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  1. IMO Maira/Maera might make for an interesting Julius complete powercreep Mythic hero too
  2. because they most likely want to give regular Yewfelle to base Brigid whenever they release her anyway, i'm pleasantly surprised with Ulir of Jungby (i absolutely refuse to call her Ullr of Yngvi), mostly because this implies Seti and the other Crusaders, or even characters such as Soan actually have a chance to become Mythic heroes, although i'm don't expect ALL Crusaders to actually become Mythic heroes
  3. i've always wished for the Fire Emblem to be something different from an object or a symbol i'd like it to be something abstract, maybe a concept, a natural event or a prophecy coming true
  4. well we know for a fact that Sakurai wanted to add Marth since Smash 64, but didn't add him because he was completely unknown in the West, and Leif was considered to be a fighter in Melee, but was later scrapped to add Roy as a Marth clone aside from these particular cases, if Melee wasn't rushed, i agree that they might've considered adding Scizor or maybe even Feraligatr
  5. i'd say a Metal Slug fighter would be the most likely one, if they were to pick another SNK character, despite the fact that some Metal Slug tracks are already in Terry's KoF stage in particular, i'd love said Metal Slug fighter to keep his/her 2d appearance, but i think it would be uselessly hard to create original animations for a sprite and make it work as a Smash fighter
  6. @Glennstavos @NegativeExponents- @Jotari you all are right in saying that mastering all of his moves is not easy, but the point i was trying to convey is, you don't have to some of my friends are tekken fans, and they told me that it doesn't really matter how many moves tekken characters have, because in order to be effective you just need to learn a character's fundamentals and the moves/combos you like to use/you think fit well in your playstile (and also, dare i say, because it's basically impossible to perform all of them in a single match) also, after some practice, i think everyone would be able to play Kazuya decently so IMO Kazuya's many moves are there to give players more option, rather than to confuse them with all of their weird inputs, and again, unless you really want to go and play competitively, you should probably use joker or pikachu not feel that bothered by Kazuya's moves and inputs
  7. you can always play Kazuya (just like Ryu, Ken and Terry), not use special inputs and still have a great time and be at least decent at the game, if you know what you're doing Smash Ultimate is not as hardcore as Tekken, so unless you're a competitive player, nothing about Kazuya's shticks should really bother you, and i could add that the 10 hit combo is actually nothing special since you just have to hold A, same goes for a few other moves to be completely honest, Kazuya seems like the least complex "fighting game" character in Smash, if we only look at how his moves are executed like the only special inputs you need to learn are the same as the ones you need to do for the Shoryuken
  8. well, i guess i'll have fun trying to make all of kazuya's moves work into a combo can't wait to play him, and honestly surprised by the mii costumes this time around
  9. i like FE games better when the roster isn't absurdly huge, because writing automatically becomes a secondary aspect and most characters become mere sprites with no other purpose
  10. Fallen Edelgard used cream and ham to make Carbonara pasta
  11. if i did, i wouldn't have complained
  12. i think you're not completely sure what "fanservice" actually means "fanservice" is not just shoving overly-sexualized characters down the consumers' throats, it literally means and is "a service for fans" just take DragonBall, it's full of fanservice, but it's not the "sexual" kind of fanservice, it's more about giving fans what they want or have always dreamt about: DB Heroes is the perfect example, what with all of its whacky transformations such as SSJ4 Gohan, Broly and the likes now, about your opinion, i don't like it when it ends up being the most predominant element of an anime, a manga, a videogame or any other form of media whose main purpose is not, or is not perceived to be, fanservice that's why i didn't like fanservice in FE Fates but didn't complain about it when i was reading Fairy Tail or Prison School
  13. as always, pokemon has its own pokemon direct it's basically 99.99% granted that a pokemon direct will come out in a week or two
  14. very excited for Kazuya, although i would've preferred they added Jin or Heihachi, but i'm happy with Kazuya nonetheless never been a huge Tekken fan, but i've been waiting for a Tekken rep for a while (since Smash 4), and i think i'll most likely enjoy playing as him
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