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  1. First off, apologizes to anyone who tagged me in the last few weeks with their clears. Haven't been busier than usual or anything, but due to lack of challenge and interest I don't think I can muster the energy to participate in GHB/BHB threads anymore. Anyway... Narcian finally received his new refine, and what better way to show it off than a new Abyssal map? His contributions have been somewhat lukewarm in the past, let's see if that changes. Isolation is a super annoying effect, but IS had some mercy and made the reinforcements fairly tame. One of the reasons I brought Nanna along was to try and Restore the effect away. That, uh...didn't work out. Atk Ploy on Julius is not really optimal since it can't even affect Mila, but for reasons unknown to me it was necessary to make the red dagger move in a favorable way.
  2. Time for another one of my contributions: Spring Narcian: I actually did this the day the banner was released, but I had no interest in sharing until I was able to max out his dragon flower count. I'm still not satisfied with the build, but it'll have to do until I pull better fodder I'm willing to give him. Like I said in the Edelgard LHB thread...it feels nice to use a Narcian that can actually double things reliability without the need of QR. While I'm here, I might as well take a moment to update my OG Narcian now that he has his refine: It doesn't fundamentally change how I use him, but I'm happy that he at least has something unique to call his own. With a more dedicated healing build, he has the potential to be a real cockroach.
  3. @Zeo Hah, I knew Ross was going to have duel Edelgard eventually, but wasn't expecting you to just throw Ross right in front of Edelgard like that from the get-go. He's taking a page out of Matthew's book with all the mid-battle recovery keeping him sustained all throughout. I'll keep rooting for you to pull more copies of him whenever you tag me in the pull thread. I don't always respond but I'm always checking. ; ) It's been a while since I've seen Morgan's squad duke it out in one of these. Hopefully Morgan can get kitted out with dragonflowers at some point for those much needed stats! I can see how that dagger would pose a problem for your counter team - WoM is very frustrating to deal with in this sort of content with sub-optimal teams. Best strategy is to take them out immediately, but taking out a 50+ Spd Infernal/Abyssal enemy is a tall order for most CC/DC tanks. Nino...like Reinhardt, I don't think she'll ever not be useful. Nuke + two refreshers + B!Eliwood will always be a timeless strategy, and watching this it occurs to me that there are no enemies with Lull or even Dull skills. If there was ever a map to dominate with a blade mage, this is the one for sure. The Hector clear was my favorite. Not only for the character choices, but also the way you handled Duo Hector. A clutch use of the Duo skill saves the day on the right-side of the map, and then that Firesweep flier shoving him right into Edelgard's range...perfect.
  4. Once you take into account side quests and split routes, both FE6 and 7 have over 40 unique chapters with their own stories and characters. Combined you're looking at more than twice as many maps as Radiant Dawn, and that's assuming that nothing new is added. Three Houses, the most recent console title and a huge game by any estimation, doesn't have anywhere near that many. Expecting no cuts to be made in this scenario is...optimistic. Beyond that, neither game's story was crafted with a generational/inheritance system in mind, and differ in the style of narrative they present so as to be jarring to me if played as one continuous story. FE7 is a group of close-knit friends and allies fighting street brawls and local conflicts with assassins and morphs on a scale so small that most of Elibe was blissfully unaware that anything significant even happened. FE6 is army on army, continental warfare. This is reflected in the game's map design as well. FE4's generational system works because each generation is only half a game, and both generations are similar in scale and tone so as to feel continuous. Separated, FE4's two generations cannot stand on their own legs, nor were they meant to - FE6 and 7 can. As for length, both Elibe titles in their current form are roughly 25-30 hour games for a blind, first playthrough. The addition of full voice acting and cut scenes will add quite a bit to that, in addition to whatever other content is added. Personally I think that's very respectable for FE games that tend to have high replay value, and the only title to really deviate from that rough completion time is Three Houses, which has its own unique reasons for being as long as it is.
  5. Not a fan at all of combined remakes, and I'm not sure why the idea is so popular. It would be one thing if the Elibe and Jugdral games were short and lent themselves well to being combined with their respective partners, but...they're not, and they don't. Each game is just as long as any other, and have more than enough content to provide a complete experience on their own. Maybe with the Elibe games have a transfer system similar to PoR/RD to exchange certain data between them, but there's no reason for them to be on the same card and risk the need for development to cut corners trying to squeeze it all in. Combining the Jugdral games is a meme. Their mechanics and narratives are so far apart both games would suffer greatly in the attempt.
  6. For now at least it's unique and gives him some sort of niche, which is certainly better than he had before. In full agreement they could have gone a bit further without making people start to feel buyer's remorse with their grails. I feel like +0 new units outperforming older +10s has become the new normal I'm afraid, and isn't just a problem for Narcian. If tomorrow I were to pull the new fallen Julia, I could expect comparable or better performance in the same roles I use my +10 Julius for when unique weapons and skills are factored in. In other words, they need to hurry up and get through the Gen I grail units already. They're saving that for when they start giving older units unique skills once weapon refines inevitably slow down. Delphi Shield - exclusive A passive that combines Iote's and DC. Skillcreep will probably be in full force by then, so throw in Dull Range as well. Let me believe.
  7. A little disappointed they didn't go all the way with Narcian's and just give it the same +10 heal that Sol Lance has, but I can live with this. Conditional spectrum stat buff is up there with the Wo Dao as the most boring stat refine out there, but it may work out given that Narcian uses all of his stats. Hard to say whether or not it will be more consistent than the usual Slaying Hammer I typically run for Colosseum modes.
  8. @Zeo Happy birthday, and nice Larum pull! Don't forget about those 6000 feathers too. ; )
  9. Woah, she looks incredible! I figured you had some merges on her already from her first appearance, but how many orbs in total do you think you spent for her? Nice Reyson and grail projects too!
  10. @Landmaster I am indeed excited for the Narcian refine! Lord knows I've waited long enough for it. I worry it's going to be something gimmicky that'll make me go back to armor smashers before long, but hey more options. Damn, that carrot dagger is better than I thought it was. I knew it had an armor slaying effect, but also one that ignores potential Wary Fighter skills these maps love to throw at us. Normally your clears are the Elises stomping everything in sight, but if it's one thing they struggle with it's tanking. Ithink Nowi deserves a lot of the credit for this one for keeping things from going out of control too fast. @SatsumaFSoysoy Narcian will need something really powerful to even stand out among the other Gen I axe fliers, let alone anything newer. I believe, but as he is a grail unit I have keep my expectations tempered. Thicc or not, the enemies crumble all the same to L!Celica's true damage. Her power with hardly any investment is unbelievable lol. It is also nice to be reminded now and again that B!Celica can be super threatening and doesn't always have to be overshadowed by her fellow CYL2 winners. I personally doubt they will give refines to the CYL2 winners like they did for CYL1 this year, but when they do I suspect she will be given new life similar to B!Ike or B!Roy. @Sasori Congrats on clearing Abyssal! NY!Lethe has power to spare for sure, even during the times she couldn't take advantage of her solo skill. Nice use of Reciprocal Aid to keep Seliph topped off and keep his refine effect going! @mcsilas First off, nice vid thumbnails! I never liked the generic ones YT suggests either, even if they feature one of my own characters. Aside from the clever Escape Route maneuvers with Arvis, I like how this is basically Intermediate Tactic Drills showing off L!Edelgard's power lol. And oof, it looks like Mercedes could really use some extra attack power. Thankfully Annie provides quite a bit, and even then it's a long battle of attrition. Thankfully teach is able to move in and finish the job.
  11. @Zeo As someone with zero experience using Nah and after briefly reviewing her stats, weapon, and kit, my gut tells me to stick with +Atk. Unless you are really invested in her character and intend to pull for merge copies later (which is not the impression I'm getting), she will not likely see use in any competitive mode that depends on high scoring potential, nor will she be a worthwhile AR unit. That leaves PvE content and Arena Assault. Both boon/bane combos will work just fine for the overwhelming majority of PvE content, and frankly I don't see a base kit Nah being used for much of that outside a novelty/themed map clear every now and then. As a potential Arena Assault counter unit however, you can't go wrong with +Atk. Her base kit is well suited for the mode, and since she will only be expected to handle matchups she has the advantage, the -Res isn't going to matter much especially since most of her opponents won't be able to override her weapon effect. With how bulky units can get nowadays, you need every point of Atk you can get.
  12. @Sasori Never thought I'd see anyone using a team of the original Askr squatters...maybe next time Virion can participate too. x) Just as in the last clear of yours I watched, Raigh is a surprisingly potent unit here despite his statline and lack of a lot of merges. Good idea taking advantage of WoM and Escape Route to get around the numerous obstacles, and nice job having Sharena finish off Edelgard with her own special! In previous posts of mine I alluded to bringing back Julia, as well as deputing Narcian's new spring form. The time has now come to fulfill those words. In a way this team is the opposite of what I normally run. Instead of the scion of darkness, the scion of light Seliph takes his place. It's the first time I've used him in a clear, and he debuts as Julia's new support partner. Nanna returns and does what she does best with her healing and providing crucial Gravity support. It may be a new Jugdral team, but Narcian refuses to be left out and so will be intruding here too. I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to use a Narcian with functional offensive stats.
  13. @Zeo Don't worry about the late response/clear! We all appreciate your comments and with the maps constantly being rerun it can be a nice blast from the past. x) Ross and Lute are such a strong duo, I wouldn't be surprised if they could take on some of these maps themselves. If only Lute was easier to get more copies of... That's not to discredit Silque and Mia of course. It's rare they get to see any action, and they played their back-up roles nicely.
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