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  1. I think I'd better go for tiers and order than there. S+ Geoffrey, Zihark, Lucia, Stefan, Pelleas, Edward S- Titania, Tibarn, Elincia A+ Shinon, Aran, Nolan, Tauroneo, Leanne, Ranulf, Calill, Oliver, Volke A+ Nailah, Haar, A- Boyd, Ilyana, Leonardo, Tormod, Rhys, Jill, Sigrun, Bastian, B+ Nasir, Sothe, Micaiah, Marcia, Mia, Nephenee C+ Kieran, Lyre, Laura, Vika C- Oscar, Muarim, Mist, Ena D+ Volug, Heather, Rafiel, Lethe, Astrid, Janaff, Ike, Rolf, Giffca D- Caineghis, Gatrie, Kurthnaga E+ Sanaki, Fiona, Tanith, Mordecai, Reyson, Soren E- Naesala, BK, Ulki, Skrimir, Renning, Lehran F Meg, Nealuchi, Makalov, Danved, Brom, Kyza, Devdan
  2. I see, thanks for the info. As someone who has never played any Warriors game I didn't know that.
  3. Am I the only one who'd rather have slightly less characters, but each with a completely different moveset? I tried balancing the roster to see faces from every continent. There might be a couple odd choices here and there, such as Frederick or Jaffar, but I opted for playstyle, rather than sword units lords. At the end, there are 5 more characters than what the first game offered, but I think I narrowed down to a great amount. The roster would boil down to something like this in my opinion Archanea: Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Minerva Valentia: Alm, Celica, DLC: Berkut Jugdral: Sigurd, Arvis DLC: Julia, Reinhardt Elibe: Roy, Hector, Lyn, DLC: Jaffar Magvel: Ephraim Tellius: Ike, Micaiah, Tibarn, DLC: Elincia, BK Ylisse: Chrom, Lucina, Robin, Frederick, Tharja Fates: Corrin, Azura, Camilla, Takumi Fódlan: Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, DLC: Sothis
  4. What about the return of Tempest Trials Mini? It could last 3 days, rack up to 15k points for all rewards, and in those include 4* copies of previous Tempest Trials rewards and a second chance to get a couple old sacred seals without having to spend coins. It'd be awesome for new players!! And that's something FEH desperately needs...
  5. Why have you decided to make a giveaway which works like this?
  6. 10. Forbid everyone who's a sword wielder to wear white clothing.
  7. Titania, since nobody would dare to slack around. Which character would you go shopping with?
  8. And I stand by my point, Roy may have placed first on CyL, but who can guarantee that all those are Binding Blade only players??? Don't you think people are more fond of him because he is a Smash character? Balancing, reworked moves, new stages, remixes? There's much more than just new characters
  9. Tbh, I'm in favour of a mix between all four Smashes, including stages, all characters with reworked movesets, but tbh all those sword wielding FE characters make it kinda.... hard to see movesets that are vastly different, perhaps I was too critic about Corrin and I'd like to retract my statement on her(him). Roy as stated had some differences, my limited sight as a Smash player that didn't got their hands at Smash 4 made me think of the same basic melee movset, which was too similar to Marth. Well, CyL wa a double-edged sword anyway. After all there are haters for each and every character. Let's hope for him and Lucas to have even less similarities on the next Smash game. Regarding Lucina, well, she can still be cut.
  10. 1- They don't necessarly need to add a new charater 2- We can basically get a clone effect using alternate specials, which were poorly implemented. Needless to say, alternate skins may be a thing and also Roy is fairly hated by the FE community, despite having a minority that loves him. 3- He got on CyL the amount of votes thanks to Smash, his game wasn't officialy translated neither released worldwide
  11. Lucina and Roy are clones, and I would also add Dark Pit and Doctor Mario to this list. Smash needs more original characters and some revamp the movesets of character such as Lucas, Ganon and Falco. Not every single move needs to be changed, but having the same specials with different effects is kinda underwhelming. Corrin is just another random FE character and we'll probably get more newcomers the next mash game, which is kinda sad when we only have 2 DK characters, 4 Zelda characters and 3 Kirby characters. But then there 6 FE caharacters, almot as big as Mario's
  12. If fe had drastic changes on his moveset I would be ok with him, but then there's Ganondorf.... which is a clone from a character of a different franchise. I really doubt having any changes on either char
  13. Lol, my bad. It seems that I had forgotten to type FE newcomers on the first line. However, regarding the other options I was being totally serious
  14. So, once again, let's start: 1- We don't need any FE newcomer for the next Smash; 2- Roy, Corrin and Lucina should be removed from Smash; 3- Exclusive skills(Heroes) were the worst idea possible; 4- The Last Promise is best FE.
  15. Hey man, if you need any help I can also help translating it.
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