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  1. the only alts i'd like to see are bride deirdre, bride elena, groom sigurd and groom greil that's literally it
  2. gonna play safe and say Hydra i just love its concept, also i like greek mythology A LOT
  3. point is, you're not meant to, arena is the main source of money, while villages are the main source of good items "but i need money on my healer who can't fight" just defeat brigands and let that character visit the village, if he/she doesn't fight then he/she doesn't need that much money anyway first time i played genealogy i married levin with lachesis, which resulted in a completely wasted forseti tome during the second generation, since delmud was the only one with major forseti blood did that stop me from enjoying the game or even finishing it? no
  4. the only thing i would ask for in new remakes is the intriduction of supports in games who don't have them (mainly genealogy and radiant dawn) and more supports (if contestualized) in those which already have them i'm not a huge fan of modifying mechanics or adding new characters, i'm ok with this in SoV because gaiden was a very strange FE title, but i'd like genealogy, por and rd remakes to stay as faithful to their original games as possible
  5. Shadow Dragon: Merric and Elice Gaiden/SOV: Luthier and Tatiana New Mystery: Luke and Malice Genealogy Gen 1: Levin and Erynis Genealogy Gen 2: Arthur and Ishtar Thracia 776: Ronan and Eyvel Binding Blade: Elphin and Juno Blazing Sword: Erk and Ninian Sacred Stones: Knoll and Tethys Path of Radiance: Literally everyone, but if i really have to choose, i'd say Makalov and Calill Radiant Dawn: Soren and Almedha (yes) Awakening Gen 1: Vaike and Cordelia Awakening Gen 2: Íñigo and Noire Fates Gen 1: Kaze and Orochi (more like "less disliked" than "favourite") Fates Gen 2: No Three Houses: Dimitri and Mercedes
  6. the new thracia banner looks nice, but that "vouge" is like a knife stabbing my heart poor tanya got pushed out of the banner to make space for the new OC, which i'm not cool with also, about these new OCs, i personally don't like them at all, they look they came out of the most generic japanese gacha ever... which FEH kinda is...? also, i'm not the kind of person who complains about gender equality, because i really don't give a damn, but why does the free OC always have to be an appealing cute girl? can't we have a guy once in a while? i completely skipped the part where they were introducing the new mode (so basically two thirds of the whole video), so i don't really know what to say about it
  7. i can't really say there are characters i don't want to see excluding waluigi because he has less than 0% chances of being a dlc character like it or not if i were to pick one, i think that would be steve, simply because i'm not a huge minecraft fan, but if they manage to make a good and interesting moveset for him, that would be great oh, and of course i don't want more FE characters, i don't care who they are: if they cut people like chrom, roy, lucina (imho they don't add nothing to the roster and just work and slightly different marths) and corrin (he's different moveset-wise, but he was just a blatant marketing move, so i don't think he truly deserves his spot) in smash 6, then i'd be ok with other highly requested FE characters, such as hector or ephraim, or even micaiah, if we want to imagine a completely magic-based character (which would be very interesting, i think) also i find it very interesting that so many of you don't want sora just because you don't like disney, that's a way of thinking i just can't understand
  8. Marianne, Mercedes, Dorothea, Rhea, Ferdinand, Seteth, Flayn, Petra, Dimitri, Hilda, Manuela, Hanneman i could explain why i like them, but that would probably take a whole day let's just say i'd like to have them around, i think i would have a great time (maybe except for marianne, but she's a different case)
  9. bold of you to assume that none of the 12 crusaders has a chance of being a mythical hero, since you put bramimond in the list anyway, i just want to see dragon laguz at this point, give me deghinsea i think seiros would make me spend money, under the right conditions ah, and maybe dragon/beast mythical loki as well
  10. now THIS is something, i never saw it coming extremy happy for altina, definitely trying to get her with my whopping amount of orbs (4) now all that i ask for are soan, deghinsea, lehran and forseti
  11. i feel that with 3H they sort of tried to make a painting with a new kind of frame (the game's structure), but with the same colours (fire emblem's trends) in the same way they've always used them, such as the main character's father dying (jeralt stinked like a corpse since his reveal), the main character's unique power which essentially allows him/her to save the day, the dark cult and so on now don't get me wrong, cliches aren't inherently bad, the fire emblem series is THE collection of cliches: what makes the difference, for me, is not what surrounds them (the frame), but how they're made (doing something more original and cohesive with the colors you've always used) so yeah, in my opinion it's ok if IntSys thinks changing the frame is beneficial, but imho they need to do a better job at creating something original with the same elements (since i doubt they'll change them anytime soon)
  12. gamefreak disappointed me tremendously with their dexit, since i love to complete the pokedex in every game that does not require transferring pokemon from previous generations, but i must say some of my favorites are still in lucario, gallade, gardevoir, ninetales, gengar, rhydon and goodra are in, but altaria, feraligatr, nidoking, dragonair, crobat, houndoom, kingdra, torterra, infernape, luxray and many others got axed, and i do not intend to support this operation that's why i'm just waiting to find a secondhand copy of either sword or shield to play them
  13. ah yes, you guys just reminded me how cyl4 will be flooded with 3H characters dimitri, edelgard and claude will surely be top 2, leaving only a spot for one girl (probably anna or fcorrin), and at least 50% of both genders' top 20s will only be 3H characters (maybe except for thórr due to breasts factor) anyway, yes, i think they're saving 3H characters for next year, it would make the most sense also i hope i don't get sick of 3H for that
  14. The Crusaders' Legacy (Genealogy) Altena (Lance Wyvern) Febail (Colorless Bow Infantry) Arthur (Green Tome Infantry; Demote) Seliph (Sword Cavalry) Lester (Blue Bow Cavalry, Instant Demote) Arion (Lance Wyvern, GHB)
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