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  1. Definitely. Dragon-slaying weakness makes him a little tricky to use sometimes, but otherwise he's a super satisfying unit! Speaking of satisfying units, high-investment Seliph is a super champ. Poor enemy Lewyn didn't even get to attack, lol Those are...certainly some units. I was surprised to see Clive nearly one-round Sigurd...power of Vanguard I suppose. https://imgur.com/BzfPQDY In all seriousness Flora was very impressive here! The brave effects in this map only worked against them... Love the archer taking advantage of the Guidance effect just to futilely attack Quan and make him easy pickings for the next turn. As one might expect from a double Brazen build, Quan put in far more work than his stats might suggest. Almost a triple Brazen if we take into account the weapon effect.
  2. First of seven votes gone to Salem. I say it's high time the series' first playable dark magic user gets his debut in Heroes.
  3. I've always found it difficult to muster much excitement for CYL where the four winners are concerned. It's an excuse for popular characters to add to their alt collection or a celebration of Heroes OCs I couldn't care less about. The overall top 100 and how the most requested characters by game shifts is much more interesting to me, and is where fans of less popular characters can make a real difference. In previous years I spread my votes all over the place, but this time it's all in on Salem.
  4. I was "lucky" and pulled a +Hp/-Res 5* Virion on the TT banner. Combined with my +10 Caeda and the somewhat underpowered TT boss, I expect this to go smoothly.
  5. @Landmaster A nice, clean 2-turn clear! The turn 1 charge was very bold indeed, and I'm surprised regular Elise didn't even have to activate Miracle to get through that enemy phase. Speaking of Miracle, all that splash damage was a very clever way to get around Sigurd's own attempt at holding on. 😃 I wish my own unit was as resilient against that green dagger. I could have gone Serpent instead, but this time I refuse to out of principle. That aside...I think going forward I will be tackling BHBs with the J&I duo, while J&J handle the GHBs. Not all of them will be worth recording/posting, but I can't resist a good Jugdral map. I love the Ch. 5 music too much to consider changing it.
  6. Ooh, Atk/Spd Bond 4 on Elise, is that new? I liked the tink into nuke combo on the axe flier. =P I can tell you really like the Berkut music lol. L!Alm against fliers...Travant really stepped into the wolf den here. Deidre sure put in an impressive amount of work despite her disadvantage! Ethlyn and Quan getting to take down Travant together was cute. 🙂 Miracle of Darna, more like miracle of Thracia! I think this is the first one I've seen Travant even get to attack lol. I started watching the vid before reading the description and didn't understand what Ophelia and Owain had to do with it until he blurted out his special line. The imposter Mystletainn definitely outshines the original here. =P
  7. While I love FE4 in its current state and don’t consider many of its “outdated” gameplay elements to be issues (supposed weapon and skill imbalance, for one), I think there is a lot of room for improvement in the pairing/inheritance system. It always bothered me that despite a great number of possible pairings, only a small handful of them are worth anyone’s while. Lewyn has seven options for a bride, but four of them might as well not exist due to the resulting children not being able to wield Forseti, or any of his tomes/staves for that matter. I believe a great deal of useless pairings could be given life by loosening the rigidity of the childrens’ classes and promotion paths. Promotions are not tied necessarily to what a unit’s base class is, and so the infrastructure is already there. For example, imagine Lewyn x Ayra. In vanilla FE4 there is no reason to even consider this pairing because statistically it is nothing special, and more importantly means Forseti will be sitting uselessly in Ulster’s inventory forever. What if with Lewyn as the father, Ulster promotes to a Mage Fighter instead of his usual Forrest/Hero? It doesn’t only have to happen to ensure holy weapon inheritance either – Diarmud for example could benefit by a Mage Knight promotion with Azel as his father. Larcei could promote to an updated Hero class that can use Axes like in Thracia if she has Neir blood, etc. Lots of fun possibilities. Unfortunately, some pairings don’t lend themselves to such simple solutions. Lewyn x Aideen or Briggid, or example. One could swap the inheritance of Aideen’s kids so that Lana gets Lewyn’s stuff, but then that ruins Lester. Lester could promote to a unique bow knight class that can also use wind magic, but I don’t think that’s ideal. Same deal with Patty. I don’t know of an elegant solution to make the Forseti (or Valkyrie Staff, in the case of Claud) more than just wasted space in her inventory. Of course, there is also the issue of how pairings are made in the first place, but I haven’t given much thought to how this could be improved without significant changes to the way the game is played. TLDR; Give me more incentive to try what would normally be considered off-kilter pairings beyond a novelty that wears off after one chapter.
  8. For me, tier 21 was a significant step-up in difficulty in terms of the defenses I encountered, but that was back when tier 21+ was almost exclusively populated by the more hardcore crowd. It's gotten easier, and I would be very surprised if there's still a big skill gap between the tiers.
  9. I Guess we'll have to wait for Arione to get the three-headed dragon attack and hopefully some reinforcements. Because of the relatively easy nature of this GHB and just wanting to mix it up a little, Julia is going to sit this one out. Instead Julius will be joined by none other than Ishtar, who may make more regular appearances especially if I can get some merges for her whenever she shows up on another focus. In an alternative timeline where Seliph is defeated early in his rebellion, Julius and Ishtar have to put their Miletos getaway on hold while they put down Thracia's army once and for all.
  10. I pulled every red stone on my free/ticket summons, and was super fortunate to pull Larcei (with a pretty good +atk/-hp nature to boot) without having to spend many orbs. I'd really like Shannon, but I'm not going to push my luck. Better to just wait until he inevitably shows up on a 3-unit banner in the future.
  11. There are worse fates for a unit than being grail-locked. For one, it's a guaranteed path to +10. It might take a while, but no slower than the gacha outside of extraordinary instances of luck and/or many months of orb saving. Even if the unit demotes, the chances of pulling that particular unit on any given banner are lower than getting a focus 5*.
  12. No insta-demote is a bit disappointing, but either way Genealogy banners always put a smile on my face. That being said...I'm so conflicted. I would very much like to pull for Shannon and Larcei, but I got to be ready for whenever Ishtar gets another banner. Guess I'll see what pulling red on the tickets gets me for now. It's also worth pointing out that the "Skill cannot be inherited" on Regnal Astra has always been there, and is not at all indicative of the new Imperial Astra being inheritable. The skill descriptions are not always consistent with this sort of thing (in English, at least).
  13. It is. Robin wasn't skipped either - she was the second strike.
  14. Thus far I had been able to climb the max amount of ranks each strike, but it looks like that comes to an end now. A score of 750 isn't enough to climb to even climb to tier 11, so I'll be staying put this time around.
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