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  1. no matter in what form they appear, be it PoR's bands, Thracia's scrolls or Genealogy's rings, including things like Grani, Fili and the likes, as well as 3H's other accessories, namely the shileds, i generally always love them: i adore playing around with the many secondary effects, and even hidden values such as Growth Rates, that they grant, and nromal equipments can't always let me do that
  2. my idea for a KH stage would have a similar concept to that of Garreg Mach or Northern Cave, meaning that it would transform into certain phases while also telling a story 1st phase) Station of Waking 2nd phase) Destiny Island 3rd phase) Destiny Island in the Realm of Darkness 4th phase) Realm of Darkness, in front of the door to Kingdom Hearts don't know if it would make sense, much less be possible to make to begin with, but IMO it would be nice
  3. i kinda agree, but i accept it since they're just doing what the FF series has been doing since ages: Final Fantasy II isn't a sequel to FFI, for example i'd have loved to see a sequel to Bravely Second though, and i seriously can't get why the japanese audience disliked it so much to the point Square Enix was forced to throw that plotline in the trash can and make a completely unrelated Bravely game anyway, i'm adding Xenogears, Tactics Ogre and FF Tactics to my 2021 Gaming Resolutions
  4. as far as i know, enemies don't get the usual extra stats thing for being bouns units in arena, only your bonus units do but it's also entirely possible that it's as you say and i never noticed it, i wouldn't be surprised
  5. ok, i got it then let me change my previous sentence in: "no rule in this world implies that adding Sora's character to a crossover game without Disney elements equals to not really adding Sora's character." again, if that's your opinion, it's perfectly fine, but not necessarily right, no matter how many people share the same sentiment
  6. i said potentially unconventional what i meant is that Sora has a lot of moves and abilities whose originality is not common in Smash, as most swordfighters generally have really basic moves such as slash.jpg and thrust.jpg Abilities such as Ragnarok, Strike Raid, Finishing Leap, Explosion, Aerial Finish, Magnet Burst and many others (not even mentioning reaction commands, Keyblade transformations, Attractions, Flowmotion, Fusions and whatnot) IMO are things that might help Sora stand out compared to the sword characters we already have in Ultimate, and also make him not look like yet another anime swordfighter to those who hate them (which i don't) ok i guess...? i mean if that's your opinion it's perfectly fine, but "I'm in this world and I say that" isn't really a counterargument (assuming counterarguing was your intention) and no, of course you aren't the only one with that sentiment, but that doesn't necessarily make it the right one lastly, Sora being in WoFF absolutely matters, because Disney had to say yes to a different company handling one of their copyrights, which is the same thing that they would do with Nintendo a good argument suggesting Sora won't be in Smash is that Square Enix wanted to make a KH Dissidia game with only KH's original characters, except Disney didn't want them to appear in a fighting game, but even then one could argue that was like 10 years ago, and now things might be different
  7. yes i do. because Sora's the one i want to see in Smash, not anyone else from KH. his flashy and potentially unconventional moveset while Sora is undoubtedly Disney's property, nothing in this world says that adding Sora's character to a crossover game without Disney elements equals to not really adding Sora's character. World of Final Fantasy features Sora as a DLC summon IIRC (might be wrong, but the point is that Sora appears in WoFF), but since there's no other Disney content in that game, then Sora isn't really in WoFF? is Sora the new Schrödinger's cat? this said, IMO the main reason why Sora isn't gonna be in SSB Ultimate is money: i fear Disney would demand absurdly high prices to let Nintendo touch Sora's copyright
  8. my wishes: -Bride Rhea (although i would complain about her 1.5 seasonal alts while her base version would still be missing (no, THAT one doesn't count)), ugh... Sword Flier? -Duo Elena-Greil, Staff Flier -Harmonic Elena-RD Ike, Colorless Tome Cavalry -Harmonic RD Mist-Greil, Axe Cavalry (with Greil helping Mist wielding the axe, this is extremely important) -None of the above, as i'm out of orbs (as always) and i don't intend to spend a single cent on this game anymore my expectations: -Duo F!Byleth-Any other popular 3H character because that's what makes IS live another month apparently -Duo Female Fates character-Male Fates character
  9. honestly? i never thought for a second that she's so incredibly broken yeah she has a lot of super duper amazing effects, but she'll still probably die by Micaiah, a 2017 unit, and any decent physical tank will most likely be able to easily take her two hits (BIke, BHector and the likes), or one hit if your tank runs NFU, and i think glass cannon mages like Levin (with NFU) or Windsweep Duo Rhea/Byleth, who can negate her Wary Fighter effect and double attack before Fallengard can counterattack/without worrying about counterattacks, could do well against her sure, we still have to see her stats, and she'll probably be very minmaxed, but unless she has 250 BST, i don't see her being an unstoppable force so yeah, lots of big walls of text, but at the end of the day she's nothing out of this world
  10. another NHB without Rhea --> another NHB without spending orbs also the powercreep is strong with this banner and i'd really like to know if Dimitri and Edelgard fans are happy with these alts or are even remotely annoyed, and for what reasons, but i fear this would only lead to pointless discussions, so forget i said anything
  11. @Redpack007 it's not loke you NEED to play certain games in order to label yourself as a Fire Emblem fan, just play the ones you feel like playing about the SNES games, i strongly suggest you to play them, because they're very unique, but it must be said that Genealogy and Thracia are generally either loved or hated, it's really hard to find someone who doesn't thing strongly about them on either sides
  12. i'd gladly buy one or more costume packs, but i mean actual costumes, not just different palettes
  13. Yo, are you from Italy? I just wanted to say hi, as a fellow italian. I didn't think I would have met one here.

    1. Yexin


      yep, i'm italian (Emilia-Romagna), and if i recall correctly, there's some other italian user here on the Forest, but i honestly might be wrong, as i never tried to personally chat with them

    2. Francis


      I see.
      I remember back in the days the FE comunity wasn't that active in our country (I started playing around 2013), glad to hear that we are even here.
      I am from Piedmont anyway.

    3. Yexin



      i started around 2013 as well, but my first FE was Blazing Sword

      i think there are some italian FE communities, but many friends if mine suggested me not to have anything to do with them

  14. i tend to love basically anything that involves RPG elements: JRPGs, normal RPGs, Action RPGs, pure Action games, Hack 'n Slash games, Strategy and Tactical RPGs i also love Rhythm Games, Metroidvanias and Fighting Games
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