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  1. i love katsuyoshi koya's, wasa sachiko's and senri kita's artstyles, but if i were to pick only one, i'd obviously go with senri kita
  2. i'll be very concise in expressing my opinion on this: No, it doesn't, just like no other FE game does (aside from Ashera, thank you, @Florete, for the reminder) There are some good ideas (way higher stats compared to every other enemy in the same map, and more actions on the same turn, to name a few) which imo would be decent first steps in completely revamping how bosses work in Fire Emblem, but the execution imo is just as bad, if not worse, as other FE games, considering how frustrating some of 3H's bosses are
  3. well, generally nothing stops me from consuming a product, not even the producers' controversial ideologies nor their crimes, if any sure, it depends on how i feel towards that particular product, but yeah, i'd say that if i want to have a good time with what i think is a good product, basically nothing "external" can stop me (aside from money, of course) what CAN stop me are my onw principles: 1) if possible, or if there's even the most remote chance it'll happen, i usually buy Switch ports of those (generally) PS4 games i'm interested in (that's why i gave up hope 2 days ago and bought Persona 5 Royal for PS4, and that's also why i'll buy KH Melody of Memory for Switch) 2) i tend not to purchase products of companies who lie or do something which in my eyes deserves no support (i'm trying to get a second-hand copy of Pokemon Shield just not to financially support TPCi, GameFreak and whoever decided those games should have been the way they ended up being) and... that's probably it
  4. or rather, not everything you read online is or wants to be a discussion
  5. tbh i think i'll never understand why people felt, and some still feel, that way, and as far as my experience goes, this is mostly a thing that affects the american fanbase, at least to this extent; don't know if it's a localization problem or whatever, just stating what i see anyway, about worldbuilding, i can think about many of my favorite games/comics with little to no worldbuilding because that isn't their focus (Super Mario games, Medaka Box, Inazuma Eleven, etc.), but not a single one of these works either is to be taken seriously or intends to make of worldbuilding its staple so yeah, worldbuilding is not a must, it all comes down to what purpose you find for it in your work Fire Emblem games are a completely different matter though, because they try to be good under every aspect (music, gameplay, characters, story and worldbuilding) and they expect players to take them seriously also yeah, i agree with whoever says that having little worldbuilding limits the story's potential
  6. a general list for my most wanted lords/secondary lords would be Alm, Sigurd, Seliph, Ike, Elincia, Micaiah, Sothe and Rhea
  7. yeah, "congiuntivo" is almost never used when speaking, and most italians can't even use and conjugate it properly by definition, Congiuntivo is used to express a subjective/unreal/not verified/hypothetical or irrelevant events ex. "Penso tu sia bravo a cucinare", "I think you're good at cooking" as you can see, in english there's no equivalent, and in this case, that of a personal opinion, you express it by using the present simple tense ex. "Spero tu riesca a partecipare", "I hope you'll be able to participate" to express this in english you need yet another tense, future simple in this case (which you can use in italian as well; "Spero che riuscirai a partecipare") "fossi" is "essere" in its first person and second person singular form of the congiuntivo imperfetto tense (but also the plural form of "fosso", "ditch") Congiuntivo Imperfetto expresses uncertain or hypothetical events Uncertainty ex. "Pensavo tu fossi in camera tua", "I thought you were in your room" Hypotheticality ex. "Se tu fossi qui, sarei felice", "If you were here, I'd be happy" so yeah, from an english speaker it can definitely be difficult to understand and to actually grasp how and when to use Congiuntivo... and for italians as well, no wonders many don't even bother using it usually italians use Presente and Imperfetto tenses instead of Congiuntivo Presente and Congiuntivo Imperfetto respectively, even though it's technically a mistake ex. "Penso tu sia bravo a cucinare" -> "Penso che sei bravo a cucinare" ex. "Spero tu riesca a partecipare"/"Spero che riuscirai a partecipare" -> "Spero che riesci a partecipare" ex. "Pensavo tu fossi in camera tua" -> "Pensavo che eri in camera tua" ex. "Se tu fossi qui, sarei felice" -> "Se tu eri qui, sarei felice" i hope i've been somewhat useful, and don't worry, not a single italian with a working brain would make fun of you for not knowing Congiuntivo, in fact you'd be more than excused
  8. Elise Schwarzer, without a single doubt, and i honestly fail to understand how is it that FE Elise has so many fans forcing myself not to think about anything illegal
  9. the banners i'd like to see happening the most are: Genealogy Gen 1: PoR: RD:
  10. Fire Emblem) Arvis Fatal Fury/King of Fighters) Geese/Iori Final Fantasy) Kefka (i wouldn't like to see Sephiroth's Masamune getting shortened to a fourth of what it should normally be) Street Fighter) Cammy (sorry to all the good boys and girls who play Smash) Mother) Porky
  11. honestly pleasantly surprised to see so many people learning italian, i didn't expect this at all, given how relatively useless it is compared to chinese, spanish and french definitely hope you italian learners don't get too turned off by its difficulty, which mostly lies in the many exceptions to basically every rule and in the many tenses good luck!
  12. i really like languages, but i honestly never find enough time to study more of them as for how many languages i can speak, my native language is italian, then there's english, and i'm pretty much still a beginner with japanese i've also studied french for 5 years (3 years of middle school and first 2 years of high school), but i've basically never practiced it anymore after that, so i'm as rusty as can be there's also latin, but again, never practiced it after i graduated at high school, and we never practiced speaking anyway, only latin->italian translations and literature (very interesting though, i still have fond memories of plato's and seneca's texts)
  13. i really love senri kita's works, but i also like yura a lot (i know, i might be in a minority) my overall favorite arts, though, would probably be Levin's, Shannan's, BIke's, Ashnard's, Jorge's and Loki's ones
  14. ok, 3H's new heroes banner just ended, so i doubt they'll make another one immediately after: taking this into account, i can pretty safely assume i can skip this NHB and use its orbs to get my Rein Atk/Def 3 Fodder from the Ninja banner i just hope it's not Genealogy, that would literally kill me
  15. as much as i like %-based skills in FE, Miracle has indeed always been a pretty crappy skill, simply because IMO being sure that your unit's gonna survive the next hit is much more important than being sure your unit's gonna one-shot the targeted enemy: when a skill randomly activates, that's simply an unexpected yet welcomed bonus, you usually don't plan your strategy out relying too much on %-based skills, and even if you do, you generally have a B plan, but you can't do this with Miracle so yeah, i like this new effect, but i doubt we'll ever see this change actually happening #BringOldMiracleBack
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