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  1. What lvl is necessary for BE CrimsonFlower route last chapter?
  2. Hi guys, I will start hard mode on the black eagle route, I need tips for grinding since now the battles cost 1 point. Also once I beat the final level I can repeat it after the credits roll? Similar like in awakening and fates?
  3. I have a question right now im playing the golden deer route, i reach the 5 years skip, but the A support with lysithea said it has to pass some time to unlock it, i have to complete a chapter? Or is blocked since i reach a rank with another girl?
  4. Im between Black Eagles or Golden Deers, i wanna play hard mode, but i hear there is no free map for grind on that mode
  5. Hi, i just buy the game after 3 weeks of been out of stock on my country, idk which house i should choice? Something not so hard or too easy a balance to understand the game old and new mechanics
  6. I prefer +str - luck and second class samurai.
  7. Well the end For the lover of both males is different in revelation path, but if one of then marry F!Corrin , he return to stay with his wife. In case of Severa is a genetic female ending for all the males, except if she marry one of her friends.
  8. If you need of the western lost dlc the hoshidian festival here is a link http://fe14festivalofbondstranslations.tumblr.com
  9. Malig Knight or dark knight since Forrest is magic focus child.
  10. Main Files Rev/Conquest : Selena. Fun run: Conquest: Peri, Felicia , Nyx or Beruka. Rev: Hana, Reina or any of my conquest fun run females.
  11. Well, in some chapters was easy or i was so lucky in lunatic. Chapter 20: Fugas happy wild ride took me 15 rounds to beat it, but still was hard. The great wall chapter was super hard thanks to the rally bots, the only way to beat it was to lure the enemies to me and debuff all with shurikens. Hinoka chapter was the best to maintain terrain superiority and pray that azama hp debuff staff fail. Ryoma chapter is in the same category to me like the great wall, if you are looking to grab the loot, damn ninjas. Still on chapter 26 Yago's staff parade of death, i always die after i beat Hans and then certain blow bersekers reinforcement appared and hit me plus ct with just 2% , the RNG hate me in tais chapter, so i guess the last one will be super hard. Since i got a little problem there in my hard walkthrought. Ir anyone have tips to beat this i will thanks you.
  12. If you want a bolt naginata abuser or better staff healer Caeldori make her mother Sakura or Nyx. But in case you want her staff bot marry her with dwayer (and reclass her to maid and grab live to serve) or just marry Subaki with Felicia.
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