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  1. Hmm perhaps i'll pop in once i get up. (probably some time later than 9:30am)
  2. Aside from using homebrew to load from a usb drive, you could try setting the wii on it's side (if it isn't already). It usually seems to help my wii read the disc.
  3. I beat Portal 2 a while ago. Overall, I enjoyed it, except for the fact that my computer sucks too badly to be able to play co-op for any length of time without lagging like hell at 5-10fps. (integrated video card + laptop ftl D=)
  4. Erm... semi-confused, you deleted the brawl data but you're going to lose the data? (grammar error?) Either way, I don't really see any reason to be deleting saves. But anyway, as for the discs not working, if you have an external hard drive you could consider running your games off of that using a USB loader. Of course, without a cd drive there still isn't any way to back-up your games.
  5. Heh, how clever, the algorithm is designed to give you digits that add up to 9 no matter what number you choose. Results for each choice: so (3*x+3)*3 is essentially what was to be calculated simplifies to: 3*(x+1)*3 and then we are left with: 9*(x+1) And of course, every multiple of 9 from 1-10 has digits which add up to 9. Same applies for 12-20. Oh yay, halfway through i realize someone else posted pretty much the same thing. Oh well. Well then, looking at things, it probably could've been at least somewhat better executed, since 9 choices can't lead to 18 different answers (assuming integers, anyway). Hell, a better method could've been to just let you choose from 1-18 (to be consistent with the amount of movies), and then make movie 18 something equally as bogus (since number 10 would give you movie 18).
  6. every time there's a 'what languages you speak' topic in any forum, eventually, someone always goes ahead and mentions programming languages. XD Well while we're at it, I speak English (obviously), some Spanish I learned from high school, a -very- minimal amount of japanese, and maybe a few random words in a bunch of other languages. Oh and also... ## Computer languages known = ["BASIC", "some GCS's that use a syntax similar to BASIC", "HTML", "CSS", "some PHP", "Javascript", "mIRC scripting", "Python", "C++"] print "As for computer languages, I know: " for lang in known: print lang
  7. I did a few tests, averaged around 90 or so WPM, could probably do better if I practiced or typed more often.
  8. http://www.mediafire.com/file/60zlbdx0o8pq7dd/Pong-v0.1.zip I've been looking into Python and the Pygame library recently, so with it I decided to program a game. The controls should be self-explanatory, and if not, well read the README. It wants to be read. REAAADDD MEE Nonsense aside, feel free to leave suggestions/comments/etc. And for those with any background in Python, the source is included in zip. Enjoy.
  9. No I'm a person. I do however have a bot called Nakoto.
  10. And i'm online pretty much all the time so whenever there's enough people around to play it you could do it. XD
  11. I was defining smart as naturally smart. Putting ridiculous amounts of effort into work just to get a near perfect average isn't exactly worth it. I probably could have done so, but why bother being a perfectionist when I could just relax and enjoy my free time instead? =D For most of my work, I put some effort into it, and that alone is usually enough to land me an A average. Some of these 101 level courses in college are easy enough I could probably skip half of it, review the material from the notes the professors may post online (assuming they do so), do the assigned readings, and yay, an A average with minimal work.
  12. Oh yes, I hate standardized testing. Thankfully, all I had to do was take the SAT, never even bothered with the ACT and got into a good college no problem. One monstrosity of an exam is enough for me. Which is why I put little to no effort forth and got near the top of my class. No need to put forth much effort. Or the even smarter people can get into a better college for free with scholarships and still score A's. But you do have a point. =P
  13. ...You know the rules, and so do I. So make sure to abide by them. Just trying to make you understand. =P
  14. ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
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