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  1. warning: JRPG overload incoming 1. Tifa Lockhart (FFVII classic design, as well as Advent Children's and FFVII Remake's) 2. Tidus (FFX classic design, and maybe Dissidia's) 3. Celes Chère (both pantsless and pants-abled (?)) 4. One between Tiz Arrior, Agnés Oblige, Ringabel and Edea Lee jk there's only Ringabel 5. Rean Schwarzer (4 costumes just like Hero) 6. Estelle Bright (3 costumes + Red Knight costume) 7. Lloyd Bannings (2 costumes + swimsuit + Schwarze Auction) 8. Gen 9 Pokémon (possibly one of Quaxly's stages) 9. Chun Li (Street Fighter) 10. Either Haoumaru (Samurai Showdown), Iori Yagami (King of Fighters) or a heavily censored and irrecognizable Mai Shiranui Rock Howard (Garou Mark of the Wolves) 11. Mark Evans (Inazuma Eleven) 12. 2B (NieR:Automata) 13. Kratos (either from GoW1 or GoW4) 14. Someone from Xenoblade 3 although my heart would say Fei from Xenogears 15. Lenneth (Valkyrie Profile) 16. Tarnished (Elden Ring)/Chosen Undead (Dark Souls 1)
  2. 1) yes, a billion times yes, it's literally the only FE spin-off i'd willingly buy (aside from a potential 2D FE fighting game) and they still managed to disappoint me and many others not once but twice 2) i don't know, i haven't played the 3Hopes demo and i don't intend to, but i'd be fine with literally anything 3) assuming you don't mean "sequel" as a continuation of FEW's story and original characters because i'd hate that, and if you want me to be 100% brutally honest, i would completely skip 3H in a potential FEW2, or add Edelgard, Claude and Dimitri as secret, non plot-relevant characters (just like Lyn and Celica in FEW1) at most, because they surely can't throw their "easy money" token in the trash can now can they
  3. despite how much i'd love to play as my favorite FE characters in an action-like system for the first time, what you said (and what they did to Lyn an Celica in FEW) is exactly why i don't even want them to make a FE Warriors game with old FE characters anymore to put it simply: "if they don't care enough about them, then it's only right that they don't even make an effort and represent them properly to begin with, becuase the result would most likely deeply disappoint me"
  4. as far as mildly popular japanese videogames goes, FE might have the biggest LGBTQ+ representation i've ever seen, although my words don't carry much weight, as i've never actually went out of my way and made proper researches on the matter, so i'm only stating what my brain is allowing me to remember at the moment i would find it extremely interesting if someone, someday, managed to organize an interview with some IntSys dudes and ask them why bisex girls outnumber any other kind of LGBTQ+ representation in FE games by such a large margin, but i think i already know the answer
  5. i'll just say i'm happy for the free orbs, for the fact that Tellius content in this banner is basically non-existent, as is my interest in pulling for 3H lords, and for Elincia being the free TT+ unit EDIT: well, not that i expected Elincia to have a prf weapon, but please for the love of god come on, Claude is the demote and he has both a prf weapon AND a personal skill: this is utterly lame
  6. it looks definitely interesting, and i would even give it a try... except my backlog is just too big right now i'm sure i'll be getting it whenever it's on sale though EDIT: while i love pixel art, i think the "out of combat" style is a bit... i don't know, empty? but ii get that they might've wanted to spend their resources elsewhere this said, the in-combat style is amazing imho
  7. yes i do, and i think my life would've been much less stressful and painful if that were the case i would've spared myself seeing one of my best friends (with whom i had a very short relationship some years ago, though i can't exactly say she was my girlfriend (it's complicated)) die due to a liver cancer, and i wouldn't consider myself as a huge idiot for feeling some strong attraction for a girl who's most likely asexual (not 100% sure, she never said she is) while i just recently got to know that one of my best friends asked her out and she refused (given this situation, i literally cannot even dare do the same as him) so yeah, life would've been much easier, but honestly i wouldn't have it any other way: sexual attraction is one of many factors which made me who i am today and allowed me to know some of the best people i've ever met
  8. as an average JRPG enjoyer, i love when a JRPG hits the west and they pay for an english voice acting (italian ones are pure wishful thinking and that's why to this day i still wonder who's responsible for Radiant Dawn's italian voice acting) it makes me think there's someone, out there, that just like me actually cares about JRPGs being marketed outside Japan
  9. i must go with Kieran and Oscar it may be true that they don't interact TOO much, but for me Kieran alone makes this pair stand out so much compared to the other Christmas Knights i mean, how can you not love someone who, when seeing an ex comrade for the first time in a long time, starts the conversation with: "OOOOOSCAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!"
  10. oh right 1) it would probably feel like an unnecessary homogenisation of the series to more classic and "mainstream" series, thus removing what makes the FE series so """""unique""""" (i might add that Gaiden, Echoes and 3H are much more similar to classic JRPGs than they are to other FE games) 2) Smash already exists i think they'd be doubtful about making such a different game compared to what FE fans are used to i mean, it might happen, but imho they'd be too insecure about it and would then abort the idea 3) it would simply be too complex and unprofitable
  11. i'd say: 1) a classic JRPG FE game similar to Dragon Quest and older Final Fantasy games 2) a proper 2D FE fighting game like Street Fighter or Guilty Gear, or even 2.5D like Tekken i also agree with the idea of Fire Emblem Maker @Sasori suggested
  12. well, i actually had plans on creating Yexin and play as her in Elden Ring, with a pure Faith build and maybe some points in Dex too
  13. i'd say all of them except Awakening, Fates, Warriors and 3H, though i haven't played BS Akaneia Saga i just like FE's gameplay in general, so i'm likely to be fine with whatever i get, as long as it isn't altered to what i think is an excessive degree Awakening, Fates and 3H did exactly that
  14. i've always loved the Trinity of Magic, so of course i'd love them to bring it back i agree it doesn't do much when it comes to gameplay depth or balance, but who cares, it's cool IMHO
  15. they're... a lot Xenogears and the Xenosaga Trilogy Every Valkyrie Profile game The whole Metal Gear Solid series The whole Megami Tensei, Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series Every FF game I haven't played (i've only played FFI, VI, VII, X and XV) i'm positive i haven't listed many more, but these are enough for now
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