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  1. Yexin

    New to FE4

    imho you don't need any particular tip in order to enjoy the game, it would be far more interesting to experience the game naturally, without any external influence you get to play a game for the first time only once in your life, after all
  2. i screamed so much my throat's never hurt this bad before, and probably my whole neighborhood heard me, but it's worth it
  3. gambling with in-game minigames isn't a problem at all, for me gambling with lootboxes and anything which requires actual money, though, i quite hate that
  4. point is, when could her time be? imho her chances of being in a regular New Heroes banner are basically 0%, so they either add her as a TT reward or... they don't add her at all, and i'd love to see her being playable in Heroes
  5. hoo boy, do i have a lot to say well, first off, the "manga", or rather the "comic" media in gereral is not a genre, it's a form of art just like movies, paintings, sculptures, architecture and so on as for my relation with comics, i've always preferred them to any "passive" form of art which includes both audio and video elements (anime, movies, etc.), generally this said, i'm not that knowledgeable on the matter, as i've always preferred to read comics that i thought or knew i'd have probably liked, no matter how old, compared to what people generally label as "good": that's why some of the works i've read might not be too popular (don't know exactly what's considered "popular" outside italy, aside from those 3/4 names you constantly read around the web) Shaman King, Medaka Box, A Silent Voice (which is 10000 times better than the movie adaptation), Shonan Jun'ai Gumi, GTO (which is infinitely better than the anime adaptation) and also GTO's spin-offs Shonan 14 Days, Ino-Head Gargoyle, Bad Company, GTR and GTO Paradise Lost, are my absolute favorite comics as of now, but they don't usually come up when people discuss their favorite comics, mostly because some of them are quite old, i think (Shonan Jun'ai Gumi in particular is 30 years old) yes, i like more mainstream series too (such as Hokuto no Ken, JoJo, Devilman, Tokyo Ghoul, Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note and Saint Seiya (although it's quite popular here in Europe, or at least in italy, france and spain as far as i know, it actually isn't popular at all in north america (and yet apparently it is in south america, for some reason))), but generally what's considered "mainstream" at the moment just doesn't resonate with me when i actually try to get into it i also like ecchi and hentai comics (Shinmai Maou no Testament, Prison School, High School of the Dead, High School DxD (which i honestly find quite boring compared to the anime adaptation), and i think people shouldn't be ashamed nor be judged for liking them some of the comics i'd like to read are Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and Emblem of Roto, Berserk, Attack on Titan, Akira, Slam Dunk, NG Evangelion, all of Urasawa Naoki's works, many of Tezuka Osamu's works and so many other comics, i honestly don't have enough time to list them all down rip my wallet tl;dr i like what i like, no matter things like target audience and genre
  6. again, even though Square Enix makes KH games, Sora's copyrights are Disney's property, no matter what anyone's opinion on the matter is
  7. technically speaking, Sora is Disney's property, not Square Enix's, so he would not be listed as yet another SE rep, but as the very first Disney rep
  8. as much as i'd love sora to be the last DLC character, i'm not blindly believing this "leak", but playing the devil's advocate, what that person ("the dude" from now on) said is that Nintendo requested Disney the rights for some of their soundtracks in order to use them for a digital event this doesn't mean those soundtracks are the ones they should've made remixes of in fact, as far as we know, this agreement might even be just for the "Sakurai presents" video, while every other agreement needed for sora's inclusion would've definitely taken place many months prior but i don't know how these things work, so i might be completely wrong with what i said
  9. completed the Voice of Cards demo this morning, and i really liked it it's an interesting tabletop rpg/jrpg hybrid, can't wait for its release (although i'll hate whoever decided that the limited edition should've been a japan-only thing for the rest of my life)
  10. absolute quote if this doesn't count as an answer, then Mark is the best "avatar system" for me
  11. well, at least we got a release date, so i'm more than satisfied i'm definitely getting it as soon as it comes out
  12. ouch, that hurt... anyway, as i think i said countless times by now, i like FE remakes better when they are as faithful to the original games as possible, what i want from them is just improved graphics, voice acting, better characterization for secondary characters and some QoL changes as for the Tellius duology, i don't want to see them being remade anytime soon, because IMO they don't need this treatment nearly as much as other games do: an HD remaster collection would work just fine for me
  13. as far as my experience goes, and despite him being highly requested, Sora is also very criticized, as a potential Smash DLC, and everytime i asked about this, they gave me the dumbest reasons, such as "i hate the way Disney acts a company so i don't want Nintendo to have anything to do with them" (ignoring how Nintendo and Disney have a very positive relation) or even "if Sora were to be a DLC, Disney would buy Sakurai's team and Nintendo" i swear, i'm not making these things up, i actually read these things and those who said them were dead serious
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