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  1. 1) What is shockwave's recipe? ( from Arisu ) 2 ) What is your inspiration of Mystic and Cryptic? 3 ) Is creating prf off-hand equipment down the line? 4 ) Favorite D&D magical item? ( from Talowen )
  2. Hi Haru 1) How do I beat Zea up? You can't win forever!! 2) Opinions on Laguz? 3) Add Laguz in game! ( Wait that's not a question ) Would you consider adding Laguz in the game? 4) Where are you going to plant Lyliacae's lily? ( Linearis asked ) 5) What is your favorite food and drink? ( Taylor and Talowen asked )
  3. After 5 pulls from combined on both my accounts, my 6th sub account finally pulled through. But still...thats alot of pulls with no 5*.
  4. The difficulty is real! In a sense its good cause it promotes challenge, but it sucks so bad if you cant beat it. Im gonna have to max my peeps before the event is over! Im gonna get this guy if its the last thing I do!
  5. Prepare for the whales folks! People are gonna want those two so badly.
  6. AWW YEAH!! It shows how many people voted for them. GUY POLL GIRLS POLL
  7. 8/10 + Stamina cost is very high towards end lvls for both training and Chapters. + Stamina not enough to feel comfortable playing when at end levels. (I dont wanna play a game with only 3 dungeons then wait 4 hours) + Grinding is a pain for feathers. With only about at the very least 3-4 upgrades from 4* to 5* within the span of 1 year if you only did nothing but Arena and thats even if you got First place + Hopefully more options to get orbs, materials + Why was dancing not given exp like heals? + Love gameplay. Very simple and yet higher lvls, requires you to think and manage parties efficiently. They kept what FE gameplay is. + Since they attempted to promise, 2 weeks for new content (which is normal for a gacha) + Plenty of characters. Make your dream party + The story is interesting, but I feel we can get better content in the future when more is revealed. + 20 stones for a full 5 pull than the normal 50 stone gacha! Count me in! And their gacha rates are the highest I ever seen in a Gacha game for me. + Hoping for more multiplayer content maybe (Friends help you, visit friends and see their party?) + Amazing art work and has details for each character. Each character has multiple artwork which is amazing.
  8. It doesnt say what it is, only that we are getting one.
  9. UPDATE! Because we surpassed the 10k RT, we get an extra present aside the 10k feathers!
  10. Im fine with the mid results. I like alot of the characters on the list anyways. But if its Ike, Heck yeah! IKE!
  11. So its announced that polling results will be announced 2/9. Winner gets a new version for the game. https://twitter.com/FE_Heroes_JP/status/829163654574518272
  12. When you use light's blessing, does the unit who die, keep the exp they gained before they died?
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