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  1. I’m back here to spread my love for Haar. If you have a spare vote, throw it for the boy who was so close to making it into the Farfetch’d Banner last time!
  2. I have been trying to play on Memu, but every time I get "Sorry, Memu/Fire Emblem Heroes has stopped working" and it would close. Any reason why? I followed all the steps for Memu.
  3. Got my lowest amount of 5* on a legendary banner that I have actively pulled on (Didn't really pull on the first 2 but I got a Deidre as my free summon on the first one so yeah) My free summon was my third PA!Inigo, who is again blocking me from getting the desired unit ;-; Then since I saved no orbs I used all the orbs we got the past few days on the legendary banner to get up to 11% and ended up getting my desired Colorless unit in Halloween Jakob who is +res -hp which is alright. RIP Henry though....guess I will have to wait till halloween...same with Shigure.
  4. Red: Ayra/Mia/Zelgius - The top 3 red units that have not been on one of these banners. Blue: Hardin/Brave Lucina/Linde/Delthea/Micaiah - Some of the best blue units in the game, most of these are great fodder as well Green: Male Grima/Myrhh/Dorcas - Some of the best green units in the game and have good fodder Colorless: Elise/Innes: Really the only options for colorless Or they could do Red: Legendary Ike Green: Guunthra Blue: Legendary Ephraim Colorless: Female Grima Unlikely, but they have the correct amount of legendary heroes to do it (not including Fjorm cause shes free but so is Legendary Ike but bleh) We will probably get orb maps that will leave us with a lot of orbs. Good thing too, since I need orbs for the legendary banner.
  5. If the highest challenge in the game was lunatic, this game would have very little challenge for people playing for a long time. I'm a f2p player, been playing since week 1, and I am able to clear lunatics of quests with relative ease. Infernal, however, is a challenge and that is why it is fun. It's easy to just run horse/flier/armor emblem on lunatic, but infernal gives the player more challenge if they have the units able of doing it. Infernal has that extra unit that makes having 4 units alive that much harder than lunatic because it throws off some prior strategy you had. If the game didn't have an infernal mode, the challenge for many would be lost. The harder mode after that would be like, deathless AA/Arena and those harder chain challenges, which will get stale if that is the only true sense of challenge in the game. The challenge is meant for people who are able to do it, which is why they have lunatic/hard mode for people who don't have the proper materials.
  6. This day is definitely the hardest day for me to figure out something. Those wary fighter admits are really ruining everything I got.
  7. I did this pairing before the whole story chapter recently since they are both on the same team = Guunthra x Sigurd - I think you guys know what I mean
  8. Late into the day but theres a f2p strategy for the Michalis Lunatic one that works. Basically, you need Vike and Xander. The Vike needs QR2, Threaten Attack 2, and a Defense +1 seal and the rest his base kit (idk if the exact number matters) Then, Xander needs Ignis, QR2, and Close Defense 3 Seal. You make Ike your slot 1 while Xander is your slot 4 and you can auto battle.
  9. Units I don't have and Want Lucina Alm Katarina Fallen Celica Sanaki Cav Eirika Azura Hardin Tana Micaiah Lute Delthea Linde Olwen Amelia Dorcas Myrhh Male Grima Innes Takumi Elise Genny Soleil
  10. Oh boy this Thracia banner was something alright. Free Summon - Luke (-Atk +Res). Never got Luke before, so that is something. But the IVs...still a free 5* is good especially for F2P 2. 3* Chrom 3. 5* Mia (+Speed -Defense). Whaat I thought this was Thracia not the cooldown banner. I was so happy when this happened since she was my first Mia and she is +Speed! 4. 3* Eliwood 5. 3* Olivia 6. 3* Gaius 7. 3* Serra 8. 5* Ryoma (Neutral). Wtf. This is my first Ryoma. I've gotten 3 off banner 5* in 8 summons. If the pool never changed it would of been like 3 5* Seliphs i swear 9. 5* Thracia World Reinhardt (+Res -Hp). This was in the same summoning ring as the Ryoma as well...omg. 10. 3* Titania 11. 5* Thracia World Olwen (+HP - Speed). Ok so basically my luck is 3* and 5* with no 4*. Fine with me. Bad IVs but I am glad I got her.
  11. Red - Eldigan, Male Morgan. There one's I have and don't want more of basically. Blue - Larachel Green - Julia, Deidre, and Sonya. I already have most of the green mages and I have a +10 Nino, and these 3 are also +1 so I don't need more Colorless - Mist
  12. I didn't really expect that to be that easy...I did infernal on my second attempt because of a flub the first time. Free orbs is cool though.
  13. Ah. That is my bad I remember reading it was bloated but I guess that was wrong.
  14. I am actually looking forward to this gamemode. What I am curious is when you rank up in the GS rank that they mentioned, will the rank up happen after the event or the moment you do it. Also, I'm assuming the rewards stack up since Rank 2 had more orbs that some ranks above it, which is cool.
  15. Used my Free Summon on the Tiki Nowi BHB and wanted to try and get Grima so I summoned green and... 3* Sheena At least it's one of the new demotes
  16. 46 units that were in the 5 star pool got demoted. Now there is about 59 units in the five star pool. Almost half of the units in the five star pool was demoted. I think saying "doesn't do shit for the problem" is just trying to find a reason to complain further. If you expected IS to drop more than half of the units in the first demotion, then you would be setting expectations too high. Succesful Gachas rarely drop down units and have bloated high rarity pools (such as FGO). The fact that IS is doing this and at least cutting down the 5* pool is good news and shows that they at least are considering input from the fans.
  17. Oh whaat. I just got into tier 20 last rotation (actually started to do it seriously and get a core) and I calculated the average score I was getting that week and I thought it wouldn't be enough so I didn't even try to do a proper arena run this week. Turns out I would of been fine if I even just did 704 (which wasn't even the highest my team could get)... oh well
  18. I have my hopes set quite high for this FEH Channel. It is set to be around the same length as the November one, which had 2.0 stuff (the story, refinement, staff upgrades, legendary summon, Farfetch). The only thing we really have "confirmed" is the banner that comes out on Tuesday I believe which is Thracia. Another story update is very unlikely, but we know the next banner is likely a story chapter as well. What I think we might see is possible CYL 2 sneak peaks, however even then last time we had the CYL feh channel, they stated it would be CYL. Also, they normally haven't went deep into new refinements. Some likely stuf Golden Week Info (Orbs + Hero Fest 4?) GHB with Thracia units QoL Changes (I think a barrack expansion is likely) Feh being Feh Something big Some new way to get orbs A Thracia Tempest Trial (Or a tempest trial in general) New quests Some possible stuff Instead of Thracia, it is Farfetch'd Heroes 2 or Children of Awakening (based off of the Kaiji Tang comments) but it is unlikely Legendary Banner Info Guunthra being a story unit Surprise Refinements? Askr Trio Buff? Unlikely but people want it Summoning changes Enemy Phase Music Toggle Free Five Star of Choice Bruno return Unlikely and if it happens FEH is dead 6* units Unit Trading
  19. This FEH channel will be interesting. It is the same length as the 2.0 FEH channel, but I don't think it will be nearly as big. The only thing I know for sure we will get will be Thracia.
  20. I can think of quite a few I would like. Some of these don't really make sense unless an alt of a current character is included so yeah. You will see what I mean Shadow Dragon - Followers of the Liberator - Sedgar (Bow Cav), Wolf (Bow Cav), Vyland (Sword Cav), Shadow Dragon Hardin (Lance Cav) Gaiden - Deliverence Rebels - Forsyth (Infantry Lance), Python (Infantry Archer), and Silque (Infantry Staff), Kliff (IDK he can be a lot of things) Valbar's Vengeance - Valbar (Armor Lance), Kamui (Infantry Sword), Leon Alt (Bow Cavalier) or for the memes, Barth (Infantry Axe) Holy War - Children of the Holy War - Seliph (Lance Cavalier) (Lance so this banner has variety), Diarmuid (Sword Cavalier), Lana (Infantry Staff). First Gen Holy War Banner - Lewyn (Infantry Green Mage), Sylvia (Sword Infantry Dancer), Lex (Axe Cavalier) Thracia Banner - Some Banner Name I can't think of - Orsin (Axe Infantry), Eyvel (Sword Infantry), Salem (Red Magic Infantry) Binding Blade - Knights of House Pherae - Lance (Lance Cavalier), Alen (Sword Cavalier), Wolt (Infantry Archer). Remanents of Sacae - Shin (Bow Cavalier), Sue (Bow Cavalier), Rutger (Sword Infantry). Traitors of Bern - Melady (Lance Wyvern Flier), Zeiss (Sword Wyvern Flier), Guinevere (Infantry Blue Mage). Family of Magic - Lugh (Red Magic Infantry), Hugh (Green Magic Infantry), Niime (Dark Magic(Red) Infantry). Etrurian Guard - Perceval (Lance Cavalry), Douglas (Lance Armor), Cecilia (Staff Cavalry) or Lalum (Staff? Dancer). Blazing Blade - Knights of Caelin - Sain (Lance Cavalry), Kent (Sword Cavalry), Will (Infantry Archer). Etrurian Nobility - Pent (Blue Infantry Mage), Louise (Bow Infantry), Erk (Red Infantry Mage). Knights of Pherae - Marcus (Lance Cavalry), Lowen (Sword/Lance Cavalry), Isadora (Sword Cavalry). Soldiers of Ostia - Oswin (Lance Cavalry), Serra/Matthew Alt (Blue Infantry Mage/Sword Infantry), Leila (Dagger Infantry). Survivors of Sacae - Guy (Infantry Sword), Rath (Bow Cavalry), Karla (Sword Infantry). (While doing this section, I had totally forgot Matthew was in Heroes already lol) Sacred Stones - Recruits of the Sacred War - Ross (Infantry Axe), Ewan (Infantry Red Mage), Amelia Alt (Lance Infantry). Traitors of Grado - Knoll (Infantry Sword Red Mage), Cormag (Lance Wyvern Flier), Duessel (Axe Cavalier). Sacred Mercenaries - Tethys (Red Magic Dancer), Gerik (Sword Infantry), Marisa Alt (Dagger Infantry. Her Assasin promote). Frelian Knights - Moulder (Staff Infantry), Vanessa (Lance Flier), Syrene (Sword/Lance Flier). Followers of Justice - Dozla (Axe Infantry), Rennac (Dagger Infantry), L'arachel Alt (Staff Cavalry). Knights of the Sacred Twins - Franz (Sword Cavalry), Forde (Axe Cavalry), Kyle (Lance Cavalry), Seth Alt (Lance Cavalry). Tellius (This one is going to be long since I love these games. Brace yourself.) - Liberators of Dawn - Edward (Sword Infantry), Nolan (Axe Infantry), Edward (Bow Infantry). Laguz Emancipation Army - Muarim (Blue Strike), Vika (Green Strike), Tormod (Red Infantry Mage). Laguz of the Hatari - Nailah (Green Fang), Volug (Red Fang), Rafiel (Blue Flier Galdr Dancer). Restorers of Daien - Zihark (Sword Infantry), Tauroneo (Lance Armor), Pelleas (Red Dark Magic Infantry). Followers of the Maiden - Laura (Staff Infantry), Aran (Lance Infantry), Meg (Sword Armor), Ilyana (Blue Infantry Magic). Crimean Royal Knights I - Kieran (Axe Cavalry), Lucia (Sword Infantry), Geoffery (Lance Cavalry). Crimean Royal Knights II - Marcia (Lance Pegasus), Makalov (Sword Cavalry), Astrid (Bow Cavalry). Soldiers of Crimea - Heather (Infantry Dagger), Devdan/Danved (Lance Infantry), Brom (Axe Armor). Bonds of the Mad King War - Lethe (Colorless Claw), Jill (Lance Wyvern), Haar (Axe Wyvern) (I wanted Haar and Jill in the same banner so this is the best theme I could get). Greil Mercanaries - Boyd (Axe Infantry), Shinon (Bow Infantry), Rolf (Bow Infantry), Gatrie (Lance Armor), and Rhys (Staff Infantry) (5 Person Banner). Ranulf's Platoon - Mordecai (Blue Strike), Lyre (Blue Strike), Kyza (Colorless Strike), Ranulf (Green Strike). Flying Laguz (Such an Original Name ik) - Naeluchi (Red Strike), Leanne (Blue Flier Galdr), Janaff (Blue Flying Strike), Ulki (Colorless Strike), Reyson (Red Flier Galdr). Begnion's Holy Guard - Sigrun (Lance Flier), Tanith (Sword Flier), Marcia Alt (Sword Flier). Royal Laguz - Naesala (Green Strike), Tibarn (Blue Strike, Caineghis (Red Strike), Dheginsea (Colorless Breath). Dragons of Goldoa - Ena (Blue Breath), Nasir (Green Breath), Kurthnaga (Red Breath). Awakening - The Sheperds I - Maribelle (Staff Cavalry), Ricken (Green Infantry Mage), Sumia (Lance Pegasus). The Sheperds II - Vaike (Infantry Axe), Kellan (Lance Armor), Miriel (Red Infantry Mage). Shapeshifters of Awakening - Panne (Red Stone), Yarne (Red Stone), Nah (Blue Dragonstone). Children of Awakening - Owain (Infantry Sword), Noire (Bow Infantry), Cynthia (Lance Pegasus). Children of Awakening II - Severa (Sword Cavalry), Inigo (Sword Infantry), Brady (Infantry Staff), Laurent (Green Infantry Mage.) Warriors of Awakening - Basillio (Axe Infantry), Flavia (Sword Infantry), Gregor (Sword Infantry). Fates - Warriors of Fate - Silas (Sword Infantry), Mozu (Lance Infantry), Kaze (Dagger Infantry). Warriors of Birthright - Hayato (Red Infantry Mage), Orochi (Blue Infantry Mage), Rinkah (Axe Infantry). Warriors of Conquest - Nyx (Red Infantry Mage), Charlotte (Axe Infantry), Benny (Lance Armor). Retainers of Fate - Yukimura (Dagger Cavalry), Reina (Bow Flier), Scarlet (Axe Flier), Flora (Infantry Dagger). Children of Fate I - Male Kana (Sword Infantry), Sophie (Lance Cavalry), Midori (Bow Infantry). Children of Fate II - Female Kana (Sword Infantry), Shigure (Lance Flier), Dwyer (Staff Cavalry). Children of Hoshido - Kiragi (Infantry Bow), Hisame (Infantry Sword), Mitama (Infantry Staff). Children of Conquest - Forrest (Staff Cavalry), Percy (Axe Wyvern), Ophelia (Red Mage Infantry), Nina (Bow Infantry), Ignatius (Lance Armor). Shapeshifters of Revelations - Kaden (Blue Stone), Selkie (Blue Stone), Keaton (Green Stone), Velouria (Green Stone).
  21. It's quite likely that the next legendary hero is going to be a green unit given the fact that Guunthra will not be present while Epharim, Ike, and Female Grima will. I think it is very likely that we will get a Hector legendary hero wielding another variant of Armads since he seems to make the most sense as a legendary hero. Garon/Camilla with Bolverk are also possibilities, but Hector seems likely. However, I feel characters such as Marth, Alm, Celica, and various dragons and deities in Fire Emblem should be the next legendary hero.
  22. Here are just a variety of units I created Edward: Swordmaster of Dawn Nah - Dragon of the Future Kana - Young Dragon Nyna - Princess of Archanea Malice - Mercenary Queen These units were apart of banner ideas I had and quite a few of those units got into heroes since I posted this (Hardin, Micaiah, Sothe, Myrhh)
  23. Luckiest Banner - The New Years banner. My first 3 green orbs were all five stars, (Fae on free summon, Sonya, and NY Azura) and then I got NY!Camilla and NY!Takumi along with all of those in like 60 orbs which is very lucky Unluckiest Banner - The Halloween and Nohrian Summer Banner - Both of those I had got to a 5% and got no focus/five star besides on the very last day of the Halloween being a Halloween Nowi, but the ivs were terrible
  24. I am going to give you this tip now. If your main focus is for completing the story, promote ASAP. Gaining levels in Echoes psot level 10 is substantially harder than in other games which means if you don't grind, you would likely have not fully promote units by the end of Act 3/4. Post game is slightly different (if you get dlc you should be fine cause overclasses) as gaining the stats is very important and waiting for level 20/20 is best for units. So if you focus on the main campaign, promote asap (when the message that your unit can promote appears), and if you want to focus for the post game, I would grind to level 20(however you are playing on normal so you might be fine promoting asap for the post game)
  25. On the same exact site... *Note: These characters are seen on Official Trailers, Gameplays, Official Twitter, Official updates I hope my first pull is a tellius character. Literally any of them would be me so happy
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