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  1. well... i definitely didn't expect Elimine, but i'm pleased to see her now give me Forseti and Soan and no one's gonna get hurt
  2. 5 votes for Soren, 1 for Rhea and 1 for Almedha god, how amazing it would be if Soren managed to at least get 2nd
  3. i mean it's not like i expect them to release like 3 more Azura alts in a single year, were she to manage to get a Brave version, but... i don't know, it just doesn't feel "necessary" for her to get it if i were an Azura fan i would most likely think otherwise, but that's not the case and this is my honest opinion on the matter; still, i get why her fans want to see her getting the Brave treatment, regardless of how many alts she already got i appreciate your concern about how i enjoy (or not enjoy) FEH, but i think i'm mature enough (some would say otherwise) to know when to let go anyway, i think it's quite convenient that some of my favorite units are not even comparable to the likes of Azura, Lyn, Lucina, Camilla and the likes, in terms of popularity: the only alts i actively wanted were Scion Levin and Christmas Manuela, and i managed to +10 them without spending a single cent
  4. assuming this is the actual reason, i can't agree with it at all, but that's probably because i don't particularly like alts in general even i would get really pissed if they released a bunch of alts of my favorite units in a short period of time, because i probably wouldn't be able to keep up, but that's just me i guess my brain simply works differently
  5. another day, another vote for Soren one thing got me wondering, though... why is Azura's placement so high if she literally just got an alt? including her OG version, we now have 6 different Azuras: isn't that already enough? oh, yeah, i forgot about Camilla, my bad
  6. well, this is literally one of my dreams regarding FE, as i love martial artist representation in RPGs (no, grapplers are not martial artists last time i checked) i'd also like to see something resembling Yuna's invocations in FFX: a generally very frail character, unable to fight, who can use the "invocation" command to summon beasts or monsters (one at a time) that functionally take the place of the summoner and fight for them until they're alive or the summoner withdraws them, or maybe they could have their own "energy gauge" which could work the same as for laguz characters
  7. it would seem as though it doesn't matter how obscure your game is, as long as you have a faithful group of fans also iirc Genealogy was the 2nd best selling japan-only FE game, only surpassed by Mystery of the Emblem, so no, i wouldn't say Seliph is just as unknown in japan as he is in the west
  8. whoa, these are some unexpected results i'm not a Tiki fan, but it's nice for me to see that the Top 2 female characters aren't Azura and FByleth or Bernadetta the male division... alas, Chrom was to be expected, but Seliph!? i seriously hope he can stay where he is, or even get 1st place as for me, i still want to support Soren
  9. went for Soren once again i just hope he can get a good enough placement, i don't expect him to win
  10. well i wouldn't expect her to have "good odds for winning", but i hope she can be at least in Top 20 tbh, i'm just voting her so that IntSys remembers not to leave her in Alt Hell with Dorothea, Deghinsea, Kurthnaga and too many others, i really want her OG version in the regular 5* pull regardless, thank you for being available to give Rhea some votes
  11. today my vote went to Almedha, and a friend of mine also helped my cause by voting for her once unless they show the midterm results tomorrow, and they make me change my mind, i think i'll give both Soren and Almedha 2 votes each
  12. aside from Soan and the twelve Crusaders, no one else really comes to my mind
  13. so, i wanted to give Soren at least one vote, and i think i'll him some more, since he's the only Tellius character in top 8 but i just might throw a few votes to the other green-haired *spoiler* mommy Almedha, i just want to see her in the game (possibly as a regular, non-limited unit)
  14. so, day-by-day updates with top 8 male and female characters, listed in alphabetical order... tbh i wasn't expecting to see Rhea getting top 2, but i'd be lying if i said i wouldn't have liked to see her at least in top 8 i might stop voting for her in favor of either Sigurd or Soren either way, i'm 95% sure i'll be disappointed with anyone who gets top 2
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