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  1. yes, they are separated, and it sucks still, i'm voting for rhea, i just hope more people identify her as the most popular version
  2. let's go! i already managed to convinced some of my friends to vote for her as well hahahah: most of them are edelgard fans, but they're so sure she'll be 1st regardless, they accepted to vote for Rhea 'cause they thought she deserved it i honestly don't expect her to hit top 2, i just hope she's like top 20 or, even better, top 10 and gets added but hey, if she actually manages to get 2nd place, that'd be amazing!
  3. yes please, i'd be so glad if you could spare some votes for Rhea/Seiros! anyway i think i'll vote for Makalov from my pc and for Rhea from my phone
  4. damn, i really don't know who to vote for i was dead set on voting for Makalov, then decided to go for Sigurd, but now i really want to vote for Rhea who's surely gonna be screwed i'll try and come up with one character to vore for this evening, at least
  5. sigurd scored very well in CYL2 and 3, considering he's a character from a japanese-only game while it's really hard for him to hit top2, he needs all the support he can get, if people want him to get an alt at all also, let's be honest, lysithea is already so popular she's 99% sure to be released this year also, i wonder if the whole "byleth in smash" situation will affect CYL4 somehow
  6. so apparently during the first CYL event i i voted for elena (1 vote), levin (2), ike (3) and seliph (4) i don't seem to be able to go back and see who i voted for during CYL event 2 due to a site error, but i remember having voted for sigurd and levin during CYL3 i voted for fury, astrid, ishtar, eirika (in this order) and then micaiah (3) i think this time i'll vote for my man makalov every day, but i could end up voting for a different character after midterm results are out
  7. there are simply too many characters i'd love to see as dlc in smash with this second fighters pass, some of them are 2B, Sora (yes, he is a possibility no matter what people say), Mark Evans from the Inazuma Eleven series, Rean or Estelle (Rean for marketability, Estelle for moveset originality) from the Trails series and Phoenix Wright i'd also be fine with a Tales of character, maybe Lloyd or Luke (i like Luke better design-wise but i don't know almost anything about them as characters since i started their games and ended up hating the Tales of series) i think one Gen 8 Pokemon, probably Urshifu or Rillaboom, is all but confirmed also, we know that the 6 characters have already been decided, but we don't know WHO decided them, and most notably, sakurai didn't specify whether these fighters are all 100% original or if there's gonna be some echo fighters i wonder if they implied the same rules of the first fighter pass aplly to the second one I JUST NOTICED: byleth is fighter n.75 what comes after 75? 76, and what's 7+6? 13, as in "13 seekers of darkness" Sora is fighter n.76 confirmed
  8. i honestly would just cut lucina, chrom and one between roy and corrin, maybe corrin: robin alone is enough to represent awakening, and he's different from other FE characters in smash, both for their look and for their moveset, while corrin's whole point of being in smash (promoting fates's sales) is long gone but hey, Ultimate's motto was "Everyone is here", so we still have to see them in the game (for now) if i really had to replace FE character, not counting that chrom was probaly made in 5 minutes during a coffee break, i'd say this: i'd replace Lucina with Celica Gaiden got a remake not long ago, also i'm pretty sure they'd have been in time to add either Alm or Celica in the base game, but intentionally decided to scrap the idea because the next FE game's main character would've been simply more marketable she would share the "magic and sword" concept of robin, but she would have a much more graceful swordplay, and different spells with different effects i'd replace Chrom with Lewyn Genealogy is likely to get remade somewhat soon, and it's Sakurai's favorite FE game he would of course be a pure mage, and i imagine him being a combo-based character, with many fast attacks, combo tools and quite disjointed hitboxes, but he would be a bit lacking in damage output (top tier material, basically) i don't know who i would replace Roy/Corrin with, maybe Hector
  9. defintely mercedes and marianne ain't gonna play any route without them
  10. hey that's me anyway, i didn't want any kind of 3H representation, because adding a 3H character would've meant that rex got shafted for no real reason, despite xc2 came out 1 year before Ultimate and it was apparently too late, but byleth whose game came out less than 6 months ago was perfectly in time to make it in as dlc i haven't changed my mind, i didn't want 3H in smash, not in Ultimate at least i would've preferred Sothis (even though i'm not a huge fan of her), because she would've felt, looked and played completely different from other FE characters (ALSO SHE HAD THE DAMN LETTER WHY THE HELL DID SHE GAVE IT TO BYLETH); another character i'd have loved was Rhea (no spoiler skin though), she could've been a strange but super cool mixture of palutena (shield attacks and divine magic) and robin (regular magic and sword attacks) with maybe some kicks and punches as her jab attacks! also both Sothis and Rhea would've been purely female characters, something FE in smash needs more of imho (even more so if we consider that lucina will probably be cut from smash6's roster) yes, i think byleth was the only character nintendo selected from 3H, he was just too """perfect""" and safe
  11. i mean i think many people just like edelgard's overall design, body and/or personality, so the only way to "stay closer to her" is via byleth since, you know, that's kinda the whole point of avatars in videogames also edelgard is hands down the single 3H character who's shoved down the players' throats the most, by both advertisements and the game itself, so it's only natural for her to be so popular, as much as i don't like this
  12. ok so now that i've digested most of my salt and assumed enough sodium for a whole month (rip my heart), i had this thought: i get those dimitri, edelgard and claude skins, sothis's one is ok too i guess, but were the super sayan skins really necessary? i would've honestly preferred two skins based on rhea and jeralt over these two, they feel so uninspired, also that reference is already in his final smash so i really fail to understand the reason behind this
  13. it would be quite a nice touch, yeah also they could make unique crit quotes, or even double crit quotes, for when a crit is triggered due to pairing/sibling boost (very boring and not well thought) unique crit quote examples: "For you, Deirdre, I'd do anything!" - Sigurd when close to Deirdre "Lord Sigurd, this is the strength of our love!" - Deirdre when close to Sigurd "Thank you, Ethlyn, you give me strength!" - Quan when close to Ethlyn "This means so much for me, Lord Quan!" - Ethlyn when close to Quan (also very boring and not well thought) double crit quotes examples: "Let's show them what we've got, Deirdre!" "That would be my pleasure, Lord Sigurd" - shared Sigurd x Deirdre double crit quotes "Come on, Ethlyn, are you ready?" "Yeah, but don't be reckless, Lord Quan!" - shared Quan x Ethlyn doubled crit quotes i don't know, i think they'd be cute
  14. as a learner of japanese, this is extremely helpful please continue!
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