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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! We decided to play again today as she doesn't have school tomorrow. It took us 14 turns to beat the mock battle and nearly 20 minutes to finish exploring. She's calling Rhea the "Pope", she chose to eat with Bernadetta and she's not recruiting Petra, Linhardt, Felix and Ashe (she doesn't know she's gonna end up killing them). It's obvious she's just doing this for the money, but she seemed interested in the Flame Emperor so there's hope yet!
  2. I'm paying my sister five dollars an hour to play Three Houses so she can experience this game. So far, she chose the Golden Deer House because she likes Claude, hates F!Byleth's outfit as well as her hairstyle, hates Sothis, already guessed that Rhea is Seiros, is thinking of recruiting Bernadetta (thank god), and thinks Edlegard is too much. She's going to play next Saturday so I'll be sure to update this thread at that time.
  3. All I got from the Legendary banner was Valentine Soren and he has -Atk.
  4. Okay so this just happened yesterday. So I have a nephew, who I love, whose five years old. Everytime he comes over he plays on my Switch while I watch him. Yesterday, I had to go out and left my Switch on the couch with my Three Houses game still on. When I got back, my adorable nephew was there (he wasn't before) playing on my 3ds. Then my eyes spanned to my Switch and I asked him if he played and he said yes. My Three Houses save file was fine, but the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 save file which took 40 hours of my life was gone and I didn't beat it yet. I don't even know how he did it, but somehow, he exited Three Houses, clicked on Xenoblade, and clicked on New Game. I'm a little pissed, but I kinda lost interest when Three Houses came out. Still, now I have to replay all the way back to where I was (I had so many rare blades too).
  5. Some channels are already leaking gameplay footage. I know I shouldn't be watching them, but I'm in too deep in the rabbit hole.
  6. Well it could be possible. We'll have to see in terms of dlc.
  7. I think IS wants the player to choose their own canon ending instead of it being made for them like the Shadow the Hedgehog game that had the one ending that made all the other endings irrelevant which ticked people off.
  8. Gods, I hope Best Buy ships the game out early. All these spoilers are making me more pumped!
  9. That's a lot of supports which I'm happy about. I don't like Corrinsexuals, but meh, I can live with it. Although, our dad's not on here, but that probably doesn't mean what I think it means.
  10. He might be GHB. Although, I guess this means F!Byleth is the canon gender.
  11. I was able to pull a S!Helbindi and a B!Celica. It looks like my luck is starting to turn around!
  12. In the preview, on the bottom left, I think that's post-time skip Dimitri.
  13. I preordered it from Best Buy. I hope it gets here before launch though.
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