games have about Bramimond's stats, he's exactly what i feared he'd end up being: a tank with not enough bst to be a tank but it's fine i guess, his tome makes up for that
  8. me and my friends, after a discussion, came up with this summary Bramimond retained: his original body (male), his mind, his own memories and knowledges and his own will and duties Bramimond lost: his sense of self and his personality one could argue Bramimond should be addressed as "it", as Athos does, or "they" since that's what you address people or characters whose gender is not specified in english (this personally feels so unnatural, that's why i never use "they"), but if we want to be extremely precise, one should address Bramimond as his/her/their gender, since he reflects the speaker's personality and voice so as a male i should address Bramimond as "he", while a girl as "she" in the end, just call him/her/it/them whatever the hell you want
  9. PHYSICAL COPIES: Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers: Cammy BOTW: Mipha Xeno 2 + Torna: Rex & Pyra The Binding of Isaac: Isaac i guess? Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee: uhm... Professor Oak? Valkyria Chronicles 4: Raz Octopath Traveler: imo Primrose would be the most unique of the bunch The World Ends With You: Neku (with Shiki-Joshua-Beat cameos) DIGITAL COPIES: Bloodstained Curse of the Moon: Zangetsu Final Fantasy VIII: Squall Final Fantasy IX: Zidane Final Fantady X: Tidus (please Sakurai...) Trails of Cold Steel 3 (preordered): Olivier Lenheim Rean Schwarzer
  10. Premise: i'll be referring to Bramimond as a "him" since he was born as male and his body should still be the one of a man; the fact that he changes personality and voice depending on who's talking to him isn't exactly what i consider being non-binary or in need of being referred to in a differenty way this said, Bramimond is a character i've secretly wanted to see in heroes since launch, yet i never dared to actually hope for him to make it in, so i'm REALLY hyped they actually did it: imo he's one of the most interesting characters in all FE7, so seeing him getting some love makes me so happy, and the fact that they kept faith to his nature shows real care for details (something they really know how to do, but sometimes forget about) i'd really like to pull for him and get at least one copy, but i fear i don't have enough orbs, also i'm pulling for shannan right now well tbh Tellius has 2 mythic heroes because it has a bigger amount of gods/mythical figures than other games do also Tellius has only one Legendary hero, while Awakening and Elibe both have 3: does this mean they should stop making Awakening and Elibe Legendary heroes for a while and let other games have some too? well yes furthermore Tellius has a total of 3 Legendary+Mythic heroes, while both Awakening and Elibe have 4 (i'm counting Naga because her design is from Awakening) point is, IntSys doesn't seem to care too much about equal game representation when it comes to Legendary and Mythic heroes, they just do what they feel like, or what games allow IntSys to do in terms of pure quantity of characters who can be labelled as Legendary and Mythical now one could wonder whether 3 Awakening Legendary heroes were really necessary, but that just proves my point: they weren't necessary, yet they were possible, so IntSys made them that's also why i like Mythic heroes so much more on the other side, when they'll announce Tellius Mythic hero N°3 or 4, they'be more than justified, since they're all major plot characters, and they wouldn't be mere alts like Legendary heroes are is being justified by their games a necessary reason for heroes/alts to even be a thing? no, but it's something i personally pay a lot of attention to
  11. male i hate FByleth's damn huge eyes and her outfit in general with an Organization XIII coat, she'd be gorgeous
  12. this pass for me is a big no i MIGHT at the very least consider purchasing a hypothetical second pass focused on the nabateans, since THAT was the plot point that needed to be expanded
  13. The Almighty Goddess of Strings, Yoko Shimomura i'd also like to hear something from Revo, and Falcom Sound Team jdk, but they're all impossible
  14. huh, i swear i completely forgot about this
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