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  1. i'd love to see untransformed Soan, or even an official Soan artwork to begin with bonus points if he's drawn by Senri Kita
  2. Vestaria Saga and Bloodstained are on sale too, i definitely recommend them
  3. super super happy seliph finally got an alt, about damn time sadly, this happened a few days too late for my patience, as i uninstalled the game last week
  4. i'd definitely go with altena... had i not uninstalled the game 2 days ago
  5. i have basically no problems with my hair, some years ago it was so long it covered my whole back right now it's much shorter, but long enough for me to gather it in a hair tie also i never use any hair care product aside from shampoo, apparently my hair doesn't need any particular treatment
  6. yes, it is indeed supposed to be awkward well that scene happens later on in the game, but yeah, Tidus takes most of the party's circumstances quite lightly because he doesn't know what Yuna and the others feel, mostly because they don't tell him much to begin with god i still fail to understand what's so hateful about him #Tidus4Smash
  7. by "regular" i meant "which could exist IRL", and characters such as Cloud, Terra and others don't really fit that description sorry, i probably worded it poorly about Tidus's laugh, i absolutely loved it, but people apparently like to decontestualize it: it's very clear he's not laughing sincerely, that he's kinda forcing himself to, and by doing so he's also trying to let everything he's been bottling up since way before his arrival in Spira out also when talking about that scene, most people tend to conveniently forget that Yuna does the same immediately after, because she has just as many unexpressed feeling and emotions as Tidus does then they start laughing weirdly together, a scene which eventually bursts into a really honest and sincere laugh i love that scene, it so sweet
  8. ah yes, i'd like to name another character Tidus from FFX: i really don't get why people hate him so much, he's just a regular teen with a credible background actually, out of all FF main characters, i think he's the only one who truly seems to be and act like a 100% regular guy with a regular background (is this maybe what makes him so disliked?) is he annoying, rash and irrational? probably, but who wasn't like that in his/her teens? does he take too much screentime for hinself and yuna, leaving too little space for the other party members? absolutely, but honestly i think it's for the best lulu, wakka, rikku and kimahri are very simple characters, but they're given just enough screentime to make them very likeable and deep, and they all get a chance to shine during the game
  9. it's much more likely that FFVII Remake will be released in more than 2 parts actually anyway, more on topic, the Tales of Series a whole: i absolutely hate it, i simply have nothing good to say about those games, and i've bought a lot of them since i was so sure i'd have loved them (Abyss, Xillia 1 and 2, Symphonia, Zestiria)
  10. none, as i only buy games i'm almost certain i'll love those few i bought and didn't really like aren't exactly critically acclaimed or popular (FE Fates and Tokyo Mirage Sessions) as for 3H, i like it, but i think it's very overrated and praised for things that are not worthy of praise imo
  11. i absolutely agree with what's been said about Sora and Rex: i understand they can be preceived as boring, but imo they've done nothing to deserve all the hate they get at the same time, although i really like him, i think Roxas is very overrated: seriously, go back and play 358/2 Days once more, you'll realize how big of an asshole he can be at times due to that game's particularly terrible writing, despite being all "i love my friends so much", even more than Sora
  12. not voting cause i'm not so sure we're getting another Capcom rep who i'd like to see being added in smash is Phoenix Wright, but since preferences are not considered in this thread, i'll just pass
  13. well i just don't like extremely high-pitched voices, aka loli voices in general anyway, nice convo!
  14. can't really agree with this statement for example, Hojo is an awesome villain and i personally love him, yet he's a disgusting, terrible, abhorrent human being
  15. more like he's not very INTERESTED HAHAHAHA sorry i just had to make this joke ah yes, the same for me, but with Charizard, i just had enough
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