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  1. More Laguz (Ranulf, Lethe, Mordecai, and Caineghis) + Haar GHB
  2. Wow.....that.....explains.....alot.... Never had a huge problem with the voting system until now...
  3. Gotta be honest, Camilla still getting first has me cackling. Tho Alm beating Marth is quite a shock for me. Micaiah tho...LET"S GO!
  4. I am so glad they finally got rid of the vote splitting. Marth's guaranteed now. Hmm....I probably gonna throw five of my votes in for Micaiah, and save the last two for some obscure favorites.
  5. "We're concerned about Powercreep" my foot.. That aside, nice to finally have laguz. Gonna try to pull for Tibarn.
  6. Quick! EVERYONE ACT SHOCKED I would like to try for Gunnthra and/or Hrid, but my Orb supply's at zero at the moment. Sigh.
  7. I honestly wonder if characters having 5 alts is worth getting mad about anymore... Anyways, Red If I have some orbs left over, I might throw a few in here for Marth. Flora wouldn't be too bad either. Green I am absolutely going be swimming in this. L!Hector is top priority, but Nino and Helbindi would make me happy too. Blue I would like to have Azura, but I don't really need Fjorm merges atm, and I am not exactly Camilla's biggest fan... Colorless B!Veronica would be nice, I suppose Takumi is ok, but I don't really want to pull Eir…. Overall, I would be focusing on Greens, and a bit on Red if I have orbs left.
  8. Let me put something into perspective. From the last CYL poll (assuming I didn't miss anyone): >The only Beast unit to score above these units was Selkie (as (@Fire Emblem Fan mentioned). >THe highest scored non-beast Tellius unit (that isn't in the game) was Haar at 64th place (though you could argue Tellius units were hurt by the vote splitting.) >The highest scored Binding Blade character (ignoring Beard!Hector) was Idunn at 151th place.
  9. Aaand that's the issue. You didn't expect this, and I doubt that many people did. But does it make it dumb or "pointless"? No. Yes they could have saved them for different focuses. Yes they could spend time adding beast units. But guess what? They didn't. Alternatives will always exist, but just because it does doesn't mean it is automatically the better one. Not saying it was the worst one either.
  10. Because your complaints basically boil down to "its not what I wanted". It may be "pointless" to you, but that is not the case with a lot of people here. Most likely a reason for a better reason than spits and giggles. They might want to save them for something special.
  11. Was certainly not expecting another Far Fetched banner. Kliff and Owain tho? HECK YEESS!!!!!!
  12. Waiting for this game to game to download. Lets see how this works out...
  13. Why are people suggesting to cut the Bayonetta? I mean, I don't really like her either, but cutting the ballot winner is the biggest "screw you" they could give.
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