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  1. Indeed, I was kind of disappointed there wasn't. The GHBs like Takumi, Garon, Gharnef, etc, are always the most fun. Looks like you had the same idea to have a green mage blow up half the map with little effort. =P It was nice of Nowi to make sure the bridge was safe for Elises' return home. CC is the one skill I always wish I had more of, perhaps more so than DC. I'm kind of surprised it hasn't been built into a weapon yet. That is wild Ross build you have! You can't go wrong with +20 true damage. He's going to be a monster after you get him some merges and dragonflowers.
  2. I've been feeling a bit cynical about IS as a company lately. While I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of their latest games, I have mixed feelings about their direction. This is a Heroes board so I won't get into much detail, but I am not at all a fan of the whole "play the game three times to get one satisfying story" model that the last two non-remakes have pushed. Especially if half the game is going to be more or less identical across all the routes. I have the same dissatisfaction with the way they've handled DLC/micro-transactions thus far. I've bought a lot of it, and I've regretted it almost every time. If it's not superfluous fluff, it's ridiculously overpriced. Looking at you, Echoes. As for Heroes itself, it's interesting that this topic was made when it was for me. I woke up this Tuesday morning, looked at my phone, and realized that it was time to play Arena - and actually try. Same for AA. And Allegiance Battles. And god-damned Aether Raids. I got a sense of dread not unlike what I might experience on a Sunday night thinking about the upcoming work week. It's a big red flag that I need to take a step back, but I probably won't. I still get very excited about new banner reveals/drops, and I want to feel like I'm "ready" when something I really want makes it in. But Christ I'm tired of feeling shackled by the weeklies. To end on a more positive note, I'm very appreciative of the changes made to new hero banners lately, and I appreciate that IS is willing to take, and actually implement, user feedback.
  3. Super fast clear for me too. Since the map was based on Cormag's Ephraim-route joining chapter, I was hoping for reinforcements to make it a bit more interesting. Oh well... Loptous would have been the better weapon choice here, but an easy GHB gives us the chance to show off Julius's new AR toy.
  4. A 4 orbs very well spent! That's the exact nature I used as the base for mine before this banner dropped the first time around.
  5. I considered stopping and maybe waiting until he got on a 3-unit banner, but there's no telling when that will be, plus after so long of not summoning it got hard to stop lol There's no way he'll be on a legendary banner for a looong time. Too many red units ahead of him in the queue, both regular and seasonal. And then the rate would actually be even worse. Indeed. Despite the steep cost, I am very grateful to have some really nice fodder for the dupes I don't need/want to merge (Idunn, Owain, Mareeta), plus some neat new units to train. I probably pulled like 10 Selena too, and those are almost every bit as good.
  6. And I'm glad you did! Definitely a lot more wholesome than mine haha. Good music choice too - the chapter 2 theme is so good, and works well with a Leif + parents reunion. I'm glad to see the -Atk doesn't bother Deidre too much the couple times I've seen you use her. As a unit she has aged considerably well.
  7. @Zeo Those are some spectacular pulls, congrats! Keep saving, and good luck on Lyn's revival banner! I only wish I could have pulled Ewan so effortlessly. I was hoping not to have to dig too deep into my orb stash, but pulling red on a 4-unit banner is always risky business, and has been historically bad for me. Sure enough, it took all my tickets and over 700 orbs before getting a sole copy of Ewan. ~1,180 saved orbs down to 450. My overall 5* yield was great - no complaints there. They just weren't what I was looking for. Before Ewan, I was pity-broken by the following: Laevatein x2 Karla Flying Olivia Keaton Ophelia Gerik Tethys Owain Idunn Mareeta I also picked up my first Norne. Raudrserpent will be a tome I use almost everyday, so ultimately I still think it was worth it. The lesson for me here is, short of an OP Narcian or Julius alt, I never want to pull red on a 4-unit banner ever again. Damn.
  8. Raudrserpent is finally here! Trying to pull a red focus on a four-unit banner is kind of shaky, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. I need that tome.
  9. As an East-coaster I much prefer it this way. Having banner drops and VG rounds end at 10pm instead of 11 is so much more manageable and easier on my sleep schedule.
  10. Hah, I didn't even make the connection until folks here and elsewhere started pointing it out. x) Should have had Nanna getting the finishing blow instead.
  11. @Landmaster Looks like the Elise squad are well equipped for even the Abyssal maps! The swimsuit and hot springs variants are always more powerful than I expect. Good work trapping that poor blue mage knight. x) I hemmed and hawed a bit over whether I would even record/post a clear for this one, but we don't often get Jugdral battles like this, and what better battle way to begin Nanna's +10 career than against legendary Leif? She didn't get to do as much as I would have hoped, but...we went through the effort, might as well post. I will say that I have greatly overlooked the potential for AOE specials for PvE content like this. So much time spent planning around a big special proc against a certain enemy, when I could have just tried them instead.
  12. To Julius or to Conrad? It's instant death either way. xP I can tell! Unfortunately I don't have time to comment on each clear individually but I did watch them all. It was the little things that made them enjoyable for me to watch - all the 1 Hp survivals and perfect kills, and whether intentional or not, F!Berkut sacrificing Rinea's Hp so he can counter in both clears he was in was a nice touch. =)
  13. My free summon circle had three colorless, so I went ahead and pulled all of them. Nothing interesting unfortunately. Sometimes I regret getting suckered in to wasting orbs like that, but on a banner like this I think I would have regretted not pulling those stones, so...eh. With three colorless demotes I still haven't pulled and really liking the focus units this time around, I'm very tempted to go for more. Thankfully I think this banner will last until the next New Heroes announcement/trailer.
  14. @Caeldori @Diovani Bressan Well, this is awkward... It took an ungodly amount of colorless orbs, but today I finished a project in the making since April 2018. To give you a sense of just many colorless orbs went into this, I finished my +10 F!Grima project almost a year ago (which by itself easily cost more than 2000 orbs). The free/ticket summons on the Zofia's Call banner finally gave me the last copy of Nanna I needed. Patience was the name of the game here, and it helped that she was able to contribute so much even at lower merges. Long before she was even announced, I knew exactly what I was saving my spare Genny copy for. So happy I was able to get this done just in time for legendary Leif's debut.
  15. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see they were doing these again. While I have everyone I need/want from the Gen I 5* pool, I certainly won't say no to 20 more free summons at the 4% rate.
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