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  1. @Jave He's become the backbone of my barracks, that's for sure. I love seeing maps full of range enemies. Cute summer-theme clear! Perhaps the next swimsuit banner will have a refresher unit to complete it. I got a chuckle out of the "Should be relaxing..." to "Cheer up, ok?" Lyn/Azura interaction. x) I really liked this one - short, satisfying, and fallen Takumi gets to shine brightly! Awakening kids vs Fates kids! Clever use of Noontime to keep Kana and Velouria sustained over multiple rounds of combat. Looks like Velouria got that special DC treatment. x) Aside from the addition of Chrom, it also seems like any other clear. =P Just goes to show how many of the strong, easily accessible Galeforce users come from Awakening. I saw! I noticed while browsing the pull thread yesterday and meant to respond, but I got sidetracked. Hopefully she'll serve you well, especially with that boon! I tend to select fliers and/or cavalry on since it's easier to move them out of enemy ranges. For certain rotating GHB maps I haven't uploaded yet, I select allies that can help influence the AI to move in certain ways. Hopefully you can pull a Thea soon - I actually want to 5* +10 her at some point, so rest assured I'm not merging my 4* copies lol Oh I shall. I admit you were the first one I thought of when I learned Matthew was to get a weapon refine, and boy does he put it to good use here. In tandem with Spiral and the infinite Sol procs, the enemies never stood a chance. Seeing that 67x2 on Morgan-F was just nutty. Turns out the only "tinkering" needed was to equip Aether instead of Iceberg, and even then I'm not sure that was necessary.
  2. @mcsilas Cool Awakening theme clear! Gerome takes more damage from the axe flier than I figured he would, but he performs his survival role admirably. I'm sure Cynthia will get that Slaying Lance someday, but for now it seems the budget weapons do just fine. Lots of ranged enemies and easily picked-off physical threats means Julius gets to go with his AR build meant for shutting these kind of maps down. Julia helps out as usual, but I think with some tinkering Julius can true solo this.
  3. Congrats on pulling Tibarn! This map was a little too easy for him, but I'm sure he'll be put to good use in future maps. Ah, so this is the bad ending of Mystery of the Emblem? Very fitting that Hardin gets both the Marth and Caeda kills. Nice job! Personally I don't mind the lower difficulty of the BHB/GHBs - if nothing else it just means we get to see no-SI Askr trio still somehow put in work after one would think they'd be long obsolete. I really liked the positioning that forces the green mage to attack Veronica instead of Anna or Sharena. He could have attacked Alfonse, but that TA refine putting in some indirect work. My own clear is nothing special with the usual Julius + Julia duo. I managed to clear it in one try, but by giving Julia a 3-cooldown special instead of her usual 4 lets them clear it in 3 turns instead of 4.
  4. @Landmaster First off, I approve the music choice. 👍 Very clever use of links and AI manipulation! Cynthia getting the last kill after playing support the entire battle was the highlight for me. x) Delthea is going to be an bigger force to be reckoned with next update when she's added to the Grail shop.
  5. Thanks! I'm the same way - I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I sometimes spend way too much time looking through the rankings on AA and AR just to see if I can find some neat builds on less-common characters. You bet! For now I'm in the process of attempting to duo all the GHBs on the weekly rotation. All the threads are dead so I'm not sure where I'll put them when they're done, but they're coming.
  6. I've seen a fair number of Celica and Ophelia-centric clears, but I think this is the first time I've seen spring Veronica put in so much work! Well done. She had me a bit worried when those red manaketes began closing in the left side, but they were surprisingly little match. Nowi played her part well too. Too bad about Velouria not being able to take advantage of Galeforce too, but that perfect EP kill must have been very satisfying! I tend not to bother much with the Abyssal maps anymore, but somehow this one was a little more straightforward than I was expecting. No solos, duos, or anything like that this time. I did however limit myself to only Jugdral units and by coincidence were all ranged. Also serves as Julia's debut as a +10!
  7. @BoaFerox Congrats! Getting merges on a red unit on a 4-person banner can be very costly, but it looks like your luck held out. And plenty of nice pity-breakers along the way too. I've been saving orbs for quite a long time, but this morning I hit the 1K milestone. A couple weeks back I decided I wanted to take advantage of the increased rates the revival banners offer and finally +10 Julia to go along with the +10 Julius I use for content clears. After running the simulator a bunch, I was confident I could at least get most of the way there for now even with bad luck. 172 summons and 812 orbs later... Full summoning results:
  8. @Landmaster Not just a Leo & Sakura clear, but the seasonal variants only, impressive! You went down the more difficult left path, and I can definitely why Halloween Sakura would have needed Darting Stance. @mampfoid I feel like I've seen most of them in action at some point or another, but it's nice to get a visual like that. Good luck with expanding the collection! I feel like Tibarn will be especially useful.
  9. @mampfoid You know, I don't think I ever commented on your clear the first time this rolled around -- I never recorded a clear either, so I must have been busy. The fact that Cordelia still had enough power to take out Ike after that Aether w/o her own special is a testament to her strength indeed. Speaking of the classic Galeforce set-up, I notice you tend to use a wider variety of units nowadays. Is this out of necessity due to harder content, or do you just want to play around with your expanded barracks? x) A bound hero battle seemed fitting to bring out another dual-unit clear: I know it seems like Julia's role tends to be limited to support in these...but that is hopefully going to change soon.
  10. Close call with that Wrath Axe-Fighter! Velouria is an interesting choice -- any idea of who might benefit from being her support partner? Cute theme clear! It looks like Nah is getting some expensive SI, do you plan to pull for more copies? Can't go wrong with MHA music! I'm really looking forward to the fourth season. I'm getting out a clear the day of for once -- another Julius solo of course! I'm really glad Cynthia comes with Spd/Def link as a 4*. Now Julius can get full +6 buffs just from one ally. The extra Spd will be especially helpful.
  11. Thanks! He has indeed become surprisingly bulky since giving him my summoner support.
  12. It feels stingy compared to the coin and stone packs. Events withstanding, the coin and stone packs give about two weeks worth of material assuming decent AA performance (At least within top 10k). 50 Grails is less than what a similarly ranking AR player will make in one week. It should have been 100.
  13. Hm, I think the only instance they've put three of the same color on either a new or special hero banner was the New Mystery one all the way back in mid 2017. I guess they could put Henrietta on the banner instead (making her a blue mage or something), and make Gustav the free unit. Edit: Then again, Glitnir seems quite powerful. The OCs will probably be split again. =/
  14. Since deciding not to summon on the upcoming Awakening banner, I've been thinking about what upcoming banners I should be saving/looking forward to. Assuming the same number of banners and a similar schedule to last year, this is what I'm predicting. Late June: Summer seasonal #1 Early July: Summer seasonal #2 Late July: New Heroes (Almost certainly Three Houses) Early August: Summer seasonal #3 Late August: CYL3 Early September: New Heroes (could be anything) Late September: New Heroes (Probably Three Houses again) Early October: Halloween seasonal Late October: Book 3 OCs Early November: "Far-fetched" Heroes Late November: New Heroes (could be anything) Early December: New Heroes (could be anything) Late December: Christmas seasonal Given the current 4-unit + freebie structure New Hero and Special banners have settled into this year, I'm making the bold assumption that all the Book 3 OCs will be condensed into one banner, with one of them being free (probably Henrietta). Admittedly I've been staying away from a lot of the Three Houses news, so I don't know how appropriate it would be to have a banner to represent each house, but that's certainly a possibility as well. The third could fall into one of the late November/early December New Hero banners. (speaking personally, I'm looking at early September as the soonest a new unit I might be interested in pulling gets released. At least I'll have a lot of orbs...)
  15. The Push line of skills were niche and outclassed as soon as S!Tana introduced arguably the best one almost a year ago. Infantry Pulse is more meta-relevant than Rush is, and that's on a free unit. IS would have grown stingy indeed to go two New Hero banners in a row without a demote just to keep such "premium" skills locked to 5*. I was hoping this banner would entice me to spend some orbs, but I I think I'm going to have to pass. It sort of bums me out, considering this will likely be the last New Hero banner for a while before the inevitable back-to-back to summer seasonals I certainly won't be pulling on. This is going to be boring month.
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